ask for it sylvia day read online free

ask for it sylvia day read online free

May 07, Kim rated it liked it Shelves: second-chance , audiobook , military-types , historical , source-audible. The book had a really promising start. I quite enjoyed the dynamic between the H and the h, especially as they were first coming together. I loved watching their chemistry explode, along with their tempers. Super amusing, and more than a little hot. The narrator was lovely, but she did have a tendency to make everyone sound like they were alw The book had a really promising start.

The narrator was lovely, but she did have a tendency to make everyone sound like they were always pleading, even in moments of strength, courage, or passion.

So that was a strike against it too. All in all, I did enjoy it, but not enough to make the GoodStuffs list. Jul 27, Cecily Kyle rated it really liked it Shelves: wheel-a-thon-iv , e-book-owned , audible.

At first I didn't think I would be able to get into it because I am generally a fan of historical fiction type romance. However, I have always been a fan of Sylvia Day's writing and she was able to make me enjoy the characters as well as still feel like the sex scenes were hot and steamy despite the language style change.

Great Read! It was a hot historical novel. Given the fact that it was set in , I would expect the language to be adapted to the timeframe. It wasn't. Although, as a greek, I 'm not an expert on 18th century english linguistic details, I'm pretty sure that people were not that comfortable with words like "sex" and "fuck". The way the book's characters talked seemed too contemporary for that era.

I've read many of Sylvia Day's books and have loved them, my favourite being the Crossfire series of course. I really enjoyed this book and love the enemies to lovers relationship between Elizabeth and Marcus. They are such a fierce couple. The whole back story with Hawthorne and the journal was a little strange for me. It didn't really add anything to the story. The fact that Elizabeth was in danger didn't seem to add anything until the end of the book.

When the story of the journal c 3. When the story of the journal came to a close it did seem rushed. It may have been a twist but a very predictable one that I had guessed quite early on. I think the romance between the two was enough to drive the story without the journal and the rest of that story. Being a widowed woman was a strong idea to go forward with but I don't feel this was used well enough.

Her indecisive behaviour towards Marcus would have been understandable if it were to do with her late husband but it wasn't. Looking past this I really enjoyed there relationship and look forward to starting the next book. Amy x Elizabeth and Marcus are the main characters. She flees and runs directly into the arms of Nigel who she immediately elopes with.

After a year of marriage, Nigel Hawthorn is killed and after three years of mourning Elizabeth runs into Marcus at a ball. Marcus is there looking for her specifically because he has been ass Elizabeth and Marcus are the main characters. Marcus is there looking for her specifically because he has been assigned her case. Marcus is a secret agent as was Nigel. While Marcus has been assigned this case he is also personally intent on bedding Elizabeth.

Elizabeth is interested in staying far away from Marcus because she thinks that he would only break her heart were she to give it. She does not trust him to be faithful even after she finds out that he was faithful to her before. I am not necessarily a fan of the secret agent stuff and that back story.

In the romance novels I prefer to stick with the romance and have the personal issues be the drama. I did like the relationship between Elizabeth and Marcus but I think the setup was a little weak.

I also do not know what bet they are talking about in certain parts of this book. I must have somehow missed it when it was first explained. Overall I wanted to keep reading to see what happened in the end. Ultimately we find out that the bad guy, St. The head of the agency and several of the agents are also on the take. In the end Elizabeth and Marcus are happily married, in love and find out they are pregnant. Sep 17, Liv rated it liked it Shelves: georgian-romance , difficult-heroine , audiobook.

This was a nice georgian romance with a narrator that enhanced the story. I enjoyed Justine Eyrre's performance. Her female voices were feminine and clear, and the male voices were perfectly masculine and razor sharp. This book got better as the story progressed. It's an interesting concept where the female and male leads somewhat switch traditional roles.

Elizabeth was engaged to Marcus Ashford and broke her engagement to him after catching him in a suspicious situation. Yet, it was so hard to This was a nice georgian romance with a narrator that enhanced the story. Yet, it was so hard to conceive how Elizabeth was able to get herself hitched to another man the very night she broke off her engagement to Marcus.

What the????? Many questions came up right away for me. Why didn't Elizabeth give Marcus the time he needed to explain his predicament? How did she arrange to marry another so quickly? Well, these questions are pursued and explored by Marcus throughout this book as he returns to London in a poignant time in Elizabeth's life when she is both in danger and a widow.

Marcus steps in to help solve the mystery surrounding her husband's murder as well as to protect Elizabeth as her fate is connected to the existence of a journal by her late husband.

And so this love affair continues after being suspended for 4 years from the time Elizabeth broke off the engagement to the present. I really liked how both leads went through huge transformations throughout this book. In the first half of the book, Elizabeth is almost intolerable. She came across as a Type A personality and control freak to me. She also seemed hollow. In contrast, Marcus was a dream! Bless his heart, I felt so much sympathy for him because he fell in love with a very hard woman to love.

His sweat-misted forehead rested against hers. He groaned, his fingers slipping under the long hem of her riding jacket. He took her mouth again, his tongue caressing with lush, deep licks. Protesting, she attempted to pull away. Then his hand cupped the curve of her breast, bringing aching pleasure even through the barrier of her garments.

She moaned into his mouth and he tilted his head in response, deepening an already drowning kiss. Elizabeth stood rigid, her arms at her sides, her thoughts warring with the dictates of her body. Her blood was on fire, her skin hot and painfully tight.

His tone deepened. Because all I can think of is you. He tossed the counterpane back, revealing decadent silk sheets. With soft, tender kisses, he attempted to distract her from his fingers, which worked with deft skill to free the row of buttons that barred him from her skin.

Slipping his hands under the open flaps, he pushed the jacket to the floor. She shivered even though she was flushed and he crushed her to his chest.

Leave your father and Eldridge out of our bed. She buried her face in the linen of his shirt and breathed him in. Turning her head to rest her cheek against his chest, Elizabeth took a shuddering breath. The bed was massive, easily big enough to sleep four large men side by side with room to spare. It waited … for them. It was time to close the distance between them.

One look had shaken his control. What would it be like when he held her in his arms again? Elizabeth, Viscountess Hawthorne, stood for a long moment in shock, heat spreading across her cheeks. Her gaze had locked on the man on the staircase for only a moment and yet during that brief time her heart had increased its rhythm to an alarming pace.

She was held motionless, arrested by the masculine beauty of his face, a face which had clearly shown pleasure at seeing her again.

Startled and disturbed by her reaction to him after all these years, she had forced herself to cut him, to look away with haughty disregard. Marcus, now the Earl of Westfield, was still magnificent. He remained the handsomest man she had ever encountered. When his gaze met hers, she felt the spark that passed between them as if it were a tangible force.

An intense attraction had always existed between them. She was profoundly disturbed to discover it had not abated in the slightest. Elizabeth felt a hand at her elbow, jolting her back into the conversation. She turned to find George Stanton at her side, his concerned gaze searching her face. You look a bit flushed. Once George had departed, Elizabeth directed her attention toward the group of gentlemen who surrounded her.

Thomas Fowler replied. The earl is notorious for his aversion to social events. I had forgotten your past association with Lord Westfield. Truly, you have my heartfelt appreciation. This book is hot! If you want a super sexy read with an intriguing plot and steamy sex, Ask for It is just the book for you!

Ask for It is a Top Pick read for me. I love a book that not only has an interesting plot, but also sex scenes that take my breath away. The sex between Marcus and Elizabeth is so hot, the pages actually sizzle! Sylvia Day is one of my new favorite authors! Ask For It will sweep readers back in time and surround you with fascinating characters, a thrilling plot, and intense sex scenes. The action-packed story line is filled with suspense and tension as antagonists are willing to kill again to obtain the journal.

The heat between Elizabeth and Marcus will burn fingers… Eighteenth century romance readers will have a wonderful day with this fine historical. Instantly grabbing my attention and holding it captive until the very last page, I was amazed at the engaging plot, suspenseful elements, and emotional journeys that Marcus and Elizabeth endured.

Their desire for one another is sizzling hot and tender at the same time. The wonderful imagery within these pages will take the readers back to a time in history where men ride in on horseback to save the day. It is so easy to loose oneself in Ms. One twist after another keeps the story plot fresh and interesting. And the love scenes, oh my, will leave you hot and bothered. Need I say more? Sylvia Day writes with finesse and humor that keeps her characters interesting yet believably flawed.

The story has a fair amount of action and intrigue, which thankfully does not overshadow the love story. I thoroughly enjoyed Ask For It and this talented writer who continues to deliver. Resisting is impossible. But does she have the courage to surrender everything? Show menu Top novels. Historical Horror Humorous Mystery Romance. News Register Login. Historical Romance. Share Tweet.

There was the barest glint of sunlight off the muzzle of a gun as the fleeing man turned and took aim, but ask for it sylvia day read online free was warning enough. Marcus rose from the ground, his only goal to reach Elizabeth and shield her from harm. The report of the pistol bounced off the trees around them. He yelled a warning and turned, his heart stopping at the sight that greeted him. Elizabeth stood by her mount, her hair in disarray about her shoulders. In her outstretched hands was the smoking muzzle of a gun. Swearing, he ducked between two bushes and disappeared into the trees. Elizabeth took his arm, her voice shaky and urgent. What the devil are you doing with that? Marcus sat silently in the sitting room of his London townhouse. Ask for it sylvia day read online free of best free android apps for 5 year olds coat and waistcoat, he lounged with his feet propped up on ask for it sylvia day read online free table, and watched the play of light from the window behind him as it moved through the brandy in his snifter. To say the morning had been a disaster would be an understatement, and yet Elizabeth had retained the book and wounded her attacker. Marcus was not surprised. His friendship with William had given him rare insight. Her mother lost to illness, Elizabeth had ask for it sylvia day read online free raised by a father and older brother who were both notorious voluptuaries. Governesses never lasted long, finding the young Elizabeth to be incorrigible. ask for it sylvia day read online free Ask For It (Georgian #1)(8)Online read: There was the barest glint of sunlight off the muzzle of a gun as the fleeing man turned and took aim, but it was warning. Read Ask For It book online free from your iPhone, iPad, android, Pc, Mobile. Get online Ask For It today at novelcom. Ask For It (Georgian #1) Fearless Surrender Nothing incites Marcus more than the primal hunger roused by his former fiancée, Elizabeth. It's been years​. Midwest Book Reviews: “Georgian romance fans will be asking for more works like this He is finally free of that damned agency. Ask for It eBook Cover. 7AzC39BhG - Read and download Sylvia Day's book Ask For It in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book Ask For It by Sylvia Day. Ask For It book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Series: Georgian, Book 1Length: 9 hrs and 31 minsNothing incites Mar. Ask For It (Georgian series) by Sylvia Day. this book in encrypted form, which means that you need to install free software in order to unlock and read it. Ask For It (Georgian Book 1) - Kindle edition by Day, Sylvia. Next. Amazon Business: For business-only pricing, quantity discounts and FREE Shipping. ask for it sylvia day pdf free download. What would it be like when he held her in his arms again? Twirling his quizzing glass, Marcus watched as Avery moved through the crowd with ease, his gaze drifting past his partner to the woman he was assigned to protect. Women, dressed in a dazzling array of colors and frothy with lace, glided surreptitiously toward the staircase. But he would not be refused. Most Popular. Eve of Destruction Marked 2 by Sylvia Day. List Chapter or Page:. He was oblivious to those who vied for his attention, arrested by a brief glimpse of her. Eldridge began to tap his fingertips together. I admit to a preference for widows in my bed. She was instructed to personally deliver the journal, hence the need for our protection. It was obvious his libidinous reputation had not affected his power and influence. It was time to close the distance between them. The result was deliberate and highly effective. ask for it sylvia day read online free