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Children , Comedy , Sitcom. Highest quality. Girl Meets World. Starting seventh grade can be a challenge, but for Riley Matthews there's an added complication; her history teacher is also her dad! But with her best friend Maya at her side, along with friends Lucas and Farkle, they're ready to take on the world. WITS Academy. But she'll have to work hard to prove that she can live up to expectations as the first and only human Guardian.

Along the way, Andi learns that sometimes the unexpected is what makes life great. Buffy steps up to lead the team in T. Jonah confides in Buffy and Cyrus. Jonah finds a way to tell Andi how much he truly likes being around her; Walker continues to make a positive impression on Andi and her friends.

Andi and Cyrus miss Buffy and can't reach her after her move; Andi receives a handmade gift from Walker that upsets Jonah. Related News Cancelled or Renewed? Share this Rating Title: Andi Mack — 7. Use the HTML below.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Episodes Seasons. Andi Mack 57 episodes, Joshua Rush Cyrus Goodman 57 episodes, Sofia Wylie Buffy Driscoll 57 episodes, Asher Angel Jonah Beck 57 episodes, Lilan Bowden Bex Mack 57 episodes, Lauren Tom Celia Mack 57 episodes, Trent Garrett Bowie Quinn 46 episodes, Stoney Westmoreland You can paste URL of the image inside your comment and it will be automatically converted into the image when reading the comment.

How to add a video:. To add a video paste video url directly into your comment. Do not post links to copyrighted video content TV Episodes, Movies. Share them privately if needed. English only please. Home rules. Contains spoiler. No Free Trial. Medium quality. Phil 6. The 7. Popular Movies 1. West Side Story 2. Buffy appreciates her time capsule and wants to peek inside, but the lid is on tight. Andi informs her about the contents, including her basketball jersey and a ball signed by her teammates, which Andi mentions was Jonah's idea.

Jonah, meanwhile, tries out for the elite Ultimate team at school, with Cyrus there to support him, and to comfort him when he does not make the team. Cyrus later tells Buffy that he no longer has romantic feelings for Jonah, as his feelings have become those of friendship.

That leads Buffy to reveal that she has romantic feelings for someone; when she wants to keep it from Andi, Cyrus immediately believes it is Jonah.

Andi works on a new bracelet for Jonah, and while she does, Bex reminds her about the old one, which she thought was discarded but discovers in a memory box Bex started for her.

Andi gives Jonah the original bracelet back; they enter into a romantic relationship. Ham informs Andi and Bex that he plans to travel overseas by himself, and while shocked by the news, the women understand he needs the adventure. He lets Celia know during a family dinner. When Bowie discovers that Morgan is about leave Red Rooster with an unpaid music box, he questions Miranda's handling of the situation.

Miranda has Morgan return the item, but Bowie is disturbed over Miranda's not reprimanding her daughter for stealing. In remembering the incident over Andi's missing bracelet which she accused Morgan of taking from Andi Shack, Bowie was sure the bracelet had been misplaced but finds out Miranda planted it back in Andi Shack to cover her daughter's theft.

That leads Bowie to break up with Miranda, as he can no longer trust her—and to apologize to Andi for not believing her. Meanwhile, Cyrus notices Amber with one of his therapist parents for counseling, and while he promises to honor the doctor-patient confidentiality, Amber tests him to ensure she can trust him not to reveal any of her secrets.

Andi is uncomfortable over Walker's original drawing of her being on exhibit at an art festival, despite its first-place award, but seems relieved after Jonah and Walker's first meeting, at the festival, turns out to be amicable. When Cyrus sees Buffy talking to Walker at the festival, her body language prompts him to think she is attracted to Walker instead of Jonah. Jonah asks Andi on their first true date there, and they spend it at a place with a bunch of trampolines.

Andi enjoys the date and asks Jonah on another one, but he declines because he is going to an eight-week camp to improve his Ultimate skills. The news comes as a shock to Andi, who finds out he is leaving the next day.

After they say goodbye, she resigns to Andi Shack and finds Celia in there, who is dealing with Ham being away, so the two console each other. With Andi out on her date with Jonah, Bex and Bowie spend time together, rekindling their relationship.

Later, while seeing Bex asleep, Bowie tells her he loves her, unaware that she hears him. Bex tells Andi the next day that she is going to propose to Bowie. Meanwhile, Cyrus is seeing animosity between Buffy and Amber, which he discovers after talking to them is superficial hatred, with neither actually holding a grudge against each other. Bex decides to propose to Bowie, and Andi assists Bex in choosing a ring.

They see one with the yin-yang symbol, which they believe perfectly represents Bowie. They decide to hide the ring inside a cake, which they will serve at a dinner party for Bowie, but they are surprised when Bowie brings along his old band mates from The Renaissance Boys with him. Just as Bex is ready to propose to Bowie, one of his band mates asks him to return to The Renaissance Boys for their six-month international tour.

Andi and Bex both want him to join the tour, even if it means Bex will have to wait a while longer before she proposes. Meanwhile, Cyrus attempts to encourage Buffy to return to the Jefferson Middle School basketball team by having her face off against TJ in order to remind her how good a player she is. Buffy ends up winning the match against TJ and announces that she is founding the school's first-ever girls' basketball team. Additionally, TJ apologizes to Buffy for the way he treated her when she was on the team and the two ultimately come to a truce.

Bowie uncovers the ring that Andi and Bex hid in the cake, but when he inquires about it, both Andi and Bex reply, "um While Andi anxiously awaits Jonah's return from Ultimate camp, she learns about Buffy becoming involved with Walker. She appears fine with the two being together but is really torn over seeing her friend with someone she went out with.

Ham returns from his travels, and Andi, Bex and Celia are glad to see him back home. Bowie unexpectedly returns from his international tour with The Renaissance Boys , revealing to Andi and Bex that he actually did not want to go in the first place. He recalls the night Andi and Bex surprised him with the ring, two months earlier, with Bex deciding to put off the marriage proposal until after his tour.

Now that Bowie is back home, he and Bex both pop the question to each other and accept each other's proposal. As Andi and her parents celebrate, Jonah returns from camp, but he becomes shocked to hear Andi downgrade their relationship to being just friends. Celia invites her sister Mei to the Mack house for the moon festival , intending to announce Bex and Bowie's engagement.

After hearing about the soon-to-be newlyweds, Mei shares news that her daughter Ling is expecting twins, irritating Celia in the process. Mei and Ling also ascertain Bex and Bowie's wedding plans, not pleased about it being a simple ceremony at city hall. Meanwhile, Andi invites Jonah to the moon festival, despite wanting to be just friends with him, and Cyrus and Buffy also come. Jonah's experience turns into disaster after sniffing a candle causes him to sneeze, leading to some wax on a nearby wall which ends up spreading in his attempt to remove it.

Feeling stressed over what happened, Jonah feels he is not worthy to be Andi's boyfriend, but the two talk more about their changing relationship. Each has thoughts about breaking up, but settle on being friends, instead of a couple. Mei and Ling decide to leave before the release of the floating lanterns , each one containing a written wish.

As the lanterns go into the air, one wish falls to the ground, which Andi picks up. Andi is excited about the color factory coming to town, and Buffy thinks Walker will enjoy the event.

After Andi tells her how uncomfortable she feels seeing the two together, Buffy has no problem with not inviting him for her sake. Andi later gets a visit from Walker, who tells her that Buffy did not want him to come to the color factory, so she tells him he can go. Buffy is shocked to see Walker show up, but he assures her that Andi is okay with his being there.

In the end, Andi stays home while Cyrus, Buffy, Jonah and Walker all have a great time, causing her to feel left out. Meanwhile, Celia is insistent on a traditional wedding for Bex and decides to set a date without her consent. Bowie attempts to teach a musical hopeful named Shaun, discovering he is no prodigy like Jonah. Also, Cyrus takes dance class to improve his failing grade in physical education.

Bex and Bowie surprise Andi by telling her they are moving into a new place, but Andi is more surprised that this place is an adjacent apartment, which Bowie makes an extension of Andi and Bex's.

In adjusting to the renovation, Andi and Bex are needing to set ground rules for Bowie after he takes their body care products. Meanwhile, as the only performer at the Red Rooster's open mic night, Jonah writes and sings a new song, which ends up offending Andi.

Jonah apologizes to her by performing the same song again, at school, with reworked lyrics. Even though the two like the idea of not being a couple, Andi later offends Jonah by suggesting that either of them could like someone else.

Buffy starts the girls' basketball team but struggles as its captain. She asks for TJ's help in molding the team. Those two pair up in one canoe, while Cyrus and Jonah are in another, leaving Andi the odd one out. Amber sees Andi by herself, and while the two talk in a canoe of their own, Amber points out that Buffy violated the "girl code" by going out with Walker, after Andi had previously gone out with him.

Date Aired: Jul 16, SideReel relies heavily on JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the andi mack season 2 episode 20 free online fully. Add to Andi mack season 2 episode 20 free online. Andi Mack Avg Rating 3. Your Rating. Disney Disney Plus Teen. Dr khader google drive free download Peyton Elizabeth Lee stars as Andi Mack, a girl whose life goes from routine to roller coaster overnight. In the serialized story, Andi is contemplative and artistic and sheltered by overprotective parents. But on the eve of her 13th birthday, Andi's free-spirited older sister Bex returns home with a revelation that changes everything and sends Andi on an uncharted course of self-discovery. At least she's in good company; her best friends, Cyrus and Buffy, are also figuring out their andi mack season 2 episode 20 free online in the world. Along the way, Andi learns that sometimes the unexpected is what makes life great. Andi Mack S2E Andi, Cyrus and Jonah put together a farewell gift for Buffy before her last day in Shadyside. Episode Reviews There are no user reviews for this episode yet. andi mack season 2 episode 20 free online Watch Andi Mack season 2 episode 20 Online. For the Last Time. Andi, Cyrus and Jonah put together a farewell gift for Buffy before her last day. Watch Andi Mack season 2 episode 21 online. The complete guide by MSN. Click here and start watching the full episode in seconds. Watch Andi Mack season 2 episode 20 online. The complete Click here and start watching the full episode in seconds. Free Trial. $ /. Andi Mack - Season 2 watch online for free in HD quality with English subtitles. Andi Mack Season 2 Episode 4 [s02e04] NEW SERIES. TV ONLINE. Here's a complete guide to where to watch every episode of Andi Mack Season 2 streaming. Search across + sites with one click, and watch instantly. When her free-spirited older sister returns with a revelation that changes User Polls. poll image Fall Returning TV Premieres: Oct. 22 - Dec. 20 Joshua Rush in Andi Mack () Peyton Elizabeth Lee in Andi Mack () Ariana Molkara The first episode became viewable on the Disney Channel app one month. Andi Mack season 2 Episode 20 - For the Last Time. Release Date: Andi, Cyrus and Jonah put together a farewell gift for Buffy before her last day in. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to navigation Jump to search. List of Andi Mack episodes. Andi Mack is an American family comedy-drama television series created by Terri Minsky that Contents. 1 Series overview; 2 Episodes. Season 1 (); Season 2 Mitch Metcalf (November 20, ). Jonah finds a way to tell Andi how much he truly likes being around her. Meanwhile, Walker continues to make a positive impression on Andi. Posted: Jul 16, Your issue was reported. Categories :. Ham reveals surprising news to Andi and Bex. Sign In. Andi Mack — This issue doesn't affect premium users. Report an Issue. Wrong Audio. Title: Andi Mack. Latest News 1. No Audio. Keep track of your favorite shows and movies, across all your devices. Popular Movies 1. Amber sympathizes with Andi when she learns about Buffy's new friendship with Walker. Don't miss out your favorite series! andi mack season 2 episode 20 free online