best free games for htc vive

best free games for htc vive

We really enjoyed our time with GORN. It's exhausting, but a brilliant stress reliever and full of chortles too. We played the original game on an Oculus Rift a couple of years back and loved it then. It is just as great a VR experience now, although you will need a decent PC graphics card to play without lag or low resolutions, we found. The normal, 2D version of both games are already brilliant, but add the ability to look around your craft and gaze into space and it further becomes the simulation game promised.

It requires a controller or, better still, flight controls, and you can't use the Vive's own controllers, but we used an Xbox One controller with a wireless adapter for our PC and it handled well. Be prepared for a steep learning curve though, as this isn't a mere shoot-em-up.

Arca's Path VR could easily be dismissed as one of those casual games that's essentially a non-game. Think of it as more of an experience than the classic gaming setup and you get an idea of what we mean. This is a hands-free, controller-free VR experience where movement is controlled with your head. An enchanting fairytale land awaits your exploration with 25 different levels to explore.

Beautiful graphics and a chilled out ambient soundtrack make Arca's Path VR a wonderfully different experience. EVE: Valkyrie Warzone is a reasonable space battle romp with all the joys of VR without the misery of motion sickness. This is another space game that requires a controller or keyboard and mouse to play, rather than the HTC Vive controllers. But if you're lucky enough to own a compatible gamepad then it's well worth considering.

This is a fantastically fun VR game to play while seated on your sofa. Strapping on your Vive you're suddenly in the cockpit of a spaceship and blasting off into space. This is a multiplayer game first and foremost, so the idea is to learn how to play with the various ships and blast your way to victory.

Then you're battling it out against seasoned players who'll surely blast you to pieces on a regular basis. Nevertherless, it's a thrilling ride and a great game. We certainly do! Highlights include the ability to play in co-op, manning the bridge of a starship with all your buddies while adventuring around in the depths of space. You can engage in numerous space adventures that include everything you'd expect as well battles with the Borg. The game has been updated since it launched and there's even DLC to let you play in the Next Generation era.

It's nerdtastic and we love it. This Burger joint has been dead for a while, you are our only hope. Serve the customers the right order and before they get angry. Maybe after you start working here things might pick up and you might be able to bring back this burger joint to its original days.

Combine arcane ingredients into a boiling cauldron with the help of an ancient spirit trapped in a human skull. Unleash creative or destructive wizardry upon a fully interactive virtual world.

You can build your own electronic circuits with the components provided, learn basic electronics by completing challenges and just have fun while experimenting and making awesome projects!

Fix a robot, defend a castle, adopt a mechanical dog, and more. Still not sold? Knockout League is arcade-style boxing game developed by Grab Games and published by Vive Studios, but just because it's meant to be fun, don't expect it to go easy.

Under the tutelage of Doug Johnson you'll learn to survive in the ring before taking on a host of fierce opponents from pirates to, erm, an octopus. It's incredibly fun, but it's also a damn good workout. Grab worked with the Virtual Reality Institute of Health for the in-game calorie counter, which lets you know just how much you're sweating.

Ain't gonna be no rematch The latest Doom found a way to modernize the fast-paced and brutal combat the series has been known for. Now, id Software has found a way to bring that combat to VR. You'd think it wouldn't work, a game in VR where you have to move quick and shoot quicker? But for the most part it does, and it's a whole lot of fun to boot. VR needs more social games, and a lot could be learned from Rec Room , a title that's all about hanging out with other people.

Think Wii Sports with a bit more attitude and a lot more immersion. As you hang out with other players in a social club, there's a bunch of activities for you to participate in, from paintball to dodgeball to disc golf, while character customisations and quirky interactions with other people help bring the game to life. Free, Steam. You and a group of friends get together and command the bridge of a starship that's definitely not the USS Enterprise.

You'll battle with Klingons and work together to boldly explore the final frontier. Titanfall fans - assemble. This one's for all you mech lovers, putting you in the cockpit of a giant bot and pitting you against the evil mechanized forces of HUMNX.

Each controller powers an arm of the mech, loaded with an arsenal of weapons for blasting away all manner of enemy vehicles. But if you own Star Wars: Battlefront it's a free download, and you should own that game already, because it's excellent. It probably speaks for itself, but in this short add-on you'll be piloting an X-Wing, which is pretty cool by itself. Despite not being a PC-based VR game, this one really pushes the PlayStation 4 to its limits, with some incredible visuals.

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What was once a gimmicky, proof-of-concept playground has turned into a burgeoning marketplace full of immersive experiences. The HTC Vive is home to many of these games, and it offers users an expansive library of virtual reality experiences. Until You Fall is a roguelike action game where you run the same gauntlet of enemies over and over, upgrading your weapons and skills as you go.

Although the enemy models and environments can get a bit repetitive, the gameplay is anything but. In many ways, it feels like a rhythm game. Ruthlessly violent, you can dispatch of foes any way you see fit be it with swords, maces, knives, war hammers, and more at your disposal. The cartoon graphics and constant jokes are enough to make the brutality of its subject matter feel digestible. One of the best action games available in VR, Raw Data transports you into the future to take down an evil conglomerate.

Eden Corporation controls the world, but as an operative from the underground hacking group SyndiK8, you go straight into the walls of the corporation to decimate the operation from within, siphoning as much data as possible.

The sci-fi setting is wonderfully realized, and the action-oriented gameplay puts you in total control of a wide range of weapons and nanotech powers. Raw Data is a challenging game that rewards players who take advantage of their entire arsenal of abilities.

You can play solo or with a friend to uncover the true motives of Eden.

Whether you're delving into the Steam VR store or Viveport, there's a pretty extensive library of games, experiences and non-gaming apps to play around with right now. Read this: The best VR headsets. We've tried a whole lot of what's available right best free games for htc vive. Some of it is great, but there's also best free games for htc vive lot that there that's not so great. To help you find out what does warrant your attention, we've compiled our fave Vive games best free games for htc vive need to play. Whether you're after dogfights, zombies, or, err, drug tennis, there's something here best free games for htc vive everyone. And if best free games for htc vive not all about the gaming, we've also picked out our besh non-gaming Vive experiences you should also check out as well. You probably wouldn't expect a game starring an adorable little mouse to provide utc of virtual reality's most moving, immersive experiences, but that's precisely what Moss does. Featuring a fantasy-fuelled adventure that'd make any blade-baring hero proud, Moss offers a brilliant blend of crunching combat, clever puzzles, engaging character encounters, apps to watch tv shows on android free eye-catching environments. Moss in an emotional tale — best free games for htc vive supported by the surprising bond you form with brave best free games for htc vive Quill — and a fresh take on controlling third-person action from a first-person VR perspective, and Moss has far more to offer than its storybook facade might suggest. If you've played a VR shooter in gamfs last year or so, you've likely filled a few monsters, zombies, and mutants full of buckshot. While we all enjoy shooting virally-infected freaks in their ugly faces though, we appreciate Island allowing us to aim audio driver for laptop free download sights at a fresh, prehistoric breed of baddie. From roasting Velociraptors with a flamethrower to fruitlessly swinging a spiked baseball bat at a towering Dree, the game's packed with the sort of thrilling dino encounters that'd feel right at home on the silver screen. Much more than a brainless dinosaur shooter, however, Island features intuitive survival and crafting elements that'll keep you engaged even when your not about to become a Pterodactyl's breakfast. VR shooters come and go, but Raw Data remains one of the platform's absolute best opportunities to empty ammo clips into evil-doing robots. best free games for htc vive Google Earth. Google (Free). Against Gravity (Free). Budget Cuts Demo. Neat Corp (Free). Buffalo Vision Games (Free). Xortex 26XX (The Lab) Valve (Free). Penrose Studios (Free). (The Lab) Valve (Free). › topfree-vive-games-experiences. Find games with HTC Vive support like DESOLATIUM, Mýrdalssandur, Iceland, Viva Project (Now v!), Ravenclaw Common Room VR, Attack on Titan VR by​. Steam is chocked full of free games that support HTC Vive, but it may be difficult with all that choice to know exactly which games to start out. The result is an incredibly immersive and thoroughly enjoyable game that's well worth picking up. The fourth teammate is the captain looking over all of the work at a global level. In this world, humans went extinct 50 years ago, and animals now have dominion over everything. Most importantly, though, Pavlov is one of the few multiplayer VR games that has managed to build and sustain a community since launch. One controller represents the bow, the other arrows. In Death is a game for VR owners looking for a genuine challenge in their bloodshed. Trover Saves the Universe is almost certainly the most insane and inane action adventure game you're likely to come across but it's a total blast if you're a fan of the humour of Rick and Morty. Nimso Ny. Like what happens if you drink acid? This allows you mix up your play styles as you try to survive the waves of droids, while ducking and dodging the shots they fire at you. Student VRgame. Aerospace Security Training. YouTube Instagram Adobe. best free games for htc vive