baghban hindi full movie free download

baghban hindi full movie free download

Contact lavsvoltpawi. Streaming and Download help. Retrieved 21 February Penguin Group. Retrieved 28 December Retrieved 8 February Retrieved 13 July Box Office India. Archived from the original on 15 February Films by B. Mahabharat Vishnu Puran Salim Khan Javed Akhtar.

India Baghban TED Talks Daily. World News Roundup. Daily Boost Daily Coaching and Motivation. Science Friday. This American Life. I believe that Baghban should be made into a book, but that is my view.

If you haven't seen Baghban, watch it as soon as possible. It is worth the time. Amitabh and Hema Malini excelled in their respective roles and emotions shown by them were able to bring tears in my eyes, especially when they are separated.

Baghban, should be shown to every child to let them know the value of parents. What a great movie! I don't have to tell you that. Yes, the movie is somehow a little bit overdone, but the story is very new and refreshing.

Two parents who have brought up 5 sons and at the end they only can depend on one, an adopted son. I didn't like all of the sons as actors. The four men who came directly out of soap series, don't have it in them to play in a big Bollywood movie. They don't act confident although they try very hard. Even Salman Khan acted badly at the end of his speech for his father. What was he doing? Crying or something? I like him more in movies where he plays a mental patient like in Tere naam or Kyon ki?

Not because I think Salman is a retard, but he is very great in such roles. The little boy who played the grandson was ridiculous to see. I have seen much better young actors of his age. Great songs, and well done dancing. The end of Amitabh's speech where he thanks his wife is stolen directly from the movie A beautiful mind. A pity, but still Amitabh can make such a boring speech so interesting. Talking about boring, maybe one of the reporters in the movie has been sleeping when he asked: "If it would have been your own experience, what would you have done?

Sir Amitabh with his legendary performances has once again proved that he is the star of all the times and the legend of the new millenium. What should I say about Madam Hema Mailini, she really knows the magic how to grasp time in her hand and as time has passed she has really become more beautiful. Madam Hema Malini's performances were also fabulous.

And about Salman Khan, this is the first film where I have liked his performances. Buddy 4 January Watching "Baghban" is the movie equivalent of trying to eat one's way out of a vat of saltwater taffy for nigh unto three hours. This Indian film is a sticky sweet, sentimental soap opera that starts off like "King Lear," moves on to "Romeo and Juliet" in the middle section, then heads back again to "King Lear" for its tear-soaked finale. Raj Malhotra is a bank accountant who seems to have everything a man could possibly want out of life: a wife who adores him, a family who loves him, and a job from which he is about to retire after a lifetime of faithful service.

Even though Raj and his wife, Pooja, have been married for 40 years and have four grown sons, they still act like a couple of love struck newlyweds, cooing and sighing, batting their eyes at one another and whispering sweet nothings into each other's ears almost to the point of nausea. In fact, the whole bloody brood is so happy, loving and harmonious that they make the Von Trapps look like a dysfunctional family in comparison. The parents and children joke together, laugh together, even perform elaborately choreographed, "spontaneous" song-and-dance numbers together like many Bollywood productions, "Baghban" is a drama interspersed with a great number - in this case, far too great a number - of musical sequences.

Anyone who knows anything at all about storytelling is aware that such unadulterated bliss can not be allowed to go unpunished for long, and that all that joy is merely the prelude to some awful catastrophe destined to come crashing down on the heads of our unsuspecting revelers.

Knowing this, we spend the first hour of the film in fearful expectation, wondering just what form that disaster will take when it does finally arrive. The thunderclap occurs about an hour into the film, when Raj announces to his children that he and their mother have decided to move in with one of their families, leaving the choice of which one it will be up to the kids and their respective spouses.

Suddenly, like King Lear discovering the vipers hidden in the familial bosom, Raj finds out that his children are not quite as loving, selfless and eager to share their homes and lives with their parents as he had originally thought.

Understandably horrified at the prospect, the kids, in order to foil their parents' plan, come up with a scheme in which Raj will go live with one of their children, while Pooja will live with another; then they will switch off until, eventually, each of the children has had a chance to host both parents and then the cycle will repeat itself ad infinitum.

Much to the chagrin of the kids, the parents accede to the plan, even though the two are deeply in love with one another and have never spent any time apart. Thus, the second and most of the third hour are spent with the two aging albeit married lovers pining away for one another, while their ungrateful, insensitive little brats do everything in their power to make their parents understand how unwelcome they are in their homes.

One of the major problems with "Baghban" is that it lacks subtlety in both its storytelling and direction. The love that Ray and Pooja feel for one another, as well as the almost giddy closeness of the family unit, is laid on so thickly in the first hour that the film almost collapses under the weight of the sentimentality. Then, virtually without any warning, the screenplay turns on a dime and converts the kids into callous, self-centered monsters and the parents into passive, whiny victims of that callousness.

Raj and Pooja are a little too long in the tooth and a little too self-reliant to be doing the dreamy-eyed, pouting, unrequited love bit, more appropriate to lovelorn school kids than the parents of four grown children. The purple prose style, in which every emotion is underlined and highlighted, leads to intense overacting and a heavy reliance on corny reaction shots and melodramatic music for punctuation.

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However their trip turns into a deadly survival when an ex-cop tries to stop them to reach Mumbai. See what's trending now. Raj Malhotra and wife Pooja have four sons. The sons have settled down professionally and are quite independent. However, when Raj Malhotra retires, none of his children want to be burdened with the responsibility of taking care of their parents.

Strangely, it is the adopted son who proves to be the most kind hearted of them all. Salman's girlfriend eventually marries him. The question is, will Raj and Pooja's sons learn the folly of their ways and turn over a new leaf? Raj Malhotra Amitabh Bachchan and his beloved wife of 40 years, Pooja Hema Malini , have given all they have emotionally and monetarily to their five sons, four natural and one adopted played by Salman Khan.

When Raj retires, he has no money set aside and assumes that his children will help him as he has helped them. Instead, his four natural sons resent his request and split up the loving couple with plans to rotate their parents between homes. Raj and Pooja are heartbroken without each other, but have no way to change their circumstances until chance helps them out.

This sometimes overly sentimental movie is a sweet love story of a long-married couple. It's also a discussion of respect and what is owed to one's parents.

Bachchan is a wonderful actor, as is Malini. Their chemistry was excellent.

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