best free ipad games without internet

best free ipad games without internet

It is definitely a sinister game to play, but the levels of fun are certainly there, and if anyone is feeling a bit strategic, then Plague Inc. Everyone loves dragons, whether you are talking about some of the modern renditions of dragons, or some of the classic ones. Dragon Mania is a game that lets you cultivate and grow dragons. You will start off with growing dragons that look cute and harmless, and make sure they turn into the powerful beasts they are destined to be.

You get to collect various breeds of dragons, and raise them until they are fully grown. If battling your friends is not something you want, you can even go ahead and fight hordes of Viking warriors that will be attacking you from time to time. Townsmen is an exciting concept for me when it comes to mobile gaming because it combines several different genres into one.

For starters, the game is an amazing mix of strategy, and simulation as well. At the start of the game, you will be given a small town with few poor people living in the town. As the game progresses, it will be your duty to ensure that the town grows into a fully populated city along with a properly working economy and people who are living happily in the city.

The situations will always keep evolving so you will always need to take care of your place otherwise you might see the city going into a decline and that is not something that you would want. Just like arcade, action adventure has seen a rise in the ranks over the past couple of months. The genre is one of the best regardless of the platform you experience it on. Since the focus here is mobile only, we are going to shed some light on the best action adventure games available in the market.

Again, these games are free to play with an emphasis on the ability to play them online rather than offline. While you are not going to run and gun your way out of the game, Temple Run provides a unique experience that made the genre mainstream in the first place. It is safe to say that Temple Run paved the way for so many other similar games that came out after it.

The mechanics of the game are simple as they can get; you will be running away from a monster constantly choosing you. Your job is to jump, dash, duck, and slide your way through the obstacles, and collect as many coins as possible. You also need to know that there is no end to your adventures, so you will be constantly on the go. Their only job is to avoid as many obstacles as you can.

You will also collect whatever collectibles come your way. While many will confuse it with the likes of Temple Run, the gameplay is somewhat different, and the graphics are minimal at best. The backdrops are stunningly beautiful, and you might get lost in looking at the vistas that this game will present to you. If you grew up playing the famous Sea Battle board game then you will feel right at home with Sea Battle 2.

This old-school game is built on the same functionality as the original one, but instead of having an actual board, you now play it on your smartphone. The game starts with you and your opponent positioning your ships according to methods you seem are the best. You can play this game online, and offline as well, this allows for hours of fun whether you are connected to the internet, or you are not. Sea Battle 2 is super fun to play, provided you can overcome the somewhat older looking graphics.

The reason Swamp Attack is so much fun is that it takes a somewhat realistic situation, and gives it an over the top approach that we only see in movies. You play as a simple old man who lives alone in his cabin located in a swamp. However, things start to change as soon as mysterious virus wipes the entire swamp and turns every creature into bloodthirsty zombies.

With the swamp turned into zombies, it is now his job to fight the onslaught of creatures who just want to slaughter him. You will fight all sorts of crazy creatures that are not possible in real life, but you are going to have to defend yourself.

Thanks to the availability of gyroscopes in smartphones, racing games have become super relevant. So much so that we did add a couple of racing games in the first heading. However, that does not mean that we are not going to discuss more racing games.

Below you can find some pretty amazing racing games that can be played offline on your smartphones. You will get the chance to choose from a slew of different vehicles as per your preference, and not just that; you will also get to choose from different racing tracks.

Every track comes with its own challenges, obstacles, and the ability to navigate the track differently should you wish to. Sadly, the game is not available on iTunes, but you can download it for free from the Google Play Store. Anyone who likes a post-apocalyptic setting will definitely enjoy Earn 2 Die, following a 2-dimensional visual style, the game makes players navigate through a city that has been ravaged by the dead.

You are going to have to find fuel, and other different supplies in order to stay alive in the wilderness, and resources are scarce to come by. Sure, this is a game with not much attention to actual reality, but the way the game mechanics are implemented is brilliant. You move at a blistering pace, which forces quick reflexes to turn and avoid obstacles.

The heart-pounding soundtrack follows your every movement. A heads up: You really need to concentrate and wear headphones while playing. The best free-to-play games for 7 hours ago. The best free games on Steam 1 day ago. The best co-op games for 5 days ago. Apple iPad The best walkie-talkie apps for Android and iOS 5 days ago. How to download shows and movies from Hulu for offline viewing 5 days ago. Monument Valley 1 debuted in , and the sequel was released in Badland is a puzzle platformer with a unique twist.

Players guide a little creature called a clone through woods with a rotating cycle. Dawn, Noon, Dusk, and Night all have their own color scheme and traps unique to that cycle. Night cycles in the game tend to feature harder traps as the level progresses. Bandland 2 features the same concept but with new tactics. There are new obstacles to avoid like water, liquids, flamethrowers, frost, magma, and more. Badland 2 also offers a challenge mode for players to compete on leaderboards.

Tired of seeing puzzles and platformer games recommended all the time? Give your creative side a stretch with Minecraft. The game has an online component, but it can be played entirely offline.

The objective is to tap on the black tiles while they appear vertically from the top of the screen. The tiles come in a combination of black and white with the speed of vertical flow increasing with time. When the black tiles are tapped piano music is generated. Piano tiles 2 had a long tile tap, double tiles, rapid tiles and slide tiles. The game has various modes with different nature.

Piano Tiles gives you a very mix experience of thrill and risk. The game gives you an over the top thrilling experience. Play Store — Piano Tiles. App Store — Piano Tiles. The realistic 3D will give you a power-packed flying experience across the sky in the middle of the intense enemy crossfire. Select from a wide range of helicopters and arm your chopper with a variety of weapons and equipment.

The game bundles some cool 3D graphics. The weapons, simulation, battleground inspired by real-life battles will surely make you an addict.

Any actions lover will the game. The Gunship Battle got mixed reviews from critics. While many praised its cool graphics, the critics criticized its slow pace and aggressive advertising. I recommend this game for action lovers. Gunship Battle on Play Store. Gunship Battle on App Store. Hill Climb Racing is one of the most popular 2D racing game.

The gameplay is simple wherein you need to race through different terrains collecting coins. You need to collect the fuel tanks or battery tank for your vehicle. Hill Climb Racing has some cool graphics and smooth physics simulation.

You can even upgrade the vehicle components and power. Download Shadow Fight 2. Download Infinity Loop. Download Plants vs Zombies 2. Download Alto's Odyssey. Download Quizoid. Boasting of around puzzles in all, the game is constantly updated, and new levels are introduced on a regular basis. You can choose any of the four difficulty levels ranging from Beginner to Expert. The game is quite addictive, and you will find yourself coming back to it much often.

You also have access to two modes — Relax Mode and Challenge Mode. Unblock Me Free also features a ranking system to keep you motivated.

For those who love multiplayer mode, it does come with an online mode — but since we are interested in games without WiFi, it may be beyond our interest. If you love racing games, Asphalt 8 can be a rewarding experience without the internet. It can rightly treated as the best racing game without WiFi.

The game is fully physics-based and offers an outstanding graphics. It has a collection of over official cars and other speed machines.

The game comes with over 40 well-defined tracks you can choose. The game is indeed a complete racing game for the race lovers. With over events, mastery challenges, and unique modes — we are sure you will stay glued to your phone screen for hours.

So download this free games without wifi and have fun on your smartphones. Eternium 7. Infinity Loop 8. Bloons TD 6 9.

The Battle of Polytopia Plague Inc. Android iOS. Twitter Facebook Pinterest. I also used to enjoy Tilt to Live, which I think is offline too. If you want to game offline on your iPhone but still have fun with your friends, we recommend these fun iPhone party games to play in person.

These apps and tricks can help you squeeze out every last megabyte. Affiliate Disclosure: By buying the products we recommend, you help keep the site alive. Read more. Your email address will not be published. Woody Puzzle is my favorite. Download free, and in-app ads are easy to close. I can play this for hours, but its easy to put down and pick back up unlike some action or strategy-intense games. Easy enough for my 8-year-old, yet challenging enough for adults. It appears that it does not need to be connected to the internet to be played.

Crossy Road is a Frogger-style one-handed pixel game where you try to cross the road without being hit. This action game was developed by Hipster Whale. Really cool expanded frogger-style game. Lots of characters to unlock and different environments to experience.

Not a big fan of micro-transactions but I understand that they're pretty much the norm now. And it's cool that it can be played without internet.

It seems like a normal adaptation to the frogger game. It does have more 3d aspects. However it is still the same basic game. It is full of Martial Arts techniques, weapons, and armors you can equip your character with.

It has six different worlds you have to unlock as you level up. Ah a game something I spent of my life doing, sigh that really sucks huh.

Shadow Fight 2 can be played offline but the game is very limited on what yo u can do without an internet connection. While part of it is available offline you will mostly be playing against bots as you make your way thru the story mode and chapters. Tool me while it is an offline game in certain areas the game really shines if you have a internet connection thus for me this would not be a good iphone game without internet due to how much of the game is locked till you jump online.

I absolutely love games this this. We don't have a internet connection in my house so this is the best game to play. Form a mighty army, train recruits, make them hardened veterans, recall your fiercest warriors to form deadly hosts against your enemies, and more.

Minecraft Pocket Edition is an action and adventure game offered by Mojang. This game features a multiplayer option for up to 4 friends. As a parent, I am choosy when it comes best free ipad games without internet the games I let my son play. That's why I like the pocket edition because it has stronger parental control a nd it can only be a multiplayer through invite-only plus the mobile version is slightly more child friendly. My daughter loves Minecraft games and I often play along with her. She normally uses a game console but I showed her the Mincraft Pocket Edition, that can be played on her iphone, with and without internet, and she was so excited to try it out. She loved it and it even kept her busy during times when there was no internet available. My internet provider often have a connection problem and every time it happens, I had nothing to do that really makes me bored, but when I learned best free ipad games without internet ut this game, I installed it and its good that it can be played even without data or wifi. If you like Minecraft, then you'll like the app version. I'm not the biggest best free ipad games without internet of Androids go Apple but I did like the app. Best free ipad games without internet just like the act ual game but smaller! Asphalt 8: Airborne is a racing game aptoide free download apps and games by Gameloft in It's suitable for fans of extreme arcade racing best free ipad games without internet, featuring luxury dream cars and phenomenal graphics that would even please racing simulation enthusiasts. If you have a current smartphone with a capable graphic chip screaming to be used to its full potential to bring you great entertainment on the go on par with other devise such as the Sony PSP or Nintendo DS, Asphalt 8 is the game for you. And you don't even need to be plugged into the internet at all to play the game, like most mobile games out there, making this a stable in my "time-killing" game folder when I'm stranded best free ipad games without internet a no-signal zone. Yes, I agree that this is a good game that does not blacklist season 4 episode 15 watch online free internet for iOS users like me. I always play this game whenever I am waiting for my mom at t he grocery. The dev team had created this game smoothly for it to be played well even without a connection. When you're best free ipad games without internet out in the sticks with no wifi, turn to this bad best free ipad games without internet of a game. Asphalt 8 is a great addition to the Asphalt series. Speed through t he streets on your phone, even when you're stuck in traffic. Limbo is an adventure and indie game developed and best free ipad games without internet by Playdead. It centers around the adventures of a boy who entered limbo. best free ipad games without internet We've rounded up the 20 best offline iOS games you can download right now. Smart Cities · Artificial Intelligence · Cybersecurity · Internet of Things (IoT) It's free to play the first part of the game, but the rest of the game will cost $5. and a number of bouncy pads to propel yourself without falling out of. Do note you'll need an internet connection the first time you launch the game to The game clocks in at $ on iOS and free with ads on Android, Downwell is critically acclaimed for a good reason: it's a blast, finding the. Fun games you can play on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch even without an internet connection. Whether you're traveling, on a subway. No internet? No problem! Some of them are free, some aren't. Without further ado, here are ten of the best offline games to get you through your own endless travel days. They're all available on both iOS and Android. Shadow Fight 2 is one of the best free offline iOS fighting games we have Although while you can enjoy this game offline without an internet. You can race against the A.I. without an internet connection, but ​the Shadow Fight 2 is free to download for Android, iOS, and Windows. Posted: Sep 23, Although the game is free on both App However, you will require an internet connection one of the best no wifi games for iOS and Android. It is available on Android and iOS or later and compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Minecraft: Pocket Edition. Free Download. Looking for apps that don't need WiFi? We've put together a list of best apps without WiFi. Get free games, no WiFi needed! It is definitely a sinister game to play, but the levels of fun are certainly there, and if anyone is feeling a bit strategic, then Plague Inc. Make your citizens happy by building them necessities like shopping malls, waterparks, luxury hotels and resorts, and much more. Players are scored on how many times they manage to toss the paper into the bin before missing. Developer: Not Doppler. Badland is free to play on Badland but contains ads, and in-game purchases. Do comment below for any assistance or support if needed. Dragon Mania Legends. Candy Crush Saga by King is the most addictive casual game ever developed for Smartphones. This physics-based game is full of puzzles for your children to figure out as they try to guide the candy to Om Nom in a variety of interesting locations ranging from a pirate ship to the disco era. The interesting concept about Word Cookies is that the players will get an assortment of alphabets on a frying pan. You can use boots and companions so you can acquire more knowledge and can play strategically in the future. best free ipad games without internet