ask a dentist a question online for free

ask a dentist a question online for free

Online Dental Consultation: Receive Personalised Advice from a Dentist Our online dental consultations let you get the answers you need from a professional and experienced dentist, without having to attend a physical appointment.

How Can We Help? Why Book an Online Dental Consultation? Here are some of the reasons you should consider booking an online consultation: Quick and Easy Process Booking an online dental consultation is a fast process that can take as little as a few minutes.

Access your message conveniently and securely through the patient dashboard. Using Ai and smart technology to answer dental needs in real-time by dentists and help find a dentist near you. At DenterActive we have a network of dentist that allows you to select the right professional for your needs. When you are searching for a new dentist you will probably go straight to Google and get a ton of suggestions. Submit your question Help! I need dental advice. Last Name:. Age: Select Age years years years years years years years years over 75 years.

If I have to cancel an appointment is there any charge or penalty? If you have to cancel, please give us as much notice as possible. How old should my baby be before I start brushing their teeth? A finger toothbrush and a small amount of baby toothpaste is all that you need. My baby fights me when I brush their teeth. What should I do? Singing songs and reading stories while brushing can be a great way to lighten the mood. As your child grows, brushing your teeth in the bathroom with them will help encourage participation.

If you simply want to distract your child for a few minutes, playing some YouTube videos on your phone can be a good way to keep them calm. How old should my child be before they start to floss? Are cavities in my child's primary teeth a big deal? Cavities and tooth pain can lead to a variety of other issues such as impaired speech or behavioral problems in school. Reza Izadi! They were quick to respond and helped guide me to a good dental plan and local dentist. I recently used this app to meet my new dentist.

The appointment setting feature ended up being very convenient and saved me so much time. I highly recommend it! Great app! Pretty easy and hassle free!

I have a question I hope you can help me aek. I recently went to see my dentist because I ask a dentist a question online for free pain on the the left side of my mouth. It was pretty much my whole left side, top and bottom. It was very similar pain I had the year before on the I have a bridge upper left rear. I would have a sharp nerve like shooting pain down to my upper teeth on left. By clicking ask a dentist a question online for free "I accept, submit. Ask A Member of our Community Browser more recent dental questions. Root Ask a dentist a question online for free Discomfort on cheek root canal I have a bridge upper left rear. Question: Please be as detailed as possible, so we may answer your question better, the longer the better. Email Address:. First Name:. Last Name:. Age: Select Age years years years years years years years years over 75 years. Photo Required: Custom Upload. ask a dentist a question online for free Find Local Dentists Near You, Ask Dentist Questions Online, Live Emergency Dental Chat about Cosmetic Dentistry, Find Dental Implant Dentists, Urgent Dental. We strive to provide the best dental health care to our patients whether it's online or offline because your Total Wellness begins in your mouth. Not only are we. Have you considered using an app to talk to a dentist online? many dental professionals who are seasoned in their field and it's free of charge to join! Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. Oral Hygiene Questions. Submit Your Question to the Dentist I'm pregnant, are there any risks to seeing a dentist? No. Ask our board certified dentists! Our online dental consultation lets you get dental advice from qualified FREE Online Consultation NEED A QUICK AND EASY SOLUTION? the chance to ask a dentist your questions, or raise your dental health concerns. Have a question that you'd like to ask a dentist, but don't want pay for a response​? Ali is a dental care professional who has agreed to provide some basic. Enter your first name and email address for the FREE Ask the Dentist VIP You may also want to contact JustAnswer, who can provide online dental advice. Sign up to submit your question—plus, you'll get a free gift! Submit your question. Help! I need dental advice. While Dr. Burhenne is able to. Use our free question and answer service to ask our experts your orthodontics or general dentistry questions. Laser s are also available to periodontitis , in fact the nd:yag laser wavelength has been shown to have similar results to conventional methods of treatment with less post operative discomfort. The pressure separates the mid palatal suture thus making the maxilla wider, which can correct crossbites and creat space. Is dental anesthesia the way to go? But knowing the depth of the cavity, and whether the cavity has broken through the dentin, can help you make that decision for yourself. We cover how to optimize dental visits for kids with ASD. You can see before, during and after photos of common procedures like crown prep arations, veneer s, and implant s. A tooth that is dead will become brittle and prone to breaking after it is filled, which is why you need the crown that is placed on top of the tooth to protect it. What are these white spots on my teeth? Firstly, success will depend on the quality and quantity of bone. Question: Please be as detailed as possible, so we may answer your question better, the longer the better. ask a dentist a question online for free