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best free android games of 2013

best free android games of 2013

Since its launch date, Clash of Clans has become one of the top 5 most downloaded games to date. The game is highly addictive as it allows players to join players from all over the world in epic fast-paced combats.

This pixelly-retro action game was one of the launch titles on the Android-based Ouya console, and has also been making friends on iOS. The Android version is very fun indeed, getting you to plunge down dungeons fighting and looting in a touchscreen-friendly format. Sega is certainly cashing in on its fleet-footed blue hedgehog: the original Sonic game follows two episodes of Sonic 4, Sonic CD and Sonic Jump onto Android.

There are lots of tower defence games on Android, but Kingdom Rush more than holds its own in the crowd though. The game has a fantasy setting, all orcs, elves and wizards. You'll be protecting your kingdom against more than 50 enemies, with all manner of upgrades and abilities to fuel your strategy.

Described as a "Victorian era head-to-head arcade battle for tablets", this two-player game sees your dapper duellists hurling knives, bombs and even homing pigeons at one another in a fight to the death. One of the best share-the-device multiplayer games on Android. People are playing Candy Crush Saga also out before in their tens of millions, and while this follow-up hasn't yet reached those heights, it's well worth a look. Synchronising with the existing Facebook version of the game, this offers 72 levels of block-puzzling action — with cutesy animals and social leaderboards thrown in.

Gameloft's dungeon-crawling adventure is back for its fourth iteration, and like the third instalment, this is freemium. Expect more fantasy-themed hacking and slashing, as you wander through sprawling underground environments laying waste to enemies. A cross between an endless runner and a first-person shooter, with plenty of charm. The Sandbox is one of a clutch of pixel-art creation-games to have appeared this year, inspired by Minecraft but with an emphasis on 2D worlds rather than 3D.

The game offers 71 levels to work through, as you trigger chemical reactions, generate lifeforms and try to build the Pyramids. Each day, you send his fishing line blazing into the ocean as far as it will go up till the point a fish catches a lure.

From there, it becomes a question of snagging as much aquatic life as possible before you fire all of them into the sky and, uh, shoot them.

It's really a little odd. But also really, really good. There's an actual storyline, told mostly through the game's fake social media network, to browse through and a ton of upgrades to gradually collect.

In short? Everything you need to get hooked for a long time. Super Hexagon is a nightmare in the best way possible. Brutal as a world war and twice as vicious, Super Hexagon demands the kind of pinpoint accuracy few outside of the pro-gaming circuit can hope to achieve. The idea behind this psychadelilc action-twitch game is simple: you're a triangle that, caught in an endless basejump, must avoid crashing into sides of the various geometrical shapes you encounter.

In spite of how rudimentary all that may have sounded, Super Hexagon is, without a doubt, a murderously difficult venture but it's also the kind that teases you into repeated attempts.

Best for those without a penchant for wanting to fling electronics at a wall when vexed. These forces will attack and slow the enemy creeps, allowing your ranged towers to deal more damage. There is also a hero character that you can move anywhere to unleash powerful special attacks. You don't have to micromanage everything in Kingdom Rush Frontiers, but there is just enough going on that it's not a passive experience like some other tower defense titles.

You also have to make snap decisions about upgrading towers, because there are a lot of upgrade options. You will earn stars from playing well, which can then be used to beef up your abilities and towers. I don't even mind that this game has additional in-app purchases for more powerful heroes. It's just incredibly fun. Google used to offer an app called ChromeToPhone, but has since moved on to offering a less powerful but reliable tab syncing solution for Chrome.

However, early in a neat app called PushBullet hit Google Play and I've made sure to have it installed ever since. This app lets you push text and files across devices using the cloud, and it keeps adding new and interesting features.

PushBullet comes with a Chrome extension that lets you send a URL, address, string of text, or a list to any of your connected devices. It can also push files under 10MB in size. Not only do these pushes show up on your device as notifications, they have the correct intents attached.

So if you send an address, for example, tapping on it opens Google Maps. Some recent additions to this app that only make it more excellent include device-to-device push. This lets you shoot text from a phone to a tablet without touching the computer.

The app also lists all the pushes on your account so you can retrieve things later. Just recently, the developers added a new notification mirroring feature that uses the Chrome browser to show your Android notifications on a desktop.

It's an alarm clock app, yes. I know that sounds like something that you don't need -- after all, there is one built into every Android device. However, Timely has a ton of useful features and it is stunningly beautiful. I just wish it was a bit more challenging from the start. Meet Mr. Bulb, who is gonna free planet from cartoon microbes with your help. Use Superpowers to improve your chances during the battle vs.

Bring the light back on this planet together with bulb hero! Dead Trigger 2. Considering the grand price of zero dollars, you would be a fool not to download The Respawnables and start playing.

But the ring is where the action is! Read More —nay, the best sports game that you will play on a mobile device. There are so many things it does right. But what sets FIFA 14 apart is the gameplay. EA has got it just right with this one, offering a mixture of old-school arcade virtual sticks and a new set of touchscreen controls with swipes and taps that will make you never want to put this down.

Strata is a mesmerizing game full of great visuals and sound. On a grid of coloured squares, you have to draw ribbons, layering them on top of each other. The top ribbon must always match the square under it. Spelltower had been a hit on iOS for a long time and in March, it finally came to Android.

If you love your word games, then you need to grab this now. This is Boggle on steroids, and is well Read More to form a new type of game, where you have to make words by connecting adjoining blocks in a Tetris-like grid. The connected blocks are destroyed and the objective is to clear the level of all blocks. British developer Brainbow was hoping to become the new Dr Kawashima-sized brand in the brain-training world, with Dr.

Newton: The Brain Adventure. It's a familiar mix of mini-games and score-tracking, and very polished — perfect for short daily bursts of brain workouts. Circular puzzle game Hundreds sees you tapping on circles in each level to make them and the numbers inside them bigger — adding at least points overall without them touching.

Which sounds slightly tortuous written down, but the game's genius is its stripped-down simplicity. Essentially Candy Crush Saga with square-shaped fruit rather than sweets, but it's very well done.

Published by Rovio, it features hundreds of levels of fruit-matching puzzling, with combos, Facebook integration and in-app purchases used to buy power-ups when it gets too tough. Kami is a beautiful, relaxing game based around folding colourful virtual paper in squares, trying to fill the screen with a single colour in as few moves as possible.

No time pressures or impossible levels trying to make you buy in-app purchases. A marvellous de-stress tool. This addictive puzzler sees you matching pixels and characters to make more-powerful characters, who then attack enemies at the top of the screen.

If you've ever played the also gripping Triple Town, it's a bit like that but with extra fighting, and a fantasy-RPG theme. The gameplay involves exploring a beautifully-crafted 3D room solving puzzles with tactile touchscreen controls, providing a genuine challenge for your grey cells. Note that the download size measures over MB and it would be best for you to connect via Wi-Fi.

Glu Mobile has launched the free Deer Hunter video game that takes you to the world's most beautiful hunting grounds. You can play this games and virtually hunt numerous exotic animals all over the world. This is a a first person shooting simulator in the series that supports co-op multiplayer allowing you to complete challenges with your friends. Teamwork is very important but you can also play by yourself and hunt over different animal species.

Beware of all the active predators such as wolves, bears or cheetahs. The first stage takes to North America where you need to hunt a deer, but from then on you will begin to discover all the other rifles and use different tactics to force hunted animals to get out of their hideouts and trap them. Collect trophies and connect your Google Account with the Play store so that you'll unlock achievements and top the world's leaderboards. This is a free video game but you can also use real money and purchase extra rifles and such using the in-app purchase system.

Deer Hunter works with all Android devices running Android 2.

A ndroid gaming best free android games of 2013 been one of the slow-burning apps trends of There have always been good gamez available for Google-powered smartphones and tablets, but it's the increase in the quantity of quality best free android games of 2013 that's been significant this year. Here's a reminder of some of the best Android games released in so far, which will hopefully provide a few download ideas for veteran Android gamers and newcomers to the platform alike, whatever your gaming tastes, drawn from The Guardian's weekly best Android apps roundups. All prices are correct best free android games of 2013 the time of writing, and bear in mind that Free almost invariably means Freemiumso expect in-app purchases. There's something rather marvellous about Rymdkapsel: an addictive, accessible game that offers a twist on the real-time strategy genre. The emphasis is on building a space-base through Tetris-like block-placement, while fending off waves of enemies. It's simple in all the best ways. The game sees you racing more than 45 cars over besst, upgrading as purging principles and practices free download go. The graphics are spiffing, the qayamat ka bayan mp3 free download works beautifully, and updates have provided extra content since its release. Another freemium game from EA, but this time one offering match-three puzzling based on the famous Bejeweled brand. This re-engineers the game as a series of second rounds where you have to score as many points as possible, using power-ups to bump up your performance, and comparing your efforts to friends. No birds or pigs here, though: it's inspired by classic point'n'click adventure games, with the teeny-burglar hero exploring six quests to uncover best free android games of 2013 puzzles and surprises. Atmospheric puzzler The Room has been taxing brains best free android games of 2013 dree and Android alike, getting you to explore a carefully-crafted 3D room solving puzzles. Everything's designed around touchscreen controls, best free android games of 2013 the puzzles themselves are genuinely brain-frazzling, providing a decent challenge. Having made its name with Tiny Best free android games of 2013 and Pocket Planes, Nimblebit's latest freemium game was more of an action title, blending Snake gameplay with RPG-style characters and upgrades. You swipe your party of heroes to guide them through levels of increasing difficulty. It's very one-more-go-even-though-it's-2am addictive. Endless runner Temple Run has been a massive hit on smartphones of all stripes, and its sequel added new features without spoiling the basic premise: swiping to jump, slide and turn your way frew scenery to escape an angry, giant monkey. A recent update added sprinter Usain 4th of july coloring pages for kids free as a playable character, too. Sega's Crazy Taxi has thrilled as best free android games of 2013 arcade game, a console game and now a mobile title too. The game — a port of the Dreamcast console best free android games of 2013 — sees you speeding through San Francisco-esque streets collecting and best free android games of 2013 passengers in the most hair-raising way possible, with two modes and a bunch of mini-games to prolong the action. Fishlabs' Galaxy on Fire space epics have always been reliable sources of mobile entertainment, and the latest installation is no different. It sees you shooting and trading your way across the galaxy, with more than 10 hours in its anxroid campaign mode, and additional quests unlocked through in-app purchases. This is now one of publisher EA's most successful game franchises on any device, putting you in charge of rebuilding Springfield after a nuclear meltdown. best free android games of 2013 Subway Surfers. Clash of Clans. From Angry Birds to Despicable Me, Ridiculous Fishing to Clash of Clans, here's this year's top picks for Android. By Stuart Dredge. 50 best Android games from so far. From Bejeweled Blitz and Temple Run 2 to Real Racing 3, Super Hexagon, Rymdkapsel and more. Plan for plenty of repetition and incremental progress. If you like these types of games, Badland is well worth at least the $ for all the levels ad-free. was a vintage year for Android gamers. On a platform where casual, free-​to-play games rule, Scourge of the Estellion stood out as a. Indeed, was the year mobile gaming came of age. Advertisement. Shooters. Dead Trigger 2 (Free). These are the top 10 Android apps and games from We've got The free app allows you to pick which apps will be picked up by. This post gathers some of the best video games launched in for Android smartphones and tablets. You'll find both free and paid titles. Dead Trigger 2 is a first-person shooter developed by Madfinger Games. It sees you swapping colourful orbs around to attack monsters while building a team of the Doctor and his companions. This time round, you could play as both sides, and there's a range of Telepods toys that interact with the game too, Skylanders-style. Blip Blup is a hypnotically-addictive puzzle game from UK studio ustwo, which gets you tapping to fill a screen-full of tiles with colour. That means levels to find your way through, overcoming obstacles and solving puzzles as you go. Being the first one ever to rise against the system, he found himself in danger, and in need to run for his life. Welcome to the Hero Academy! Use Superpowers to improve your chances during the battle vs. Most sequels, be it movies or games tend to bring a feeling of familiarity-fatigue. Depending on the car you pick and the type of track you are on, the game is challenging with both fighting or racing. Each level begins with sheep scattered throughout the screen. Share this article! best free android games of 2013