visual studio 2010 free download professional

visual studio 2010 free download professional

Sony Vegas Pro FormatFactory 4. Danzig Pref Engine 1. Space eater: Visual Studio's primary installation needed 6GB of disk space.

Needy: Visual Studio requires some additional components to do its job. Our bit system already had VC Runtime 9 x86 and. It's a lot to install, and to remove, too, if you choose not to buy.

Microsoft Visual Studio Professional is huge, sprawling, and expensive, on the one hand, but surprisingly intuitive and nimble on the other. We only scratched the surface of its capabilities during our brief trial, but we came away impressed. Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of Microsoft Visual Studio Professional Net programming platform. Easy to use. Register for an account. Microsoft Visual Studio and.

NET Framework 4 focuses on the core pillars of developer experience, support for the latest platforms, targeted experiences for specific application types, and core architecture improvements. Microsoft Word Office Tools. Microsoft Excel Office Tools. Downloaded for. Visual studio full download. Visual studio exe free download. Professional Enterprise Download Visual Studio for Mac. I installed VS yesterday, and so far I've only found three minor problems to bitch about: 1.

In Firefox, clicking the "Download" link does nothing. When I upgrade a project that's under source control SourceGear Vault Enhanced Client , I have to manually check-out the solution and project files first.

Failing to do so results in an "Access Denied" error from the conversion wizard. When I close a solution, the Visual Studio window very often displays a garbled mess which looks like a mixture of some of the windows I had previously opened and closed. Switching to another window and then back to VS seems to clear it. Now I just need to convince my boss to let me re-write everything in.

NET 4. Scott- Hope you got some sleep Choices what to do A. Install Office b. Install Office Beta c. Is there a Document somewhere that shows a clean install order of all this stuff, I'm a little overwhelmed what with:.

Where is VS x64 does it not really existor merely install appropriately based on the OS it sees in my case Win 7 x64 Ultimate? Its hard to be a Microsoft fanboy without broadband. Although I live only ten miles from the center of the Internet, here in Northern Virginia, the only high-speed connection I can get at my house is via satellite.

To get around this limitation, I've been an MSDN subscriber since day 1, relying on my subscription to provide timely access to the library and tools. Then MSDN changed the mailing schedule from monthly to quarterly without any announcement, as far as I recall. It became clear that download was the preferred method, and DVD was something of an afterthought.

However, with my satellite connection, not only do I have a relatively slow connection, but I am extremely limited on the total number of bytes that I can download in a day. With the notable exception of downloads between 3 AM and 7 AM the so-called "download hours" which don't count against the total.

To take advantage of the download hours, Hughesnet provides a utility that captures browser download activities and reschedules them for 3 AM. Fortunately, I could still use Firefox, where my utility was still able to capture the download and reschedule.

So when Visual Studio was released yesterday, like all good fanboys I was looking forward to getting my subscriber's copy. But I can't download it, and when I asked Soma when it would be mailed to subscribers, I was told I had to wait until June for the next quarterly release.

I'm wondering if, in the future, you might speak up for the plight of the bandwidth-challenged when you entice us with your new tools. For example, some way I can bypass the download management and get directly to the URL of the file I want to download? Or, some way to send major releases of key tools like VS other than on the quarterly schedule?

In fact, if its really true that most people prefer download over media, why not only send media when someone requests a particular tool or platform but be prepared to send it quickly, rather than in three months.

MSDN might find this method to be cheaper than the mass mailings, and certainly greener. I know this isn't your responsibility, but thanks for listening. Brian Barker. Hi Scott, Thanks for the update. Thanks again. Just a thought. I lost pretty much the whole day. I'm digging around and doing my best to get you all the answers you need.

All the Web Installers are trials by default by design but your product keys will be up on MSDN in a few hours and you can just activate them. I think it could have been a lot clearer in the text and they're working to fix that. Keith - Don't uninstall it, you just need to activate it. Brian, I believe you can get at the download URLs directly from the top link on my blog here, and then use a tool like GetRight to do a long download with resume support.

Let me know if that helps. Try clearing your browser cache? Ravida - The most complete list of. Richard - Yes, the conversion wizard needs writable files, so you'd need stuff checked out. On the garbled thing, that sounds like a video driver thing. Try going to Tools Options and turning off Hardware Acceleration of graphics. If that clears it up, perhaps upgrade your video drivers, or just run without acceleration. Jon - I've been talking to the MSDN library people about a cookie to get them to set the default language in the library.

I agree with you. Michael - I'll take your help feedback thanks for the detail! I would prefer the option to open help in the IDE as well. One workaround, though. Programmers that commonly use Windows will be very familiar with Visual Studio , the development environment offered by the Redmond multinational.

With this application it's possible to create all kinds of programs, web applications or pages based on the. Answered by:. Visual Studio Development.

We are trying to better understand customer views on social support experience, so your participation in this interview project would be greatly appreciated if you have time. Thanks for helping make community forums a great place. Click HERE to participate the survey. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and visual studio 2010 free download professional. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Learn more. The content you requested visual studio 2010 free download professional been removed. Ask a question. Quick access. Search related threads. Remove From My Forums. Answered by:. Visual Studio Development. Visual Studio Setup and Installation. Sign in to vote. visual studio 2010 free download professional Hi SamirKhatri,. Welcome to the MSDN forum. Since you want to download the VS Professional , please have a look at this. Microsoft Visual Studio Professional is an integrated environment that simplifies the basic tasks of creating, debugging and deploying. Microsoft Visual Studio Professional is a coordinated domain that improves the fundamental errands of making, troubleshooting and. 8/10 ( votes) - Download Visual Studio Free. Download Visual Studio , a development environment specialized in Windows systems. Design and​. Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 1 Star 2 Stars 3 Stars 4 Stars 5 Stars (8 votes, average: out of 5). 0. Download Microsoft Visual Studio for free. Microsoft Visual Studio Professional is the essential tool for individuals performing basic. Microsoft Visual Studio Professional free download. Get the latest version now. Microsoft Visual Studio Professional is an integrated. If not, you can download a free trial or one of the free Express editions. Microsoft Visual Studio Professional. Web Install · ISO (DVD-9). visual studio professional download iso. Pros link broken Cons link broken Summary link broken - nothing to download. Visual studio full download. Summary: Count: 0 of 1, characters Submit cancel The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited. Download Microsoft Visual Studio Read reply 1. Windows Mac. Microsoft Visual Studio Professional. Thank you for rating the program! Develop console and graphical UI applications for web sites and services for Windows. Multiple templates are available for projects of different types. Please add a comment explaining the reasoning behind your vote. User Rating. visual studio 2010 free download professional