beautiful disaster by jamie mcguire read online free

beautiful disaster by jamie mcguire read online free

Beautiful Disaster - Page 5. Beautiful Disaster - Page 6. And there she is, my beautiful Bella, kneeling on the pillow on the floor, her back to me. She is completely naked, of course, her mahogany hair cascading down over one shoulder as her head is bent.

Around her are four huge white pillar candles, casting the otherwise empty playroom into a warm light. As enticing as the view might be, I get the message she's left for me with the setup. I'm also sure that she chose the candles for a reason, or else she would just have put the lights on dim. That, and we have been talking a lot about trying something new for her, but I haven't gotten down to actually doing anything yet as our schedule has been all screwed up this week.

But now that we have the evening to ourselves, Bella clearly has other plans than spend it snuggling in front of the TV. I slowly step away from the door, trying not to make any additional noise as I go into the bathroom adjacent to our bedroom and quickly undress. Genres: Romance , Young Adult.

Beautiful Disaster. Top novels. Sins of Sevin. If you break these rules, you will get the piss beat out of you and you will be thrown out on your ass without your money! That includes you, ladies! My heart pounded in my chest. With a pink cashmere cardigan and pearl earrings, I felt like a schoolmarm on the beaches of Normandy. I promised America that I could handle whatever we happened upon, but at ground zero I felt the urge to grip her toothpick of an arm with both hands.

After America met Shepley at freshman orientation, she frequently accompanied him to the secret fights held in different basements of Eastern University. Each event was held in a different spot, and kept secret until just an hour before the fight. Because I ran in somewhat tamer circles, I was surprised to learn of an underground world at Eastern; but Shepley knew about it before he had ever enrolled. As a freshman, he was rumored to be the most lethal competitor Adam had seen in the three years since creating the Circle.

Beginning his sophomore year, Travis was unbeatable. Together, Travis and Shepley easily paid their rent and bills with the winnings. Adam brought the bullhorn to his mouth once again, and the yelling and movement escalated to a feverish pace. A circular space cleared, and the mob whistled, booed and taunted the contender.

He bounced up and down and rocked his neck back and forth, his face severe and focused. The crowd quieted to a dull roar, and my hands shot to my ears when music blared through the large speakers on the other side of the room. Shake in your boots, boys, and drop your panties, ladies! He made his entrance, shirtless, relaxed and unaffected. He strolled into the center of the circle as if he were showing up to another day at work.

The guy is drop dead gorgeous, he's dangerous, he's sexy, he wants you even if you're plain like hell and what he feels for you goes beyond words: Edward Cullen, Christian Grey, Patch Cipriano, Kellan Kyle, Travis Maddox, Damen Auguste or Dimitri Belikov, they're all the same!

I find it appalling that young girls actually read this thinking this is exactly how they want to be treated like someday! We're not pets!

No fucking one in the world should be allowed to force you into behaving like a child! And I'm also thinking about boys, they're not exactly the target audience but still; reading this must lead to wonder if this kind of behavior is what chicks like. You know better".

It's so hard to be a teenager, to try to find who you truly are, fiction that is destined to be read by young people has some kind of role, it should set examples instead of showing dysfunctional and extreme codependent relationships like they're normal , because they're not.

That means you're becoming a damn citizen, that you'll study, get to vote, graduate, get a job and make a living! How could you ever want someone to be that intrusive? To go as far as breaking your car down so you can't visit a friend?! Don't you realize it's an offense to your FREEDOM when a guy's literally forbidding you to get out of his house - even after you've asked him to let you go? When he's dragging you out of the car because you're making out with someone - all this when you're not even involved with him?

When he's making you feel like shit because you're seeing someone else? In fact, I won't even get started on all the stupid reactions of Abby.

What kind of girl dates a sweet guy and then goes sleeping in another man's bed every night, when she HAS a choice? She's just a stupid, lying and masochist tease. Then she encourages Travis to beat the shit out of someone in the middle of the cafeteria? Just because someone whistles at her or something, she says like "Teach him some manners! The poor guy ends up curled up in fetal position, covered in blood and unable to move.

How can you stand this? No really, how can you read this? How can you accept it? Where is your sense of civility, or your instinct of protection towards the human kind? How come no one in the cafeteria stands up and tries to stop this? Easy answer. Because everyone is fucking terrified to get hurt! Like that's normal! It scares the shit out of me to see that some people are able to read such violence and yet remain flippant and oh-so-casual like it's no big deal.

It makes me wonder, if they ever witness a real beat-up, would they react? Would they care? Or has modern entertainment succeeded in making all forms of abuse look so cavalier that it doesn't shock anyone anymore?.. Travis kept opening the door when Abby was with her date on the porch late at night, or coming in the bathroom when she was taking a shower, refusing to get out, and generally being so nosy it was a shocking wonder how NO ONE told him to fuck off!

It is BUT romantic! I don't give a damn whether the guy's a vampire, or an angel, or a fucking rock star, or if it was a bet or not, it's just NOT okay! How could violence keep being depicted as something acceptable - let alone romantic? It's not a game! And she keeps forgiving him, every single time. How do you think real abusive relationships start? Did you fuck him? Are you cheating on me? Don't you lie to me, bitch. I can see it in your eyes!

You just wait a couple of years, Abby. Again, awfully stupid and arrogant Abby stays at Travis's apartment and she sleeps in his bed because she doesn't really have a choice. But the guy's bringing chicks in the living room, having a big loud threesome.. And one day later, he takes Abby's hand, acts all warm and fuzzy, saying stuff like "You're better than this [I'm not fucking you like I fuck the rest of 'em], that's why I treat you different, don't you ever get near boys or I swear I'll destroy them.

When you read something like that your fucking alarm must spark off! I don't know what to say anymore because honestly I feel like I shouldn't even have to say all this in the first place.

What is this message that's conveyed? Should we girls be standing on the corner, watching our love interest that pretendedly loves us fuck his brains out with the whole planet and calmly stating "I can deal with his behavior because, well, he's really hot"?

Or because he's so romantic that he managed to nickname her after the most stupid volatile on earth , a. Why would you want to lock yourself up in some scary relationship where in the end, you just lose everything; your independence, as well as your right to have a life that doesn't exclusively revolves around him?

Why would you want to give up your liberty as an individual in order to be so tied up with your love interest that you can't even breathe on your own? And for those who pretendedly realized that it wasn't healthy, but yet managed to like the book anyway: why would you want to witness such a relationship?

What's the pleasure in contemplating two people who never, ever realize how deep they've fallen into violence and abuse? What matters are the facts, here and now , that Abby acknowledges them while they're horrible and still manages to stay with Travis. I couldn't finish the fucking book because I was feeling sick to my stomach - and I insist on saying the characterization of the love story was goddamn awful and should never be seen as something okay. So do you honestly think I care when you say I should have finished it before writing all this?

Give me a fucking break. I have witnessed abusive relationships in real life; this book depicts the beginning of one, and the memories alone are enough to make me wanna puke. I sure as hell won't force myself to undergo the whole pages.

Therefore he forces her to change. May I send you back to the "This is not okay behavior" part of the review? I'd like to talk about this for a second. I'm a firm believer that you can love someone in an unconditional way without having to show it with material proofs.

Marriage and tattoos? What is this? Travis unexpectedly got an "Abby" tattoo, without warning her, without considering the consequences of such an act but I guess I'm asking too much from him, considering he's got tribal tattoos all over his body.

Anyway, Travis emotionally challenged her, and so she got one too. Again, what is this? A leash that she will never, ever be able to free herself from? What if their relationship doesn't last? What if they get a divorce? Basically, until the day she dies, she will look at her skin and remember that at some point in her life, she chose to mark herself not as a person, but as a wife.

As someone's something. And that's just terrible. In my humble opinion, I think it is better that I just don't finish it. Like, ever. I'm writing all this because I feel so MAD about this book.

Women fought and still fight every day so we can be treated as equals and not as objects. I'm not going to sit still and pretend this book didn't horrify me. Because it did.

It fucking did, big time. Also believe it or not but I'm not doing this to tear the author down, I don't really care about her, my review isn't about her but about the book. It's nothing personal, I respect her as a human being. I just feel very sorry for the messages she conveys through this everything but Beautiful Disaster. About that. Since the author of Beautiful Disaster made me be a part of it, I've decided to join here two links.

The first one is a blog post , written by author Hannah Moskowvitz. Check it out, it's really good. Second one , written by Nafiza, on her blog. And I have one thing to say: you go, girl.

For the trolls who've been telling me for the past fucking year that this is just fiction: not only do you come off as stupidly paradoxical for being on Goodreads in the first place, because it's a website for people who feel passionate about books, but you're also wrong.

When you read a book for entertainment purposes only, you're relaxed and receptive, almost vulnerable, as unconsciously, you assume that what you're reading is okay and right otherwise it wouldn't be published, would it?

Therefore you don't really pay attention to the real meaning behind what you're reading. After all, "It's just a book", right? Sometimes you have to wake up, and realize that what you're reading is in reality a dangerous stinking piece of shit. Yes, it's a book, but young girls read this and unconsciously absorb the messages that are being sent, and then it has an impact on the way they carry out their personal lives, without even realizing that stupid books like this one contributed to giving her a black eye and pushing her down the stairs.

Because they've been reading about that "hot" behavior for so long, they've been sexualizing it and they've been associating it with good looks, and of course, with the ultimate perfect happy ending.

In reality, it doesn't work like that. You can't change someone who's damaged and unstable just because you love them, no matter what the books try to tell you.

Don't waste your time trying. And the fact that Travis Maddox is described as being extremely hot is a manipulation that tries to trick you into thinking that if it's beautiful, then it must be good. Think about that: a weird, ugly guy who follows you around and destroys his apartment because you didn't pick up your phone wouldn't be hot, it'd be creepy as fuck.

And that's what I'm asking you now: try to think beyond the "good looks" and the sugarcoating that goes with it that the medias are trying to feed you, and just think by yourself.

By the way, it also leads to fucking idiotic bitches who tweet about how they wouldn't mind being beaten up by Chris Brown because he's so hot. What the fuck? There aren't enough words to say how wrong this is. What do I care, you say? I care because I'm a woman and reading this makes me ashamed. Wake the fuck up, girls, and never accept being treated like that. You are an individual, you are important and you matter. Your decisions will have impacts.

You deserve so much better than someone like this Travis-fucking-asshole. Let him go die in a fucking hole and go lead your own life like the independent and free person you are. And please, destroy the person who will so much as try to tell you otherwise.

Finally, last but not least. Due to some comments, it feels like it's time to clarify some stuff. If this review pissed you off, or offended you, you should know that I don't give a shit about, well, what you think. If this is about my swearing, or my aggressivity, you were warned from the very first line and I don't have anything to say to you about it.

You knew it was a 1 star rating so basically, no one forced you to read but yourself. Get over it and move on. Simple as. And I know I mentioned the 5 stars ratings girls and all, but really it was just semantics, don't feel like you should comment my review to express your disagreement or your undying love for Travis , cause whatever you say, it won't change the way I feel.

I mean it, don't comment. Because I don't give a fuck about what you have to say! Unless it is interesting, of course. And mine. Obviously, we won't get along and if you can't understand what I'm trying to say then it's fine, keep loving Eclipse and Blood Promise and Hush Hush , I mean, it's cool. Honestly, I'm serious, tastes and perceptions and ideals are all different and I don't have a say in this, and neither do you.

So, well, you can just save your time with the comments. And fuck off already. Thank you. View all comments. Sherri I honestly No body needs this book or hush hush. Both were really bad. But I love your review Jul 11, AM. Because the abuse was normalized to me in the books I read growing up. May 08, Lucy rated it did not like it Shelves: chicklit , how-did-this-get-published , oh-the-hype , vomit-in-a-hat , anti-feminist , romance , lost-interest-based-on-author , parents-are-evil , adult , lost-interest-based-on-reviews.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This is where we meet Travis 'Mad Dog' Maddox, the male romantic lead. He, of course, wins his fight. The female lead, Abby, is attending the fight club for the first time that night. She ends up with blood on her cashmere sweater and a new name given to her by Travis, who doesn't even bother to ask for her name before arbitrarily deciding on 'Pigeon. We meet Travis again in the cafeteria.

He is being "followed by two voluptuous bottle-blondes wearing Sigma Kappa tees. One of them sat on Travis' lap, the other sat beside him, pawing at his shirt. One of the blonde's calls her a skank. Travis "lets his knees give way, sending her tumbling to the floor" because America is his friend. This little interlude sets up two major reoccurring issues: girl on girl hate and Travis treating girls like garbage to step over.

Every girl in the book except for Abby and America is a skank, a bitch or a bitchy skank. As for Travis, this incident of deliberately humiliating a girl in public and dropping her on the floor like the used condom wrapper she represents to him is actually as close to a gentleman as he ever gets because this is one of the mildest examples of his behavior.

After lunch, Travis and Abby conveniently have a class together although they seemed to have seen each other for the first time at the fight last night. Whatever, get used to this author making up shit as she goes along and writing inconsistently from start to finish. I can give you a list of minor yet annoying continuity issues in the comment section below if asked.

Travis fixates on Abby and sits beside her, leaving disappointed girls by his usual seat. He indicates she should take notes for him and spends the rest of the class zoned out. Never fear though! Travis is a freaking genius. He doesn't need notes or studying or attending classes to ace the grades. On a similar note, he also does not need to eat healthy or exercise to maintain his muscle mass and six pack! I'm sorry, but every guy I've talked to with a body like Travis's could go on extensively about his diet and workout regime.

We don't have to worry about believability in this world because despite the lack of traditional fantasy markings nothing about this book remotely resembles reality. In this world, control and abuse can turn into a happily ever after. Beautiful Oblivion The Maddox Brothers 1. Requiem Providence 2.

Beautiful disaster, p. Beautiful Disaster, p. The stairs were crumbling, the rowdy patrons were shoulder to shoulder, and the air was a medley of sweat, blood and mold. Voices blurred as they yelled numbers and names back and forth, and arms flailed about, exchanging money and gestures to communicate over the noise. I squeezed through the crowd, following close behind my best friend. Her broad smile gleamed even in the dim light. America grabbed his hand and then mine as Shepley led us through the sea of people. The sharp beautiful disaster by jamie mcguire read online free of a bullhorn cut through the smoky air. The noise startled me, and I jumped in reaction, looking for the source of the blast. A man stood on a wooden chair, holding a wad of cash in one hand, the horn in the other. He held the plastic to his lips. If you are looking for Economics …you are in the wrong fucking place, 2 player baseball games online free friend! If you seek the Circle, this is Mecca! My name is Adam. I make the airplane flight simulator games free download beautiful disaster by jamie mcguire read online free I call the fight. Betting ends once the opponents are on the floor. No touching the fighters, no assistance, no bet switching, and no encroachment of the ring. If you break these rules, you will beautiful disaster by jamie mcguire read online free the piss beat out of you and you will be thrown out on your ass without your money! That includes you, ladies! My heart pounded in my chest. With a pink cashmere cardigan and pearl earrings, I beautiful disaster by jamie mcguire read online free like a schoolmarm on the beaches of Normandy. I beautiful disaster by jamie mcguire read online free America that I could handle whatever we happened upon, but at ground zero I felt the urge to grip her toothpick of an arm with both hands. After America met Shepley at freshman orientation, she frequently accompanied him to the secret fights held in different basements of Eastern University. Each event was held in a different spot, and kept secret until just an hour before the fight. beautiful disaster by jamie mcguire read online free Beautiful Disaster. Author: Jamie McGuire. Book #1 of Series: Beautiful View: Published year: GENRES. Romance. Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful #1​). Beautiful Disaster, p Part #1 of Beautiful series by Jamie McGuire. slower, 1. Read Beautiful Disaster eBook onlie. The book is wrote by Jamie McGuire. Free Books Online Read by Jamie McGuire in A Beautiful Funeral (The Maddox Brothers #5) Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful #1). Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful #1) Author: Jamie McGuire. Chapter 1. I close my eyes as I sag against the wall of the elevator, the light ding drowned out by my. Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful #1). by Jamie McGuire · Walking Disaster (Beautiful #2). by Jamie McGuire · A Beautiful Wedding (Beautiful #). by Jamie McGuire. Read Walking Disaster free novels read online from your Pc, Mobile. Walking Disaster (Beautiful #2) is a Romance Books by Jamie McGuire. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Online Stores ▾ Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James Hopeless by Colleen Shelves: for-that-bodice-ripper-group, free-from-​work. 8novels jamie mcguire. Comments 2 Guest Hannah. Beautiful Disaster. He strolled into the center of the circle as if he were showing up to another day at work. Betting ends once the opponents are on the floor. Quote: Guest Hannah. As a freshman, he was rumored to be the most lethal competitor Adam had seen in the three years since creating the Circle. You ruined her sweater. God, I love you! I was shoved from behind, and Travis caught me by the arm before I fell forward. Home Romance Beautiful Disaster. Other author's books: A Beautiful Wedding. My heart pounded in my chest. If you are looking for Economics …you are in the wrong fucking place, my friend! He chewed on the pen in his mouth and smiled, undoubtedly his most charming. beautiful disaster by jamie mcguire read online free