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Description: is funny Wow ascii text art macro does its magic in general chat. Change e /1’s to whatever chat you want, like guild. You can only send two lines at once in public channels, so if you want to send more an at you’ll have to do it in /yell or /guild. E.· ` ‘ / ·. F. Your Tears Fuel Me. Macro Tags. is funny wow macro will shout some obscene ASCII text art using /yell. l*********************l ll_. l__STFU__TRUCK__l ll ’l ’\___. l_________________l lll_l_l_l___l) l (@)* (@)******** (@)** (@)**** (@) Macro Tags: ascii. funny. 06, 2007 · is was inspired by e post Pointless way to make annoying players stop read. Instructions: copy paste ese into macro(s) or mail and send em, some require more an one macro because ey exceed e character limit. LASTLY, ese all look a LOT better when you actually use em in WoW, see for yourself. Macros are short code scripts at help players combine spells and abilities to perform powerful combos. About Us is dedicated to providing e highest quality of macro content, guides, and news to World of craft players. 22,  · Who remembers is? I want to talk about is, remember e day my io macro stop working. e STFU Train. I really look ford to see what has in store for ASCII text art and e removal of GCD on trade/local/etc chat channels. Some great reads still out ere for people to go looking for examples. What macro do you look ford to hitting in chat? 02,  · I'm happy to announce e release of version 0.2 of Texel ASCII Art Editor. Texel is a terminal vim-style editor for creating full utf-8 + color ASCII art scenes and animations. You can see an example of Texel at work in asciicast. Maximilano Pin created e SC2too ASCII Terminal game using Texel. Gameplay asciicast. 09, 2009 · So you're bopping around in some zone where e zone chat offten degenerates into schoolyard insults (For e sake of argument, let's call it e Barrens) and you want to chime in wi some ing at might change e subject, or just point out how childish e o ers are behaving. A massive list of all e ASCII emoticons discovered on e interweb. Bold Italic Link Image. Submit. Add a List Item. 4727 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ meh. comments (1260) 7 years old. 3477 (͡° . 14,  · If you hold ctrl while running e macro, it starts e list over. If you want to use ano er modifier key for e reseting, replace IsControlKeyDown wi IsShiftKeyDown or IsAltKeyDown Also, make sure at you don't have e modified keypress bound to any o er command. 01,  · is article describes all of e macro commands (or slash commands) recognized by World of craft (wi out addons). To use a slash command, enter its name preceded by a slash, and followed by any parameters e command takes into e chat box (for example, /say Hello Azero!). e command names are not case sensitive, and you combine multiple commands in a macro by . 23,  · Conditional chat commands:All chat commands (/say, /tell, /guild, etc.) can now accept macro options. To use is functionality, simply start e command wi /opt. Note: [target=] has no effect on e output of e chat commands. it only affects e o er conditionals in e clause. Example:/optsay [swimming] gurgle. [mounted] e cavalry has. Apr 06,  · First, open up e macro window. You can do is ei er by opening e main menu and selecting Macros, or by typing /macro (/m) in e chat box. At e top of e window, you'll see two tabs: General Macros and Yourname Specific Macros. General macros are stored on an account-by-account basis and are shared by all your characters. is macro uses e script language to obtain e item number of what is on e cursor and displays it in e chat window. Assign e macro to a hotkey, pick up an item wi e cursor, and hit e hotkey of e macro to see e item's number. is is useful for shortening macros by replacing long item names wi item:. Get frame name. For World of craft on e PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Looking for ascii art for wow. 24,  · Who remembers is? I want to talk about is, remember e day my io macro stop working. e STFU Train. I really look ford to see what has in store for ASCII text art and e removal of GCD on trade/local/etc chat channels. Some great reads still out ere for people to go looking for examples. What macro do you look ford to hitting in chat? e ASCII-art version: Incoming ROFLCOPTER! ROFL:ROFL:ROFL:ROFL ___^___ _ L __/ [] \ LOL===__ \ L \___ ___ ___] I I -/ e gif version: e previous version of my blog had a post wi e ROFLCOPTER ASCII text, and after a few mon s, it was e most highly trafficked post on my blog, and continued to draw over a hundred hits a day. Welcome to our Macros guide for Classic woW. You will find out how to make macros and how to use em in WoW Classic. General Information. First of all, ere is a question, what is a macro? A macro is a list of slash commands. Some ing like e following: /say . FFXIV ASCII MACROS. iZallen. Feb 24, . 13,737. Never. Not a member of Pastebin yet? Sign Up, it unlocks many cool features! text 5.38 KB. raw download clone embed print report. FFXIV ASCII Macros ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Wi Luv, Xia Riie. Format: (Title) Macro here. Magic ASCII Studio Magic ASCII Studio is a powerful ASCII Art generation platform. You can make ASCII Art Words, ASCII Art Photos and even ASCII Art Animations easily by using Magic ASCII Studio.Magic ASCII Studio can take an image and process it to an HTML, RTF, BMP. 24,  · Emotes are a special type of chat in WoW. e word Emote indicates at you are communicating an action, not directly saying some ing.. e following is a list of Emotes at can be used in e game. ese emote commands can also be used in macros. 03,  · Ascii art of cat on a foot scooter Any and all Immortal Flames PVP/Frontlines pls Ano er ascii art some friends use are variations of sword/shield oa flag bearing cats. No ing is worse an seeing ascii art wi e text Bro ers in Arms wi d***s crossing each o er. I need more fun. I love ASCII art FFXIV related macros. 19,  · Re: whats e best picture macro you've seen? Originally Posted by Rhys I figured out e input but I'll never tell you because I don't want every tom dick and harry using it. Macro: // Here's how you can hide/unhide e Chat box in WoW. Song: Scheming Weasel.:D. 17, 2009 · First ing you will need is an mod called Super Duper Macro is allows for unlimited space in your macros for e HUGE ASCII macros IE: face palm e mod its self is very simple all you need to do is go NEW put a name for e macro en add e ASCII text, click save en click get link to place it on your action bar. 20,  · Macro is a tool at has been present in World of craft since its inception. e base concept of a macro is to perform more an one action at a time, in order to easier accomplish a task or really for any reason. All macro commands start wi a ford slash (/ . 13,  · Whatever you do, you will not be able to fit every ing into a single macro so an addon at sets up e secure frames at you can’t manualy toggle in combat and a function you can use in a macro to toggle e rest will be required. Even ough you see actionbar, minimap, chat frame, ere is a whole lot more to em an at. Wi macros, ese commands can be used from action buttons, and many of em can be used at once. Each unique command goes on its own line and is written exactly as it would be typed it in e chat box. For instance, a macro at makes e player yell Everybody, dance now! and burst into dance would be written us./y Everybody, dance now!/dance A mostly complete list of slash commands. 16, 2002 · view e best of ASCII Art Farts. get just e current strip in text format. get e current strip and info in text format. get all strips in fortune format (run strfile fortune.txt fortune.txt.dat en fortune fortune.txt) get a list of all strip dates. get an RSS feed. get an XML dump (gzip compressed) see e list of quotes. FACTOIDS: number. Join us, register an account and help out! Patch 8.2 Rise of Azshara is live! Nazjatar or Mechagon? WoWWiki content portals Classes Alliance races Horde races Professions Ga ering Production Secondary News from craft newse y 11, craft movie character art released at SDCC by MrBlonde267read more Legendary Pictures has just released e San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive . 13, 2008 · However, pressing Shift-3 activated Cat Form, not Roots. So I had to change e macro to using Alt-3 for Hibernate, and Ctrl-3 for Roots, to avoid at interference. So, in short, you can bind an actionbar slot to S, and write a macro at will cast different spells depending on modifier keys. 27, 2008 · is post is copyright by e user posting it and - World of craft Exploits,Hacks, Bots and Guides, where it was posted. You not copy or reproduce is information on any o er site wi out written permission from bo e poster and Here are two macros I use to make cocky players stop being dicks [email protected. WoW's macro system is deliberately unable to cast multiple spells wi a single keypress except in very specific circumstances. is is to discourage botting/cheating. Blizzard's approach to macros (in-game or out) is at one keypress should trigger only one action. If you use is in a Macro (not in an Addon), you have to add a /script-tag before: /script MyFrame:Hide Show a hidden frame. Addon: MyFrame:Show Macro: /script MyFrame:Show NOTE: Most frames have event handlers so even if you hide it, it can pop back up as a result of an event handler calling it's Show function. To avoid is you need. 28, 20  · I would appreciate someone sharing at macro wi mog singing WAKE ME UP INSIDE as I DCd before I could copy it from alliance chat. Edit: tomorrow I will copy macros to pastebin and add links as image titles, I ink at will work o7. Edit2: imgur updated wi .

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