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best free games for bad computers

best free games for bad computers

Orcs Must Die and Orcs Must Die 2 are some of our favorite titles for mindless slaughtery goodness and have a permanent space on my hard drive. I recommend both, but OMD2 is definitely the better game. Darkest Dungeon is a 2D, side-scrolling dungeon crawler with a side helping of Lovecraftian horror and a mental health management simulator.

Feel free to chime in with your own. Start a New Discussion. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. Quite possibly the prettiest game you can play on a laptop or low-end system thanks to its hand-drawn, classically animated 2D graphics.

Cuphead channels Gunstar Heroes and other 90s platformers with tough as nails multi-stage bosses, but learnable tells and patterns make it conquerable if you keep a cool head and stick with it. It's worth playing for the phenomenal soundtrack and art alone, but why not team up with Mugman and take down a few bosses while you're admiring the craft?

This isn't to say it's not a looker or fun. For those versed in RPG and popular video game tropes, Undertale is a colorful, charming, upsetting swan ride through your habits and behaviors. Date a skeleton, pet or kill some dogs, think way too hard about mice and cheese. Undertale will make you second guess every key press except the 'Buy' button. A brilliant, stressful strategy dungeon explorer that channels Lovecraft with brilliant narration and truly terrifying quests.

As your party encounters horrors in the dark, the stress piles on, and too much stress causes them to take on new personality quirks that snowball into yet more stress and loss of sanity. This creates a constant tension. What if your plague doctor is the most reliable member of your party, but insults his comrades every few minutes, raising their stress levels?

Permadeath is brutal in Darkest Dungeon, but you'll find it hard to quit even when an entire party of heroes gets wiped out. An indie sensation that brought the idyllic farm life of Harvest Moon to PC. Build your farm into a vegetable empire, go exploring, learn about the lives of your neighbors, fall in love and settle down. Simple graphics ensure this one will run like a dream on your laptop, and it'll make long flights pass by in a snap. An ingenious puzzle game years in the making, hand-drawn by creator Jason Roberts.

There's a lot of sneaking, and a lot of shooting, and all of it complicated by the fact that your prisoner might randomly be eight feet tall or cough every 10 to 15 seconds and alert everyone on-board.

I don't often go for run-based games these days, but Void Bastards is hilarious and eminently fair, and I had a great time with it. It might just on newer laptops, though. Give it a whirl and take advantage of Steam's return policy if you need to!

Ah yes, an old friend. Its story tackles philosophy, religion, and other weighty subjects most games steer clear of. Where other games take pride in being unbeatable, Celeste goes out of its way to reassure you—You can beat this! You can climb the titular Celeste Mountain! I love Picross. I love detective games. Murder by Numbers is better at the former than the latter, but it's still a heady combination of two of my favorite genres. Tasked with solving a series of murder cases, your amateur sleuthing takes the form of Picross puzzles in Murder by Numbers.

Instead of solving a puzzle and being rewarded with a picture of a dog, a flower, or some other random nonsense, you're instead treated to the next piece of evidence in the case.

A gun! A fingerprint! The cases are an entertaining framework, a perfect excuse to while away a few afternoons playing Picross—and listen, I don't need much convincing when it comes to Picross. I wish there were a bit more actual detective work, but it's still a fantastic mashup and I hope we get a sequel at some point. It's damn close though, with a GTX as the recommended spec. That's low enough for this list, I think. Dusk truly captures that '90s spirit as well.

It's blisteringly fast, you have a huge arsenal of hard-hitting weapons, enemies explode into gibs, and you collect different-color keycards. All the basics are covered. But it's the level design that hooked me, going from farms to sewers to factories to mines to cityscapes—and that's just in the first episode, before it gets really weird.

There are a ton of creative arena setups to circle-strafe around, and Dusk even subverts player expectations in some neat ways, a feat I wouldn't have thought possible for a throwback FPS.

This particular genre revival is growing every year, but for the moment Dusk is the pinnacle. A ruined kingdom, far underground. A brave insect, armed with a needle. Managing their moods is half the fun though, as characters who break take on new traits, good and bad, that affect their ability to explore dungeons. Try not to lose your head as they lose theirs. Inspired by the classic series Harvest Moon , you head off to the sleepy town of Stardew Valley to farm, fish, mine and get married.

Plus, you can have a pet cat or dog. It truly has everything. Spelunky is about guiding a silly little character down into a cave system that is created anew for you every time you boot the game up. Armed with a whip and a jump button, you try to make your way as deeply as you can into it.

Fighting through its Zelda-esque world, the player encounters several colorful zones full of strange animals and puzzles. Feb 6, 3 0 10, 0. Fitzitz Honorable. Nov 23, 0 11, Just trade up your i7 for an i5 and put the rest of the money towards an actual graphics card. Im already putting my money towards a radeon , which is gonna be here in weeks so im just finding games to play.

Does anyone have any idea of say MMORPGS or really any online game that doesnt have to be free, but its addictive and will be playable for a while? TERA Online.

Since you'll be getting a dedicated GPU, planetside 2 would now be playable for you. It's a great game. I think there can be up to players on one server or something like that. It's awesome. James Mason Polypheme Moderator.

Jan 2, 13, 7 66, 3, Not Recommended 8 June. Not Recommended 26 May. Unacceptable price for a game that isn't even better with its train mechanics than broader transport tycoon games Go play another transport tycoon instead. Informational 25 May. This is basically a mouse replacement and not a replacement to any "normal" controller, games NEED support for this controller or it will be useless because of how the buttons give games input.

Informational 24 May. No results found.

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