big brother season 20 episode 7 online free

big brother season 20 episode 7 online free

Similar shows. Keeping Up with the Kardashians. See more shows. Want More Big Brother Canada? Episode 7 March 18, Episode 6 March 16, After Dark. After Dark: March 22 March 22, After Dark: March 17 March 17, Season 20 Episode 7. Date: Wednesday, July 10 Start Time: p.

Sign up now for a free seven-day trial. You can also watch on the CBS website or app. S21 E9 Jul 14, Episode 9. S21 E10 Jul 17, Episode Close submit. Similar shows. Bowling Green, Kentucky. Bridgeport, Connecticut. Former undercover cop. Wanaque, New Jersey. Week 1. Each HouseGuest must collect a folder as fast as possible. The one who finds the "escape and play" folder moves on to face the winner of part 2 in part 3 of the competition.

The HouseGuest who does not collect a folder suffers a punishment. Angela was the winner and Kaycee was the loser. Each HouseGuest must collect the correct letters and be the first one to spell "HouseGuest" on their platform. The first HouseGuest to correctly collect and spell "HouseGuest" moved on to face the winner of part 1 in part 3 of the competition.

The last remaining HouseGuest will suffer a punishment. Swaggy C was the winner and Sam was the loser. Safety Competition — Part 3 "Surfing the BB Web" : [b] The winners of part 1 and part 2 faced off in this competition and must "surf" the web. The winner of this competition will have the opportunity to keep 8 HouseGuests including themselves safe from the first eviction. Swaggy C was the winner. Head of Household "Microchip Mayhem" : [a] When the competition starts HouseGuests must cross their beam and collect a "deletion dot".

Once they have collected one they must cross back, place it inside another HouseGuests' tube, and repeat. When a HouseGuest has 10 deletion dots inside their tube, they are eliminated from the competition.

Tyler was the winner and became the first HoH of the season. On Day 5, Tyler nominated Sam and Steve for eviction. Following nominations, Sam has a one on one conversation with the other HouseGuests. However, the least trending HouseGuest each week will receive a punishment.

Faysal was the least trending HouseGuest and received the Hamazon punishment; throughout the week Hamazon will deliver a fresh plate of ham, which Faysal must eat in full. Meanwhile, Sam was the top trending HouseGuest and received Bonus Life power, this gives Sam or a HouseGuest of her choice the chance to return to the game if evicted. The power is only good through the first four evictions and if Samantha does not use it by the third eviction, then the fourth evicted HouseGuest automatically has the chance to return to the game.

In each round, the losing competitor is eliminated from the competition. Stage 1 "Snake Bite Pit" : When "action" is said, the competitors must reach into a snake pit and pull out a like icon. Once they have a like icon, they must place it in their corresponding score card. When a HouseGuest has three like icons in their score card, they are finished with that stage.

The last HouseGuest who does not have three like icons or the HouseGuest with the fewest like icons after five minutes is eliminated. Scottie was eliminated following Stage 1. Stage 2 "Polar Plunge" : When the competition begins, the HouseGuests must plunge to the bottom of an Arctic pool and retrieve a like icon.

When a HouseGuest has ten like icons in their score card, they are finished with that stage. The last HouseGuest who does not have 10 like icons is eliminated. Swaggy C was eliminated following Stage 2. Stage 3 "Human Canvas" : When "action" is said, the HouseGuests must stand on a post as they are fired at with paint balls. When told to do so, they must move forward to a smaller post.

The first HouseGuest to touch the ground is eliminated from the competition. Steve was eliminated following Stage 3. Stage 4 "Electricity in the Air" : When the competition begins, the HouseGuests must transfer balls one at a time using their device from the start to their scoreboard.

However, the HouseGuests are shocked with shock collars while attempting to transport their balls. When a HouseGuest collects 10 balls, they are finished. The last HouseGuest remaining is eliminated from the competition. Sam was eliminated following Stage 4. Stage 5 "Sloda" : When the competition begins, the HouseGuests goal are to find and match the top three flavors to "Sloda", a soda version of slop.

Once done, they must place them in the corresponding order. The first HouseGuest to place the three flavors in the corresponding order will win the Power of Veto. Faysal was the winner and received the Power of Veto. The HouseGuest with the highest salary after everyone has launched their balls became the new HoH. Kaitlyn was the winner and became the second HoH of the season.

Week 2. Following the HoH competition, Kaitlyn begins strategizing her nominations. The BB App Store opens for business again.

Rachel was the least trending, while Tyler was the most trending HouseGuest. Rachel received the "Yell! Tyler received "The Cloud" Power App; this gives him the opportunity to make himself immune from one nomination ceremony of veto meeting throughout the next eight weeks.

Kaitlyn nominated Scottie and Winston for eviction. Power of Veto "HouseGuestsOnly. Once reviewed, they must place the former HouseGuests in their ideal dating location. Once all former HouseGuests are placed, they must hit the buzzer.

If all former HouseGuests are correctly placed, their time gets locked in; however, if they are incorrect, they must try again until they are all correctly placed. If a HouseGuest takes longer than 20 minutes to correctly place all HouseGuests, they are automatically eliminated.

The HouseGuest with the fastest time won the Power of Veto.

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