best free navigation app for android without internet

best free navigation app for android without internet

I personally find this along with Google Maps to be reliable sources for offline navigation, with HERE also offering speed information. Everything on the app is easy to understand, and we cannot recommend this highly enough to anyone. Be sure to check it out from the Play Store. It comes with ads, though, which is my only gripe with the app.

This particular app has an intuitive navigation UI that can be a refreshing change from conventional maps apps. Designed exclusively for your iPhone or iPad, the StreetPilot Onboard app turns your Apple device into a premium GPS navigator with turn-by-turn, voice-prompted directions that speaks street names and automatically calculates a new route if you get off track.

Anthony explains how GPS works and tells you about some pretty cool upgrades coming soon. To add: — MAPS. ME has ratings and reviews now almost for all objects. So what do you do when travel takes you off the grid, or into a foreign land where your data plan doesn't work? Suggestions like "switch to another carrier" or "carry a standalone GPS device" aren't altogether helpful to the vast majority of users who simply want to use their trusty smart phone to navigate hostile territory like they've become accustomed.

Fortunately, there's a solution: GPS with offline map support. A number of GPS app providers let you or even require you to download maps for offline use as a key feature of the system.

With offline maps, your phone uses its built-in GPS radio which works independently of your data plan to figure out where you are, then simply plots your route on a map that's stored in your phone's memory. With a capable offline GPS app, you won't notice much of a difference versus the traditional maps-on-the-fly method.

To get a look at the market for offline GPS systems, I downloaded four of the most notable names in GPS that support offline maps, turned my cellular data services off, and hit the road.

Mega Free Apps Developers. Offline GPS. I personally use Google Maps for offline navigation , thanks to its reliable vast data on locations. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to enjoy a better experience. Show Comments. Close Search Search Hongkiat. Sygic rules them all Very frequent updates an highly accurate maps. Google maps, once you have downloaded your map.

Been using CoPilot for years. Give us a clue as to which one!! Which one? Here Maps and OsmAnd are best. Hare Krishna. My new favorit is MapFactor Navigator.

I use maps. I very satisfied with this free app offline. It features offline maps, turn by turn directions, and updated maps via OpenStreetMap. There is also bookmarking locations, offline searching, traffic data where available , and worldwide support.

It should work for most people most of the time. Some have reported some issues here and there, but nothing overly worrisome.

The app is completely free with no in-app purchases. OsmAnd is a different type of navigation app. Uses the same map data as Maps. ME but I find it much more fully featured and far more configurable in the info that can be displayed. I used to use Maps. ME all the time, now I wonder why I keep it installed. I never use it anymore. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The maximum size of the map you can download is 2GB, which equates to roughly x miles.

The app automatically deletes any downloaded maps after 30 days without an internet connection. For more advice, check out essential Google Maps tips for planning a trip. Download: Google Maps Free. The company has an agreement with TomTom, allowing it to provide offline maps for every country in the world. The app can even help save you money. If you have an internet connection, it will automatically alert you about the cheapest nearby parking lots and gas stations, as well as providing information about upcoming speed cameras.

Sygic offers both a free and a paid version. You can try the paid version for seven days when you first download the app. OsmAnd is another popular map app that works offline. The GPS part of the app has a number of key features. In some countries, the offline map even boasts features such as opening times and accepted payment methods of stores. Lastly, this is an app skiers should have.

Download: OsmAnd Free, premium version available. ME is a complete free GPS app. In offline mode, you can enjoy a full-featured search function, voice navigation, re-routing calculation, and public transportation.

You will also see restaurants, ATMs, and places of interest. This makes it a great Android app for traveling 11 Android Apps You Need for Traveling the World If you're going to be travelling anytime soon, you need these apps. Read More. The developers behind the app have also made a promise. All maps and features will be free forever; there are no plans to introduce a pricing structure.

ME is ad-supported and you can pay to remove them. Download: MAPS. ME Free. When you fire up the app for the first time, it will prompt you to download maps for offline usage. Instead, the app offers more than standalone individual maps to choose from, including 56 in Europe and 53 in the Americas. The maps are organized by country, but densely populated areas have sub-regions available. You can also find maps for speed cameras in certain areas.

Each map pulls its data from OpenStreetMap. Download: MapFactor Free, premium version available. It offers offline maps for more than countries. The offline maps include directions, public transportation ticket prices, car-sharing prices, and train and bus timetables. When you enter your route, the app will compare car, bike, pedestrian, taxi, and public transportation routes in order to find the fastest and most cost-effective way for you to make your journey.

You can access public transportation information for more than 1, cities around the world, including most of North America and Europe. The app excels in route planning. For every journey, it gives you three separate options. And for each of the three routes, you can add up to 52 individual waypoints.

CoPilot also has thousands of offline locations such as hotels, restaurants, ATMs, and places of interest. For bikers, the app offers a handy guide on the terrain, explaining how flat or hilly the bike ride will be.

A product of collaboration between two open-source platforms — OpenStreetMap and Wikipedia — OsmAnd allows you to download seven map files for free for offline navigation. Depending on your usage and device memory space, you can choose between complete map data and just road network data.

When we think navigation app, we typically think Google Maps. It also happens to get best free navigation app for android without internet updates. Google has been really on top of navigation especially over the last couple of years. BackCountry Navigator is an excellent navigation app for hikers. There are a few fun features as well. You can add favorite spots and markers on the map, view different types of trails, and more. It also has a few map choices. Buying the app gets you unlimited, ad-free use of the app. It is fairly expensive. It features a simple, elegant interface with mapping options all over the world. You can download maps for offline use in your region. That should help in areas with spotty data connections. HERE also shows you traffic information where availablepublic transit maps, and you can customize by saving places for quick directions later. There is also a airtel payment bank customer care number toll free creator app that can let you alter maps as well. MapFactor is best free navigation app for android without internet of the low key popular navigation app options. It includes the basic navigation and GPS features. It uses OpenStreetMap. Best free navigation app for android without internet means you can get free offline maps that are best free navigation app for android without internet monthly if you want. There are additional map options as well, but they may cost money. Some of the other features includes voice directions, cross-border routing, 2D and 3D modes, day and night themes, and more. This GPS app also has support for dozens of countries around the world. MapQuest has undergone many redesigns over the years. best free navigation app for android without internet GPS Navigation Maps. › Android. While GPS does work without an internet connection, it's never enough to hit up navigation on its own. This is where offline maps come into the. Here are our top picks for both Android and iOS phones | By Ishveena Top offline GPS navigation apps to download before your next road-trip and navigation apps that work well even when without an Internet connection. These apps don't represent every last offline GPS tool on the market, Sygic GPS Navigation (RATING: 7; iOS, Android, Windows Phone; free app, On the road, Sygic offers both a top-down 2D view and a smart-looking 3D display, are based on uniquely identifying your browser and internet device. Sygic GPS, Navigation is the world's most downloaded Offline GPS navigation app, trusted by more than million drivers. Offline 3D maps are stored on your​. GPS Maps and navigations apps have totally changed the way we travel access to turn-by-turn navigation, complete traffic update, the best route to a If you want to be guided in an area without an internet connection or if. Find Your Way Without the Internet: 7 of the Best Offline Maps Apps Many navigation apps work entirely offline, and the GPS in most smartphones On both iOS and Android phones, any mapping app has the ability to track. In this list, we'll check out the best GPS apps and navigation apps options for Android! The app is completely free with no in-app purchases. There are many good Apple Maps and Waze alternatives. Here are some of the best GPS offline navigation apps without internet connection for. So whatever source you want is the one you get. As the name suggests, this app offers navigation and maps without an internet connection. Read our privacy policy. Motorola xt With a large fleet of vehicles, backpacks, and specialized GPS cameras and devices, Google is constantly verifying and updating the "ground truth" of its mapping app. Google Maps has good offline support except for point of interest search -- however, you can go online to get directions and then use the directions offline. Hi there very cool web site!! Try the free version of Route The app supports over countries and territories. Be sure to check it out from the Play Store. best free navigation app for android without internet