best android puzzle games 2017 free

best android puzzle games 2017 free

March 11, November 20, The Elder Scrolls: Legends. February 5, Farm Heroes Saga. Farm Heroes Super Saga. September 23, Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius. Final Fantasy Grandmasters. February 10, February 2, Fortnite Battle Royale. August 9, Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow. Gangstar Rio: City of Saints. Gameloft Montreal. November 10, Gangstar: New Orleans. November 27, Action-adventure , third-person shooter. December 15, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. Rockstar North , Rockstar Leeds.

December 18, February 11, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Prune Android , iOS is a relaxing, minimalist puzzle game that draws heavily from the Japanese art of bonsai. Players need to carefully cultivate a growing plant, deftly pruning stray branches and taking advantage of the environment and obstacles. If everything works out well your plant gets enough light, then you're rewarded with an elegant bonsai tree with fresh blossoms swaying in the wind.

The game's stark, minimalist aesthetic is joy to behold, and the game has a screen capture function built in, allowing you to save particularly elegant or strange blooms to your camera roll.

A Good Snowman is Hard to Build Android , iOS is a charming puzzle game that casts you in the role of a monster in a hedge maze building snowmen to keep him company. The challenge is in the blend of Sokoban-like push puzzles, with a "Tower of Hanoi"-like system, as each snowman is built with three snowballs of decreasing size. Cute graphics and a calming aesthetic make for a nice, relaxing, family-safe puzzle game. There are more than 20 levels and it is really fun to accompany Lumi through the city.

The locations were then recorded with SLR cameras and transferred into the 3D world. The designers took away depth of field effects.

Without question, Lumino City is graphically perfectly successful. And the puzzles are sometimes crisp. The game really comes into its own on a tablet. You wake up on an island that's deserted. But the whole area seems to have been inhabited until recently. What's the matter with you? And why are there strange boards of patterns all over the place? The Witness challenges you with its geometric puzzles, the rules of which you must learn little by little.

But the best thing is the graphics: Colorful, the Shield TV console paints the island on the TV, so lively that sometimes you just want to roam around to discover and enjoy the view. Of course, it gets much tougher as multiple objects are provided, adding an extra layer of difficulty in discerning the solution. Shadowmatic Free. Puzzle Quest pioneered the match-three RPG concept, but You Must Build a Boat —follow-up to the equally excellent —trumps it on Android by taking a much more frenetic tone.

When he encounters a monster, try to link up three or more blue swords or red wands. Run into a treasure chest? And the quest keeps building, as each run helps you upgrade your gear, expand your boat with rooms and crew members , and become faster and stronger. Unblock Me Free Puzzledom Tropicats: Match 3 Prune Bounce N Bang Triple Town Block Puzzle Smart Puzzle Collection Jigsaw Magic Puzzle Final Thought. By Sabiha Sultana.

Best Puzzle Games for Android Well, puzzle games can be of different kinds. Monument Valley Most people say that Monument Valley is one of the most stunning puzzle games for Android. You can synchronize this game with your other devices.

You can play it using either a smartphone or a tablet. It is also a kind of adventure game. In total, 8 chapters of adventures are available for you to explore. PlayStore 2. Roll the Ball If you are looking for a classic and funny puzzle game with a touch of a modern twist, then Roll the Ball must be the best option for you. There are more than challenging levels to enjoy. There is no time limit and penalty. Unlimited hints and undo options.

Provides daily bonuses and rewards. A 3-star rating is needed for a new record. It is a multiplayer game. PlayStore 3. Cut the Rope 2 Want to try any logical and funny puzzle game? Lots of new characters to meet with. The Room franchise is one of the oldest and most successful puzzle game franchises on mobile. There are four games in the series at the time of this writing. The first two are classic puzzle games. You figure out puzzles to progress until you finish the game.

The third game in the series introduced multiple endings and a slightly heavier narrative. Finally, the most recent game, Old Sins, takes place in a dollhouse. All four games have some similar elements, including outstanding graphics, escape room elements, and clever puzzle designs. They are also usually fairly short games. However, the inclusion of multiple endings gives the later titles some replay value. These are classics in the puzzle game space on mobile and we recommend them highly.

The other two fall between those two price tags. It is colorful titan bubbles jigsaw free puzzles awesome games. This austin classic block puzzle games handling pressure to mystery solve puzzles unblock new levels. This is daily crossword puzzle free with no wifi needed. Sliding Puzzles, Just move and move to complete level.

For three stars, you must pass the levels as quickly and accurately as possible. Well, when it becomes boring to play alone — you can compete with friends. Hocus is a very addictive puzzle game that uses geometric shapes based on optical illusions and paradoxes. The main task is to move the red cube from the start to the finish point of the corresponding shade. Once you do this, you can go to the next level. All this is extremely relaxing.

The game has no time limits, so you can think through the passage as much as you need because the rush is not appropriate. The game has a huge number of levels, so it will attract your attention for a long time. Each level is complicated and consists of its own distinctive figure, which is a visual illusion and cannot exist physically.

You have to overcome the difficult path along their edges. Control of the game is very simple, so even a beginner can handle it. It points to the currently available directions. But all this is done so that you are not distracted from the main task of the game and its passage. All this is accompanied by very melodic music, which allows players to relax while passing the levels.

The Royal Guard — a special military order, organized in the Middle Ages to fight evil, injustice, and sometimes darkness, rising from Hell. But you can still stop the attack — the main thing is to pick up the allies in time and boldly enter the battle. The goal is to collect the figures correctly, correctly choose allies and quickly develop various technologies for conducting fights.

It's all rather gorgeous and mesmerizing. The only snag is ads periodically wrecking the mood, although they can be eradicated with a single IAP. In RGB Express , your aim is to build up a delivery company from scratch, all by dropping off little coloured boxes at buildings of the same colour. Sounds simple, doesn't it? Only this is a puzzler that takes place on tiny islands with streets laid out in a strict grid pattern, and decidedly oddball rules regarding road use. Presumably to keep down on tarmac wear, roads are blocked the second a vehicle drives over them.

Once you're past the early levels, making all your deliveries often requires fashioning convoluted snake-like paths across the entire map, not least when bridge switches come into play. A game about building jiggling great towers and bridges from an army of goo balls. Each solution is up to you: as long as the structure holds you're good to go. Sinkr 2 has you playing with hook and reel contraptions to drag pucks into their waiting receptacles.

And it does so with admirable poise and style. Puzzle games don't come any more stylish than Mini Metro, which essentially turns the timeless London Tube map into an artfully animated management puzzler.

Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. It has brain puzzles for adults kids. These search games for girls with levels best android puzzle games 2017 free lobby lobo and puzzle game bubble It is colorful titan bubbles jigsaw free puzzles awesome tames. This austin classic block puzzle games handling pressure to mystery solve puzzles unblock new levels. This is daily crossword puzzle free with no wifi needed. Sliding Puzzles, Just move and move to complete level. This box Puzzle, Easy to learn but hard to master, and offline free games no wifi needed to best android puzzle games 2017 free next level. This puzzles game for girls and all over age. It is also Family Puzzle Games, Enjoy the game with your family. Easy to fere best android puzzle games 2017 free simple control to move around in the warehouse. You should put all boxes in point out places. You can push only one box at one time, you can also you undo button to reverse moves. Unblocked next level and test yourself, Exercise your brain. best android puzzle games 2017 free of games to play. Test your brain with the best puzzle games for Android! This game is also free to play for folks with Google Play Pass. Our favorite free Android brain-smashers, logic tests and path-finding games. Big fan of puzzle games? Check our list of really best puzzle games that will blow your mind in a very smart way! Free download for Android devices. 20 Best Puzzle Games for Android and iOS. By John Corpuz February 15, From abstract games and physics puzzles to murder mysteries, these are the. i've tried trainyard, cool my personal advice is match app it's free and it's addicting! Anonymous • 5 years ago. This. These are the best puzzle games for Android to play on your games recommendations may lumino city Free Install on Google Play. Best Puzzle Game unblocked games, these are logic puzzles or fantasy games have fantasy adventure, which have mystery case files games roll ball® and. We've got a list of 20 of the best ones on Android for phones and tablets. that is a competent puzzle game that offers a stress-free experience. Deceptively challenging physics puzzles for your brain! Draw shapes to solve challenging physics puzzles. They're not as easy as they look. Care to give one a​. 10 best brain games for Android that you must play. By Sid December 20, The Google Play Store has plenty of puzzle and logic games that will help you This is a free to play game which doesn't require any in-app. The goal is to collect the figures correctly, correctly choose allies and quickly develop various technologies for conducting fights. The criticism is a little more harsh due to its price tag. Each room in the bunker has a bunch of puzzles. The aim is to deliver water to cities, which will otherwise suffer from drought. However, it seems easy for you, please just give it a try. Presumably to keep down on tarmac wear, roads are blocked the second a vehicle drives over them. Think out of the box, crack the puzzles and get ready to take the quiz! So, are you ready to play? They use MC Escher-inspired puzzle mechanics. Basically, you wander around the game world in search of clues and puzzle solutions. Life is Strange is an outstanding adventure-puzzle-drama game. best android puzzle games 2017 free