best free local multiplayer ps4 games

best free local multiplayer ps4 games

The game is heavily dependent on cooperative gameplay as one player needs to maneuver the ship while the other has two fire weapons, or manage the shields. Each level is randomly generated and enemies attack you from everywhere making it a challenge for you and your partner to survive. Players will have access to different types of spaceships, which adds to the replayability of this offline co-op PS4 game.

Sometimes living quietly in a low-textured house in a blocky universe is all the therapy you and your partner need. Thankfully, Minecraft provides you with exactly that. One of the most influential games of our generation encourages you to bring a partner along in split-screen mode into its vase universe full of creepers to kill, diamonds to mine, and hundreds of miles to explore.

Both of you can gather resources, build your house, farm your own food, and live your life peacefully. Or you can together embark into the infinitely long Minecraft universe in search of adventure. There really is no wrong way to play this split-screen game on PS4. Well, this action-packed side-scrolling PS4 co-op game is your nostalgia fix and a bloody good split-screen title as well.

You can destroy almost everything in this PS4 co-op game and the developers also give you access to the game level editors. Outward features an offline split-screen mode which lets you and one other player play the entire campaign together. With offline co-op gameplay, Outward adds another layer over its already deep RPG mechanics, one that proves to be very helpful.

While playing this PS4 game in co-op mode, each player shares the burden of survival. If you have extra loot, the other player will carry it.

You can cast spells together, hunt alongside each other, and explore a vast open-world brimming with adventure. This PS4 couch co-op game is a top-down shooter filled with tons of aliens to kill with your friends.

Helldivers separates itself from the average arcade shooter by increasing the difficulty and making you and your partner act like a real battalion of soldiers. Furthermore, at the end of each level, both of you will be given a 90 second extraction time. During which hoards of enemies will appear to test your skill and co-ordination in this PS4 offline coop game. This 2 player PS4 game transformed the Resident Evil franchise into the action-horror juggernaut it is today. It is one of the tactical 2 player PS4 games on this list.

The game also has several memorable boss-fights and there is no way to defeat those monsters other than with a buddy. This beautiful co-op RPG game sets you and your partner loose in a beautifully imagined world plagued by Mormo and her evil armies. The game features procedurally generated dungeons, which throw puzzles, monsters, and valuable loot at you. The campaign is thin, the multiplayer progression is all over the place and the game originally embraced annoying loot boxes.

If you want split screen Star Wars action, though, the game can deliver that in spades. You and one partner can load up the game's Arcade mode, and play cooperatively through a handful of the game's multiplayer maps, including a Rebel base on Yavin 4 and a First Order Star Destroyer.

Arcade mode lets you unlock credits that can be used to unlock items in the game's online multiplayer mode, as a tempting extra incentive. Full disclosure: Resident Evil 6 isn't a good game.

In fact, it's kind of a bad game. But a It's the kind of bad game that's entertaining in a train-wreck sort of way; b It eschews the uncomfortable racism of Resident Evil 5; and c It's one of the few ways to experience a cooperative split screen zombie-killing campaign on PS4. If you want something story-driven and action-packed, Resident Evil 6 mostly delivers, weaving together three stories about classic protagonists: Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy as well as newcomer Jake Muller.

At the very least, it's better than suffering through the campaign alone. Bonus points if you laugh at the ridiculousness together, Mystery Science Theater style. The Lego games are always a solid co-op bet, and as an added bonus, they're about as kid-friendly as they come. And while cooperative kids' games have a somewhat deserved bad reputation for being buggy and unimaginative, the Lego series almost always bucks the trend.

Along the way, you'll solve puzzles, fight off pesky superheroes and follow a totally original plot that pits you against a despotic, alternate-universe version of the Justice League. A Way Out is unique in that it's the only game on this list that requires co-op play.

In this title, you'll take control of either Leo or Vincent. Each one is a prisoner with one goal in mind: to stage an elaborate jailbreak and escape to the countryside. Players will have to cooperate to fend off enemies, sure, but the bigger draw of the game is that they'll have to collaborate to solve elaborate puzzles.

One player may need to act as a distraction while the other figures something out, or both players may need to set a bigger plan in motion.

It's worth noting that A Way Out wasn't universally beloved by either fans or critics, but it's worth a look for sheer originality, if nothing else. And if you want, you can play it twice, so that both players can experience both perspectives. As mentioned above, the most effective way to pick the best split screen PS4 games for you and your partner is to consider what types of games you usually like to play. You should also consider how much time you have to spend together.

Titles like A Way Out pit both of you against the computer; titles like Gran Turismo Sport pit you directly against each other. Most titles have both competitive and cooperative aspects, however, so choose wisely. Tom's Guide. Play the best PS4 games Tight on cash? Image credit: 2K Games 2. Image credit: Activision 3. Image credit: Larian Studios 4. Divinity: Original Sin Old-school RPGs with couch co-op are pretty rare to begin with, but one with split screen functionality is almost unheard of.

Image credit: Larian Studios 5. Image credit: Klei Entertainment 6. Don't Starve Together Don't Starve is one of those games whose title is also its instruction manual.

Image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment 7. Gran Turismo Sport You can't write a list of split screen games and not include a racing title.

Image credit: Electronic Arts 8. However, I don't think it's split screen. The Mortal Kombat games grew stale as the years pushed on but the action is back with Mortal Kombat X! The smoothest fighting controls ever and brand new greusome fatalities make this a contener for best MK game ever released! I played Mortal Kombat X with some friends last night. If you like fighting games and high level competition, you will probably enjoy this game. I hope that there will still be a Black Ops 4 and would be as thrilling and action-packed as this game.

My friends and I play this all the time and ma ke someone go back to his momma crying. I think that is game is stupid and boring but many people like it. I might want to try it if it was not so expensive. This is literally my favorite split screen game of all time.

Not only does it have zombies, but the multiplayer is so much fun! Me and my friends got a lot of mileage out of it. It is developed by Free Lives and published by Devolver Digital.

Broforce is a fun game, especially when you have a couple of friends to play with. However, this is for the computer version of the game. If you're lo oking for a PS4 version, you'll want to look elsewhere. Super fun shooter, not sure why i never heard of it until a week ago. Its not a very high production game, but its fun. Broforce was a pleasure to play from start to finish.

Stunning graphics in an immersive open world battleground designed to the most intricate detail. I am throbbing. Would definitely play again.

The game is focused on players piloting a spaceship in a variety of stations located inside. This game plays and sounds like a joke more than anything. Some levels are forced to be co-op. This seems like a decent split screen game. I don't know if I would call it the best however. The video game was developed and published by Ubisoft and was released on April 30, Harini Chattopadhyay - "It has split screen capabilities" - "but it is a single player game" Pick one.

It has split screen capabilities, but it is a single player game. It is such a rush to play Child of Light. My friends and I can enjoy the great split screen mode at my house. If you're looking for a new PS4 game that you can play with your friends, check out Chariot. It's a great game that you can play alone or with your fr iends and you can play either the role of the princess or her fiance.

Well right off this is a problem since the link goes directly to a Steam page, Seam is for pc games. The more damage you do the the environment around you, the more points you get. This is a cute little android game, but not an option for the PS4. Hilarious, with cool action and goat's are awesome! This goat simulator is a product app for android platforms, not PS4. It also is not a multiplayer game. It is a 6v6 battle game with dozens of heroes to choose from, and it is readily available for Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Overwatch is the modern day answer to old school split screen games. I remember playing Goldeneye back in the day with my friends and it's such a revi val to get people together again and battle it out. A lot of good characters, weapons and lots of good strategies to choose from.

Because I've always been a fan of Angelina Jolie, I watch all her movies, including the most abysmal ones, which of course, means Hackers. In it, there's a scene of her playing a racing game. It's hilarious, compared to what's in the Wipeout Omega co llection, how blocky and bad it is, in a way that none of these are.

When I play them, I think what the movie might have been like had she also been playing one of these, and find myself in need of some alone time. That is to say, these are pretty swell. Cute lego action, the toys you play. Now with the combined forces between marvel and lego, you have your next action adventure video game.

Throw bricks and build a structure before your opponents. Tricky Towers is was challenging for a little while, but I quickly got very bored with it and the repetition even when playing against other people. I would not recommend it. If you are into multiplayer game play then you need Battleborn. It has the best multiplayer battle play out there. The free trial is awesome and there is no cap so you really get a good feel for the game.

I got all my friends to sign up and we all loved playing together. I wanted a split screen multiplayer game I could play with my boyfriend right on the ps4. We stumbled upon this game. It was everything both of us wan ted. And it provided us with many hours of bonding and fun.

This game is a really fun and engaging PVP for friends who want to enjoy it together. The storyline goes above and beyond any other MOBA the character s are highly likeable. This also has free to play features and is a great option for those who can't spend much. Enter the Gungeon is a dungeon crawler video game released on April 5, , developed by Dodge Roll and published by Devolver Digital. I play PS4 split screen local multiplayer games. I tried Enter the Gungeon with my friends a few days ago and we really had a blast.

We played for a l ong time and did not want to stop. We plan on playing again soon together. It is the best in my opinion. Awesomenauts Assemble! This fun two to three player game with a lot of strategy is sold the PlayStation store.

With no online match waiting this strategic games can be eas ily customized and upgraded for an individual's playing styles. This is a great place to play multiplayer games. This is a great game for PS4. Badland is an award-winning adventure game offered by Frogmind.

This is a great award winning game that can be really fun and entertaining. You can play this game with up to 4 friends in a shared screen. It is a ni ce game and recommended for anyone looking for something fresh and also new. Mr martinez, it has a playStation 4 platform. Youll see it if you click on the link and a list of choices will comeup.

It's a heck of a game, but it doesn't apply to this topic. It's not PS4 or split screen. Some friend were coming over and I needed a multiplayer game for our game night. Badland was the perfect fit. It won the game of the year and was very fun to play. We were even able to play with 4 people. It was developed by DoubleDutch Games and was published by tinyBuild. The game was released on April 20, Speed Runners is a competitive PC game gamers can play among friends and strangers.

Delve into fantasy and become the most hated enemy of all time by knocking out your opponents and stealing their weapons. Just a word of caution, tension might arise so keep it fun and don't take it too seriously! So I was looking for a good game to play on my new PS4 with my brother, I was looking for the best PS4 local split screen multiplayer games.

So I went on origin and found BattleField 1, it has brought mea nd my brother so much closer together. This game is a blast. I wanted a great PS4 multiplayer game to play with my friends. Battlefield 1 did not fit the bill for me.

It was too graphic and mature for my taste. There wasn't much plot or deep substance to it. Peggle 2 is a casual multiplayer puzzle video game developed by PopCap Games and published by Electronic Arts. This is an ok game. It does have local split screen which can be fun. Needs more levels and upgrades though. Did you know that before online gaming, players enjoyed multiplayer games using the split screen feature in video games?

This innovation allows simultaneous gameplay for two or more players on one single television unit. The first examples of split-screen local multiplayer games are the game GoldenEye and the iconic Super Mario Bros. Since the launch of Xbox Live in , video games have shifted in focus from local multiplayer games into online gaming. Couch co-op and split screen gaming have fallen into the sidelines, with fewer games being produced with split-screen options. But the genre is not entirely dead.

There are gamers who want to stay offline and play split-screen local multiplayer games on their PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. They still embrace the thrill of playing in the same room against friends or opponents. This is especially true about racing games like Gran Turismo Sport or two-man battle games like Gears of War 4.

Bigger screens and better quality of consoles gave players the option to improve split-screen features.

Players still prefer the ease of playing online and mobile gaming, but these changes set up old school co-op gaming for a timely resurgence. Best ps4 split screen local multiplayer games Did you and your group of friends enjoy playing games with your PS4 together on the couch and are searching for more?

Age rating: Not available. Category: Not available. Publisher: Not available. Size: Not available. Genre: Not available. In Trine 2 the player controls three heroes: Amadeus the Wizard, Pontius the Knight and Zoya the Thief - who continue their adventures together in a magical kingdom.

Trine 2 Free Download. Publisher: Frozenbyte. Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie. Resident Evil 5 Free Download. Genre: Action and Horror. Octodad: Dadliest Catch Free Download. The game was released in Zombies Garden Warfare Free Download. Genre: Shooter. Terraria Free Download. Genre: Adventure, Survival, Crafting. Genre: Action. TowerFall Ascension Free Download. Minecraft Free Download. Age rating: Everyone.

Did you and best free local multiplayer ps4 games group of friends enjoy playing games with your PS4 together on the couch and are searching for more? Well, best free local multiplayer ps4 games ready to reinstate joy with the hottest multiplayer games! Browse this list compiled by our users and discover gamess titles that you can enjoy through PS4 split screen. Why is this among the top list of this page? The Jackbox Party Pack 2 best free local multiplayer ps4 games a collection of incredibly fun and unique games that can be played with all kinds of groups of varying sizes. You can play them in the same room, online, whatever you want! Best free local multiplayer ps4 games since I played the first one, I already knew that the jackbox party pack 2 will be as alex the kidd game download free as heck like the first one. Kudos to the developers! Comes with 5 fantastic little games up to 8 people can play with. Great for local split screen games for a whole bunch of people to play on! I wanted a multiplayer game that could be played in split screen on PS4. But there's so much multipplayer like in this game, and the collaborative action is so intense, I'm willing to overlook that small difficulty! This is legit one of the most fun split screen games I've ever played. I love it! Definitely recommend. My friends and I enjoy adventure games and get best free local multiplayer ps4 games often to game. We all have a PS4 and our favorite game is Trine 2. best free local multiplayer ps4 games -- Star Trek Online. Sci-Fi / Mechs / Action / FPS. Get to grips with the best local multiplayer games on PS4 that don't need an online connection to enjoy. What's a good FPS that I should get to play on my PS4? 4, Views Screencheat is a really cool local and online split- screen multiplayer game. You and. › watch. The PS4 is not exactly known for local multiplayer, but there are a few split-​screen games RELATED: 10 Best Free PS4 Games You Can Play. thumb_upBest Gamesnew_releasesNew GameseventUpcoming Local Multiplayer PS4 Games. video games. Genresarrow_drop_down. Sort Bysort​. 1. Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition PlayStation 4. PS4 Minecraft: Playstation 4 Edition PlayStation 4. PS4 Top 15 Free Android Games of So Far. 15 Best Offline Couch Co-op 2 Player PS4 Games [Local Multiplayer Games]. By. Yetnesh Dubey. -. May 10, This game is available to play on PlayStation, Xbox, and MS PC. Resident Evil 5. Free Download. It's all the best parts of a multiplayer experience without the restrictions that often go along with local multiplayer. There are many genres. The goal is straightforward: Make your way through 16 levels across four diverse worlds. The dialogue is poignant, the characters you meet are memorable, and the platforming, which involves precise jumps and sequences, is expertly designed. The best free PS4 games are a theoretically infinite value offer. One More Step Combat is a bit more measured, almost Souls-like than something like Diablo. Rocket League is a popular sports game that has you playing soccer with rocket-powered cars. This frenetic platform fighter features beautiful hand-drawn 2D art, a colorful cast of characters and a unique battle system that lets you pick up weapons that totally change your fighting style midmatch as you strive to knock your opponent off the stage. As the developer states:. There are few who boast such an accomplished resume, and Alienation is its latest triumph. Not many people know that you can play this PS4 survival game in split-screen mode. This game's an action-adventure like no other, loaded with heists, big-budget set-pieces, unique co-op mechanics, and enough narrative heft to satisfy just about every kind of gaming duo who've ever wanted to try their hand at escaping jail from the comfort of a couch. All the players in the gameplay as chefs, each responsible for doing a specific task around the kitchen. Also: Gang Beasts. best free local multiplayer ps4 games