allen carr easyway to stop smoking pdf free

allen carr easyway to stop smoking pdf free

Remember me on this computer. That's what smokers suffer all their lives and that's what keeps them smoking. Non-smokers do not suffer these pangs. It is another of the many evils of this drug. Isn't it marvelous I am purging this evil from my body! Many ex-smokers will have the occasional cigar or cigarette either as a 'special treat' or to convince themselves how awful they are. It does exactly that, but as soon as they put it out the nicotine starts to leave and a little voice at the back of their mind is saying, 'You want another one.

While I am not enjoying them I won't get hooked. They are already hooked. The trap that they fell into in the first place has claimed its victim again.

The point is, you have no need to forget. Nothing bad is happening. Something marvelous is taking place. Size px x x x x The William H. What If? What Would Cleopatra Do?

Why are Animals Funny? Please trus t me. I assure you that even you can find it easy to quit. Anyway, there I was two years later, having just extinguished what I knew would be my final cigarette, not only telling my wife that I was already a non-smoker, but that I was going to cure the rest of the world.

I must admit that at the time I found her skepticism somewhat irritating. However, in no way did it diminish my feeling of exaltation, 1 suppose that my exhilaration in knowing that I was already a happy non-smoker distorted my perspective somewhat. With the benefit of hindsight, I can sympathize with her attitude, I now understand why Joyce and my close friends and relatives thought I was a candidate for the funny farm.

As I look back on my life, it seems that my whole existence has been a preparation for solving the smoking problem. Even those hateful years of training and practicing as a chartered accountant were invaluable in helping me to unravel the mysteries of the smoking trap. They say you can't fool all the people all of the time, but I believe the tobacco companies have done just that for years. I also believe that I am the first to really understand the smoking trap.

If I appear to be arrogant, let me hasten to add that it was no credit to me, just the circumstances of my life. The momentous day was 15 July , I didn't escape from Colditz, but I imagine those who did felt the same sense of relief and exhilaration as I did when I extinguished that final cigarette.

I realized 1 had discovered something that every smoker was praying for: an easy way to stop smoking. After testing out the method on smoking friends and relatives, I gave up accountancy and became a full-time consultant, helping other smokers to get free.

I wrote the first edition of this book in One of my failures, the man I describe in chapter 25, was the inspiration. He visited me twice, and we were both reduced to tears on each occasion. He was so agitated that I couldn't get him to relax enough to absorb what I was saying.

I hoped that if I wrote it all down, he could read it in his own good time, as many times as he wanted to, and this would help him to absorb the message. However, when I contemplated putting the method into book form, I was apprehensive. I did my own market research. What I need is willpower! Often at the clinics it became obvious that a client had misunderstood an important point that I was making. I was able to correct the situation.

But how would a book be able to do that? I remembered well the times when I studied to qualify as an accountant, when I didn't understand or agree with a particular point in a book, the frustration because you couldn't ask the book to explain, I was also well aware, particularly in these days of television and videos, that many people arc not accustomed to reading.

Added to all these factors, I had one doubt that overrode all the rest. I wasn't a writer and was very conscious of my limitations in this respect. I was confident that I could sit down face to face with a smoker and convince that smoker how much more enjoyable social occasions to regard it as their failure. We regard it as our failure, we failed to convince those smokers just how easy and enjoyable it is to quit.

I dedicated the first edition to the smokers that I had failed to cure. That failure rate was based on the money-hack guarantee that we give at our clinics. The average current failure rate of our clinics world-wide is under 5 per cent.

That means a success rate of over 95 per cent, Although I was aware that I had discovered something marvelous, I never in my wildest dreams expected to achieve such rates. You might well argue that if I genuinely believed that I would cure the world of smoking, I must have expected to achieve per cent. No, I never ever expected to achieve per cent.

Snuff-taking was the previous most popular form of nicotine addiction until it became antisocial and died. However, there are still a few weirdoes that continue to take snuff and probably, there always will be. Amazingly, the Houses of Parliament are one of the last bastions of snuff-taking.

I suppose this is not so surprising when you think about it, politicians are generally about a hundred years behind the times. So there will always be a few weirdoes that will continue to smoke, I certainly never expected to have to cure every smoker personally. Amazingly, my chief stumbling blocks were the very institutions that I thought would be my greatest allies: the media, the Government, organizations like ASH, QUIT and the established medical profession. You've probably seen the film Sister Kenny.

In case you haven't, it was about the time when infantile paralysis or polio was the scourge of our children. I vividly remember that the words engendered the same fear in me as the word cancer does today. The effect of polio was not only to paralyze the legs and arms but to distort the limbs. The established medical treatment was to put those limbs in irons and thus prevent the distortion. The result was paralysis for life. Sister Kenny believed the irons inhibited recovery and proved a thousand times over that the muscles could be re-educated so that the child could walk again.

However, Sister Kenny wasn't a doctor, she was merely a nurse. How dare she dabble in a province that was confined to qualified doctors?

It didn't seem to matter that Sister Kenny had found the solution to the problem and had proved her solution to be effective. The children that were treated by Sister Kenny knew she was right, so did their parents, yet the established medical profession not only refused to adopt her methods but actually prevented her from practicing.

It took Sister Kenny twenty years before the medical profession would accept the obvious. However, it was equally obvious that Hollywood had used a large portion of poetic license. Sister Kenny couldn't possibly have dis covered something that the combined knowledge of medical science had failed to discover.

Surely the established medical specialists weren't the dinosaurs they were being portrayed as? How could it possibly have taken them twenty years to accept the facts that were staring them in the face? They say that fact is stranger than fiction, I apologize for accusing the makers of Sister Kenny for using poetic license.

Even in this so-called enlightened age of modern communications, after fourteen years, even having access to modern communications, I've failed to get my message across. Oh, I've proved my point, the only reason that you are reading this hook is because another ex-smoker has recommended it to you. Like Sister Kenny, I'm a lone individual.

Like her. I'm only famous because rny system works. I'm already regarded as the number-one guru on helping smokers to quit. Like Sister Kenny, I've proved my point. But Sister Kenny proved her point. What good did that do if the rest of the world was still adopting procedures which were the direct opposite to what they should be?

The last sentence of this book is identical to that in the original manuscript: There is a wind of change in society, A snowball has started that I hope this book will help turn into an avalanche. From my remarks above, you might have drawn the conclusion that I am no respecter of the medical profession. Nothing could be further from the truth. One of my sons is a doctor and I know of no finer profession. Indeed we receive more recommendations to our clinics from doctors than from any other source, and surprisingly, more of our clients come from the medical profession than any other single profession.

In the early years, I was generally regarded by the doctors as being somewhere between a charlatan and a quack. I believe that I am the first non- qualified doctor to receive such an honor. The invitation itself is a measure of the progress that I have made. It's equivalent to saying to a heroin addict: don't smoke heroin, smoking is dangerous, try injecting it into your vein don't try this with nicotine, it will kill you instantly.

Because the medical profession and the media haven't a clue about helping smokers to quit, they concentrate on telling smokers what they already know: smoking is unhealthy, it's filthy and disgusting, it's antisocial and expensive. It never seems to occur to them that smokers do not smoke for the reasons that they shouldn't smoke. The real problem is to remove the reasons that they do smoke.

On national no-smoking days, the medical experts say something like: This is the day that every smoker tries to quit! Because they don't completely understand smokers themselves or how to make it easy for smokers to quit, their attitude is 'Try this method.

If it doesn't work try another: Can you imagine if there were ten different ways of treating appendicitis? Nine of them cured 10 per cent of the patients, which means they killed 90 per cent of them and the tenth way cured 95 per cent.

Imagine that knowledge of the tenth method had been available for over fourteen years, but the vast majority of the medical profession was still recommending the other nine. One of the doctors at the conference raised a very pertinent point that hadn't occurred to me.

He pointed out that doctors might well find themselves liable to a legal action for malpractice, by not advising their patients of the best way to quit smoking. Ironically he was a great advocate of nicotine replacement therapy nicotine gums, patches, etc.

They might just as well have wasted it on trying to persuade them that motorbikes can kill you. Do they not realize that youngsters know that one cigarette won't kill them and that no youngster ever expects to get hooked?

The link between smoking and lung cancer has been established for over forty years. Yet more youngsters are becoming hooked nowadays than ever before. Youngsters don't need to watch smoking horrors on TV. Smokers tend to avoid such, programmes anyway. Practically every youngster in the country has witnessed the actual devastation that smoking causes within their own family.

I watched my father and my sister destroyed by the weed; that didn't prevent me from falling into the trap. I appeared on a national TV programme with a doctor from Ash who had never smoked in her life and had never cured a single smoker, categorically informing the nation how this campaign would prevent youngsters from becoming hooked. I truly believe that the snowball has become a football.

But after fourteen years that is still a spit in the ocean. I'm grateful to the thousands of ex-smokers who have visited my clinics, read my books, watched my videos and recommended EASYWAY to their friends, rela tives and anyone who will listen to them, and 1 pray that you continue to do so. I don't expect you to believe me at this stage, but by the time you have finished the book, you will understand.

Even the comparatively few failures that we have say something like: 'I haven't succeeded yet, but your way is better than any I know. That will start the avalanche and if I live to witness it, I will die a happy man. Do you have a feeling of doom and gloom? Forget it. I've achieved some marvelous things in my life. By far the greatest was to escape from the slavery of nicotine addiction.

I escaped over fourteen years ago and still cannot get over the joy of being free. There is no need to feel depressed, nothing bad is happening, on the contrary, you are about to achieve something that every smoker on the planet would love to achieve : TO BE FREE! No, I am not a doctor or a psychiatrist; my qualifications are far more appropriate. I spent thirty-three years of my life as a confirmed smoker. In the later years I smoked a hundred a day on a bad day, and never less than sixty. During my life I had made dozens of attempts to stop.

I once stopped for six months, and I was still climbing up the wall, still standing near smokers trying to get a whiff of the tobacco, still traveling in the smokers' compartments on trains. With most smokers, on the health side, it's a question of 'I'll stop before it happens to me. I had a permanent headache with the pressure of the constant coughing.

I could feel the continuous throbbing in the vein that runs vertically down the centre of my forehead, and I honestly believed that any moment there would be an explosion in my head and I would die from a brain hemorrhage. It bothered me, but it still didn't stop me. I had reached the stage where I gave up even trying to stop. It was not so much that I enjoyed smoking. Some time in their lives most smokers have suffered from the illusion that they enjoy the odd cigarette, but I never suffered from that illusion.

I have always detested the taste and smell, but I thought a cigarette helped me to relax. It gave me courage and confidence, and I was always miserable when I tried to stop, never being able to visualize an enjoyable life without a cigarette. Eventually my wife sent me to a hypnotherapist. I must confess that I was completely skeptical, knowing nothing about hypnosis in those days and having visions of a Svengali-type figure with piercing eyes and a waving pendulum. I had all the normal illusions that smokers have about smoking except one I knew that I wasn't a weak-willed person.

I was in control of all other aspects of my life but cigarettes controlled me. I thought that hypnosis involved the forcing of wills, and although I was not obstructive like most smokers, I dearly wanted to stop , I thought no one was going to kid me that I didn't need to smoke.

The whole session appeared to be a waste of time. The hypnotherapist tried to make me lift my arms and do various other things. Nothing appeared to be working properly.

I didn't lose consciousness. I didn't go into a trance, or at least I didn't think I did, and yet after that session not only did I stop smoking but I actually enjoyed the process even during the withdrawal period. Now, before you go rushing off to see a hypnotherapist, let me make something quite clear. Hypnotherapy is a means of communication. If the wrong message is communicated, you won't stop smoking.

I'm loath to criticize the man whom I consulted because I would be dead by now if I hadn't seen him. But it was in spite of him. Neither do I wish to appear to be knocking hypnotherapy; on the contrary, I use it as part of my own consultations.

It is the power of suggestion and a powerful force that can be used for good or evil. Don't ever consult a hypnotherapist unless he or she has been personally recommended by someone you respect and trust. During those awful years as a smoker I tho ught that my life depended on cigarettes, and I was prepared to die rather than be without them.

Today people ask me whether I ever have the odd pang. Share this page. Avoid Substitutes; patches, gums, nasal sprays and e-cigs just keep the addiction alive Do not use any substitutes. Ditch your cigarettes; you are already a non-smoker the moment you put out your final cigarette Do not keep cigarettes on you or anywhere else in case of an emergency. Enjoy your freedom; live a smoke-free life and be on your guard not to fall back into the trap Life will soon go back to normal as a non-smoker but be on your guard not to fall back into the trap.

Other useful quit smoking resources. No substitutes or medications. No cravings No weight gain. No changing your daily habits. Sir Anthony Hopkins "it was such a revelation that instantly I was freed from my addiction. Not loaded yet? Try Again.

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