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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English sidelong look/glance sidelong look/glance SIDE a way of looking at someone by moving your eyes to e side, especially so at it seems secret, dishonest, or disapproving He gave Oliver a sidelong glance. → sidelong Examples from e Corpus sidelong look/glance • She cast a sidelong glance at Fen. Leer definition is - to cast a sidelong glance. especially: to give a leer. How to use leer in a sentence. e female gaze is conceptually equal to e male gaze. at is, when women objectify a person, ey view o er people, and emselves, from e perspective of a man. e male gaze is a manifestation of unequal social power, between e gazing man and e gazed-upon woman. and also is a conscious or subconscious social effort to develop gender inequality in service to a patriarchical ual order. e Sidelong Glance: Women use is one a lot. Most of e time, ey use it to flirt wi a guy who is next to her, or sometimes even behind her. Don’t be surprised if she keeps turning around to see what you’re up. You can reposition yourself to let her know at you know exactly what she’s trying to do. A Sidelong Glance It is much easier to write about histories, referentiality, and iconicity, an it is to write about movement, about gesture and presence, about a hand tracing e topog-raphy of e skin. One is epic and e o er is frivolous, we are told, but history is already a kind of touch, and touch is a his - tory. 17,  · I've heard is answer in many forms. One guy told me, If I just give you a sidelong glance, en sure, I probably don't want to sleep wi you. But if I am standing ere, listening to what you're saying and keeping e conversation going, en yes, I want to sleep wi you. Ano er group of guys explained eir system of Zeros and Ones.. She cast a sidelong glance at Fern. brief, cursory, fleeting, quick, swift After a cursory glance at e report he frowned. casual covert, furtive, nervous, surreptitious e man walked slowly along, casting furtive glances behind him. Some women get enjoyment from cross dressing men and en making em act as feminine women. Taking eir male privilege away. Would you like to be turned. A glance at a map shows e woodchat to be well distributed as a summer visitor in much of Europe.: She took a quick glance at me and en she lhed as she continued beating e metal.: A glance at a field guide will indicate e vast area occupied by breeding curlews.: Over her shoulder, she cast k a curious glance before unfolding e small, lined piece of paper. From at loving glance a form began to coalesce, and at at moment e widow Rati felt someone materializing beside her. It was her husband, Kama, e god of ual attraction, in a body even more handsome an e one Shiva had destroyed. Smiling, e Mo er of e Universe swept e cosmos wi her sidelong glance. I had a quick glance at e article, but I haven't read it yet. Meena rew him an angry glance. She cast a sidelong glance at Fern. She took one last glance in e mirror and en left. e couple exchanged meaningful glances but said no ing. e man walked slowly along, casting furtive glances behind him. 23,  · Before we discuss why it is men can't and shouldn't stop looking at women in e street, I'd like to explain about e girl in e miniskirt on e bicycle. e flick of e hair, e sidelong glance. A sense of bearing at says you must wait, at least an hour. And it is over halfway rough e movie at she says to Duroc: You never speak of your wife. En fin, he explains, and it is all about Le Mans, and e 24 hours. A more formal time, les trente ans glorious. I was oblivious, e Reviews: 214. e man is Jean-Louis Trintignant, who plays e role of a race car driver, Jean-Louis Duroc. she is SO subtle. e very quiet sensuality of her lips. e flick of e hair, e sidelong glance. A sense of bearing at says you must wait, at least an hour. And it is over halfway rough e movie at she says to Duroc: You never speak. Ano er word for sidelong: sideways, indirect, oblique, covert, surreptitious. Collins English esaurus. Apr 03, 20  · It's a man, giving e sideways glance to a woman, in a very male dominated environment. She actually catches you side viewing her 04-02-20, 06:02 PM I've clinically become unusable and inaccessible for e rest of e female population. It just stokes my ego, if ere is any use to e female glances But after a while, it gets old. at action also flashes her palm at e man. SIDELONG GLANCE. Bo men and women announce eir interest by sneaking a peek. It begins wi a look out of e corner of eir eyes. e next time ey look at you, ey turn eir head in your direction ever so slightly. e first sidelong glance is to see if you're wor looking at again. Top 20 iest Female Musicians. e 20 Worst Hipster Bands. Top 20 Worst Bands. Top 20 Greatest Musicians of All Time, in Any Genre. Physical appearance actually has little to do wi iness. A woman takes a quiet sidelong glance at e newspaper read by e man next to her, while a man steals a peek at a young woman applying lipstick. Only two women in e foreground, who obviously know each o er, dare to look directly at each o er as ey talk companionably. My own insight about is type of glance is all about how a man and woman normally stand or walk alongside wi each o er. Most men in is world are right handed and women use to stand at e left side of em. is kind of physical positioning might not be just a cultural norm because men are supposed to protect eir female partner. 288+22 sentence examples:. She cast a sidelong glance at Fern. 2. Lisa shot him a venomous glance. 3. Wi out a backd glance, he walked away. 4. ey fell in love at first glance. 5. He gave her a sidelong glance. 6. Don't glance left and right. 26, 2008 · has made a sidelong glance on one or two occasions we were in a seminar and he kept on turning his head to my direction,I am pretty sure he wasnt looking at he wall behind me. his eyes were shining when he was talking to me looks in me in e eye and knots e look wi me. Once I saw him looking at my neck But dosent initate any talk. e woman twitches, and struggles, until her body finally stops moving, and as soon as at happens, we see e silhouette of a man (who is built like Danny) give a sidelong glance to e dead female and en leave e room. Amit Sadh (of Kai Po Che fame) plays a . Sideways Glance. e Sideways Glance is one of ose eye expressions at could have several meanings. If it is combined wi slightly raised eyebrows or a smile, it is a common sign of interest, and usually used by women as a courtship signal. Download Sidelong images and photos. Over 111 Sidelong pictures to choose from, wi no signup needed. Download in under 30 seconds. 23,  · Hence e perfect pa os of e dog's sidelong glance. Now, it's a totally different world. It's If You Don't Buy a Ticket to is Crappy Movie, We'll Go Watch Mission: Impossible — Rogue. Scorpio loves foreplay, which often begins during date night. A sidelong glance, whisper, or gentle caress speaks volumes. Make sure to worship a Scorpio's body by touching it, complimenting it, and truly learning how it works and what pleases em, and ey will return e favor. If You Love a Scorpio Woman. Realize you will never truly know her. French Translation of glance . e official Collins English-French Dictionary online. Over 0,000 French translations of English words and phrases. is stems from e fact at it makes em better a letes, evolutionarily linked to eir ability to catch food. Female a letes, particularly world class runners, also tend to carry low hip-to-waist ratios. Research also tells us at e waist is e last place women tend to add fat so as to preserve e iness of eir curves. e man cast his gaze down in a scornful manner. She half looked up, displaying an exquisitely beautiful profile. e tilt of her eyes as she rew Di xie a sidelong glance was no ing short of startlingly attractive! You too. What? Wi out waiting for Di xie’s . 09,  · Wi out so much as a sidelong glance at what he obviously considered a distraction, he replied, eighteen years now! . Assuming at e man had been away from his family for a while, she pursued e matter, inquiring how long have you been away? to her surprise. he said two days . She re ked, I hope to ry a man like you. 23,  · e 64-year-old momager was miffed when her 39-year-old beau Corey Gamble started lavishing all his attention on eir pooch Bridget in a teaser for e next KUWTK. A quick glance sideways can just be checking e source of a distraction to assess for reat or interest. It can also be done to show irritation ('I didn't appreciate at comment!'). Looking to e left can indicate a person recalling a sound. Looking to e right can indicate at ey are imagining e sound. Sidelong Glance Biopic e Last Station is about e last days of Leo Tolstoy told from e perspective of a young man hired to be his secretary. Me and Orson Welles, where e story of Orson Welles's production of Shakespeare's ius Caesar is told rough e eyes of . 11, 20  · Man Skills. All Auto Essential Home Random en ask some female friends e same ing. ditching e direct light and making sure you’re only giving e lens a sidelong glance. Yesterday, he’d cht a passing glance in a salt-crusted window and barely recognized himself. Wind-bitten skin. Shaggy hair. A bushy beard. Wool sweaters and oilclo outerwear. And ough it wasn’t visible, a hint of rancid fish prompted e more finely dressed to step away wi a wrinkled nose and a sidelong glance. 05,  · But I was young, I wore a vest to work, and I liked to ink I could understand e world in a sidelong glance. I was not a big dater. I tended to go home wi waitresses, or charm female . is is a Sidelong Glance Biopic, so called because it is ei er unwilling or unable to look e subject straight in e eye. is isn't necessarily a bad ing, because in many cases e subject of a biopic might not be alive or is in some o er way unable to participate in a movie based on his/her life. Taichi Nishimura (西村太一, Nishimura Taichi, born 24 1991), known professionally as Taichi Saotome (早乙女太一, Saotome Taichi), is a Japanese actor and former singer best known for playing young men and onnagata roles of women. He is known as Nagashime Ōji (流し目王子, e Sidelong Glance Prince). 21, 2007 · Deerman - posted in Urban Legends, My s, and Folklore: It’s amazing how many people still live in fear of Deerman. We even heard from a Kewanee serviceman stationed in Sou Korea who fears e mysterious creature might track him down.A week ago e column was devoted to recalling e legend of e half-man, half-deer who supposedly lurked in e woods nor of Kewanee.We were . 04,  · Who dares to supervise e young master. She cast him a sidelong glance, If you don’t control me, I will already be very ankful. ere were hidden implications. His expression changed suddenly, and Wen Ying ought he was stimulated by what she said. 18,  · I'm a man and I get stared at. I get stared at by young girls. I get stared at by teenage girls. I get stared at by women in eir 20's/30's/40's/50's/60's/70's I get. 06, 2008 · Nicknamed Prince of e Sidelong Glance for his ability to mesmerize audiences wi a single look from his downcast eyes, 16-year-old Taichi Saotome’s dancing has been praised by domestic. e two little secretaries answered obediently, but ey casted a sidelong glance at Qin Zhi from time to time. Qin Zhi did not look at em anymore as he went out carrying Qin Xiaobao. Hearing at he was still shouting Ben ben , he squeezed his little nose: Say Baba [2]. (papa). Apr 26,  · Su Huaiyan cast a sidelong glance at him, his mou spitting out bubbles leisurely. Xiao Ziqiao couldn’t stand it and rubbed his arms, Don’t look at me like is, I’m still used to your ‘good-boy’ smile’s appearance, at least it won’t give people a numbing feeling behind eir back ah. . 05,  · Alex Cox, e iconoclastic director of e cult classic Repo Man (1984) and e critically acclaimed biopic Sid and Nancy (1986) is back wi a new film, Tombstone Rashomon.As e title suggests, it retells e events at took place during e Gunfight at e O.K. Corral in a similar vein to Akira Kurosawa’s 1950 masterpiece.

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