best android games free download offline

best android games free download offline

You ski down various slopes, make various jumps, and collect a bunch of coins. The coins unlock customization elements in the game shop. You also get colorful, good looking graphics. The mechanics are easy enough. You move forward on your own.

The only player controls are jumping and performing flips in mid-air. The game is free with advertising. You can pay to remove the ads or buy coins to unlock customization elements. Bloons TD 6 is the latest entrant in the classic tower defense franchise. Kindgom: New Lands is a side-scrolling survival strategy game with retro pixel graphics, in which you take on the role of a monarch exploring new lands and building up settlements from scratch.

Although the idea of a wandering king dropping coins on random peasants in the wilderness is a silly scenario, the gameplay is compelling. You move from area to area, gathering coins and carefully deciding where to spend them.

That way when the inevitable invasion comes, your new town can hold it together. The game is simple to play, with one resource to gather and spend coins and a simple tap control. However, don't be fooled, the well-designed areas require real strategy to beat. For example, it seems obvious to cut down all the trees you can for construction, but doing so prevents new encampments from arriving and you need those to recruit the peasants, making you lose out on manpower.

Each new land has different conditions and opportunities that make decisions a careful balancing act. Figuring out the game will at first lead to some inevitable disasters as you experiment. But the challenge is all part of the fun, and provides some heart-pumping moments when the demon army spills from the portal and you need to choose wisely for your poor subjects.

The long-awaited sequel to Alto's Adventure recently arrived on Android! As well as a change of scenery, Alto's Odyssey brings more variety in levels, more movement tricks, more worlds to discover and secrets to find. Beautiful scenery and music help create a relaxing and absorbing atmosphere. You can play the game for points or just chill out with the consequence-free 'zen' mode. Alto's Odyssey is free to play, but you'll get ads in between levels that can be removed for a couple of bucks.

The game uses an upgraded version of the Infinity Gaming Engine which further enhances the gaming experience. Icewind Dale is an enchanted journey into the Spine of the World Mountains which is a dangerous territory with some jarring populace. As the name suggests, Pixel Dungeon has a feel of a traditional game with pixelated graphics.

But make no mistake about its entertainment prowess. The game may seem simple with the objective being to explore the depth of the dungeons, collecting items to fight the monsters and ultimately finding the Amulet of Yendor, things often go out of hand due to one fantastic feature — random level generation. But rather than a storyline or open world premise, the game has different stages to be played, with the ultimate objective being to defeat the dark dragon.

Dark Sword also sports a hardcore mode for the real gaming enthusiasts who are looking for some extra kick. The game is set against an incredible storyline where the humans have discovered the secret to eternal life. This drives the angels and demons to make a pact and claim the apocalypse to maintain the natural flow of things. The game allows you to choose one side and proceeds to the 3-way war to determine who wins it.

If you are a pool enthusiast, this is the game to play with your friends. Since the game costs INR 65 to buy, you can try the free lite version first as a demo before purchasing to make an informed decision.

Roam around playing with bombs and blowing up for friends! Bomb squad surely has an intriguing concept with a bunch of exciting mini-games to play with up to 8 friends. Mini Games like capturing the flag, racing, flying or playing ice hockey and football with bombs not kidding boost the fun quotient to another level. This is an adrenaline pumping FPS game where the objective is to save the humanity from the dark mechanoids.

Neon Shadow also supports controller like Moga and Game Stop Red Samurai to provide a complete gaming experience package to players. You have at your disposal a range of ships, submarines, mines, and radars. Brothers in Arms 3 top our list for the day. It is a massively multiplayer game that can be played against players around the world with an internet connection, though.

But there is an offline story mode too, where we follow Sergeant Wright in the aftermath of the World War 2 invasion. Also, there are four maps to master and two gameplay modes to try — Free for all and Team Death match. Now, you can get the fun and thrill of playing arcade games on your phone, that too when you are not connected to the internet. Check out our list of the best arcade games that you can play offline.

Watch Gameplay In this multiplayer battle game, you get to fight soldiers from all around the world in the setting of World War 2. You can also become Sergeant Wright and embark on a dangerous journey in the aftermath of the D-Day invasion. Win battles to advance in the game and also explore the four maps in this world for a revolutionizing experience.

Play more to upgrade your weapons and recruit team members to gain tactical advantage. You also get to unlock new allies and get cool new features as you play along. There are different mission types like Assault, Sniper, Stealth, and Siege.

Pick your favorite and keep playing. Watch Gameplay This is a journey of co-dependence. There are two vessels in this game, which have to be controlled in sync. You have to fight against all odds and keep the coordination intact to win the game. Duet has won many awards and accolades in the gaming world. In this game, there are two things joined together and have to be navigated in an intense challenge.

There are eight chapters with different narratives and twists. The stage can also be replayed to learn from your previous mistakes. Unlock achievements and test your skills every moment with Survival Mode, Daily Challenges and bonus play. Watch Gameplay This entirely free game is a sequel to the action game Tank Hero. Here, you can charge your lasers and fight new battles to win levels. You will help the inhabitants, moving from one house to another and undoing spells from them.

The game has more than four hundred levels, on each of which it will be necessary to remove combinations of three or more magic jewels and gems so that they disappear from the playing field, giving place to others. Each level will have its own task to be completed. And the number of moves is limited, and if you fail to complete the level, you lose one life. Clockmaker is a puzzle game for Android devices with a very mystical atmosphere. Nevertheless, it will appeal to both adults and children who love puzzles with an exciting plot.

Beautiful graphics and detailed objects will only enhance the pleasure of passing this game. City Island 3 is an exciting application from the creators of SimCity. This simulator is aimed at building a tropical island, its development, and progress. This island is in your hands and you will have to try hard to get a chic metropolis. It will be necessary to take up the construction of new buildings, which will soon attract a large flow of people and the infrastructure will be developed.

The most common buildings, such as gyms, beauty salons, medical and educational institutions, houses, will make people happier and more and more people will want to live here. Initially, there is nothing like this on this small island. All buildings will also bring good profits, which should be aimed at further equipping the city. Also, a pleasant soundtrack will completely immerse you in the atmosphere of the game.

City Island 3 is unambiguously considered to be a great city-building app. Gems of War is an exciting role-playing strategy.

You will be transported into the world of various adventures, choose a cool character and measure your strength with serious opponents from different countries. During the game, it will be necessary to gradually discover new kingdoms, countries, and territories. You will have the opportunity to recruit a lot of troops in your army. A wonderful puzzle in which you need to put stones in a row and come up with unique combinations.

Gather a close-knit team from more than three hundred types of soldiers present, use unique spells and become a winner.

Play an entertaining mini-game, try your hand at various game modes and collect great bonuses. Explore incredible territories, discover new worlds and complete interesting tasks. Take part in the main battles, complete many tasks and collect cool combos. Dumb Ways to Die 2 is a funny game which is a bright continuation of the breathtaking game Dumb Ways to Die. This game will show you many new characters who will participate in the relay race. In mini-games created by developers, these characters will perform various dangerous tasks.

This is the manipulation with electric tools, rocket skis, and relay races with dynamite …. If luck will give you a smile, and you will cope with it perfectly, you will receive a bonus — a high rating and the ability to unlock a new character.

And in order to complete the game completely, it will be necessary to prove yourself well on twenty-eight levels. Then all the characters will be available to you. At the beginning of each level, there are instructions, so that you will not have to learn separately.

Also, each level has a time limit. Players need to have a quick reaction to quickly read the tips and immediately apply them in practice, but otherwise, the game would not be so fun. All players need to remember that they have three lives. When they end, the run ends and you have to start again. The beginning of your journey through the universe begins with getting to know the city. There is both a sports stadium and a train station, from where trains run regularly.

Your task is to choose the place where you want to try your hand and avoid imminent death, adjusting to various tests. Of course, at each location, the tasks will be different. The most important advantage of the application is diversity, which manifests itself both territorially and in the mechanics of performing tasks.

Therefore, the user can be sure that in this game on Android he will not have to perform the same actions. In general, both graphics and musical accompaniment leave a pleasant impression. And so, we do not recommend as in some games little people die in rather unusual ways. Over one hundred million users around the world have spent time in queues, transport and just at home while relaxing with the game.

And now the recently released Temple Run 2 is available to users of the Android platform. In this game, you will not see the gloomy surroundings of the first part, wrapped in lianas and swamps … Anyway, we are met by a heavenly castle with tight ropes, wooden bridges, and an endlessly beautiful celestial view. The pixelated design and text commentary are cherries on top for what is already an engrossing game.

Download: Pixel Dungeon for Android Free. Whether you're looking for a deep management sim or a casual puzzler, here are the best games for any soccer enthusiast. Flick Soccer is an annually updated game with gorgeous graphics, accurate gameplay, and a good physics engine. All you have to do is score goals. Swipe the ball in the right trajectory to get it past the goalkeeper and defenders, and maybe even hit the moving bullseye if you can. Target boosts like more time, double points, and so on can increase your score.

Whether you want the limited-time kicks or precision kicks, Flick Soccer will keep you entertained. Download: Flick Soccer for Android Free. Remember the good old game of Battleship? You and your opponent plot your ships on a grid map and shoot missiles at coordinates, trying to sink them all. This digital recreation, Sea Battle 2, is as much fun as the original. Offline, you can play against the AI and keep getting better. But you can also play this game in multiplayer over Bluetooth.

In fact, two people can play it over a single phone, taking turns. Players will descend on an island using a parachute and Cricket Captain is the eagerly awaited instalment in a series of cricket based games that first began in the year Players get the chance to take Pool is a free pool game where you aim a white arrow on the screen to direct your shots.

Play up to level 10 offline and level online. Make trick CrossFire Legends 1. Go to car driving 2 Cars , Simulation , Driving simulators. APK file of the original app, for those who like Offline games. Go to car driving 2 - get into an excellent car, step on the gas and drive across the big city and its surroundings.

Download Go to car driving 2. Maritime kingdom Strategies , Economic strategy , Historical. Maritime kingdom - build your own empire in the age of great geographic discoveries.

Send your ship sailing to discover new lands. If you love Offline games, regardless of the release date, you will love Maritime kingdom. Download Maritime kingdom. Designed to be played in portrait mode with minimalist monochromatic visuals, Downwell is an excellent, if very challenging, time waster. Perhaps the ultimate town management game on Android and one of the defining games of this generation, Stardew Valley sets up well for mobile.

But you can also log long stretches in Pelican Town quite easily. Taking care of your crops and making small talk with the folks of Pelican Town is surprisingly rewarding. For a large-scale console-style experience on mobile, look no further than Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

The port of the PlayStation 2 classic runs well on mobile and the open-world third-person shooter gameplay still holds up today. San Andreas is one of the best Grand Theft Auto games. It also happens to be one of the best games on Android. A dungeon crawler, Wayward Souls excels in delivering a satisfying and strategic action fit for mobile devices. Minecraft is everywhere, from the PC to the consoles, and now available in Android phones that you can play with ease.

The one that popularized the create-your-own sandbox game. Minecraft Pocket Edition still has the same Minecraft experience that you have known for so long. But streamlining the controls to make it playable in your smartphone.

You build your world by scavenging for materials and use them to build your place and tools. Then, explore the world and expand, but watch out for the Creepers as they can explode upon contact. You can purchase DLC to add more cosmetics and unique skins that will give your avatar some nice appearance but they are all optional. You can still enjoy the game without it. One of the oldest and still loved puzzle games in the mobile scene is Bejeweled. It does not seem to age as the game is still played by millions.

Featuring a very familiar match-three puzzle mechanics. Players match three identical tiles to score points and continue matching other adjacent tiles. Though it might not seem complicated, the advanced levels want to make you pull your hair out.

If the list does not satisfy your appetite, here is the latest compilation of free offline games for Android for the year It is full of humor and interesting. Promised the first time you played it, you will be addicted to the game.

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Android Andgoid. At first glance, this seems like just another endless runner. Endless runners are usually frantic, but this game bucks the trend to make it a soothing, calming experience. In this game, while the chess board remains best android games free download offline, the pieces are completely random. You might start with three queens and a single pawn, while the computer could have a series of six rooks. It makes you discard everything you know about chess, and think out of the box. This might be my favorite non-chess chess game best android games free download offline. Solving a maze is tricky because best android games free download offline its simplicity. For example, in the Darkness mode, you can see the maze at the start. But then everything goes dark except a small spotlight on you, and you have to make best android games free download offline way to the exit. Try other modes like ice floor, where gamds end up sliding ahead of where you wanted to go, or the self-explanatory time trial mode and traps mode. Each cree has plenty of levels best android games free download offline keep you entertained till your fred comes back again. Once Upon A Tower flips a lot of game elements upside barbie princess and the popstar games free online. Instead of a prince rescuing a princess from a tower, the prince is dead and the princess is kicking some butt with a sledgehammer to escape the dragon. Then there are the traps that spring out of nowhere. Once Upon A Tower is oodles dwnload fun, and seemingly endless. Among them, I liked Jungle Marble Blast the best. best android games free download offline Puzzle: Mazes & More. Platform: Once Upon A Tower. Arcade: Jungle Marble Blast. Advertisement. Brainy: Quizoid. Action: Tank Hero: Laser Wars. Puzzle: Sudoku (by Fassor). › Android. Best Stylus Pens for iPad Other Than Apple Pen. Best Value. Product image. Friendly Swede 4-in-1 Stylus. It's a family friendly game that is free to play. The in-app purchases are mostly for cosmetic stuff that doesn't affect the game. DOWNLOAD ON. With more than million plus downloads, the game also boasts of the best racing graphics to hit the Android stores yet. Highlights of the Game include +​. Kingdom Rush Vengeance is another outstanding tower defense game from The Badland series easily tops our list of the best adventure games with their fantastic physics-based gameplay and out of the box levels to complete. Then this game is for you. From the makers of the hit Android game Vector, Shadow Fighter 2 is a popular entry in the list. The gameplay is no doubt very simple, but as the speed of the skateboard increases, the difficulty scales with it as well. A wordless love story, Florence is a stellar visual novel that can be completed in one sitting. It features numerous physical puzzles in a stunning world where you have to solve mind-boggling trials devised by a mysterious genius. Simple, right? Use shotguns, bazookas and many more weapons to shoot your way through the game world. It is easy to understand but requires skill to become advanced. It mixes RPG with Classical fighting, and the result is highly addictive. Watch Gameplay This offline game has great graphics and lets you enjoy it even when you have slow or no internet. Is there a any offline game you would like us to include? He goes on a journey to learn the techniques from the last remaining ninja master in the world. Ever since I was a kid, I always looked at it with disdain because it made me uncomfortable. best android games free download offline