best free vr games android 2018

best free vr games android 2018

Jaunt VR is to immersive story-driven worlds, like Netflix is to binge watching. Simply put on the headset and the app transports you to a virtual environment where you can choose from hunderds of virtual reality experiences. Jaunt VR has hours of entertainment for you to feel and enjoy.

InCell is what happens when you mix the premise of Fantastic Voyage, with a racing game in a virtual reality world. Recreating the anatomy of human cells in incredible detail, it allows players to travel through inner space to some upbeat soundtracks whilst racing against viruses.

Speeding along capilliaries in a multi-coloured environment, whilst avoiding obstacles in a race against time makes InCell a fun free VR app to pass some time. Although the game is designed for cardboard VR glasses, there is a NoVR mode that transforms the game into a classic smartphone game. Great list. But detailing of a virtual world in many games is low. To get a more detailed virtual world and a full immersion in virtual reality, you need a very powerful mobile phone and a virtual reality helmet for example HTC Vive.

But the cost of such equipment is very high. Personally, I prefer playing VR games in special clubs of virtual reality.

For example, the club of virtual reality in Melbourne - virivr. In such clubs, there are high-tech helmets of virtual reality and additional equipment. This will allow you to full "deep" into a virtual world and get a lot of positive emotions. Also, you can play together with your friends. Actually I also love playing online games that challenge you brain and mental activity.

That's why I just adore games as poker and I play it at Mr. However, the game tosses various glass panes in your way. You look at them with head-tracking and shoot metal balls at them to break the panels. You have a life total that depletes whenever you throw a ball or hit a glass pane. The game relies mostly on head tracking for camera movement. Given that the game moves constantly, it can get a little tiresome after a while. Virtual Virtual Reality one of the most popular and highly-rated games in the Oculus Store.

You play in a restricted world run and transformed by artificial intelligence. However, players quickly catch on to the farce. You can play the mini-games or break from the pattern and try to reclaim their own humanity. We strongly recommend it. Cartoon Village has already taken the mantle as cutest CG-rendered app in the world of virtual reality. Within is a production company specialising in telling stories through live-action VR filmmaking, and this app is the best way to experience their selection of high-quality videos on your smartphone.

Jaunt is another production company that aims to send viewers into story-driven worlds, simply through use of their mobile device. A virtual Nepalese mountain adventure, a front row seat at a Paul McCartney concert and a trip inside North Korea as the country holds military celebrations highlight the breadth of scenarios Jaunt is covering. The dark atmospherics are supported by bone-chilling binaural audio. Discovery VR offers a range of videos in different environments allowing users to explore hard to reach places.

YouTube is one of the best online resources to get your hands on degree videos for free. It also allows you to search for videos with your voice, providing a totally hands-free experience. Expect for the above mentioned, there are still dozens more excellent apps to try. Because of this, you can grab a ton of excellent content to see what the fuss is all about. VR is transitioning to Google Daydream right now. We have our best Daydream games linked up just below if you want something a little more recent.

Flats is definitely one of the most colorful VR games out there. Night Terrors — For those of you who love horror films, this is one of the best AR horror games we have seen in a while. Basically, with the help of AR, this game changes everything around you into a scene from a horror movie scene where monsters and creatures pop out of nowhere.

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Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. The best VR Games Store. Visit the VR fantasy world. Switch your fists to battle mode and clash with your enemies. VR shooting games is as close to best free vr games android 2018 as you can get. Test your skills against your Rivals, and climb gaems the top of the hill as you battle for position. You are stuck ve the haunted places the dense haunted forest and haunted towns, the zombies and the zombies everywhere, go and kill all that wild and crazy zombies like a commando. Watch out as more are coming your way! Join the VR gaming revolution and be the first to feel what the VR industry has to offer! Best free vr games android 2018 Policy: We best free vr games android 2018 collect any personal informationany non-personal information collected by our partners like Google is used for analytic and game improvements. Reviews Review Policy. Best free vr games android 2018 details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. AppTeeka VR Games. Walking on tightrope crossing over tall building is a thrilling experience in VR. See more. best free vr games android 2018 Hunters Gate (Daydream). Twilight Pioneers (Daydream). Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes (Daydream. Need for Speed No Limits. Horizons (Daydream). › Entertainment. Flats. Price: Free / $ Flats is definitely one of the most colorful VR games out there. It's a FPS game that lets you play both. You can get in on the action too with the best VR games for Gear VR, Google It made $ billion in and just shy of $10 billion in Instead of spending lots of money to buy the headsets, the Android or iPhone some great free VR apps for Android and iOS to enjoy the virtual reality! Next Read: 6 Best Virtual Reality(VR) Games for iPhone» at PM. These are our recommendations for the best VR games for Android. Best Android games: what you should play in · Top 5 Android VR headsets under $99 Google Daydream; Samsung Gear VR; Google Cardboard. Fulldive VR Fulldive VR is sort of a social media app for virtual reality which hosts percent user generated content that you can watch on your VR headset. There are many other games as exciting as these. Many consider Beat Saber as the best game for a workout as it makes you dance in rapid motion while swinging and slashing the music beats. This may be another kid-friendly game, but it is a lot more fun than you might think. Tekken Mobile is very similar to the console version, making it one of the best fighter games on mobile for You can join PvP team battles as well, with a number of game modes and arenas to choose from. The Dr. Players take part in a galactic sporting event based on running across wonderfully imaginative environments. Requiring loads of concentration, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is plenty of fun, but certainly not for everyone. The gameplay is not too complex either, combos requiring a single tap to unleash. The object of Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is to literally defuse a bomb before it goes off. Environments are faithfully reproduced and the game looks just about as good as it did on console and PC. You can play the mini-games or break from the pattern and try to reclaim their own humanity. I tried BattlezVR, a very interesting game especially if you play it with your friends. best free vr games android 2018