best free indie games app store

best free indie games app store

Cinco Paus Fair warning: this game is in Portuguese. Corrypt A Sokoban-style block puzzle whose rules quickly start to collapse in on themselves. Cosmic Express A really good puzzle game about drawing railway lines for cute little aliens.

Data Wing A great Asteroids-esque racing game with a great Tron-like aesthetic and a delightful story. Desert Golfing A punk-y minimalist distillation of Angry Birds-style controls into a golf game.

Downwell Downwell is a minimalist roguelike platformer about descending a well, armed only with a pair of trusty gunboots. Dream Quest Dream Quest is a roguelike deck-building game. Drop7 An iOS classic, Drop 7 is an addictive numbers-based puzzle game that feels like it's existed forever. Faster Than Light Pilot a ship through the depths of space, micromanaging each of your crew members as you combat enemy ship after enemy ship in this charming roguelike.

The Firm A small game wrapping a stock trading theme around a Tinder-like swipe interaction. Fortnite It's literally the biggest videogame on the planet right now, and with good reason. Freeways A lo-fi puzzle game about designing freeway overpasses for self-driving cars. The Gardens Between A meditative time-travel puzzle game. Glitch Tank A 2-player head-to-head tank-battle game. Her Story An FMV game where you explore the circumstances surrounding a murder by searching and viewing old police interview footage.

Hearthstone Blizzard's F2P deck-building card game. Heaven Will Be Mine A mecha anime visual novel. It's touching, it's badass, it's very queer. Helix A fantastic twitchy action game by Michael Brough. Hidden my game by mom Mechanically, this is a pretty straight-forward hidden object game, but its bizarre Japanese charm makes it an absolute joy. Hoplite A pared-down hex-based turn-based strategy game with roguelike mechanics layered on top.

Human Resource Machine A smart take on programming games. Hundreds A great combination of reflex-based gameplay and strategy: although the game demands precise finger dexterity, you can deliberate a long time before acting.

Imbroglio Yet another minimalist roguelike from Michael Brough. Brutally difficult, but equally rewarding. Kemono Mahjong If you want to play or learn to play Rishi Mahjong, this is a fantastic app with tons of options and tons of character. King of Dragon Pass In this civilization sim, you're in charge of a primitive tribe in a fantasy world. Kuron and the Jelly Islands A charmingly absurd game where you play as a cat, suspended on an island made of jelly, slurping up as much of that jelly as you can with a straw before you fall into the water below.

Learn Cryptic Crosswords This is more an educational experience than a 'game', but this is an excellent interactive guide to teach you how to solve cryptic crosswords, walking you through common clue types and providing a great learning curve. Legend of Solgard A match-3 puzzle game, but one with depth and meant to appeal to more 'core' gamers. Letterpress A game by Loren Brichter aka "the guy who invented pull-to-refresh".

Linelight A beautiful puzzle game about moving a ball of light along a line. Lumino City A charming point-and-click adventure game made entirely from papercraft models. Metamorphabet A charming interactive experience exploring the alphabet. It feels a charming children's book. Meteorfall: Journey A delightful distillation of a deck-building card roguelike a la Slay The Spire or Dream Quest into a quick pick-up-and-play portrait phone game.

Mini Metro A super-chill sim game where you manage a public transit system. Monument Valley A gorgeous Escher-inspired puzzle game. New York Times Crossword The reigning champion of crosswords. Oquonie An atmospheric dive into a bizarre world. Osmos A solid chill-out game. P1 Select Another minimalist roguelike by Michael Brough. Papers, Please A game about being an immigration agent in a fictional Eastern Bloc state. Pipe Push Paradise A great brutally difficult Sokobon-style puzzle game.

Pixel Dungeon The best "traditional" roguelike I've found on phones. Prune A relaxing, meditative puzzle game about pruning a tree as it grows, a la a bonsai tree. Pudding Monsters A super-cute grid-based puzzle game where you have to combine slimy puddings in interesting ways. Rayman Adventures A full-blown 2D platformer that loses nothing in having touch controls. Really Bad Chess Chess, but with a randomized arrangement of pieces.

Reigns: Her Majesty A civilization sim game cleverly wrapped in Tinder swipe mechanics, sort of like an uber-minimalist and funny! Road Not Taken One part roguelike, one part Minecraft-style crafting game, one part movement puzzle, wrapped up in a gorgeous art style. Rolando An oldie but a goodie. The Room A super-polished puzzle game that has you pushing and pulling at 3D objects to figure out their secrets.

Rusty Lake Hotel A Flash-style escape room game with a delightfully macabre story. Rymdkapsel A minimalist take on tower defense and real-time strategy games.

Sage Solitaire A fantastic, original solitaire variant from Zach Gage. It's even better! Skulls of the Shogun Fans of games like Advance Wars and Fire Emblem will find themselves right at home with this turn-based strategy wargame.

Snakebird A brutally difficult puzzle game. Space Invaders Infinity Gene A trippy, psychedelic take on the classic arcade game. Spaceteam Spaceteam is ultimately a game about shouting at your friends. Strategery Strategery is essentially an abstract version of Risk. SteamWorld Heist It's sort of like X-Com meets Worms: excellent tactical turn-based strategy with a 2D side-scrolling view, and lots of fiddly in a good way!

Subsurface Circular A charming short hours narrative game where you play as a robot detective, interviewing other robots via a very clever dialog system. Subterfuge A Diplomacy -esque game of naval warfare about negotiating with and strategizing against your friends. Super Hexagon Super Hexagon is a game about getting lost in a state of flow. Swap Sword An incredibly fresh-feeling and brutally difficult match-3 game, which is in itself quite an achievement these days.

Tiny Thief A casual take on a point-and-click adventure game with stealth elements. Tiny Wings A riveting physics-based game all about getting into a good flying flow as a bird. Tinkering with mechanisms and finding hidden pathways to reach the exit in each level is a constant delight. From presentation to sound to story to gameplay, Monument Valley 2 is a complete experience with no weak links. Snowboarding through the three large zones, each filled with randomly generated areas, has the same crisp and exhilarating feel of the original.

This is one of the best automatic runners around and a wonderful experience overall. One of the most heartfelt and endearing games ever made, To the Moon follows a dying man named Johnny Wyles who desperately wants to go to the moon.

He reaches out to two doctors who use advanced technology to recreate the memories of his life. What follows is a moving and somber love story, gorgeously rendered with bit visuals. Grab a box of tissues before playing. The gameplay is minimal, as it mostly involves completing rudimentary puzzles. But everything you touch and interact with meaningfully connects to the story being told.

Best of all, it does all of this without words. Sublime art, a subtle wordless narrative, and a great soundtrack make Florence a must-play game. As objects fall into the hole, it grows larger, allowing bigger objects such as trees and eventually cars and buildings to fall in as well.

Like just about everything Devolver Digital puts out, the package is rounded out by a catchy soundtrack and tons of charm, making this one of the most simply addictive games to come out this year. Dear Reader — screenshots courtesy official site. Imagine an action puzzler that has you guessing and parsing classic works of fiction.

It starts out simply enough; just fill in the obvious completion of a phrase from a famous passage of a novel. You have context, scope, style…make your guess. But things escalate, and as you begin to second guess, you are also processing the amazing works of fiction that form the levels of this fascinating title. This is the wacky game of the year that no one could see coming and has proven a runaway hit.

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Sign in. Log into your account. Password recovery. Best Indie Games for iPhone and iPad in Jignesh Padhiyar. Last Updated: June 16, pm. Best Indie Games for iPhone and iPad in 1. Linelight For the folks who love to go after puzzle games, Linelight promises to be a fine contender. Reigns Reigns are designed to put your wit to the hilt. Monument Valley Monument Valley is for those who love brain-teasing games. I like the concept of this game as it keeps on the toe throughout.

Treasure Buster Treasure Buster consists of challenging game modes like arcade and endless gambles. Gravity Island Looking for an engaging yet charming platform game? At the same time, though, the environments are different each time you play as well. Spelunky is a master in platforming design with near-endless replay value. The Witness features puzzles, and puzzles alone. At first glance, the colorful island littered with random statues and weird oddities seems like a very bizarre environment for a game that consists entirely of line puzzles.

Simply put, the line puzzles are brilliant. Each puzzle teaches you a valuable lesson, and when they involve the environment as part of the solution, the grandiose experience only heightens. The game tests your mental stamina and often persuades you to take out a pen and paper as you search for the correct solution. Your job is to check papers amidst political and cultural turmoil and use a set of rules to decide if you should let the person in or turn them away.

As an exercise in empathy, Papers, Please slowly creeps up on you, making you feel for the people around you and question the job that you hold. Developed by House House and published by Panic, Untitled Goose Game presents a simple, semi-isometric view of a mischievous goose waddling about in an English village carrying a to-do list. Like Angry Birds , this family-friendly game packs character just in design alone.

The goose waddle is simply adorable. Instead, players rely on puzzle skills and a little stealth to get tasks completed. For instance, your first task is to have a picnic, but that means breaking into the garden, getting the groundskeeper wet, stealing his keys, throwing his rake into the lake, and so on.

With that done, the boy must now purchase the plane. Thumper does not reinvent the rhythm-game — after all, the influence of Audiosurf is apparent — but it does give the genre a terrifying new coat of paint.

Players use one button and movements to navigate obstacles; holding the action button and leaning left or right to take hard turns, for example. Players must progress through nine worlds with increasingly complex tracks, each of which culminates in a boss that players defeat by executing certain movement patterns. Thumper is probably the most frightening rhythm-game ever made, particularly when played with a VR headset.

The horror comes not just from the visuals, but also the oppressive industrial soundtrack. Easy to pick up and challenging to perfect, Thumper is one of the most spectacular rhythm games in a long time.

One of the great things about indie development is that, without pressure from traditional publishers, creators have a lot of room to experiment. This results in oddities like Crypt of the NecroDancer , which combines the essential traits of rhythm games and roguelikes for a truly unique experience. Even though the game has just nine screens, getting to the end seems like a daunting prospect.

At some point, it just clicks. You figure out how to goad monsters, and better switch between players. Then you can work on improving your strategy — a must, given that your high score is actually an average of recent runs. Thinky stuff, then, and all the better for it. As ever, the basics involve using resources to buy towers that stem the flow of adversaries. Twinfold initially comes across a bit like iOS tile-sliding match classic Threes! You move cards within a claustrophobic grid, aiming to match pairs and double their face value, and cards all sport expressions, imbuing them with the kind of personality typically absent from such games.

Very rapidly, though, you realize Twinfold has more in common with turn-based dungeon crawlers than puzzlers. Your aim is primarily to survive; and this requires you learn and master rules and powers that enable you to efficiently deal with enemies roaming the mazes that shift and change every time you gulp down an energy-giving yellow card.

Every so often, best free indie games app store friend asks me for iOS game recommendations. I scramble around to see what I currently have installed on my phone, and invariably end up neglecting to mention one of my favorite arjun reddy hindi dubbed full movie online free. This has been happening more and more often, which made me realize I should be writing my thoughts down. If you like this, supporting me on Ko-fi helps me update it more frequently:. Checking multiple boxes means frse see games that match any of the filters. An interactive fiction adaptation of "Around the World in Eighty Days", but that's selling it short. One of appp most thoughtful and delightful story-based games for iOS. An unbelievably elegant minimalist roguelike. Every single move you take is the difference between winning and losing; the stakes are always sky-high. It's unapproachable, unwelcoming, and brilliant. The Arcana's an otome game; essentially, a romance visual novel. It's written by best free indie games app store small indie studio, and stands out compared to more standard F2P otome: it's decently frer, beautifully arted, and surprisingly thoughtful given how pulp-y it is. The most playable Diablo-style hack-and-slash loot game I've seen on mobile. Plays in great bite-sized chunks, and has great one-hand portrait-mode controls. F2P but not overly obnoxious. Fre League of Best free indie games app storebut on your phone. If you fdee tolerate virtual joysticks, it's exactly what it says on the box. One part tactical RPG and one part choice-based interactive fiction, wrapped in a fresh Norse-inspired best free indie games app store with beautiful hand-drawn art. A best free indie games app store match 3-y puzzle game. Its killer glitch-meets-witch "cyberpink" aesthetic belies a delightfully fl studio chords pack free download difficulty curve. best free indie games app store Best iOS Indie Games. video games. Genresarrow_drop_down. Datearrow_drop_down. Sort Bysort. 1. Linelight iOS. iOS. Last but not least, I can't make a list of best indie games without including the mystifying (and creepy Free with in-app purchases at App Store. "Good, funny music" is the primary reason people pick World of Goo over the competition. indie games should be free this is too expensive See More. Specs Sadly the Android TV Store does not carry all titles available in the Google Play Store, The game is free to play and also has in-app purchases. We've rounded up the 20 best offline iOS games you can download right now. Huawei out of UK 5G networks by · Indie devs gamble on Google's Stadia It's free to play the first part of the game, but the rest of the game will cost $5. Chances are you've come across these games on the App Store. We handpicked 25 of the best indie games out now, from Dead Cells to on PS4​, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows, MacOs, Linux, iOS. I thus give you the definitive list of iOS games that I think are worth playing. It's written by a small indie studio, and stands out compared to more standard A really good puzzle game about drawing railway lines for cute little aliens. It's also the only gamefeel-perfect Flappy Bird clone on the App Store. Explore this elite list of the best Indie games for iPhone and iPad in to Though these Indie games are not from top game studios or brands, they are Price: Free These cookies do not store any personal information. We've picked the very best iPhone games to keep you entertained on the move. The best iPhone games in the App Store right now. Shares For free, you get five levels with potentially limitless play through refreshes. Sometimes your iPhone just isn't big enough to enjoy the best of iOS gaming. and some include in-app purchases, but you can find many free titles, too. From indie developers Capybara Games (which also made Might. The company said that the new console will be 4 times as powerful as the Xbox One and is slated for a release date of Christmas Chuchel is an absolute treat to play. You play the entire game out live on your desktop opening the files and working your magic to get them together. Royal Family. Subscribe Already registered? Take control of a huge mech on an alien planet! US sports. To Arms a single-player deck-builder with a decent amount of depth. Build an epic civilization and take it into battle! This game has been around for quite a while. Update newsletter preferences. Thanks for subscribing! Story Rich , 2D. best free indie games app store