best lifetime free credit card in india 2018

best lifetime free credit card in india 2018

I wrote a stinker to the N. Also I get points on completing 4 lakhs per annum as extra rewards. You said 4K points on 4L spend. Will check with customer care. Considering if you spend 6L with this card and only on weekends. You can save 2. Wish iconia had similar milestone spend benefit. Earn bonus reward points on spending Rs 6 lakh or above within one year from the date of card issue! The bonus reward points is only for the first year of issue as per the TnC from theie website.

Shasank — But you are restricted to weekend spends as weekdays spends are 1 rupee only. For weekdays, you could have much better card that has much better return based on requirements. Anish — Hdfc card is always recommended in collection as they have good offers.

Free should not be closed and if its a first card then if closed will have bad effect on your cibil credit history. So once settled, I am wondering what to do. Anish Gupta downgrade your account to max account. Youll need to keep just 25k and no debit card fees also or any other charges. This wont downgrade your regalia card.

You can keep your credit card without saving account too but wont be getting any future card upgrades that easily. Does that make me eligible for any other good credit card? I would very much appreciate your insights. Hi Sid, I have been a regular follower of your blog, and your insights are really valuable. I won't want to use Citibank card because of poor reward rate.

Or are there better options? Am I missing out on a better value card? I want to know whether we all 3 persons get 4 complimentary access to airport lounge each quarter by card it self or not?

The add-on card will only work for swipes at retail outlets. The add-on priority passes on your card are also allowed free lounge access. Fresh Query: So in the last 1 year I have accumulated a nice bouquet of cards. My requirement is minimum cost maximizing rewards. Way forward which card should I keep and which should I cut. Annual CC expense reducing to below 3 L because no Redgirraffe. Redgirraffe use has been stopped as I stay with my family now so no rent. Can anyone review Rubyx cards.

Last review is yrs old. Hello Siddharth , Thanks a lot for the wonderful site. Visiting your site has opened a whole new world for people like me.

Credit score got a hit but does not hurt so much. Best thing about your posts is your honesty. Thanks once again man. I already have a regalia and used the HSBC card as a backup. In addition to this, AMEX comes with great offers now n then, not to mention awesome customer care.

One reason I come to cardexpert. Thats what almost everybody here respects and tries to do. Divert your spends to HDFC, spend big on it. HDFC is where the game is. Currently if Iam not wrong, you can spend 2. Bob select card is also a great value option. Reward can be warned on paytm wallet loading also. Is PayTM wallet load is still applicable? Also what is 1 reward point value? Hi, I hold a SBI prime card for 2 years.

Priority pass which came with it has expired now. Now SBI claims that this feature of the card is only for 2 years and now membership is payable and I have to contact priority pass to get it renewed.

But I got the same response even from nodal officer desk. Hi Raj, yes its only for 2 years, u will have to pay for priority pass if you wish to renew them which is quite expensive , or forgo the priority pass membership if you dont wish to renew with them directly. If anybody else can add on any new info on this, it would be great. Hi Raj, yes i too had a similar problem.

They ask us to renew with the priority pass directly which is a paid subscription. Can anyone throw more light on this? I am a PSU employee with good credit profile , I have following 3 cards 1.

ICICI coral card expired 3 months back. SBI simply click age 10 months -spend 4 lac 3. HDFC Diners club black- age 1 month, spend 2 lacs. Hi Sid, Can you suggest if I have to keep only one Max2 credit card which would be better for the best return?

I have 30L ITR. Diners club black with Standard chartered ultimate as backup. Though both come with annual fee. One of the amex card can also be considered. But holding it for as I have spent the threshold for Annual fee waiver in current year. Need suggestions on 1 Which one should i use as a back up for DCB? Which SBI card should I swap prime with?

Thank you Prashant. Standard Chartered is technically free as they provide reward points worth joining fee. What is best way to use those points? How is the redemption of SC? Thank you Sree! I will go with DCB as getting Infinia is bit difficult. I feel amex has high fee. I mean not worth to get high return or may be I am not aware how to get the best return from amex. Any idea? Hi Sid, First of all, thanks for all your blogs.

Just needed your advice on below query: Currently I hold following cards: 1. SBI SimplyClick 2. Is there any other card you may suggest for me or any replacement or upgrade to existing cards.

PS — my annual CTC is 4. You can use Infinia which provides more benefits than Citi rewards and Flipkart axis for respective exclusive offers. Can u please update the best credit card list in every 6 months? I have noticed that credit card industry in as a whole is changing very fast. So, yearly update of best credit cards list is not suitable. Some cards have devalued, some have removed benefits and some new cards are launched.

You should be able to get Axis Privilege Credit card for free. From there, you can easily check the offer and shortlist a feasible card too. I am currently looking to consolidate and maximise benefits from my cards and need your help with that.

The eligibility on that says ITR should be 21 Lakhs. While my contract with my company I am a Consultant is for 28 Lakhs per annum 2. Is there a way I can still get this Card? I travel a lot both on work and personal, so travel benefits are most important for me. You may also consider taking Axis vistara Infinia. Even though all the card provide reward points, it is also important what are the terms and condition to redeem those reward points, reward point expiry terms and product and services available against these reward points.

I just got an Infinia add-on card for my spouse. All details including cafd no, CVV etc are same , only difference is the name. Is this normal for add-on cards under Infinia?

Citi Prestige cards have unique CVV and card nos for the add-ons. I have a DCB with 2 add-ons. The add-on card holders will have an issue while using card for online transactions due to OTP only being received on the primary card holder number. Also, netsafe email of otp does not come on consistent basis. There is no AMC if you add a biller of more than Rs.

I got this under pre approved offer. I see that it is not published. But I just want to tell you that you just killed professionalism. Great sites like Linkedin started off like this. Because they were professional and neutral they grew to where they are today. Why should you side with a bank where people lack thinking skills? Do you know the amount of trouble and difficulty that I underwent? The most agonizing part was that there was no one to reach out to.

No one seemed to use their sense. If you are weeding out such real comments, people will write about your site also somewhere. Kindly dont comment when you dont know anything about the blog. Sam, You have written it under another topic and It was published around a week back itself,seems you missed to read it Few responded for that also,plz check I am using HDFC credit card for more than a decade and I do have issues in tracking points under 10x offer but still no other cards near to HDFC considering all parameters.

I second that. The regular offers given by HDFC is not matched by any other bank though they have a few shortcomings here and there. And this site is unmatched by any other in terms of support by both Sid and the regular visitors.

I have upped my CC game only thro this site and no other. I have applied Yes first preferred card through yes first saving account and within 1 week my card approved and given starting limit 4 lakh. The card is only for existing holders and new applications are no longer accepted. For new applications, Rubyx has been changed to mastercard and gives lower value payback points only.

For Visa Signature holders, get 2 handpicked reward pts per on domestic spends. Value of each point is Rs0. Many other redemptions available but most give bit lower value. If you spend 3L in an anniversary year, you get bonus pts. So reward rate at 3L is 2. Beyond that, every extra lac spent fetches you extra pts upto a certain cap. Redemption has a fee coz they still courier physical gift cards, not evouchers.

Secondly their rounding off is also pretty cool — I have seen spends of Rs 80 fetching 2 pts rather than 1, or Rs35 fetching a point instead of 0. Your email address will not be published.

Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. About Contact Contribute. SBI Prime 2. Amex MRCC 4. SBI SimplyClick 5. RBL Platinum Delight 8.

HDFC Regalia 2. SBI Elite 3. Amex Gold Charge Card 4. Amex Plat Travel Card 2. Axis Privilege Card 4. Axis Vistara Infinite 2. HDFC Infinia 2. Standard Chartered Ultimate 4. Best Business Credit Cards in India. Best Premium Credit Cards in India. Credit Cards with No Annual Fee. Credit Cards with No Credit. Credit Cards for Bad Credit. Credit Cards for Pensioners in India. Yatra SBI Card. Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards Card. Citibank Citi Rewards Credit Card.

Credit Card Apply. Credit Card Eligibility. Credit Card Payment. Apply Credit Cards on WhatsApp. Credit Card Customer Care Number. Credit Cards against FD. Kotak Credit Card Payment. Axis Bank Credit Card Payment. You will get 2 complimentary domestic airport lounge access per quarter as well. Annual Fee: spend 1 lac and get annual fee waiver Best Used for: Lifestyle expenses. Citibank Rewards Domestic Credit Card Review Citibank rewards credit card is a shopping credit card that offers 10 rewards points on Rs spend on apparel and department stores.

You can redeem the rewards points at departmental stores, travel sites and other gift vouchers. Annual Fee: Rs. Best Used for: Shopping. Earn 1 reward point for spending Rs. Redeem at departmental stores, retail shopping sites, travel sites or frequent flyers. No expiration for RP. Quick Application link for Citi Rewards credit card. Stock Investment Free Course Picking up the right stocks is the only secret to get higher returns on your Stock Investment.

What will be the best cradit card for shopping especially for petrol pump?? If you have a monthly spend of 5K on routine items like grocery through credit card, it is free. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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Facebook Messenger. Copy Link. This card is useful for people who have their own vehicle as the card offers several benefits on IndianOil transactions. You get benefits like free fuel, fuel surcharge waiver, turbo points, and so on. The card comes with zero joining and annual fee. Turbo Points can be redeemed instantly for fuel at select IndianOil outlets. It is a premium card that is accepted at all merchant outlets across the world.

The card comes at zero issuance fees. It gives you complimentary airport lounge access and several other benefits and rewards. To redeem your loyalty points, register your card by visiting www. Many banks offer the best credit cards in India which offer exclusive benefits in the form of reward points, air miles points, cashback and discounts on every spend made.

However, you can opt for short-term personal loans and improve your CIBIL score by taking it to score or above that improves your repayment capacity reputation. Identity Proof, Address Proof, 1 recent passport size photograph, last 6 months salary slip and form Category: Credit Card.

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The crecit of money has paved the way for the widespread use of Credit Cards. Today, you do not need to roam around carrying bundles of cash in your pocket. A single swipe of this plastic card is enough to make a purchase conveniently. While Credit cards have made the transaction process safe and secure, there a hameed novel commando free download still the issue of annual Credit Card payments for using the card. Citibank Rewards Domestic Credit Card. These cards do not cause any problems and relieve you from the nuisance associated with joining fees and annual fees. In addition to this, they also offer you amazing rewards bset you purchase items through them. It comes with no annual fee while the bank provides this card against a deposit in your savings account. You can earn reward points and instantly redeem for cash. You can redeem your these best lifetime free credit card in india 2018 carf many options such as movie, travel, appliances, lifestyle products, mobiles, and best lifetime free credit card in india 2018 more. You can visit www. First time Credit Card best lifetime free credit card in india 2018 who want to get the card instantly and have a fixed deposit 0218 the bank. It works well for cash back. You can redeem reward points for a wide range of redemption options like garments, cosmetics, home appliances, gift vouchers, airline miles, donation to best lifetime free credit card in india 2018, and so on. People who travel frequently and loves Shopping Online. best lifetime free credit card in india 2018 Standard Chartered Priority. Citibank Rewards Domestic. ICICI Amazon Pay. Kotak Royale Signature. › blog › 5-best-lifetime-free-credit-card. Best Lifetime Free Credit Card in India Table of Contents. #1. ICICI Instant Platinum Card Review; #2. ICICI Amazon Pay Credit Card. Best Credit Card in India with No Annual Fee: HSBC Visa Platinum Card: Best for dining, shopping, fuel; IndusInd Bank Platinum Card: Best for travel, golf. Best Credit Cards in India - Know about Top Credit Cards offered in India. Credit Card: Best Lifetime Free Card; IndianOil Citi Platinum Credit Card: Best. You can keep such credit cards active without incurring any extra cost. Also, if you do minimal spending on lifetime free credit cards, they can go a. Best Lifetime Free Credit Cards in India. August 12, Sakshi RatheeCredit Card. loading Apply for Zero Annual Fee Credit Card. loading. Newly added milestone benefits increases the overall reward rate. My business is just started so I am not sure if that will be a problem. Amex Gold Charge Card 5. Is this recommended? Earn 1 MR point on Rs. Everyone want to live their own way in different needs and expenses. Hi Siddharth, I am new to the world of credit cards. Please help me out with this. I find it more exciting and somewhat jealous. Note: The annual fee will be waived off when you apply using the below link, also earn bonus points. Card Name. You can even do some prepayment for statement to show the expected credit limit or reduce your purchase on that month in that card. All your exclusive booking needs will be taken care by the concierge while you enjoy the exciting moments. best lifetime free credit card in india 2018