best free ios games no wifi

best free ios games no wifi

The original Monument Valley breathed fresh air into mobile gaming. Set in a colorful, Escher-inspired world, its only fault was that it was over all too quickly, leaving players desperately wanting more.

Until you do. Each level is different: sometimes you control both the mother and daughter characters, sometimes one or the other. One of those rare games that managed to be genuinely scary at times, the level of detail and difficulty meshed perfectly with the mysterious storyline, and made it arguably the best mobile puzzle game available. This, the fourth edition in the series, follows right along from the previous three. An ambitious engineer and his wife have disappeared, and the trail leads right to the attic of their house.

Just try not to jump out of your seat too often, ok? The developer of this game felt the same way, so decided to make his own version — with one big difference. If battling your friends is not something you want, you can even go ahead and fight hordes of Viking warriors that will be attacking you from time to time.

Townsmen is an exciting concept for me when it comes to mobile gaming because it combines several different genres into one. For starters, the game is an amazing mix of strategy, and simulation as well. At the start of the game, you will be given a small town with few poor people living in the town.

As the game progresses, it will be your duty to ensure that the town grows into a fully populated city along with a properly working economy and people who are living happily in the city. The situations will always keep evolving so you will always need to take care of your place otherwise you might see the city going into a decline and that is not something that you would want. Just like arcade, action adventure has seen a rise in the ranks over the past couple of months.

The genre is one of the best regardless of the platform you experience it on. Since the focus here is mobile only, we are going to shed some light on the best action adventure games available in the market. Again, these games are free to play with an emphasis on the ability to play them online rather than offline. While you are not going to run and gun your way out of the game, Temple Run provides a unique experience that made the genre mainstream in the first place.

It is safe to say that Temple Run paved the way for so many other similar games that came out after it. The mechanics of the game are simple as they can get; you will be running away from a monster constantly choosing you.

Your job is to jump, dash, duck, and slide your way through the obstacles, and collect as many coins as possible. You also need to know that there is no end to your adventures, so you will be constantly on the go.

Their only job is to avoid as many obstacles as you can. You will also collect whatever collectibles come your way. While many will confuse it with the likes of Temple Run, the gameplay is somewhat different, and the graphics are minimal at best.

The backdrops are stunningly beautiful, and you might get lost in looking at the vistas that this game will present to you. If you grew up playing the famous Sea Battle board game then you will feel right at home with Sea Battle 2.

This old-school game is built on the same functionality as the original one, but instead of having an actual board, you now play it on your smartphone.

The game starts with you and your opponent positioning your ships according to methods you seem are the best. You can play this game online, and offline as well, this allows for hours of fun whether you are connected to the internet, or you are not.

Sea Battle 2 is super fun to play, provided you can overcome the somewhat older looking graphics. The reason Swamp Attack is so much fun is that it takes a somewhat realistic situation, and gives it an over the top approach that we only see in movies.

You play as a simple old man who lives alone in his cabin located in a swamp. However, things start to change as soon as mysterious virus wipes the entire swamp and turns every creature into bloodthirsty zombies. With the swamp turned into zombies, it is now his job to fight the onslaught of creatures who just want to slaughter him. You will fight all sorts of crazy creatures that are not possible in real life, but you are going to have to defend yourself.

Thanks to the availability of gyroscopes in smartphones, racing games have become super relevant. So much so that we did add a couple of racing games in the first heading. However, that does not mean that we are not going to discuss more racing games. Below you can find some pretty amazing racing games that can be played offline on your smartphones.

You will get the chance to choose from a slew of different vehicles as per your preference, and not just that; you will also get to choose from different racing tracks. Every track comes with its own challenges, obstacles, and the ability to navigate the track differently should you wish to. Sadly, the game is not available on iTunes, but you can download it for free from the Google Play Store.

Anyone who likes a post-apocalyptic setting will definitely enjoy Earn 2 Die, following a 2-dimensional visual style, the game makes players navigate through a city that has been ravaged by the dead. You are going to have to find fuel, and other different supplies in order to stay alive in the wilderness, and resources are scarce to come by.

Sure, this is a game with not much attention to actual reality, but the way the game mechanics are implemented is brilliant. Unlike some other racing games in which fuel never runs out, you are going to manage yourself properly in Earn to Die 2. The lack of resources creates a strange kind of environment, and tension that only a player can properly explain. Bike racing games are not always bad, as a matter of fact there are some fine examples of bike racing games available on the mobile platforms as well.

Racing Moto is just the right game if you want to race your bikes across different roads. The game has mechanics that are super simple, and easy to learn. You are not really required to pay a lot of attention to how the controls are going to work, because everything is pretty self-explanatory.

Players are going to need to dodge the traffic that will comprise of different vehicle types having different speeds as well. The game starts with giving players a Harley Davidson bike, but as the game progresses, you will be getting better, and faster bikes for your racing adventures. It is not an original idea, but an idea that works really well thanks to the way its implemented. Sadly the game is only available on Android. Another puzzle game with a beautiful interface, Mini Metro lets you build your own mass transit system.

Using maps of real world cities, you can draw your own lines connecting different stations. You have a limited amount of lines and trains and an ever-increasing number of stations, so you have to place things wisely. If people end up waiting too long at any one station, you lose.

The maps and the layout are simple and beautiful, with an aesthetic that is similar to the minimalist transit maps found in major cities. Civilization VI, the latest installment of the epic world strategy game, is finally available on iOS. Civilization VI is the latest installment of the longtime franchise where you, as the leader of your people, try to rule the world throughout history.

Using real world leaders, place names, and historical monuments, Civ is a turn-based game that takes hours but is easy to play in quick chunks of time. This makes it perfect for iOS. Although you can engage in local and online multiplayer, an offline AI campaign is more than enough fun for a long subway or plane ride.

You have to match all the colors from start to end in less moves. It provides different levels to you with different difficulty stages. You have to pair all the colors and also covers the entire board to solve the puzzle and win the stage.

It contains 10 different board options with more than levels to play for free on your smartphone. Geometry Dash Lite is a rhythm based action performing game app for android and iOS users which allows you to play game without any internet connection on your smartphone. You can jump and fly in danger and perform action according to the rhythm.

It is simply one touch game which is very addictive game app for all android and iOS users. It provides you an option to unlock new icons, and colors and easily customize your character. You can easily take a challenge with the near impossible act or level and clear them.

It is based on real world snowboarding with amazing dynamic lighting and weather effects. It has also includes thunderstorms, rains, rainbows, fog, shooting stars and others.

There are more than different handcrafted goals listed in this offline game app. You can easily play and test your skills with these goals and also challenge to your friends and family for your highest score and levels.

Jetpack Joyride is a action game app for android and iOS users. It has different characters to use them and easily play the game on your smartphone. Of course, initially, it is worth practicing and taking the most simple at first. Only then, after gaining experience, move on to others. Special attention deserves the number of levels in the game Unblock Me.

At the moment there are about of them. The approximate duration of each of them is one and a half minutes. Thus, this game will be a wonderful way to relax. Brain It On! You can develop your thinking, and also the game is recommended for children. After all, the idea of the game is that it sets a task and you need to draw an object on the field that will help you in this task. And there is the opportunity to erase the unsuccessful options and start all over again.

The quality of graphics is at an excellent level, so many players for whom it is very important, will not be disappointed. The same can be said about the sound accompaniment. Altogether, it creates a unique opportunity to receive inexpressible emotions from a quality puzzle game. As well as other games from the list, it surely can be played without an internet connection.

Infinity Loop is an exciting puzzle game where you immerse yourself in an interesting world of various shapes. Each level in this game will please you with various figures. Each picture is divided into many different details, which you need to rotate and connect with each other to achieve the desired result. This game will develop your imagination and memory and give you unforgettable hours of pleasure.

You can play with your friends and share the results with them. This logical puzzle has stylish minimalistic graphics and atmospheric music. The levels differ only in the color of the background, as well as in the number of elements represented. Mekorama is a very beautiful puzzle, based on the rare in our time 2D effect with three-dimensional models.

The plot of the game is very simple: you just need to move from point A to point B. But this is accompanied by a superbly implemented design, gameplay, and interface that makes the usual arcade the next-generation game. The game has 50 built-in levels, but it is also possible to create your own levels, which you can share with your friends.

The game is a grid, in the cells of which circles or points of various colors are placed. Each color has its own pair, that is, the number of points is always even. The principle of the game is simple: you need to connect points of the same color with lines. While connecting it is necessary to use all empty squares and to watch, that lines did not intersect.

This means that sometimes the shortest path from one point to another will not bring you a victory. In the game Flow Free , there are two modes: time trial with a time limit for passing through the level and free play, respectively, without a time limit.

Cut the Rope: Experiments is a puzzle or logic game that you can play without the Internet. The plot of the game is to cut the ropes to feed a wonderful creature, named Om Nom with candies! You still have to cut the ropes, directing the candies in the mouth of Om Nom, while managing to collect the golden stars and open new levels! Passage of the game Cut the Rope: Experiments is becoming more exciting with each level.

Game is a puzzle for Android and iOS devices created by the principle of connecting the same tiles with numbers to get a tile with the number The meaning and idea of the game are to get a tile with the number At the top of the game, there is a scoreboard with points, and if there is a figure of or more, this will not mean that you won!

Only the figure received on the field will indicate the winning! To win the game in please be patient! It is necessary to choose tactics, to come up with your own strategy or algorithm of passage.

How else!? Badland is a game in which you control round birds that can climb up and move to the right, but they change all the time. Use different amplifiers, then your birds can become quite wild. The game around you is always changing and you have to be ready for it.

The game has 80 levels, 40 of which are available for free. The first few levels are simple — you get used to the weight of the bird and the physics of Badland. A little later, the levels begin to be more complicated.

The sequel to the smash hit from Ustwo Games, Monument Valley 2 expanded on what made the first so great. The shifting puzzle maps and many of the mechanics returned, but this time you played as Ro, a mother who must guide her young child through each area. With the story more clear this time, the atmosphere of the isometric experience was used more effectively. Tinkering with mechanisms and finding hidden pathways to reach the exit in each level is a constant delight. From presentation to sound to story to gameplay, Monument Valley 2 is a complete experience with no weak links.

Snowboarding through the three large zones, each filled with randomly generated areas, has the same crisp and exhilarating feel of the original. This is one of the best automatic runners around and a wonderful experience overall. One of the most heartfelt and endearing games ever made, To the Moon follows a dying man named Johnny Wyles who desperately wants to go to the moon.

He reaches out to two doctors who use advanced technology to recreate the memories of his life. What follows is a moving and somber love story, gorgeously rendered with bit visuals. GTA — iPhone iPad. The gameplay is to move the skater around all the obstacles and perform some real-life stunts using your finger as a motion controller. The game has some great graphics along with smooth controls giving you the ultimate joy of graphic skating.

You are given challenges to complete to gain points which can be invested for upgrades. Though the game is paid, it is worth a try.

The game is well received by the netizens, thanks to its 3D graphics, simple gameplay, and crazy skating stunts. Play Store — True Skate. App Store — True Skate. Do you love to race up your heartbeat? Than Asphalt 8 is the game which runs without any internet data moreover it has some very high power-packed adventures to offer.

Bundled with some highly-polished graphics from Gameloft, realistic audio effects accompanied by more than events, 9 seasons and over cars, Airborne is the best choice for any Arcade lover.

Real car models just enhance the drama along with high-grade air stunts and near-miss obstacles which makes the Asphalt 8 one of the best offline racing games for Android.

The iOS version of the game was also very much appreciated for its interface and animation. The only offline racing game I would recommend you if you are truly looking for some high-end track competition. Asphalt 8 — Android. Asphalt 8 — App Store. Candy Crush Saga by King is the most addictive casual game ever developed for Smartphones.

The basic of the game is to swap adjacent candies to form a series of 3 similar candies from among a bunch of candies on the board.

The triple paired candies are eliminated from the board followed by new candies taking the empty space from the top. The game comprises of several objectives with each passing level. The game can be termed as endless as the King regularly release updates with more levels keeping the players engaged. Being a very addictive game, the Candy Crush Saga gets millions of eyeballs daily who play and try to reach to next level.

The game got mixed reviews from critics but users gave it thunderous thumps up. The success of the Candy Crush Saga led to many similar natured apps to be developed soon taking the Play Store, the King even released a sequel to the game named Candy Crush Soda. Candy Crush Play Store. Candy Crush App Store. Paper Toss is a casual game first developed for iOS and later ported to Android. Download Paper Toss, by developer Backflip Studios, is a fun, simple and addictive game that echoes the oddly satisfying feeling of making a basketball shot into a trash can with a crumpled piece of paper.

Download Temple Run, by developer Imangi Studios, is an addictive arcade and action-adventure game that will have you running for your life! The game is built as a real-time, 3D physics simulation, authentically recreating the behavior of a real wooden Jenga tower.

Without further ado, here are ten of the best offline games to get you through your own endless travel days. The original Monument Valley breathed fresh air into mobile kos. Set in a colorful, Escher-inspired world, its only fault was that it was over best free ios games no wifi too quickly, leaving players desperately wanting more. Until you do. Each best free ios games no wifi is different: sometimes you control both the mother bext daughter characters, best free ios games no wifi one or the other. One of those witi games that managed to be genuinely scary at times, the level of detail and difficulty meshed perfectly with the mysterious storyline, and made it arguably the best mobile blur video game free download pc game available. This, the fourth edition in the series, follows right along from the previous three. An ambitious engineer and his wife have disappeared, and the trail leads right to the attic of their house. Just try not to jump out of your seat too often, ok? The developer of this game felt best free ios games no wifi same way, so decided to make his own best free ios games no wifi — with one big difference. While the board and rules are all the same, the starting pieces are entirely different for both players. Three queens, six knights, and a scattering of pawns? Sure, sounds great. Playing against the AI or if you pay for the unlocked version, someone sitting beside youthe random assortment of pieces helps even things up, and lets even novice players have fre decent chance of success. As you get better, you rise up the rankings, which means that although the pieces stay random, their quality changes. The overwhelming advantage you had against the computer swings the other way, and winning gets much harder. Ever had a strange desire to run your own subway system? Based gsmes loosely around the maps of various major cities like London, New York, and Paris, the idea is to build a functioning metro to service your ever-growing population. You start super mario bros download free mac a limited number of trains, carriages, lines, and tunnels, and need to intelligently deploy them as free city grows. With best free ios games no wifi people using the network, widi gets progressively wici to avoid the overcrowding that ends the standard game. You can also play in endless mode, which switches off overcrowding for a more relaxing experience. Each game is randomly generated for endless replayability, and the developers have even included colorblind and night modes. Also available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, Mini Metro iod won a bunch of awards and sold over a million copies on mobile alone. Did you ever best free ios games no wifi any of the games in the RollerCoaster Tycoon series? Released nearly two decades ago, you played the part of an amusement park owner. best free ios games no wifi Alto's Adventure. Jetpack Joyride. Word Search Puzzles. Word search puzzles is a new and. › no-wifi-games. Without further ado, here are ten of the best offline games to get you through your own endless travel days. They're all available on both iOS. the best no wifi games for iOS and Android. The game is free. 35 Fun Mobile Games You Can Play Without WiFi [April ] list of the thirty-​five best mobile games available without an internet connection The game clocks in at $ on iOS and free with ads on Android, though the. This is thanks to the iOS games you can play offline, and these are the best offline games for iOS. Unlock the Free iPhone and iPad Cheat Sheet Now! Submit. Top Best games to play offline without WiFi or Internet Data. So, today in this post I will tell you some of the cool fun loving games to Play on your Android or iPhone without WiFi or Piano Tiles | Free Games Without WiFi. We've rounded up the 20 best offline iOS games you can download It's free to play the first part of the game, but the rest of the game will cost $5. and a number of bouncy pads to propel yourself without falling out of the. However, you can also play it offline. You must train the workers and foreman to do specific tasks. Etherlords Arena We get a small commission when you buy following the link. Developer: Imangi Studios. GTA is a 3rd person shooter game with the gameplay which can fulfil all your crime ambitions. Just like arcade, action adventure has seen a rise in the ranks over the past couple of months. Play with or against your favorite character. The game offers a fun to play, and rich gameplay style that offers a lot of value. You can use the coins that you got for unlocking new characters, power-ups, upgrades, and other cosmetic features. Threes is much like the game that gained such popularity in best free ios games no wifi