big bang theory season 5 episode 2 free

big bang theory season 5 episode 2 free

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Clear your history. The Transporter Malfunction. Sheldon opens his mint-condition vintage Star Trek transporter -- a gift from Penny which he ends up breaking. The Hawking Excitation. When Howard gets the opportunity to work with Stephen Hawking , Sheldon will do whatever it takes to meet him. The Stag Convergence. The guys organize a bachelor's party for Howard , which leads to the unraveling of Howard's secrets. The Middle, Season 9. Modern Family, Season Top Comedy Shows See All.

Shameless, Season Entourage, The Complete Series. Highest quality. Watch with Watch on Xfinity Watch Now. Penny consoles Amy by lying that she removed the painting from the wall because Bernadette was jealous that she was not in the painting. Later Penny hangs the painting on the fourth wall. Sheldon's regular barber Mr. D'Onofrio has been hospitalized in a coma and he refuses to get his hair cut from his nephew Angelo. Penny offers to cut Sheldon's hair as she used to cut her brother's hair, but he refuses.

A week later, Sheldon has still not got his haircut and on Penny's advice, decides to relax his regimented lifestyle and "embrace the chaos". He begins to do things he never used to do before, like wearing his Tuesday pajamas on Thursday night and playing bongos at 3 am. This wakes Leonard and Penny, who plead with Sheldon to stop playing the bongos, to no avail, and he leaves the apartment still playing them.

The next morning, they find him asleep on Amy's couch. With Amy's vote of confidence, Sheldon agrees to let Penny cut his hair. Sheldon is impressed with the way Penny had cut his hair, but when she is trimming his neck, she shaves off the back of his head accidentally. Meanwhile, Howard goes for astronaut training in Houston to prepare for his space mission. He confides to Bernadette via webcam his experiences in training, which involved vomiting during Zero-G training and having a horrible survival test.

Bernadette feels pity for Howard and rushes to Houston, where she quickly finds out that his mother is already there to take care of him. Raj suggests that he and the guys spend the entire weekend together engaging in a gaming marathon in which they would play the new Star Wars online game. However Sheldon already promised Amy that he would attend her Aunt Flora's 93rd birthday party and meet her family during the weekend and reluctantly decides not to take part in the marathon, but still tries to convince Penny to make Amy change her mind, to no avail.

Sheldon eventually decides to go with Amy, but also brings his laptop so that he can play with the guys remotely. Amy gets peeved at Sheldon and tells him to return to his apartment if playing with the guys is more important than honoring his commitment to her, which he does. Later Raj gets furious at Howard when he brings Bernadette to the marathon after being forced to include her.

Meanwhile, Amy, having returned from her aunt's birthday party, confides her feelings about Sheldon to Penny, who then tells her to create a scene at her boyfriend's apartment. She does this, with Penny too admonishing Sheldon for being a bad boyfriend. At this, Raj goes ballistic and yells about how different the group was before Leonard, Howard and Sheldon got girlfriends, how he is the only one in their group who does not have a girlfriend and adds that even if he gets a girlfriend, he has to face the shame of being the guy who got a girlfriend after Sheldon.

The girls immediately leave the apartment and the guys get back to their marathon. The next morning, the marathon ends when Howard's mother bangs on the apartment door demanding an explanation for Howard's weekend-long absence and forcing him to return home. After Sheldon complains about Penny's constant mooching of their food, she buys him and Leonard each a mint-condition vintage Star Trek transporter from with the residual check from her hemorrhoid commercial.

She is disappointed when both refuse to take them out of their boxes since they want to preserve the toy's value. That night, Sheldon has a dream where his Spock action figure tells him to open his transporter and play with it. When Sheldon does this, he breaks his transporter accidentally.

He then exchanges his broken toy for Leonard's toy, figuring that he will never find out since he does not plan to open his. Later Sheldon has a nightmare where his Spock action figure chastises him for switching the two transporters. When Leonard decides to play with his toy since it is a gift from his girlfriend, Sheldon admits to breaking his toy and switching it with Leonard's.

Meanwhile, faced with the prospect of attending Howard's wedding alone, Raj tells his parents to find a suitable girl for him. He meets the prospective bride Lakshmi in a restaurant and both hit it off immediately.

It soon turns out that Lakshmi is a lesbian and accepted to meet Raj as it is difficult to come out in Indian culture , but nevertheless decides to marry him as she thinks he is gay. Raj too contemplates marrying her, despite the fact that he is never going to have sex with her, and rebuffs Howard's advice to find some other girl. Finally, Howard and Bernadette give Raj a Yorkie puppy to cheer him up and make him forget about Lakshmi. Howard is hired to maintain Stephen Hawking's motorized wheelchair while he is guest-lecturing at Caltech.

He plans to introduce Sheldon to Hawking Sheldon considers Hawking his idol until Sheldon insults him yet again about his lack of a doctorate. Sheldon pleads with Howard to introduce him to Hawking, to no avail. He then asks him to give his paper on the Higgs boson to Hawking, to which he agrees, but only if he does several embarrassing tasks for him. Money is also easier to lose, and other players often delight in stalking you in the world, gunning you down to steal your hard earned cash.

You can protect your green, though. A clever feature in GTAO is the banking system. It's time to geek-out with the gang. Raj, Leonard and Howard's meteor shower viewing party gets a boost from some "magic" cookies. Bernadette's interest in physics draws her to Leonard, sending a jealous Penny to Sheldon for a crash course on the subject. When Leonard's mother visits at Christmas, he finds out that his parents are getting divorced -- which Sheldon has known about for weeks.

Leonard makes fun of Penny for consulting a psychic, then makes it up to her by visiting one himself.

Raj bribes Sheldon to act as his wingman. When his apartment is burglarized, Sheldon begins to feel unsafe in Pasadena and researches new places to live. Sheldon hopes that a menial job will clear his mind enough to solve a tough problem. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang enjoys roller disco night.

When Leonard is invited to visit Switzerland's Large Hadron Collider, his decision to bring Penny along leaves Sheldon feeling betrayed. Sheldon learns that he must be in court to fight a traffic ticket the same day that Stan Lee is due to appear at the comic book store. The guys find life imitating art when the "Lord of the Rings" ring they bought at a garage sale turns out to be the one actually used in the films. Nervous about a speech, Sheldon gets advice and help from Penny, Leonard and Raj Leonard is stunned when Penny responds "thank you" to his "I love you," and Sheldon sees a chance to get back at Wil Wheaton while bowling.

When Penny and Leonard break up, Sheldon continues his friendship with Penny, which Raj and Howard tell him just isn't done when a buddy gets dumped. A physicist visiting from Princeton creates waves when she has a one-night stand with Leonard, then takes up with Raj and Howard. A feud between Leonard and Sheldon prompts Penny to ask why the two live together in the first place, and Leonard tells her in a series of flashbacks. The guys' lunar experiment party turns ugly, thanks to Penny's date.

Meanwhile, an online dating site matches Sheldon with Amy Farrah Fowler. Sheldon and Amy grow closer every day, until a minor disagreement causes them to split and Sheldon to seek solace by adopting 25 cats. A chance meeting gives Howard a second chance with Bernadette, and Raj battles Sheldon over the addition of a desk in their office.

Sheldon avoids Amy when she wants to introduce him to her mother, and Howard and Bernadette set Leonard up with an obnoxious blind date. Leonard's secret tryst with Raj's sister Priya prompts the guys to admit years' worth of secrets they've kept from one another.

Interviewed for Howard's security clearance, Sheldon blabs about the Mars Rover crash, Raj is nearly deported, and Leonard hits on the interviewer. Sheldon steals a print of "Raiders of the Lost Ark" from a theater, and Amy proves socially inept during a girls' night with Penny and Bernadette. When her father visits, Penny asks Leonard to pretend that they're still together, since he's the only one of her boyfriends her dad has ever liked.

When Amy is attracted to Penny's ex, she describes these new feelings to a jealous Sheldon, who argues that she must be hosting an alien parasite.

The guys dress as the Justice League for a New Year's Eve party at Stuart's comic book shop, but Penny ditches to join her ex at a different event. Leonard and Sheldon nearly come to blows over the development of a mathematics smartphone app, which has turned Sheldon into a megalomaniac.

Sharing cars and hotel rooms causes multiple issues when the entire group heads to Big Sur for a science conference. Sheldon asks Penny for acting lessons to help him become more at ease at his new teaching job, and Raj fantasizes about Bernadette. Leonard is honored when wealthy, elderly benefactor Mrs. Latham invites him for dinner, until he learns that he must sleep with her for a donation. Angered by his dependence on his mother, Bernadette insists that Howard move in with her; Leonard is thrilled that Priya has come to visit.

Priya pushes Leonard to end his friendship with Penny, and Sheldon becomes obsessed with figuring out Howard's card trick. The guys take a road trip to confront the hacker who pillaged Sheldon's World of Warcraft account, and the girls confront Priya about her attitude. Penny's rumor that Bernadette and Howard are breaking up leads the friends to panic and Amy to conduct an experiment in gossip.

Leonard's intensifying relationship with Priya violates multiple clauses in his roommate agreement with Sheldon, who's forced to rebuild the document. When Priya invites Howard and Bernadette on a double date with her and Leonard, Penny uses the opportunity to get back at her. Bernadette takes it personally when Howard's mother collapses upon hearing of their engagement, and Priya and Penny compare notes on Leonard.

As the women of the group form a bond of their own, Sheldon takes baby steps forward with Amy, and Howard prepares to boldly go on a new mission. Raj is on everyone's lips when he sleeps with Penny and admits to fantasizing about Bernadette; Sheldon leads the department paintball team. Sheldon's germ phobia goes into overdrive when Penny announces that the new chair he loves was salvaged from the side of the road.

Sheldon grows jealous when Amy takes Leonard as her date to a wedding. Meanwhile, Bernadette clashes with Howard about his mother. Penny sets up Raj with her friend Emily, and the two hit it off.

But Emily's motives soon become apparent to everyone but him. Howard is thrilled to be going into space, but Bernadette fears for his safety. Meanwhile, Sheldon and Leonard are invited to a party by Wil Wheaton. Sheldon's mother is in town for a few days as she waits for her cruise to set sail, but ends up spending her time with everyone but him. Leonard is tempted to cheat on Priya with Alice, a girl he met at the comic book store.

Meanwhile, Sheldon seeks revenge for a Halloween prank. Amy is devastated when Bernadette and Penny don't invite her to go shopping for bridesmaids dresses, but Sheldon doesn't know how to comfort her.

A fight erupts when Penny and Leonard go to the movies as friends; Sheldon tries to rid the apartment of a bird that has him terrified. Stuart asks Amy out, prompting a jealous Sheldon to ask Penny for a date out of spite. She refuses, but gives him advice on how to make Amy happy. Leonard is contacted by a guy who bullied him in high school and hasn't changed. The incident prompts Penny to admit she was once a bully herself.

Sheldon buys Amy something pretty to make up for insulting her recent publication, and Bernadette reveals to Howard that she doesn't want children. Leonard and Penny reconcile, but agree that they should progress slowly and keep their relationship secret, which has its drawbacks.

Penny and Leonard try starting their relationship again, Raj falls in love with Siri, and Sheldon and Amy launch the "Fun with Flags" webcast. When Sheldon gets on Leonard's bad side, it doesn't take long to discover how much he relies on him in virtually every aspect of his life.

Sheldon spends his mandatory vacation "helping" Amy at her lab, and Bernadette's father wants Howard to sign a prenuptial agreement. Sheldon and Barry Kripke play basketball to see who gets a vacant office, and Amy gives Penny an enormous, unflattering portrait of the two of them. When his regular barber falls ill, Sheldon refuses to let anyone else cut his hair, and his lifestyle starts to change to reflect his longer locks.

The guys' plans for a weekend-long gaming marathon is derailed by Amy's aunt's 93rd birthday party, Bernadette's presence and other girlfriend issues.

Sheldon has a crisis of conscience when he swaps his broken vintage Star Trek transporter for Leonard's identical -- and unbroken -- specimen. When he's asked to maintain Stephen Hawking's wheelchair during a guest lecture series, Howard realizes he has Sheldon in the palm of his hand. Raj's drunken toast at Howard's bachelor party goes viral thanks to Wil Wheaton , sending Bernadette on the warpath. Howard's wedding plans are shaken up when NASA changes his launch schedule. Meanwhile, Leonard and Penny take their relationship to the next level.

While waiting for the countdown for his voyage into space, Howard reflects on the previous days, including his impromptu wedding to Bernadette. In between the group's usual hijinks, newly minted astronaut Howard adjusts to married life and Sheldon reassesses his relationship with Amy. Poor Raj is a third wheel on two different dates before he finally finds company.

Wolowitz is nagged by his mother even though he's in outer space. Penny is uncertain about her feelings for Leonard, which upsets Sheldon. Stuart is allowed to join the gang if he follows Sheldon's strict conditions.

While Wolowitz wrestles with cabin fever, Sheldon provokes a chain reaction of jealousy by hiring an attractive assistant to sort his old papers. Season 5 Episodes. Episode User Score.

It's time to geek-out with the gang. Stream the galaxy's biggest comedy, from the beginning, right here. Every season. Titles, characters and big bang theory season 5 episode 2 free other elements are the trade marks and copyright of TVNZ or its licensors. All rights reserved. Further details available here. Close Video. The Big Bang Theory It's time to geek-out with the gang. Every season Comedy. Episodes Features. big bang theory season 5 episode 2 free The Big Bang Theory – Season 5, Episode 2. The Infestation Hypothesis. PG A battle of wills between Sheldon and Penny leaves Amy caught. The fifth season of the American sitcom The Big Bang Theory was originally aired on CBS from Stephen Hawking went on to appear in the season 6 episode "​The Extract Obliteration" to help him make trivial decisions so that his mind is free for more important things. Archived from the original on September 2, ​. Season 5 | Episode 2 Mayim Bialik and Kaley Cuoco in The Big Bang Theory (​) Kaley Cuoco and Jim Parsons in The Episode complete credited cast. A battle of wills between Sheldon and Penny leaves Amy caught in the middle, while Leonard tries to spice up his long-distance relationship with Priya (​recurring. The Big Bang Theory Episode 2 of Season 1. 2. The Big Bran Hypothesis. 21m. Leonard offers to receive a package on Penny's Episode 5 of Season 1. Posted: Sep 22, The Big Bang Theory: Season 5: Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco: Movies & TV. Available at a lower price from other sellers that may not offer free Prime shipping. Even a bad episode is better than most of the other "comedies" on tv. Read more. 5 people 2 people found this helpful. Helpful. Leonard and Sheldon are brilliant physicists – wizards in the laboratory, but socially inept outside of it. Enter beautiful, free-spirited neighbor, Penny, who aims to. Season Episode 2 - The Big Bang Theory - The Big Bran Hypothesis The Big Bang The Big Bang Theory | Season 1 | Episode 5 | The Hamburger Postulate Melissa Rauch in Conan Tv Series Free, Melissa Rauch, Video Team, Best Clips. The big bang theory season 5 episode 2 the infestation hypothesis Episode 1: The Conjugal Conjecture () UHD Full Episode for free - Watch Stream or. We, neurobiologists, refer to this as the skank reflex. After this, he asks her what they are doing, since every scenario that he plays out about them ends badly, to which she responds that it is because he over-thinks things. Retrieved October 1, When Leonard decides to play with his toy since it is a gift from his girlfriend, Sheldon admits to breaking his toy and switching it with Leonard's. Amy decides to take Leonard instead of Sheldon as her date to a wedding for two scientists. Howard is ecstatic to learn that he will be traveling to the International Space Station as a payload specialist to assist in the implementation of a deep space telescope designed by his engineering team. Howard gives Penny a message to pass on to Bernadette saying that he is sorry, that he is as disgusted by his past as she is and credits her for reforming him, which reduces Penny to tears, moved by the genuineness of his apology. Wheaton records Raj's entire speech and uploads it onto YouTube. The latter is played by Lance Barber. Added: September 22, I feel like two totally different people. S5, Ep7. big bang theory season 5 episode 2 free