ninja hattori tamil episodes free download

ninja hattori tamil episodes free download

Ninja Hattori: Table Top Cricket allows you to play cricket in a new and fun…. Hattori Ninja Hattori. Ninja Hattori New Year Resolution. Watch your favourite Ninja Hattori videos only on nickindia. Get on and watch videos of…. He lives in…. Shishimaru is Hattori's workshy Bichon Frise, with an eye for food, particularly chocolate rolls.

He is Hattori's younger brother. Have you read these stories? Kenichi and his friends, except Hattori, enter Kokei-Sensei's home to test the home security system. But fail at it. Hattori enters Kokei-Sensei's house and completes the challenge. Hattori wakes Kenchi and trains him to perform regular exercises. He also teaches him how to deal with winters. Kemumaki interferes and tries to stop them in all possible ways, but fails in doing so. Kenichi brings a cake at home.

Hattori takes Yumeko's form and makes Kenichi, Shinzo and Shishimaru clean the house. Ama and Kentaru feel very happy. They all eat the cake together. To overcome Hattori's fear of frogs, Kenichi shows Hattori some pictures of the frogs. Kemumaki takes the get up of Hattori's uncle and then of the frogs to scare Hattori. But, Hattori tries to control his fear. Hattori hypnotizes himself and becomes Kemumaki, and troubles everyone.

After a while, Hattori faints. And after he wakes up, he gets back to normal and confesses the truth to everyone. Kenichi scores well in his exam. When Kemumaki gets to know about Kenichi's results, he tries to stop the teacher from distributing them, but gets caught by Hattori.

Kenichi finally gets his exam papers. Kemumaki troubles Hattori him with a toy frog. Shinzo helps him get rid of the frog but hurts himself and starts crying. Hattori learns about Kemumaki's plan and teaches him a lesson. Kenichi starts making a pyramid.

Yumeko gives a pyramid to him, sent by Kemumaki. Next morning, Kemumaki plays a prank over Kenichi by diverting him from his exam. Hattori gets to know about Kemumaki and puts him in trouble. Kemumaki gives Hattori an ointment to heal his wound.

But he gets very sick. Hattori drinks a herbal drink given by his master and teaches Kemumaki and Kio a lesson. Hattori take up the challenge on standing on one feet in order to create a Guinness World Record. Kemumaki plays his pranks on Hattori and drops him down. On the occasion of friendship day, Hattori gifts Yumeko a box of cookies. Kemumaki exchanges Hattori's gift. But Hattori gets back the actual gift box and presents it to Yumeko in a unique way.

Hattori wets the bed in the morning. Later, he tells Kenichi about the activities he performed during the previous day. He tells him about the instances that upset him, which resulted in bedwetting. Shishimaru takes the place of a pet dog and lives a lavish life. He regrets when the master shaves Shishimaru's hair. As Shishimaru's feels unattended, Hattori works up a plan and makes Shishimaru show his supernatural powers through ninja techniques.

Kemumaki introduces Kio as Kiochan, the cactus. Kemumaki changes the flower pot that was given by Yumeko to Kenichi. As the grass spreads in the house, Hattori takes revenge from Kemumaki. Kemumaki takes advantage of Shishimaru, and sends Shishimaru and Kio to attack Hattori. Hattori uses ninja techniques to fight them. On knowing that cactus is an edible plant, Kio gets anxious to eat Cactochan. So, Hattori uses a ninja technique to distract him.

In spite of Kemumaki's refusal, Hattori uses his ninja technique and saves Kemumaki from being hurt on a trek. Kemumaki trains a dog to impress Yumeko, and forgets Kio. So Hattori sets a plan to make Kemumaki realize Kio's value. Kemumaki and Kio set a plan against Kenichi so that he doesn't get a chance to dance with Yumeko.

When Hattori gets to know, he teaches Kemumaki a lesson. Kemumaki and Hattori play a golf match. While playing tricks against Hattori, Kio puts Hattori and Kemumaki in trouble. As Kio loses his scarf, he gets scared of height. Hattori does a mono acting to get rid of Kio's fear and returns the scarf to Kio. Hattori cuts the wood of a tree and sets up a domino game. The kids wake up in the morning and feel happy on seeing an innovative domino game. Hattori takes a chameleon's look.

He tries hard to hide himself, but Yumeko gets to know the truth about him. Hattori prepares the traditional ninja cuisine, but dislikes its taste. He pretends to eat the ninja food. But later, eats Ama's cooked food. Hattori suffers from toothache due to a cavity.

So, Kemumaki takes the doctor's look and troubles him. Later, Hattori's tooth gets extracted. Hattori's instructor visits Hattori and takes acupuncture treatment from him.

Later, the instructor teaches Hattori a technique to stay alert. As Kio and Kenichi get stranded in the snow, they generate heat by using ninja technique to feel the warmth. Cactochan predicts a disaster, so Hattori and his friends dig a place to be safe. But later, they realize that there is nothing to worry. Hattori and Kemumaki get into a battle with each other. As Kemumaki attacks Kenichi, Hattori takes revenge from Kemumaki and wins the battle. Hattori digs a hole, so that Shishimaru can how underground.

Kio creates howling sounds. But Hattori gets him caught. Kentaru and Koike-Sensei argue with each other on a chess match. They continue arguing even at school. But later, all the issues get resolved. Kemumaki creates a setup to scare Hattori and his friends. Hattori takes revenge from Kemumaki. And Kenichi gets a good click. Hattori practices the technique of sleeping at different places. He executes the idea of sleeping underwater by putting the birds to sleep.

Kemumaki brings rice dumplings for Kenichi and his family so that they hibernate. But, Hattori hypnotises Kemumaki, and wakes his family.

Kemumaki, Kenichi and his friends plan against Hattori to defeat him. Hattori ends up losing the challenge due a cactus. As Kenichi gets upset, Hattori sets up a tree house for Kenichi to stay alone. As Kemumaki troubles Kenichi, Hattori teaches him a lesson. Hattori takes an off to celebrate the ninja Iga gang anniversary. He goes out with Sonam to an amusement park to spend his holiday. Kenichi learns to read gestures like Hattori and Sonam.

Kemumaki tricks Kenichi by taking Yumeko's look, but gets caught by Hattori. Kenichi breaks Yumeko's doll. Hattori sticks the doll back. While showing the doll to Yumeko, Kemumaki trips and breaks the doll. Kenichi tries teleportation to reach school on time. As it fails to help, Hattori uses a spring board technique to help Kenichi. Kenichi, Shinzo and Shishimaru find an ancient tomb, faked by Kemumaki. Then, Hattori applies the same tricks over Kemumaki.

Hattori uses a ninja technique and records a video in Kenichi's mind, so that he increases his speed. Kemumaki misuses the ninja technique. Kenichi, Shinzo and Shishimaru assume Kio to be an alien. Hattori gets to know about Kemumaki's plan and scares him by acting as an alien. Kemumaki uses Kio to supply electricity to people in exchange for gifts. Kio seeks help from Hattori and makes Kemumaki realise his mistake. Kemumaki and Kenichi fight a judo match.

At the end, Hattori tries to save Yumeko from Kemumaki, but ends up putting himself in trouble. Shishimaru's multiple ninja technique Shishimaru's branch new technique was a big [??? Shishimaru bribes Kio to help him and performs multiple ninja technique with him. But Kemumaki and Hattori get to know the truth. Kemumaki send Cactochan back to the woods after he gets a bad dream. But Hattori gets it back and sets a trap for Kemumaki to teach him a lesson.

Hattori learns the spirited canon technique. The regular use of the technique makes Hattori lose his ability to speak. Hattori learns the ninja beware of round objects technique. To teach Kemumaki a lesson, Hattori makes him fear round objects. Retrieved March 10, TC Entertainment, Inc. Fujiko Fujio 's major works. Shin-Ei Animation. Gatapishi —91 Cho Hyori Kewaishi Dororonpa!

The 8th Son? Are You Kidding Me? Kage no Ninpou Golfer Sanjou! Ashi wa Pon! B-class Gourmet Survival!! Cactus Large Attack! The Great Assault on Dreamy World! Hidden categories: CS1 Japanese-language sources ja CS1 uses Japanese-language script ja Articles containing Japanese-language text Anime and manga article with malformed first and last infobox parameters. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history.

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