baby daddy season 4 episode 13 online free

baby daddy season 4 episode 13 online free

Rogelio enlists Jane to help him seem smart at a fancy dinner party. Jane is torn between perfecting her thesis and committing to her wedding date. Michael's fate hangs in the balance. Faced with a dilemma, Xo weighs her options. Anezka's ruse wears thin. Jane learns Alba's family secrets. Michael fights for his life in the hospital. When the police ask "Petra" for help, they notice she's behaving oddly. Xo makes a confession to Rogelio. Rafael admits something to Jane that strains their parenting relationship.

Alba learns Xo's secret. Anezka looks for dirt on Rafael but finds romance. Jane and Michael take the next step in their relationship.

Rogelio makes a move to become a crossover star. Luisa chooses between her family and Rose. A nasty surprise ruins Jane and Michael's plans for a housewarming party. Xo starts a new career.

Blackmail spurs Anezka to sell her Marbella shares. Rafael grows suspicious of "Petra" and begins spying on her. Alba agrees to allow Jane to read letters from Cecilia, but under one condition. Jane receives an unexpected visitor. After being served with a lawsuit, Petra seeks help from Rafael. The police get a break in the Mutter case. Jane's visitor overstays her welcome. Rogelio seeks the help of a celebrity matchmaker. Rafael's childhood memories provide a clue in the Mutter case.

Michael makes a bold career change. The Villanuevas learn about Rogelio's baby plans. Petra suspects Rafael and Scott are conspiring against her.

As Jane finishes her novel and Michael preps for entrance exams, stress takes a toll. To destroy Rafael's will addendum, Petra employs a distraction. Seasons and episodes availability varies between streaming services and are catered to CA users. Most recommended streaming services. Their lives are turned upside down when they come home one day to find a baby girl left on the doorstep by an ex-girlfriend of Ben's.

After much deliberation, Ben decides to raise the baby with the help of his friends and his protective and sometimes over-bearing mother, Bonnie, and his close female friend, Riley. A grumpy Ben wishes there was no such thing as Christmas, then is shocked when the fulfillment of his desire not only erases the holiday, but Emma's existence as well.

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Riley wants to share her true feelings with Danny before his romance with Robyn progresses, but complications arise. Meanwhile, Ben and Bonnie create a secret admirer for Tucker in order to boost his confidence about his love life. Riley hides at her mom's house, unable to face her problems with Ben and Danny.

Meanwhile, Bonnie's determined to get the listing for the apartment of her recently deceased neighbor, even if it means using Danny to get it. Emma's babysitters feel unappreciated, so they go on strike, forcing Ben to bring Emma along on his dates and shifts at work. Meanwhile, Danny and Bonnie enroll in a cooking class with her favorite chef; and Tucker tells Riley to invent a fake boyfriend. Ben and Riley make a bet concerning strangers in a bar and it leads to trouble at work for both of them: Riley sleeps with a stranger who becomes her new boss, and Ben sleeps with the wife of the man who's trying to purchase the bar where he works.

Tucker hires Riley to represent him in a lawsuit against a construction company, but his hazy memory makes the case challenging for her. Danny finally reveals to Ben that Riley has been in love with him since they were kids. Upon hearing this, he decides to set up a romantic date before taking her back to his apartment for her surprise party. However, things go awry when he loses her on the subway. Meanwhile, Bonnie and Tucker get in contact with Angela Mimi Gianopulos , Emma's mother, after realizing that Bonnie never sent in the paperwork granting Ben sole custody of Emma.

Riley finds her way back to Ben's apartment and says she realized Ben ditched her when she was in the Bronx and that it was the worst birthday ever.

After Danny hears that Ben lost Riley on the subway, he berates him by saying that he knew that he would hurt her feelings if he told him that she's in love with him. Amy overhears this and tearfully breaks up with Danny.

Ben returns inside and explains to Riley that he lost her and what his plans were and she tries to leave but he stops and kisses Riley, who kisses him back. Angela is then standing in Ben's doorway and states that after seeing a picture of a smiling Emma, she decided that she misses her and wants her back. After Riley's party, Tucker asks Danny if he's okay with Ben dating Riley and he says yes, while also revealing that he got a tattoo of Amy's name on his wrist before she broke up with him, and a wrist tattoo of Riley's name, on the other.

Ben and Danny shop at the last minute to buy Emma the perfect toy, which leads to them making a deal with Edwin Leslie Jordan , a shady mall elf. Riley and Tucker are appointed as Bonnie's "little helpers", to help pull off the perfect Christmas for the apartment. Now that they are officially a couple, Ben and Riley are thinking about taking their relationship to the sexual level.

Emma's mother, Angela tries to be more involved in her daughter's life, despite frequent ridicule from Bonnie. Tucker helps Danny get back into the dating scene, after Amy breaks up with him. Angela continues to romantically pursue Ben, despite the fact that he is in a relationship with Riley. Still jealous of Ben and Riley's relationship, Danny decides it is time to get his own apartment.

Bonnie lies about her age, as she is dating a younger guy named Brad Peter Porte. Now that Ben and Riley have broken up, they both decide to rebound with their exes. Riley gets back with Fitch, and Ben gives into feelings for Angela. To get a promotion to television producer, Tucker books Danny on Mary Hart 's talk show.

Riley is left in charge of watching Piper Stockdale Lucy Hale , a minister's daughter, whose father is being investigated for money laundering. However, Piper turns out to be a handful to every one around her unbeknownst to Riley, who believes Piper's sweet innocent act. After burning down an apartment that Bonnie was going to sell for her new real estate job, Ben tries to make things right with Bonnie's boss Carol Beltran Maria Canals-Barrera.

Danny and Tucker make a bet to swear off women. Tired of Sondra Rachna Khatau , their overbearing board president, Ben, Danny and Tucker campaign to have her removed from the position, after she shuts down their rooftop beach. Bonnie and Riley go on a double date with Brad and his twin brother Tad.

However, the women suspect that Tad doesn't really exist and that Brad is covering for the fact that he flirted with Riley, so Bonnie doesn't break up with him. Ben finds the cell phone of an attractive woman named Sydney Aimee Carrero , who he believes is his new soul-mate.

However, the relationship sours, when Ben is late to meet her to give back her cell phone, so Ben asks Tucker to pretend to be him, so he can swoop in salvage his relationship with her.

Riley meets up with Heather Cassie Scerbo , her competitive friend from summer camp, she then has Danny get involved to prove how successful her life is now. Bonnie's new real estate ads send the wrong messages to her customers. Ben makes a bet with Riley that he will able to get a date with Riley's friend Heather, even though Ben and Heather only had a one-night stand, and Heather has already forgotten about him. Bonnie wants to break up with Brad, but changes her mind after he ends up in the hospital and confesses his love for her.

Bonnie also falls for Brad's father Jim Bruce Thomas. Tucker tries to use Emma to pick up women. Not knowing about Philip, a misunderstanding from Bonnie, has her thinking that Riley has fallen for Danny. Riley wants Ben to be friends with Philip. Ben then pretends to be Philip and flirts with one of his students and puts Philip's job in jeopardy when he is charged with sexual harassment.

Danny's hockey playing is criticized by Logan Courtney Parks , an attractive sports reporter, but that does not stop them from sleeping together, which bothers Bonnie.

Tucker develops a fake British accent to pick up women. Tucker begins dating Stephanie Kelsey Chow , a woman who previously dated Ben, with Ben fearing that Stephanie is still holding a grudge against him, due to things ending badly between the two of them. Jensen invites Riley to a spa day with the other women at the law office, with Bonnie also being invited by Mrs. Jensen, as Riley's plus one, much to Riley's dislike. Ben has a hard time meeting women and agrees to have Bonnie be his " wingmom ".

However, Bailey Bailey Buntain , the woman that Bonnie has set Ben up with, has a very similar personality to Bonnie's. Riley and Tucker accidentally wreck Danny's new car, that used to belong to Danny's dad.

Ben wants to throw Emma her 1st birthday party at the ice cream parlor where he used to work as a teenager. However, he has been banned from the parlor since then for having sexual relations with the boss's daughter. Bonnie still has feelings for Brad and asks for Tucker's help to get him back. Brad has the same feelings for Bonnie, but is encouraged by Ben to date someone else, after Bonnie tells Ben, Tucker and Danny prior, that she is over Brad, before changing her mind.

Danny helps Riley and Margot have a better mother-daughter relationship and is upset that Margot allowed Riley to let Philip move into Riley's place. Danny and Riley attend a prom at their old high school as chaperones. Now knowing that her Aunt Margot is her biological mother, Riley sets out to find her biological father, with help from Ben.

Harrington , a successful lawyer. Marshall Dobbs tells Tucker that he is divorcing his mother. Danny then encourages Bonnie to spend time with Marshall to loosen him up, which leads to embarrassing results. In the end, through a paternity test, it was revealed that David is Riley's father.

Philip's sister Georgie Mallory Jansen visits, with Riley being put off by her standoffish attitude. Danny and Bonnie are worried about contract re-negotiations, they then ask Tucker to date the new New York Rangers general manager Valerie Gabrielle Dennis , so Danny can secure a spot on the team. Ben, Danny and Riley look at their old time capsules from elementary school, with Ben and Riley pursuing life goals to better themselves.

Danny and Georgie begin to develop feelings for each other, even though Ben and Georgie are dating. Bonnie, Riley and Tucker join a dance class and then take part in a dance competition. Danny, Tucker, Riley and Bonnie look back on their past ridiculous situations, while Ben is at work. Right after Ben leaves for work, Emma takes her first steps, walking to Danny. E1 Strip or Treat 21min. E2 It's a Wonderful Emma 21min. E4 I See Crazy People 21min. E5 Mugging for the Camera 21min. Most reacted comment.

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A virginal young woman's routine medical exam abruptly transforms her life into a story as complicated and dramatic as the telenovelas she loves. The life baby daddy season 4 episode 13 online free a pious, hardworking Latina woman is turned upside down when a doctor visit reveals she was artificially inseminated by accident. When her baby daddy's wild past comes to light, Jane chooses baby daddy season 4 episode 13 online free keep working in the hotel he manages to see if he and his wife would be good parents. Jane decides there is no point in clinging to her virginity and plans a romantic encounter with Michael, despite her budding feelings for Rafael. Jane's plan to squelch her feelings for Rafael backfires. Xo risks her relationship with her daughter by revealing the truth about Jane's father. Jane finds herself in a pickle when Michael baby daddy season 4 episode 13 online free epidode loyalty and Rafael comes baby daddy season 4 episode 13 online free about his plans for the baby. Jane decides to get to know her dad. Jane drifts away from Michael and toward Rafael. As she gets closer to her father, she must cope with his nasty stepdaughters, who attend her school. Jane's electrifying kiss with Rafael prompts her to be a bit more reckless. Petra plots to take down Rafael. Xo and Rogelio end up on a double date. Rafael returns worse for the wear after an unsuccessful search for his missing sister, and Jane must decide whether to continue with the bagy. A sonogram appointment offers a window sezson Jane and Rafael's different philosophies on parenting. Ben 10 to the rescue game free online makes a play for the baby. A hurricane causes a lockdown at the hotel, where a reinstated Rafael is forced to make cuts that put Jane in a bind. baby daddy season 4 episode 13 online free Watch Baby Daddy season 4 episode 13 online. The complete guide by MSN. Click here and start watching the full episode in seconds. No Free Trial. $ /​. Baby Daddy season 4 Episode 13 - Home is Where the Wheeler Is. Release Date: After making a mess of her confession to Danny, Riley retreats to. Riley hides at her mom's house, unable to face her problems with Ben and Danny. Meanwhile, Bonnie's determined to get the listing for the apartment of her​. Baby Daddy is an American sitcom that premiered on Freeform on June 20, ​. The sitcom During the course of the series, episodes of Baby Daddy aired over six Wayne Brady guest starred in the episode "There's Something Fitchy Going 13, 3, "The Wheeler and Dealer", Michael Lembeck, Kirill Baru & Eric. TVGuide has every full episode so you can stay-up-to-date and watch your favorite show Baby Daddy Cast Reflects on Episodes Season 4, Episode Start your free trial to watch Baby Daddy and other popular TV shows and movies including new releases, classics, Hulu Originals, and more. It's all on Hulu. baby daddy season 4 episode 14 dailymotion. Watch Beauty and the Beast Season 4 Episode 06 Online Beauty and the Beast #BATB Watch Baby Daddy Season 5 Episode 13 Online New episode of Baby Daddy Watch Reign Season 3 Episode 17 Online Free Reign Episode Season 4 Episode 6. Season 4 Episode 7. Season 4 Episode 8. Season 4 Episode Season 4 Episode Season 4 Episode Season 4 Episode (48)IMDb Seasons13+. A young man becomes a surprise dad when a baby is left on his doorstep by an ex-girlfriend. He raises the baby with the help. E6 Over My Dead Bonnie 21min. While trying to convince Riley that they are soulmates, Ben realizes he knows none of her favorite things. E1 Pilot 22min Twenty-something Ben decides to give parenting a shot. E4 I See Crazy People 21min. S4, Ep7. S4, Ep9. Quantico Season 4 Episode 1 [ Free ]. The vampire brothers Damon and Stefan Salvatore, eternal adolescents, having been leading "normal" lives, hiding their bloodthirsty condition, for centuries, moving on before their non-aging Follow Baby Daddy:. Riley rescues Ben from a mugging and are both enlisted to tell their story. Bonnie enlists Riley to plan her bachelorette party. baby daddy season 4 episode 13 online free