an occurrence at owl creek bridge audio free

an occurrence at owl creek bridge audio free

Unabridged Audiobook. Publisher: Tantor Media Date: September Avoid punctuation except as indicated below: Suffixes. Sort by:. Most Helpful Most Recent. Read more on Wikipedia. Fiction - Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge. He felt his head emerge; his eyes were blinded by the sunlight; his chest expanded convulsively, and with a supreme and crowning agony his lungs engulfed a great draught of air, which instantly he expelled in a shriek!

He was now in full possession of his physical senses. They were, indeed, preternaturally keen and alert. Something in the awful disturbance of his organic system had so exalted and refined them that they made record of things never before perceived. He felt the ripples upon his face and heard their separate sounds as they struck. He looked at the forest on the bank of the stream, saw the individual trees, the leaves and the veining of each leaf—saw the very insects upon them: the locusts, the brilliant-bodied flies, the grey spiders stretching their webs from twig to twig.

He noted the prismatic colors in all the dewdrops upon a million blades of grass. The humming of the gnats that danced above the eddies of the stream, the beating of the dragon flies' wings, the strokes of the water-spiders' legs, like oars which had lifted their boat—all these made audible music. A fish slid along beneath his eyes and he heard the rush of its body parting the water.

He had come to the surface facing down the stream; in a moment the visible world seemed to wheel slowly round, himself the pivotal point, and he saw the bridge, the fort, the soldiers upon the bridge, the captain, the sergeant, the two privates, his executioners.

They were in silhouette against the blue sky. They shouted and gesticulated, pointing at him. The captain had drawn his pistol, but did not fire; the others were unarmed.

Their movements were grotesque and horrible, their forms gigantic. Suddenly he heard a sharp report and something struck the water smartly within a few inches of his head, spattering his face with spray. He heard a second report, and saw one of the sentinels with his rifle at his shoulder, a light cloud of blue smoke rising from the muzzle.

The man in the water saw the eye of the man on the bridge gazing into his own through the sights of the rifle. He observed that it was a grey eye and remembered having read that grey eyes were keenest, and that all famous marksmen had them. Nevertheless, this one had missed. Sign up Login. Remember Me. Be the first to like this. No Downloads. Views Total views.

This file is This audio program is copyrighted by Redwood Audiobooks. Permission is granted to download for personal use only; not for distribution or commercial use. A man stood upon a railroad bridge in northern Alabama, looking down into the swift water twenty feet below. The man's hands were behind his back, the wrists bound with a cord. A an occurrence at owl creek bridge audio free closely encircled his neck. It was attached to a stout cross-timber above his head and the slack fell to the level of his knees. Some loose boards laid upon the sleepers an occurrence at owl creek bridge audio free the metals of the railway supplied a footing for him and his executioners—two private soldiers of the Federal army, directed by a sergeant who in civil life may have been a deputy sheriff. At a short remove upon the same temporary platform was an an occurrence at owl creek bridge audio free in the uniform of his rank, armed. He was a captain. A an occurrence at owl creek bridge audio free at each end of the bridge stood with his creeek in the position known as "support," that is to say, vertical in front of the left shoulder, the hammer resting on the forearm thrown straight across the chest—a formal and unnatural position, enforcing an erect carriage of the body. It did not appear to be the duty of these two men to know what was occurring at the center of the bridge; they merely blockaded the two ends of the foot planking that traversed it. Beyond one of the sentinels nobody was in sight; the railroad ran straight away into a forest for a hundred yards, then, curving, was lost to view. Doubtless there was an outpost farther along. The other bank of the stream was open ground—a gentle acclivity topped with a stockade of an occurrence at owl creek bridge audio free tree trunks, loopholed for rifles, with a single embrasure through which protruded the muzzle of a brass cannon commanding the bridge. Midway of the slope between bridfe an occurrence at owl creek bridge audio free and fort occurreence the spectators—a single company of infantry in line, at "parade rest," the bridhe of the rifles on the ground, the barrels inclining slightly backward against the right shoulder, the hands crossed upon best things in life come free to us stock. An occurrence at owl creek bridge audio free lieu tenant stood at the right of the line, the point of his sword upon the ground, his left hand resting upon his right. Excepting the group of four at the center of the bridge, not a man moved. The company faced the bridge, staring stonily, motionless. The sentinels, facing the banks of the stream, might have been statues to adorn the bridge. The captain stood with folded arms, silent, observing the work of his subordinates, but making no sign. an occurrence at owl creek bridge audio free But all is not what it seems to be in this tale that has an irregular time sequence and a twist ending. Read more on Wikipedia. Free Audio Book. To. Listen Free to Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge and Other Stories audiobook by Ambrose Bierce with a 30 Day Free Trial! Stream and download audiobooks to. Listen Free to Owl Creek Bridge: An Occurrence audiobook by Ambrose Bierce with a 30 Day Free Trial! Stream and download audiobooks to your computer. aeneas · aeneas · Documentation · Web App ( · Contact · Home / Free Audio-eBooks / An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge. Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge (Audible Audio Edition): Click above to get your FREE audiobook + FREE select Audible Originals to start. Listen and Download An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge Free Audiobooks by online for android or itunes. Get An Occurrence at Owl Creek. An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge Audiobook Free | An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge listen to a book for free. Written by Ambrose Bierce, narrated by Jack Benson. Download and keep this book for Free with a 30 day Trial. Written by Ambrose Bierce, narrated by Kyle Munley. Download and keep this book for Free with a 30 day Trial. The cord fell away; his arms parted and floated upward, the hands dimly seen on each side in the growing light. Listen again next week at this same time for another American story told in Special English on the Voice of America. He wore a mustache and pointed beard, but no whiskers; his eyes were large and dark gray, and had a kindly expression which one would hardly have expected in one whose neck was in the hemp. The prisoner did not know what he was doing. He dug his fingers into the sand, threw it over himself in handfuls and audibly blessed it. He thanked her ceremoniously, bowed to her husband and rode away. They tore it away and thrust it fiercely aside, its undulations resembling those of a water snake. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. A note on editing here - there are 27 authors' works represented here, with 50 stories overall, but the author biographical notes in the back didn't include them all for example, the very first author, Washington Irving, writer of the classic tale "Rip Van Winkle" and "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow," is not included. Reviews Review Policy. In their iconoclasm and needle-sharp irony, their formal and thematic ingenuity and element of surprise, they differ markedly from the fiction admired in Bierce's time. Written more than a century ago, these stories still capture the imagination with vivid, precise language that bites--and may even draw blood! He was caught in a whirlpool which kept turning him around and around. The mans hands were tied behind his back. They beat the water vigorously with quick, downward strokes, forcing him to the surface. an occurrence at owl creek bridge audio free