allen carr easyway to quit smoking pdf free

allen carr easyway to quit smoking pdf free

It's already happening to you. Instead of starting with the feeling 'Great! Have you heard the news? I haven't got to smoke any more,' he starts with a feeling of doom and gloom, as if he were trying to climb Everest, and he 62 firmly believes that once the little monster has got his hooks into you, you are hooked for life.

Many smokers even start the attempt by apologizing to their friends and relatives: 'Look. I am trying to give up smoking. I will probably be irritable during the next few weeks. Try to bear with me,' Most attempts are doomed before they start. The misery that the smoker is suffering has nothing to do with withdrawal pangs.

True, they trigger them off, but the actual agony is in the mind and it is caused by doubt and uncertainty. Because the smoker starts by feeling he is making a sacrifice, he begins to feel deprived -this is a form of stress.

One of the times when his brain tells him, 'Have a cigarette,' is a time of stress. Therefore as soon as he stops, he wants a cigarette.

But now he can't have one because he has stopped smoking. Download pdf. Get it clearly into your mind: you are losing nothing and you are making marvellous positive gains not only in health, energy and money but also in confidence, self-respect, freedom and, most important of all, in the length and quality of your future life. Light your final cigarette and make a solemn vow that regardless of what highs or lows may befall you in future, you will never puff on another cigarette or take nicotine in any form again.

This is one of the most important decisions you will ever make because the length and quality of your future life critically depend on it. Having made what you know to be the correct decision never even begin to question or to doubt that decision. The physical withdrawal is very slight — there is no pain — and it passes quickly.

Non-smokers do not suffer it. Do not try to avoid smoking situations or opt out of life. Go out and enjoy social occasions right from the start and do not envy smokers, pity them. Realise that they will be envying you because every single one of them will be wishing they could be like you: free from the whole filthy nightmare.

Never be fooled into thinking you can have the odd cigarette just to be sociable or just to get over a difficult moment. Remember: there is no such thing as just one cigarette. However, there are still a few weirdoes that continue to take snuff and probably, there always will be. Amazingly, the Houses of Parliament are one of the last bastions of snuff-taking. I suppose this is not so surprising when you think about it, politicians are generally about a hundred years behind the times.

So there will always be a few weirdoes that will continue to smoke, I certainly never expected to have to cure every smoker personally. Amazingly, my chief stumbling blocks were the very institutions that I thought would be my greatest allies: the media, the Government, organizations like ASH, QUIT and the established medical profession. You've probably seen the film Sister Kenny. In case you haven't, it was about the time when infantile paralysis or polio was the scourge of our children.

I vividly remember that the words engendered the same fear in me as the word cancer does today. The effect of polio was not only to paralyze the legs and arms but to distort the limbs. The established medical treatment was to put those limbs in irons and thus prevent the distortion.

The result was paralysis for life. Sister Kenny believed the irons inhibited recovery and proved a thousand times over that the muscles could be re-educated so that the child could walk again. However, Sister Kenny wasn't a doctor, she was merely a nurse. How dare she dabble in a province that was confined to qualified doctors? It didn't seem to matter that Sister Kenny had found the solution to the problem and had proved her solution to be effective.

The children that were treated by Sister Kenny knew she was right, so did their parents, yet the established medical profession not only refused to adopt her methods but actually prevented her from practicing. It took Sister Kenny twenty years before the medical profession would accept the obvious. However, it was equally obvious that Hollywood had used a large portion of poetic license. Sister Kenny couldn't possibly have dis covered something that the combined knowledge of medical science had failed to discover.

Surely the established medical specialists weren't the dinosaurs they were being portrayed as? How could it possibly have taken them twenty years to accept the facts that were staring them in the face? They say that fact is stranger than fiction, I apologize for accusing the makers of Sister Kenny for using poetic license. Even in this so-called enlightened age of modern communications, after fourteen years, even having access to modern communications, I've failed to get my message across.

Oh, I've proved my point, the only reason that you are reading this hook is because another ex-smoker has recommended it to you. Like Sister Kenny, I'm a lone individual.

Like her. I'm only famous because rny system works. I'm already regarded as the number-one guru on helping smokers to quit. Like Sister Kenny, I've proved my point. But Sister Kenny proved her point.

What good did that do if the rest of the world was still adopting procedures which were the direct opposite to what they should be? The last sentence of this book is identical to that in the original manuscript: There is a wind of change in society, A snowball has started that I hope this book will help turn into an avalanche.

From my remarks above, you might have drawn the conclusion that I am no respecter of the medical profession. Nothing could be further from the truth. One of my sons is a doctor and I know of no finer profession. Indeed we receive more recommendations to our clinics from doctors than from any other source, and surprisingly, more of our clients come from the medical profession than any other single profession.

In the early years, I was generally regarded by the doctors as being somewhere between a charlatan and a quack. I believe that I am the first non- qualified doctor to receive such an honor. The invitation itself is a measure of the progress that I have made. It's equivalent to saying to a heroin addict: don't smoke heroin, smoking is dangerous, try injecting it into your vein don't try this with nicotine, it will kill you instantly.

Because the medical profession and the media haven't a clue about helping smokers to quit, they concentrate on telling smokers what they already know: smoking is unhealthy, it's filthy and disgusting, it's antisocial and expensive. It never seems to occur to them that smokers do not smoke for the reasons that they shouldn't smoke.

The real problem is to remove the reasons that they do smoke. On national no-smoking days, the medical experts say something like: This is the day that every smoker tries to quit! Because they don't completely understand smokers themselves or how to make it easy for smokers to quit, their attitude is 'Try this method.

If it doesn't work try another: Can you imagine if there were ten different ways of treating appendicitis? Nine of them cured 10 per cent of the patients, which means they killed 90 per cent of them and the tenth way cured 95 per cent.

Imagine that knowledge of the tenth method had been available for over fourteen years, but the vast majority of the medical profession was still recommending the other nine.

One of the doctors at the conference raised a very pertinent point that hadn't occurred to me. He pointed out that doctors might well find themselves liable to a legal action for malpractice, by not advising their patients of the best way to quit smoking.

Ironically he was a great advocate of nicotine replacement therapy nicotine gums, patches, etc. They might just as well have wasted it on trying to persuade them that motorbikes can kill you.

Do they not realize that youngsters know that one cigarette won't kill them and that no youngster ever expects to get hooked? The link between smoking and lung cancer has been established for over forty years. Yet more youngsters are becoming hooked nowadays than ever before. Youngsters don't need to watch smoking horrors on TV. Smokers tend to avoid such, programmes anyway. Practically every youngster in the country has witnessed the actual devastation that smoking causes within their own family.

I watched my father and my sister destroyed by the weed; that didn't prevent me from falling into the trap. I appeared on a national TV programme with a doctor from Ash who had never smoked in her life and had never cured a single smoker, categorically informing the nation how this campaign would prevent youngsters from becoming hooked. I truly believe that the snowball has become a football. But after fourteen years that is still a spit in the ocean.

I'm grateful to the thousands of ex-smokers who have visited my clinics, read my books, watched my videos and recommended EASYWAY to their friends, rela tives and anyone who will listen to them, and 1 pray that you continue to do so. I don't expect you to believe me at this stage, but by the time you have finished the book, you will understand. Even the comparatively few failures that we have say something like: 'I haven't succeeded yet, but your way is better than any I know.

That will start the avalanche and if I live to witness it, I will die a happy man. Do you have a feeling of doom and gloom? Forget it. I've achieved some marvelous things in my life. By far the greatest was to escape from the slavery of nicotine addiction.

I escaped over fourteen years ago and still cannot get over the joy of being free. There is no need to feel depressed, nothing bad is happening, on the contrary, you are about to achieve something that every smoker on the planet would love to achieve : TO BE FREE! No, I am not a doctor or a psychiatrist; my qualifications are far more appropriate. I spent thirty-three years of my life as a confirmed smoker. In the later years I smoked a hundred a day on a bad day, and never less than sixty.

During my life I had made dozens of attempts to stop. I once stopped for six months, and I was still climbing up the wall, still standing near smokers trying to get a whiff of the tobacco, still traveling in the smokers' compartments on trains.

With most smokers, on the health side, it's a question of 'I'll stop before it happens to me. I had a permanent headache with the pressure of the constant coughing. I could feel the continuous throbbing in the vein that runs vertically down the centre of my forehead, and I honestly believed that any moment there would be an explosion in my head and I would die from a brain hemorrhage. It bothered me, but it still didn't stop me. I had reached the stage where I gave up even trying to stop.

It was not so much that I enjoyed smoking. Some time in their lives most smokers have suffered from the illusion that they enjoy the odd cigarette, but I never suffered from that illusion. I have always detested the taste and smell, but I thought a cigarette helped me to relax. It gave me courage and confidence, and I was always miserable when I tried to stop, never being able to visualize an enjoyable life without a cigarette.

Eventually my wife sent me to a hypnotherapist. I must confess that I was completely skeptical, knowing nothing about hypnosis in those days and having visions of a Svengali-type figure with piercing eyes and a waving pendulum. I had all the normal illusions that smokers have about smoking except one I knew that I wasn't a weak-willed person. I was in control of all other aspects of my life but cigarettes controlled me. I thought that hypnosis involved the forcing of wills, and although I was not obstructive like most smokers, I dearly wanted to stop , I thought no one was going to kid me that I didn't need to smoke.

The whole session appeared to be a waste of time. The hypnotherapist tried to make me lift my arms and do various other things. Nothing appeared to be working properly. I didn't lose consciousness. I didn't go into a trance, or at least I didn't think I did, and yet after that session not only did I stop smoking but I actually enjoyed the process even during the withdrawal period.

Now, before you go rushing off to see a hypnotherapist, let me make something quite clear. Hypnotherapy is a means of communication. If the wrong message is communicated, you won't stop smoking. I'm loath to criticize the man whom I consulted because I would be dead by now if I hadn't seen him. But it was in spite of him.

Neither do I wish to appear to be knocking hypnotherapy; on the contrary, I use it as part of my own consultations. It is the power of suggestion and a powerful force that can be used for good or evil.

Don't ever consult a hypnotherapist unless he or she has been personally recommended by someone you respect and trust. During those awful years as a smoker I tho ught that my life depended on cigarettes, and I was prepared to die rather than be without them.

Today people ask me whether I ever have the odd pang. The answer is, 'Never, never, never' - just the reverse. I've had a marvelous life. If I had died through smoking, I couldn't have complained, I have been a very lucky man, but the most marvelous thing that has ever happened to me is being freed from that nightmare, that slavery of having to go through life systematically destroying my own body and paying through the nose for the privilege.

Let me make it quite clear from the beginning: I am not a mystical figure. I have a scientific brain, and I couldn't understand what appeared to me like magic. I started reading up on hypnosis and on smoking.

Nothing I read seemed to explain the miracle that had happened. Why had it been so ridiculously easy to stop, whereas previously it had been weeks of black depression? It took me a long time to work it all out, basically because I was going about it back to front.

I was trying to work out why it had been so easy to stop, whereas the real problem is trying to explain why smokers find it difficult to stop. Smokers talk about the terrible withdrawal pangs. There was no physical pain. It was all in the mind.

My full-time profession is now helping other people to kick the habit. I'm very, very successful. I have helped to cure thousands of smokers. Let me emphasize from the start: there is no such thing as a confirmed smoker. I have still not met anybody who was as badly hooked or, rather, thought he was as badly hooked as myself. Anybody can not only stop smoking but find it easy to stop.

It is basically fear that keeps us smoking: the fear that life will never be quite as enjoyable without cigarettes and the fear of feeling deprived. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Not only is life just as enjoyable without them but it is infinitely more so in many ways and extra health, energy and wealth are the least of the advantages. All smokers can find it easy to stop smoking - even you! All you have to do is read the rest of the book with an open mind.

The more you can understand, the easier you will find it. Even if you do not understand a word, provided you follow the instructions you will find it easy.

Most important of all, you will not go through life moping for cigarettes or feeling deprived. The only mystery will be why you did it for so long. Let me issue a warning. For example, I will tell you not to try cutting down or using substitutes like sweets, chewing gum, etc.

The reason why I am so dogmatic is because I know my subject. I do not deny that there are many people who have succeeded in stopping using such ruses, but they have succeeded in spite of, not because of them. There are people who can make love standing on a hammock, but it is not the easiest way. Everything I tell you has a purpose: to make it easy to stop and thereby ensure success. Question not only what I tell you but also your own views and what society has taught you about smoking.

For example, those of you who think it is just a habit, ask yourselves why other habits, some of them enjoyable ones, are easy to break, yet a habit that tastes awful, costs us a fortune and kills us is so difficult to break.

Those of you who think you enjoy a cigarette, ask yourselves why other things in life, which are infinitely more enjoyable, you can take or leave. Why do you have to have the cigarette and panic sets in if you don't? From then on, the further you go through life the more you will look at cigarettes and wonder how you ever smoked them in the first place. You will look at smokers with pity as opposed to envy.

Provided that you are not a non-smoker or an ex-smoker, it is essential to keep smoking until you have finished the book completely. This may appear to be a contradiction. Later I shall be explaining that cigarettes do absolutely nothing for you at all. In fact, one of the many conundrums about smoking is that when we are actually smoking a cigarette, we look at it and wonder why we are doing it.

It is only when we have been deprived that the cigarette becomes precious. However, let us accept that, whether you like it or not, you believe you are hooked. When you believe you are hooked, you can never be completely relaxed or concentrate properly unless you are smoking. So do not attempt to stop smoking before you have finished the whole book.

As you read further your desire to smoke will gradually be reduced. Do not go off half-cocked; this could be fatal. Remember, all you have to do is to follow the instructions. With the benefit of twelve years' feedback since the book's original publication, apart from chapter 28, 'Timing', this instruction to continue to smoke until you have completed the book has caused me more frustration than any other.

When I first stopped smoking, many of my relatives and friends stopped, purely because I had done it. They thought, 'If he can do it, anybody can.

When the book was first printed I gave copies to the hard core who were still puffing away. I worked on the basis that, even if it were the most boring book ever written, they would still read it, if only because it had been written by a friend. I was surprised and hurt to learn that, months later, they hadn't bothered to finish the book.

I even discovered that the original copy I had signed and given to someone who was then my closest friend had not only been ignored but actually given away. I was hurt at the time, but 1 had overlooked the dreadful fear that slavery to the weed instills in the smoker. It can transcend friendship. You can even smoke while you read. There are no scare tactics, you will not gain weight and stopping will not feel like deprivation.

If you want to kick the habit then go for it. Allen Carr has helped millions of people become happy non-smokers. His unique method removes your psychological dependence on cigarettes and literally sets you free.

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