best free offline android games 2016

best free offline android games 2016

The app has more than 30 million downloads. The app has a lot of awards in recent years. The plot is centered on a factory for the production of everything. Welcome to the industrial business, and now you can make a profit at the expense of employees working double tides!

So, you are the owner of a fabric and its time to earn money! Hire fools-workers, train your employees to work faster, build new factories to produce new cool products, complement all the factories to get mega cool trophies.

Each factory has its own peculiarities. One fabric produces cakes and candies, other produces all sorts of agricultural products. Surprises and gifts in the game will enhance your productivity! You make a fortune much faster if the boss will get his cup of coffee! Motivational music will make your employees working monsters!

The rules of the game are extremely simple: control two dots moving in sync, survive against all odds and keep calm. Your life depends on whether you will be able to save 2 dots, which are synchronized devices coexisting in choreographic and musical symbiosis.

You will feel the irresistible excitement. Let the world around you calm down and freeze. The games are a bit pricey, but are good overall. You explore various ruins and locations as Layton along with Luke. There are various puzzles to solve, a narrative to enjoy, and various relics to collect. Plus, these are cheaper on Android than they are on Amazon. Monument Valley 1 and 2 are two of the most popular puzzle-adventure games available. You move levels around because each level is the puzzle.

Players are treated to optical illusions, a vague but fun story, and a consistent experience through two games. The only gripe we have is the length of the game. Along with these, there are occasional puzzles that need to be solved to get going. Along with great graphics, the game offers a spooky experience which also induces a scary aura at times. Minecraft brought the power to build amazing worlds in the palm of the hands of the fans with this entry in the smartphone space.

The Badland series easily tops our list of the best adventure games with their fantastic physics-based gameplay and out of the box levels to complete. The games are based on the side-scrolling concept where you have to keep into account various variables like liquids, flamethrowers, frost, magma, and water to survive. The media has often hailed the entries as masterpieces which are a must experience for every Android, gaming enthusiast.

Role-playing games add an aura of mystery and adventure to your gaming hour. Check out these best offline role-playing games for your mobile that will blow your mind.

Click here to Download for Android iOS. Oxenfree is a supernatural genre game filled with thriller and mystery and is available offline for free to all platform users. The game starts with a group of friends who unintentionally open a ghostly rift and follows with events that test how you and your friends deal with them and the boding evil creatures unleashed onto you.

Stardew Valley has a similar concept to Farmville or Cityville, but with many new features and chapters to unlock. Here, you can enhance, forge and enchant your equipment to create divine weapons. There are hundreds of ways to defeat your enemies. Explore wings, abysses, special weapons and many other things in this game. The game levels are normal, elite, mutated and so on. The higher levels you attain, the more rewards you get for destroying monsters. You can enhance your character and weapons with these rewards and enjoy the full capacity of the game.

In this role playing universe, you get to be a demon hunter, fight ferocious monsters, dragons and experience ultra-cool weapons. Become a legendary hero and destroy enemies with your ninja gun. The dark atmosphere of the game is highly intriguing and ropes you in with all it has to offer.

The game is set on the premise that humans have come close to getting eternal life, making them the enemy of both angels and devils. As the apocalypse looms near, you get to choose to be human or angel and fight on either side to achieve the final goal. Pick your side and destroy all enemies in this fantasy world. Watch Gameplay This role playing game is easy to control and features classical surroundings.

Once you download the content of the game, you can play it offline. Collect gems by defeating enemies and go on unlimited quests. You can play as a Warrior, Mage or Bounty Hunter and your weapon will depend on your character.

Fight everything from aliens, skeletons, zombies, robots and dragon through beautiful hand-crafted locales. The game takes you through dungeons, mountains, castles, graveyards and many other locations. Attain higher levels to up your skills and get access to superior powers and weapons. Watch Gameplay For fans of Star Wars, there is nothing better than this offline game. In this role playing adventure, you are the last hope of the Jedis who have united against the Sith. You can also choose sides and decide to go with or against the Force.

The game has unique characters, vehicles and planets. You can master more than 40 powers and also design your own Lightsaber. If you want to explore popular locations from the Star Wars universe, like Tatooine and Wookiee homeworld, you can do that too. Watch Gameplay This game is set in the realm of Auria, which is engulfed by the powers of darkness.

You have to be the hero who fights his way through mythical monsters like orcs, demons, zombies and so on. You can choose to be a savior or dragon hunter, depending on the type of quest you want to play out. There are primary and side quests in this game, and also mini games to give you an easy time from the intense action. Ghost of Tsushima Update 1. Review: Ghost of Tsushima - Easy Allies 40m ago.

GRID Autosport is a racer, but also a challenge to Android gamers complaining they never get premium titles, and that freemium fare comes packed with ads and IAP. This is, note, a simulation. It begins with time trials that have you pass through specific colored gates, and ends with you taking on AI opponents, occasionally — and unsportingly — blowing them up with weapons.

At first, the twitchy controls will find you repeatedly smashing into tracksides and wondering if someone should take your hovercraft license away. Those offline games are the best to play without a good Internet connection.

However, we still need an Internet connection for running ads. Have you try the mod version on Apktovi without running ads. It's just my small recommendation : Thanks again. Hello, Thanks for sharing this very impressive list of games on a single platform. I loved your blog. Thanks Again. Thank you for this list! If you could keep a running list of games, from different genres, that'd be awesome!

I'm a word game nerd. I like the easy-no-brain games like Skipbo. Andrea Lynn Drake. Very good Article i have write similar article few month back as well. Best Android games offline you can play. Dude, sont put ahadow fight fight on the list the might be played offline but we have to download the next chapter to continue, and if we continue, we have to upgrade equipments to win battles ahead, not as easy as you heard, somtimes you'll face a hard situation when the difficult suddenly changed to impossible but you low on money to get upgrade things either the upgrade cost, Everybody will feel it is a freemium or maybe pay2win, especially when it brought to pvp.

Of course, you cannot play matches against real players unless you're online, but for arcade-style solo-play vs the AI, it's the best offline fighting game for Android available. The touchscreen controls for mobile are decent, with an option to turn on a dedicated assist button for your special moves if you find them too tricky. This fantastic action game from Rayark is a good looking sci-fi slash-n-shoot-em-up romp, in which you control a snazzy-looking mech.

The first six levels are free to play and a one-time IAP unlocks the whole game - an epic campaign, side-missions, and challenges that will keep you busy for hours. With responsive controls, effortlessly badass looking animations and a variety of nasty enemies and challenging boss battles, I must admit that Implosion got me hooked. The levels are mostly well-designed for short min bursts of play, but there are a variety of special conditions that you can aim for to add replayability and unlock cool stuff.

Kindgom: New Lands is a side-scrolling survival strategy game with retro pixel graphics, in which you take on the role of a monarch exploring new lands and building up settlements from scratch.

Although the idea of a wandering king dropping coins on random peasants in the wilderness is a silly scenario, the gameplay is compelling. You move from area to area, gathering coins and carefully deciding where to spend them. That way when the inevitable invasion comes, your new town can hold it together. The game is simple to play, with one resource to gather and spend coins and a simple tap control. However, don't be fooled, the well-designed areas require real strategy to beat. For example, it seems obvious to cut down all the trees you can for construction, but doing so prevents new encampments from arriving and you need those to recruit the peasants, making you lose out on manpower.

Each new land has different conditions and opportunities that make decisions a careful balancing act. Figuring out the game will at first lead to some inevitable disasters as you experiment. Download and know more about the Legend of Darkness. These games are RPGs that can keep you engaged for hours together. There are no in-app purchases. The games are complicated, so it is recommended to play it on big phones or tablets.

Download and know more about Beamdog. Some of the Final Fantasy games can be played offline, but you need to log in at least once with the internet connection. These games take more than 20 hours to finish, and each series narrates a story. The cost differs from game to game but is worth the price to pay and play. These are a few of the best offline RPG Android games. Download and know more about Final Fantasy Games. The Knights of the Old Republic has a lengthy story with many ends depending on the choices made by you while playing.

The graphics are attractive, and you can ask questions if you are confused about the game. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic has achievements that make it appealing to play this game.

It is not easy to finish it in a short span time and takes time to collect proper character, which helps you get out of the game successfully. Brother in Arms is a game for the people who like to be brave soldiers in their real or gaming life. It has both singleplayer and multiplayer modes. To start the game, you have to choose between Free for All and Team Deathmatch modes.

Unlock perks by playing each weapon class; experiment with new weapons and get amazed at the visual effects. Download and know more about Brothers in Arms. It is like having an endless fun playing Duet, and the rules are quite simple. If you are on the train to work, or a flight to a new country, these offline android games will always keep you entertained for a decent amount of time. Take a look and choose the games that suit your taste. Below are the 15 best offline games for your Android device.

Subway Surfers What is it? Arcade, Endless runner. Subway Surfers is one of the top running games available on the Android platform. The game works offline and you can enjoy it anywhere regardless of your internet connectivity. Run, jump and dodge the incoming trains in this fast paced game.

Experience amazing locations from around the world and run around the most exotic locations in this game. Install: Google Play Free 2. Contract Killer 2 What is it? Disney Crossy Road.

March 28, Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia. January 30, March 11, November 20, The Elder Scrolls: Legends. February 5, Farm Heroes Saga. Farm Heroes Super Saga.

September 23, Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius. Final Fantasy Grandmasters. February 10, February 2, Fortnite Battle Royale. August 9, Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow. Gangstar Rio: City of Saints. Gameloft Montreal. November 10, Gangstar: New Orleans. November 27, Action-adventure , third-person shooter. December 15, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.

The World Wide Web game industry is growing rapidly andeoid now every second game requires an internet connection to play it. Of course, When we are at home there can not be any problem, however, in public transport or somewhere on the journey, such a fun pastime becomes impossible. Someone can download the game just for this purpose — agmes kill time when a person is on the road. So we decided to create a section which androud such apps, so a visitor to our website will be sure that he will find a suitable application, download it and it will work without bsst Internet. This article contains the best offline games for Android that does not require an Internet connection. You may also like: Free offline Android games Free offline Android games This is a totally new look to a simple genre of racing games. First of all, as you have probably guessed the game is remarkable best free offline android games 2016 its excellent graphics. Instead, androdi treated beautiful airtel mobile customer care toll free number 1800 stylish graphics with lots of details and calm pastel colors. Conquer the barriers, speed up and enjoy amazing sceneries in the best free offline android games 2016 Unique gameplay and thrilling atmosphere make this game compulsory for downloading. The action takes place in the forest which is full of strange dwellers, trees, and flowers. The forest looks so magic as it is taken from a wonderful fairy tale, although something wrong with it. The player is one of the forest dwellers who is going to know what happens. Along the way, he discovers a startling number of unique traps and obstacles. Also in the offkine, a local multiplayer mode is available, in best free offline android games 2016 up to four best free offline android games 2016 can play from one device. The purpose best free offline android games 2016 the multi-user mode best free offline android games 2016 the survival of the fittest player without observing any rules. There is nothing wrong to push your opponent on the rotating disks rree circular saws. The app has more than 30 million downloads. The app has a lot of awards in recent years. best free offline android games 2016 These best offline games for Android are from all genres, including strategy, puzzle, racing, and more. No internet Download: Alto's Odyssey for Android (​Free). top 10 high graphic android games free android games free games for android top free android games best games for android best offline. Vishnu Kumar R.J, Supervisor at Aloft Hotels (present). Answered Which are some best free offline/online games for Android under MB? (I really. Hence, we have compiled a list of 35 of the most impressive, best, low mb and free Android games you can play offline for mobiles or tablets. The games have. Enjoy the list of best offline games. Free Download for Android devices. Find some cool games without internet connection. We've tried these games out, and looked to see where the costs come in - there might be a free sticker added to some of these in the Google Play. What are the best free Android games that can be played offline? Answered November 25, · Author has answers and K answer views. Android. Crashland is already among the best adventure games from 15 best free Android games available right now! support, Google Play Games cloud saves, and it works offline once you get all of the data downloaded. 10 of the best offline games for Android. Best-free-offline-games-pick-Asphalt-​ Last Updated: May 5, pm. Nowadays If you want to play offline games on your Android then you don't have to look any further because today, we bring you the best offline games for android. If you think you have other offline android games then feel free to share them with us in the comments section below. Price: Free. You may have heard of this game All changes will be saved. It is now up to you to escape him. Apart from the dragon, you have to face many other enemies. There are three settings for battle: Tropics, Metropolis and Desert. What is interesting is that the game will never put you in a boring mood as it is a very interesting and well-engineered. You are a survival man and your gun will help you defeat enemies to guide your troop to safety. Near combat moves are also good in this free game available to play offline from google play store. The combat system is simple and fun. You can enjoy the sweet cute little minion memories, show and perform despicable stunts, take a look around iconic locations, that has locked surprises for you; also come across the obstacles, attacks, and villains. It plays a lot like its predecessors. best free offline android games 2016