best free games to play on macbook air

best free games to play on macbook air

Story Rich , Mystery , Investigation , Conversation. Casual , Time Management , Survival , Management. Action , Indie , Pixel Graphics , Singleplayer. Indie , Exploration , Walking Simulator , Adventure. Indie , Casual , Adventure , Visual Novel. Action , Sports , Indie , Casual. Casual , 2D , Cute , Top-Down. Beautiful , 2D , Puzzle , Logic.

No doubt, this game can prove tough, but it is artfully Rogue in the best way possible in this modern era. This game requires that you play several roles, prominent among which are battling with online players and the computer. For these roles, Legends transfers the setting, characters, and artwork to unique digital cards that you will use in the battle. The most comfortable time for you is when you face a single player.

Facing fierce online competitors in this battle can be intense and humbling. It is up to you to show your class. Eve Online is now stable and perfectly compatible with MAC OS, thanks to recent updates and the fact that it now works on bit software. It is such a remarkable and fast game that gives you an interplanetary sandbox that is galactic in scale as a playing field.

In this field, you can trade, check out strange worlds, or get busy with spacefaring combats. To start playing, you will have to choose any of these: races, combats, tradings, or skills you wish to compete with. Again, you will need to select your ship before the real adventure begins. This game is demanding in terms of difficulty and even system requirements.

Of course, this only makes it more interesting. You only have to be sure your Mac meets the minimum requirements for its installation. Gamers are very much attached to Fortnite, not just because it is exciting but also because it has a financial reward. For instance, if you participate in its professional World Cup Tournament and you end up as one of the top players, you could get millions of dollars as a prize.

Non-professionals and beginners can start by trying out the Battle Royale mode, which is the basic. As you progress, getting upgrades and moving up the ladder faster may interest you.

In this case, you would have to pay for Battle Packs to make this possible. The gameplay is such that there are players in a zone or Island in which you are one of them. You will have to collect weapons and materials and struggle to be among the few players standing. The creative mode of this game is equally free and exciting. Here, you will design and build your island and then invite folks to compete with you in your Fortnite world.

Online strategy games have been around for a while and mobile is one of its debuting genres. This game has plenty of characters and roles that you can assume. Since its launch, Civilization VI has received a substantial amount of civilizations to control, including the Aztecs, Persians, Nubians, and Australians.

Read our full Civilization VI review. With simple, easy-to-learn gameplay mechanics and a fast playtime, you can easily get through several battles in one sitting. Why develop a roguelike game or a deck-building strategy game when you could mash them both together to create something even better?

Slay the Spire tasks you with climbing the titular Spire, which changes in classic roguelike fashion with each run you take, and the cards you collect as you try and fail to complete it will lead to better decks and a better chance of total victory.

Right now, the game comes with more than cards and items, as well as a custom mode option and special relics to further enhance your deck. Despite such a novel concept, it feels familiar in all the right ways. Gone Home is one of those rare games that thrusts the player into an environment and just lets them explore.

Gone Home has a slow but incredible story build-up accentuated by its intense atmosphere. It begs players to explore and reveal the mysteries of a big empty home with a dark and sad story to tell. Read our full Gone Home review. Your mission? Beyond that, you can capture asteroids and monitor them using a mission pack from NASA itself.

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty takes place in space as well, but it takes a — shall we say — slightly less authentic approach to space travel and exploration. For now, anyway. Part of its appeal lies in its memorable cast of characters, no doubt, but the bulk of its reputation rests on the satisfying differences between the Terran, Protoss, and Zerg factions, as well as the satisfying juggle of multiple priorities. Diablo III had a bit of a rough start thanks to a real-money auction house that kind of defeated the whole appeal of the core experience, but Blizzard at last excised that particular blight and replaced it with better classes, a free-form exploration mode, and a phenomenal expansion.

At first sight, it looks like an adorable, inviting flower. Once you draw near, though, its teeth morph into fangs and its petals become flames. Coyote at the mercy of the Road Runner after only a couple of hours. The Best Value. The Best Customer Service. PuppetShow: Fatal Mistake. Chimeras: Cherished Serpent. Maze: Sinister Play Collector's Edition. For the freebies, read on. Epic Games.

Bottom line : This guide has been updated to fully reflect the current state of our favorites free Mac games! Sometimes a great game on Windows can suffer from extremely poor MacOS performance, or even worse, a broken Mac version. You can read all about how we test MacOS performance below.

In Fortnite, you and 99 other players will have to scramble to find weapons, shields, and resources for a chance to be the last man or squad standing. But Fortnite is more than just another Battle Royale game, it also allows you to use its unique building mechanics to better hunt or escape from your opponents. Those willing to pay will be able to unlock more cool skins and other cosmetic items.

But other than that, everyone gets access to the full game! Verdict: This is a generous free-to-play game. Can your Mac run it? Fortnite used to be very demanding. However, the Mac performance of the game has improved a lot and the game is now playable on more machines.

Any bugs you should be aware of? Not exactly a bug, but be aware that performance is terrible as soon as your character jumps from the bus. This is also improving but not entirely gone yet. Be patient and wait until performance improves and FPS stabilize. A good gaming keyboard and mouse are both mandatory! The free-to-play version of Starcraft 2 gives you the complete Wings of Liberty campaign, ranked and unranked Multiplayer, and every co-op commander available.

And if you ever want more, you can pay to unlock more single-player campaigns, special skins, etc. System Requirements: OS Counter-Strike practically gave birth to the competitive FPS scene and is responsible for most of the LAN parties that took place in the 90s. That was a long time ago, but Counter-Strike has managed to evolve and remain relevant. In , Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was released and it expanded upon the team-based gameplay it pioneered 19 years earlier.

And now that the game is free-to-play and includes Danger Zone, a brand-new battle royale mode, CS: GO is a must for anyone remotely interested in shooters.

There are so many good MMOs out there it can be hard to figure out where to start. The amount of fun you can have with this game without paying a dime is outrageous, making it one of the finest free online Mac games available. Few companies can deliver as high-quality free games as Valve, but one that certainly can is Blizzard. Hearthstone is their digital collectible card game based on the popular Warcraft universe.

Hearthstone is much simpler than you would imagine. In every match, you pull three or four cards depending on who goes first out of your customized deck of 30 cards. Hearthstone is a great game. It also benefits from frequent, free expansions to refresh the available cards. Crusader Kings 2 was already one of our favorite Strategy games on Mac, but now that the game is free, it has become one of our top recommendations.

CK2 is a 4X turn-based strategy game that features immensely challenging, yet rewarding gameplay. This is a game you can sink an insane amount of time into, but it will require a lot of patience and discipline.

On the other hand, you will witness a fascinating medieval story worthy of a Game of Thrones remake. By the way, Crusader Kings 2 is one of those games that are entirely free, including every feature available and even an Expansion. In this game, you have to don the role of a deadly sniper with a huge task of eliminating terrorists. To ensure you have the needed ammunition to unleash destruction on the enemies, it provides a wide range of weapons including sniper guns and rifles.

Besides, you also get a chance to upgrade your weapons and cash-in-on plenty of rewards for completing the mission. Download 5. The game has three different game modes and a large champion pool, boasting of a variety of champions with vastly different abilities and play styles. Along with the first-person shooter elements, the game lays a whole lot of importance on team play and strategy, with each match a little bit different than the previous. The game boasts of an insane champion pool, with over champions, each of which have different abilities and play styles.

The champions are divided into five primary categories, including marksman, mage, support, tank and fighter, each of which have different roles in the game. Since the game has a number of different champions and a ton of items, it has a steep learning curve, but if you find someone to help you out or watch a few YouTube videos about the game, you can get a decent head start over other newbies.

The games has a number of different maps and game modes, however, the primary objective remains the same in each mode — destroy the enemy nexus. If you are looking for a free Mac game, this one is not going to disappoint you.

Download 7. You can choose from over a hundred unique heroes with different play styles and once again, the game has a major learning curve to it.

DOTA 2 is also constantly updated which keeps it interesting for both new and old players alike. Download 8. However, while League of Legends and DOTA 2 have a top-down perspective of the maps, Heroes of the Storm has a slightly different perspective, which gives a unique feel.

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