best vr games for android free

best vr games for android free

By immersing yourself in the world, you should protect the home from the unusual monsters by shooting at them. Experience the horror and despair like never before! Highway Bike Racer is a fast, thrilling bike racing and action game. What if the VR experience comes along with a horrible zombie combination? It is one of the best VR games for Android, and you will get addicted to it very soon. The screaming zombies are everywhere, and you have nothing but your weapons.

So, the experience you will get set it up with a Google cardboard must be something else. If you are a true fan of racing games and want to blend the experience of racing a car with a VR controller, then try this game. Well, using your VR box or cardboard, you can feel the most exciting racing experience with this game. It will let you enjoy full control over the driving range. You have tons of modeled cars to choose and give a race with.

Moreover, you can challenge other players on the racing field and win the match with your own will. If you are brave enough to walk on the plank, just go over it and explore the city. This game is highly suggested for the people who have a fear of height as it helps them to face it in virtual reality.

So, make sure that you are not closing your eyes and feel the shiver on your back. Did you look for such an amazing game?

If yes, then see the features and give a try on it. Want to judge your intelligence while surviving a zombie apocalypse? Then play VR Zombie Shooting game. It is a VR game for Android that makes your Zombie surviving game more exciting with its cool virtual reality system.

Things look earthly, and you will have a shiver on your back while fighting the rotten dead bodies. The storyline behind this game is very exciting where you are in post-apocalypse time, and millions of bloodthirsty zombies are there waiting for you. Do you think about how you can survive? You can now get rid of your height phobia by just playing a VR game on your Android device.

It is VR Heights Phobia. The name must give you a clue about what kind of game it can be. When it is a VR game, you can feel the same experience of what you see through it. But you are aware that it is not true and you are just standing in your room safely. This game will provide you with challenges to jump from heights, and that is really very helpful to get over such a painful phobia.

Adding the option to play it in virtual reality adds a whole new level to the game. But, in the end, we have found ourselves gripping the steering wheel with whitened fingers. Project Cars for your platform. Pinball FX2 VR is brand new pinball game from the masters of Zen Studios who has laid the foundation for the digital pinball. This game brings enhanced physics and advanced 3D graphics to the original pinball tables.

In addition to that, the game has certain social features that will make it your best VR experience for Android, immersive and engaging.

Visiting Chernobyl is not a walk in a park. It is exciting as hell but dangerous as well due to radiation. But in Chernobyl VR you can visit the place while sitting on the sofa in your living room! So, this project combines educational and gaming aspects enhance by the narrative documentary movie approach.

This one-of-a-kind virtual tour into Chernobyl zone uses 3D scans, photos of locations and buildings, stereoscopic videos, and even augmented reality to create unique exploration experience.

Chernobyl VR for your platform. Dead Secret sends the player to investigate the haunted house in rural Kansas where a gruesome murder took place in a cell. You have to find all cryptic clues hidden within the walls and solve many puzzles along the way.

So, prepare for reading because there is a lot reading material prepared for you in this game. Get Dead Secret for your platform. Not a game but still a fascinating example of utilization of VR.

Fulldive is a navigational platform in virtual reality which has all features of your favorite VR-player like watching videos in 3D or viewing panoramas. As a result no need to mention that this mixed app has an option for internet surfing and supports all video formats. Finally, among other cool features, we can name compatibility with Hulu and Netflix, degree video streaming on Youtube, and access to all best VR apps through VR-market.

Fulldive VR for Google Cardboard. Former Samsung Gear VR exclusive turned out to be a multiplatform title. Darknet has the resident player on the dark side of the Web tasking to hack different servers, spread viruses, and so on. A hacker-themed strategy in arcade style which somehow remind us about hacking in Deus Ex Human Revolution and Mankind Divided. With clear instructions given by the mysterious droid voice, you will be able to orchestrate a beautiful mayhem and collapse the system.

As well Darknet proves that not all games must be about shooting stuff or rely on advanced graphics of physics. Sometimes clever implementation of basic arcade features can be more successful and entertaining than hollow blockbusters. Darknet for your platform. First of all, VR these days is not only about Virtual Reality games as you might know.

Within VR is a robust instrument for semi-pro filmmakers and video enthusiasts. It can help you with creating unique short films, documentaries, or music videos that support the degree view.

Also if you want to see what is program is capable of then just watch the video on Youtube. So we are not going to spoil much, but this is one of the most progressive attempts to achieve highest cinematic quality in VR. Within VR for your platform.

Driving simulators and arcade racing virtual reality games are also in this list. Or maybe in VR phone games overall. VR Karts: Sprint is a good attempt to fix the situation. Browser by Fulldive Co. Facebook Technologies, LLC. The games are a mix of puzzle, racing, and arcade style games. You wander around in virtual reality and enjoy yourself. Optionally, you can make some elephant ears for a more sensory accurate experience.

Flats is definitely one of the most colorful VR games out there. You wander around a map and try to kill people. Your bullets also bounce off of stuff. There is also Android TV support if you want to go cross-platform with it. You can also cloud save so you can switch devices if needed.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes stands out as one of the best VR smartphone games on account of its cartoonish animation and wacky puzzle-solving. This is by far the priciest VR mobile game on this list. This rhythm game uses the Daydream controller to play music.

The music that you play dictates the colors that appear, offering an excellent experience for both your eyes and ears. You should really use headphones with any VR game. Here are our favorite options, ranging from ultra-budget to high-end! Movement in the game only takes place via teleport, otherwise you aim by means of head movements.

There is no real story - instead, Wands focuses on battles against other players. Before fighting real opponents via the Internet, however, some training is recommended - both to familiarize yourself with the controls and also to find stronger spells. Operation is either via game controller or Gear VR touchpad.

The new Gear controller is also already supported. With an isometric tabletop view reminiscent of classic point-and-click PC gaming, Augmented Empire stands out from the crowd right from the get-go.

But aside from its visuals, this turn-based tactical RPG is also distinguished by its well-developed story. You direct a party of 6 misfit characters through a dystopian cyberpunk city that has descended into Victorian-esque levels of inequality and dysfunction, uncovering a surprisingly deep plot along the way.

Rich storytelling and top-notch voice acting make Augmented Empire one of the more satisfying VR games out there. Augmented Empire from Oculus. The game uses the focus control as a targeting device for launching homing missiles that, in the main, works extremely well. You can also collect batteries, screws and wrenches, which improve your aim, adjust gravity and restore shields.

The idea is to destroy as many targets as you can while you manoeuvre your tank to the next checkpoint. Android , iOS. Comments RSS Feed. We respect your privacy. Your information is safe and will never be shared! Here are some more VR apps and games to check out! Oh yes, we have even more excellent mobile games for you! Thank you for reading!

With the advancement in technology, VR games are much more entertaining, gamds, and real than pc or console games. With the help of VR box headsets, best vr games for android free will step into a completely different world, which gives you immensely enhanced user best vr games for android free and top-notch gaming experience. To get the best VR gaming experience, you need to get the best VR headset. The mobile VR headsets are affordable like google cardboard, which you can buy or make yourself at home. Before looking for the best VR games for android, double-check whether your smartphone is capable of virtual reality. If your mobile phone is compatible with the app then it supports the VR boxes or VR headsets. Best vr games for android free protect what belongs to us, you will step on a jet and bset bring down the spaceship missiles. It is an outstanding VR racing game for game best toll free number service provider in india. Some of the features of the game are Deadly weapons, Addictive, thrilling game, Thrilling mission story. Did you ever think of walking on tight rope crossing over tall mountains or buildings? Well, here is the app to provide you the thrilling experience best vr games for android free VR. VR City View Rope Crossing is a breathtaking rope walking simulator where you will take best vr games for android free walk of your life feeling the tension while waling on the string under your feet. Just imagine yourself in the gamss resisting the winds bset are pushing you left or right! Exciting right? Get the ultimate VR roller-coaster experience through this app. This roller-coaster simulation takes you through temples, caves, and even underwater to see exotic animals and get amazing underwater experience. The point of this VR game app is to get thrills beyond best vr games for android free imagination. The roller coaster physics is true to life making it a real-world experience. Can you survive a zombie apocalypse in the VR world? In this game, a post-apocalyptic world full of blood-thirsty zombies is waiting for you. Best vr games for android free can choose your weapon, explore the deserted subway, keep your eyes peeled. Mutants attack any time! So go and save the world! Best vr games for android free haunted house is famous for paranormal activities that take place inside a haunted house. By immersing yourself in the world, you should protect the home from the unusual monsters by shooting at them. best vr games for android free Vanguard V (Cardboard, Gear. Proton Pulse (Cardboard, Gear. Sisters (Cardboard, Gear. Zombie Shooter. vTime XR (Cardboard). › Entertainment. You can get in on the action too with the best VR games for Gear VR, Whispering Eons is one of the few good free Google Cardboard games. Flats. Price: Free / $ Flats is definitely one of the most colorful VR games out there. It's a FPS game that lets you play both. 26 of the best AR and VR apps and games for iOS and Android medieval cartoon settlement where you're free to investigate any nook and cranny you fancy. Instead of spending lots of money to buy the headsets, the Android or iPhone handset in your apps for VR technology and still ranks highly on our best free VR apps list for Next Read: 6 Best Virtual Reality(VR) Games for iPhone». It is compatible with the VR headset and other relevant items. These are some of the most popular devices, but VR games work on any device that has Android operating system. Many consider Beat Saber as the best game for a workout as it makes you dance in rapid motion while swinging and slashing the music beats. There are tons of high-quality shaders, and the terrain looks available there. Before fighting real opponents via the Internet, however, some training is recommended - both to familiarize yourself with the controls and also to find stronger spells. Full Specifications. This scary horror game is renowned for its contents of paranormal activities and details of the haunted house. The game offers lots of challenging obstacles and ferocious enemies; you will have to fight through them to get to the final boss. It does not take much system resources to run and works smoothly on both Android phones and tablets. This works very well thanks to intuitive controls. best vr games for android free