ball o tron free online game

ball o tron free online game

The Flynn's Arcade scoop area. If the divider doesn't deflect the ball to the left and into the scoop, it will send it to the right where it rolls over a switch which starts a second skill shot. The start of the second skill shot.

As the ball rolls through one of the inlanes and down to the right flipper, a shot to the left ramp will score a K skill shot award increasing by 50K each time. The third skill shot option needs to be explicitly chosen by the player before plunging the ball, by holding in the left flipper button. Normally, when the ball is launched, the pop-up post in the right orbit lane rises to prevent a full orbit and send the ball back into the pop bumpers.

The pop-up post at the top of the right orbit lane. If the left flipper button is held in, the pop-up post remains down and the ball continues around the orbit lane to the upper flipper. The skill shot is then to use the upper flipper to shoot the ball up the right ramp. Shoot the right ramp for a skill shot.

Those are the three skill shots but each also gives an additional benefit it you successfully make the shot. If you get the ball into the arcade scoop from the skill shot, you also collect your first mystery award which is lit at the start of the game. This is displayed as a pan across various video games, settling on the one with the selected award. The mystery award can be collected whenever it is lit during the game - including during multiball modes - by shooting the scoop.

Re-lighting the mystery award is achieved by shooting the right orbit. We haven't seen the extra ball awarded, but we can confirm the Light Special award is indeed given. Both most likely depend on the percentaging set up within the game, the number of free games awarded through reaching replay levels and matches, and may also require a certain number of games to be played before the software will consider giving either award.

The left ramp skill shot choice also collects a lit Light Cycle insert from the ramp, but it additionally begins one of the modes on the progress ladder, so that's where we'll visit next. Tron uses the tried and tested ruleset which asks you to complete or at least play all the game's features to get to the wizard mode at the end.

It's a pretty straightforward proposition and doesn't complicate things by having two sets of objectives for two different wizard modes, like Iron Man does. There's one list of features to play - albeit a fairly lengthy one - and that list, together with the the prize for completing them, form the progress ladder. The movie's characters sit at the bottom of the ladder, the set-piece multiball battles are near the top with the ultimate aim - Portal - sitting at the very top.

We shall look at each of them in turn to see what you have to do to complete them, but before we get into the detail, there's a subtle change to the way the ladder works compared to previous games. With Iron Man, Avatar and The Rolling Stones, getting part-way through a mode or feature will light the corresponding insert on the ladder, while completing it will cause the insert to flash. Tron swaps these behaviours round, so a flashing insert indicates the mode is part-finished, and a solidly lit insert shows it was fully completed.

Both ways have their merits but as the game likes to quote from time to time, " The rules have changed ". In fact, if you opted for the second of the three skill shots, you've already got it flashing as it merely needs the ball to roll over the switch to the right of the Flynn's divider to flash the Flynn insert.

Go through here to flash the Flynn insert on the progress ladder. Rolling over that switch starts Find Flynn mode where a flashing red arrow lights on the left orbit for a couple of seconds. This flashing arrow then roams across the playfield from left to right, moving to the left ramp, the left inner loop, the right inner loop, the right ramp and the right orbit, before reversing direction and heading to the left.

It isn't a timed mode and the strobing arrow continues moving across the playfield until you shoot it. If you shoot the flashing shot, you find Flynn, score the Flynn value which starts at K and increases by 50K each time you find him, The Flynn insert is lit.

That's all there is to Flynn. It's simple to start, simple to complete and worth a moderate amount of points. Apart from starting Find Flynn, triggering the rollover switch also starts another feature called Zen.

To go with Zen you also get a nice pixelation of the existing frame and de-pixelation to the word 'ZEN'. Zen is a useful helper which allows you to complete all the T-R-O-N inserts and start the current Tron mode with just one shot to any of the four targets. The first time you roll over the switch you get the Zen display, but after that it's the instructions for Find Flynn.

Starting Zen also scores you a rather appropriate 42K points. So her associated mode is called Follow Gem. Follow Gem is a timed mode which by default lasts for twenty-five seconds, but this can be changed in the set-up menu.

The Gem shot is the inner right loop - the lane just above the right ramp who loops back to the pop bumpers. Three shots the this lane are needed to start the first Follow Gem, five shots for the second time, seven shots for the third, and so on. Additionally, a Gem shot can be awarded as an Arcade mystery award when it lands on the Advance Gem screen. If Gem is only one shot from starting, this becomes Start Gem instead.

Those twenty-five seconds might not seem long enough to start other features or score many points, so Follow Gem has a trick up its sleeve. Once Follow Gem is running, shooting either spinner - on the right orbit or the left inner loop - will add ten seconds to the timer up to a limit of forty seconds.

Gem's timer is shown on by the centre block of ten dots on the dividing line between the scores and the animations. The full forty seconds equates to all ten dots, so when the mode is started, the 25 seconds you are given only lights six of them. Starting Follow Gem is enough to get the Gem insert on the progress ladder flashing, and collecting a Gem follow award lights the insert solidly. The Gem insert is now lit.

Follow Gem continues until the time runs out or you lose the ball, when you get to see the total Follow Gem points you earned. After this, an additional two shots are needed to the inner right loop to start the next Follow Gem mode.

The Gem value resets to K each time you restart Gem, so it's definitely worth keeping the mode going as long as possible and keep building that award by K per shot.

Although there are Clu inserts scattered around the playfield, to start his mode you need to complete the three C-L-U rollover lanes in the left and right inlanes. The C-L-U lanes. Lighting an unlit lane by rolling over its respective switch lane change is available to rotate the lit and unlit inserts with the flipper buttons scores 10K, and lighting them all gets you 50K.

When all three have been lit, the scoop is ready to start Terminate Clu. Terminate Clu doesn't have an arrow like most of the other scoop features, but the Clu insert which is vaguely in the same vicinity lights up to let you know Terminate Clu is ready.

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Click here to play Dodge Game Ragdoll Avalanche 2 Awesome game. Click here to play Zelda Flash Game Same Screen. Brawler for up to 8 local or online players. Tank game. Shared screen for up to 8 players. Split screen for up to 4 players. Astronaut monkeys with jet-packs and powerful robot arms cooperate to lay physics based 2d puzzles. Max 4 XInput pads, 2 keyboard players, up to 8 DirectInput pads.

Simple 2D side view physics based arena stabbing game. Birds with sharp beaks stab each other till they explode. Silly fun with 8 local players, especially when drunk. Co-op survival for local players. Input support: mouse, keyboard, gamepad, smartphones as controllers. Top down, single screen. Fast paced strategy game about expanding your territory.

Gameplay is simultaneous and a match lasts around 10 minutes. Mix up to 2 keyboard players and 8 gamepads.

Top-down racing game for up to 8 local players. Max 4 XInput pads. Support for 2 players per controller. Physics based 2d platforming. Coop and vs modes. Unknown number of controllers supported. Old school beat 'em up for up to 8 players. Flash Player needs to be enabled to play Zombotron. That didn't work?

Go here for more help. Play anytime and anywhere! Desktop, tablet, and mobile device compatible! Create and share your Disney self with friends and family using Disney-inspired outfits and accessories. Play the style copier dress up game Surf's Up and see how many surf outfits you can recreate from memory before time runs out.

Play the dress up game Stylish Sporty and see how many sporty outfits you can recreate from memory. Help Phineas and Ferb make amazing machines to collect moisture from the broken vaporators! Help the rebels strike back against Imperial forces.

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