best free basketball games for iphone

best free basketball games for iphone

I wish that it would tell however many points,assists,and block every player had. I also wish that each quarter on seasons would be 25 stamina. Also that there could be injuries and people on the bench who can come in during the game. Also that there would be an all star draft where you choose the players and play the all star game.

Lastly, that in the season playoffs you had to win four of seven games. If you are a 99 overall team you could play like 95 overall teams instead of 82 overall teams so you could actually have a challenge and also I like the sound of shots in real nba games and would like that in here.

Glitches Feb 22, By SidthaKidVicious. This mobile version is very good but there are a still a few minor glitches going on with my game. I started the street campaign but only the street events that you had to use your warmup tokens for were available. Also the All-Star event ended with me having 40, all star points I was trying to save up and get a center I thought I had left myself another whole 8 hour day to get the remaining 20, points but it disappeared and all my 40, went to waste I would like to have been able to use them to either buy random all-stars or trade them back in for coins, cash, shards or players with a reminder that the event had ended and a chance to use all of my points.

Also I wish there was a create your own player mode that worked like the Game Changer Super Star event. Thanks again for the great game!!! Best basketball game on mobile easily Feb 20, By Chrisclemonsrules. This is a very fun,addicting game that I suggest everyone to play. Also the controls are really good and one thing maybe to add is a pick button which makes the closest player come make a pick. This game also has many different modes and things you can do which is cool and you get to join leagues and play real people.

Another thing is I feel like I run out of stamina really fast and I think you should make the stamina bar bigger. Thank you for a great game and I suggest this game to everyone. Overall good but Feb 17, By Abbarno. I love this game!

These bugs have to do with the connection to the game and servers. The other bug is just frequent connection problems which boots me to the login screen having to log back in. For example, an event would be loading for longer than 15 seconds and then would take me to the home login screen with the same prompt when done so.

Rigged App Mar 5, By MaynakPatel. It does not seem to matter what your player and team rating is when playing opponents. The app seems to be rigged to have a preset outcome that it wants. I am not able to control my players or switch to another player that I want. All my players seem to just stand around when it comes to rebounding or when they should attack a player driving to the basket!

If I am getting to big a lead, then I will not be able to make any shots - even wide open perfect timed shots or run away dunks! When it comes to prizes - I seem to get the same prizes over and over again.

It seems like you may have a better chance of winning the lottery! For example, the most recent event they had, I worked on trying to get Allen Iverson Rated To get him, I needed 6 different Iverson tokens.

I had to get over 60 Iverson tokens before I was able to the 6 different Iverson tokens needed! So only 1 out of 10 were different Iverson tokens! To get one Iverson token was not easy. Deleted my account Dec 4, By Kyledaboss. I am really in happy with nba live at the moment. I have been an avid player of this game for a little over two years and loved this game it has been so much fun and smooth to play one of the only good basketball games out there.

However, I am very disappointed and frustrated with the game because Over my full time of playing this game I have spent a lot of time in it and created a team I loved by grinding and working hard. I have been inactive for probably a month because I have been super busy and have not had time to pick up one of my favorite games.

Today I go to play the game and I sign in through Facebook like I have always done and it will not let me get in, at first I thought there was an issue with the log in but no I made a new account just to see with the same Facebook log in and it created a new account. They deleted my old account for not playing for one month! Really not happy about this.

By JoShmoGeek. Why does this app give no effort towards anything it does? For the second time in the past few weeks, it refuses to even open, showing the EA logo and returning to the home screen! We were unable to communicate with our servers, please try again. They were already working well. Now in Showdown, my center is treated like a point guard and so on and so forth.

Actually test the updates before releasing them please. Get it together EA. The unconditional bias towards the AI players still exists by the way. Make it a little more realistically fair. Showdown match making Feb 9, Overall the game is decent but there is a game mode called showdown. It is a game mode were you 1v1 an opponent and get fans if you win and lose fans if you lose. They give you an opponent who has way better players than you.

I did the math and If you lose 3 times in row they then give you a person on the same performance level and skilled players. This is why I hate the way they operate the showdown game mode let me know what you think! Fix Your Game Nov 23, By Agcfhxgjduvt. Like I figured there would be certain attributes to apply to ur character like skills. Such as a spin move or certain crossover.

You cant tell me to beat a team that has 6 more points than me in 60 seconds. Quickly run down court and score a 3, then almost instantly get the ball back cuz there would be about 35 seconds left and quickly run back down the court and score another 3 to tie the game.

And this is assuming I stole the ball perfectly to get it back and quickly run down court and pull up for a 2 or a 3 and score it with get the dot perfectly in the center. I think u need to add at least 30 more seconds onto the clock. Do you have what it takes to build a winning team? Daily challenges and matchups mean you stay involved all day, every day - even when it's not basketball season Reviewed by Kaylin on February 22, Luck Meter Mar 11, By nbaplayer I find this very unfair considering the time and consideration I put into this game and how much dedication it takes to build a team, only for someone who is a 60 overall to completely destroy your all star team.

Something else I find very ridiculous is how you can trade in players and tokens for a player 85 ovr 90 ovr, etc. However, once you do put in all that work again, you get a completely sub par player which is a big middle finger to all of your hard work. Please, please, please! Return to the game I loved. Too Many Bugs Apr 1, By Caleb Fox. The is overall very fun to play and entertaining. It simulates the game of basketball well and has many fun modes and challenges.

The game is very time consuming and almost impossible for me to put down but sometimes the bugs in this game just make me. This bug is so annoying because when you get kicked out during a showdown game and reload the game it causes you to forfeit the match and you lose fans.

Discouraged Oct 27, By MllnDllrMan. I have become more and more discouraged by the direction of the game. I do acknowledge however that EA is no more at fault for this type of unethical business practice as any of its competitors. The current climate of mobile gaming has to change. The question is which organization has the guts to go away from computerized financials and give their customers an actual good product at an affordable price.

By lucas is my boy. I really like NBA live. It is really fun. You get to play 4 full quarts!!! You also get to pick any NBA team! You can also get MVP players. Finally you can make it to the playoffs but you have to get through the season. Also can you make us play multiplayer with our friends. Finally can you make like little show kind of like every time were about to start like make the teams talk.

The best thing that you guys should make is the NBA fights those would be the best!!!!!!!!!!!!! That would make me tell everybody about this game make people want to play it. Make the players make some hand gestures. Make us hear some trash from the fans. Make us see the coaches yell. Hi EA Sports hope you read this but I absolutely love the game but one thing is bothering me A LOT and the reason why I deleted this game the first time which is the animations you know like how the defense just double teams for no reason and leaving someone open to hit a game winner is just horrible and when you keep on doing the animation where you act like you are doing a fade away is just SUPER ANNOYING so please fix this oh and make the players attributes are equivalent to the overall because how the hell does a 96 overall on have one attribute that is a 97 and the rest 88 and stuff?

And if you actually make a update about new animations for gameplay can you like reward me or something that will be great. Maybe like some cash and coins.

Oh and 1 more thing make the defense better to where you can tap on the player to switch to them please and make it easier to defend in the paint. By Ssbarbarian. I do enjoy Madden mobile and I think you guys do know how to make a good football game. Mobile or console. But NBA live is so bad. The game is just not realistic at all like my Dwight Howard missing a wide open dunk.

Or Kyrie Irving shooting lights out 5 steps away from the 3 point line. The slow motion animation for all the dunks is just super unnecessary and also very time consuming. I wish you guys actually read these reviews because then you would know what actually makes a good basketball game in case none of us have heard of NBA live on console is absolutely garbage compared to 2K instead of having a bunch of things wrong with your game.

I hope one day the game will get much better but instead you guys insist on having a bunch of teens tell you how to correctly make a basketball game. Jun 20, By Mikayla Mabizela. It's a really addictive game. This is a very popular game and very few bugs have been reported.

Both available on Android and iOS devices, this free game features creating the best team and competing in live events. For a mobile app, this game is pretty great. The gameplay is great and it works without any bugs or issues. Out of all the NBA mobile games, this one is my favorite. I can choose any NBS star to build my own team. It's like a dream come true. Look no further for what's probably the best basketball game for your iphone. With each level cleared, the game play will change, with the level of difficulty increasing with each stage.

Real Basketball is a game from Casual Monster that is actually a pretty cool game about the source material. A basketball shooter game with nice mechanics, decent graphics, 6 diverse game modes, character customization and an OK multiplayer, Real Basketball is a decent basketball shooter game.

DoubleClutch is a 3D basketball game that feels like a basketball game. You want to bounce the ball so hard that it goes to the opposite side of the screen? That can be done. You want to play dodgeball instead of basketball? That can be done as well. L0oking for more top 20 gaming reviews? Skip to content. Some other game features include simple controls, reruns, various unlockable characters, character customization, and more. The game is also completely free, but it contains advertising.

Download Bouncy Basketball. NBA Jam is probably our favorite mobile basketball game. It is a port of the old arcade classic of the same name. You play basketball two against two with a lighter set of rules. You can push, fly and fight your way to victory.

The game also includes hardware controller support, Android TV support , local and online multiplayer support, campaign mode, etc. Android iPhone 16 bit games basketball games basketball games for android basketball games free basketball games free for android. Basketball Showdown varies-with-device 0. Dunk Masters Basketball 1. Follow March Madness on your iPhone Keeping up with all the matches in the College Basketball season can be a bit of a struggle at times.

NBA 2K Whos the Player Basketball. All Star Quarterback American Football Champs. Axis Football. Category Games. Compatibility Requires iOS 8. Languages English. Price Free. App Support Privacy Policy. You get your very own training session so you can learn how to move your player around.

The game shows you how to shoot three pointers, 2 pointers and even slam dunks. Basketball Shooting Stars is another game that will keep you entertained and that even adds some humor to the game.

For example, if you take too long to shoot, your player can easily be scared away by a flying kite or other flying objects. You can choose between a female or males players with different hair colors and even does a little happy dance every time you get the ball through the hoop.

Basketball shooting takes skill. Try to beat your high score every day! Basketball Games is the original arcade basketball shooting game, made for your iPhone! Basketball Games features: - Play infinite times! Unlimited Lives, no waiting! So I got this game to get like something bux in pewdiepies tuber simulator and after a few days of trying to get to 40 my record is I can get past the first 18 best free basketball games for iphone easily but the infamous corner shot of the is incredibly difficult. I mainly wrote a review for best free basketball games for iphone the title. So for someone who has mastered that shot can you tell me where to shoot and how to do it. Completely awful and a huge waste of time. This app is a complete money grab for ad revenue. Skeptical at first but whatever. The game loads and BOOM, ad. Already a solid impression. The ball moves like a snail in a retirement home and the physics in this game were created by Ray Best free basketball games for iphone. Remember when Facebook Messenger had that basketball game a few years back for March Madness? Imagine an app company recreating that simple idea but then urinating on it and then placing it into a Taco Best free basketball games for iphone hard shell apk games offline mod free download. Just reopen those old March Madness group chat brackets from 3 years ago and play best free basketball games for iphone actual quality game. best free basketball games for iphone NBA LIVE Mobile. (1 vote). › downloads › basketball-games-free-for-iphone. It's time for you to have some fun with these free and Basketball games for iOS. They're available for download right now and waiting to see if. 2K Mobile Basketball. Download NBA 2K Mobile Basketball and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Free; Offers In-App Purchases Challenge rival Crews to 3-on-3 games on blacktop. Do Not Sell Keep up the good work! Download Basketball Games ⋆ and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Basket Ball Hoop Dunk Street. Puzzle Cats. , K Ratings. Free. You will be able to perform amazing dunks and teamwork combos to get that W. Jam League Basketball. Free Download. Take to the court in these stunningly immersive basketball game challenges. Check out 2 player Best 10 Basketball Games Free In-App Purchases. Without further ado, here are 20 of the best basketball games out there for Free Throw Basketball's available for free with IAP's in Google Play Store. Bouncy Basketball is available right now for Android and iOS devices. The 10 best basketball games for iOS. Feel the pure emotion of your favorite sport wherever you are. Top free basketball games for iPhone and. This is with the best rating and has been downloaded maximum number of times and it is also among the editors choice with graphics and experience like never before. The app seems to be rigged to have a preset outcome that it wants. By TheBeast Even better: many of these worlds offer subtle changes to the way the game plays, making it more varied, and boosting long-term appeal. The problem with this, though, are the glitches. We were unable to communicate with our servers, please try again. I truly hate that because I work so hard and play fair during my games. By George Mutuku. When you do so, she tags along on subsequent adventures, gleefully hacking away at the enemies who once imprisoned her. Jam League Basketball and 8 more. By MultiKani Soosiz takes that basic framework, but has you explore tiny chunks of land floating in space, each of which has its own gravitational pull. I will recommend that you will update this game every months coz' of it is too old and no changes in the game. An all-around basketball game! best free basketball games for iphone