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air india express toll free number in india

air india express toll free number in india

I wanted to verify whether or not I could use one large suitcase for my son and I and consolidate our luggage allowance.

My reasoning was that it would be easier for me to travel onward to Mussoorie with one large piece of luggage. I was aware we had 23 kilos each as check in luggage allowance.

I felt it was better to get a second opinion and at 9. She confirmed my flight details and special meal request and gave me the ref number for the hotel she had booked. Steigenberger Airport Hotel. I repeated my query regarding consolidating my son and my luggage allowance and using one large suitcase between us. I proceeded to pack accordingly feeling quite assured and reached the airport with one suitcase weighing 32 kilos and one small bag weighing 10 kilos ; well within our allowance.

We arrived at the Lufthansa counter to check in and were flabbergasted when we were told that each piece of luggage could not weigh more than 23 kilos and each passenger was allowed one piece of check in luggage only and therefore we would be charged for the 9 kilos excess weight of our suitcase. I explained that my booking was with Air India who had given me a very clear go ahead to have 32 kilos in one suitcase. The response was that the Lufthansa rules applied and there was a 54 pounds charge we must pay if we wished to board the flight.

My husband and I were livid and our son was extremely upset. We paid the money and proceeded to Frankfurt. There were no Air India representatives present in Birmingham or in Frankfurt when we arrived there. On the 20th July we boarded the AI from Frankfurt to Delhi and realized that our special meal request had once again not been catered for. My son and I were not even seated together and when we reached our seats we found a heap of crumpled blankets!

The aircraft was poorly maintained and looked worn out. The choice of inflight entertainment was outdated and poor compared to most other airlines.

I have already had to bear extra expenses due to rearranging travel plans whilst flying from Delhi to the UK and now that I have had to pay 54 pounds due to no fault of my own I feel very angry and indignant. I want to be compensated for this series of events and the financial loss I have suffered due to incorrect information furnished by Air India. As the lady at the Lufthansa counter in Birmingham pointed out it is the responsibility of Air India staff to be familiar with the policies of the airlines they work with and this was reiterated by Mr.

Kushi, Airport Manager at the Frankfurt boarding gate He advised me to contact Air India Delhi and London to pursue reimbursement for inconvenience and the 54 pounds I had to pay in Birmingham to Lufthansa.

I have the receipt which I can scan and send you. I would appreciate an immediate response and a monetary payment which I strongly believe you are responsible for and will pursue this matter until it is resolved. Look forward to hearing from you.

Hence I would like to apply for full refund for following ticket details. I am really shocked to see the lukewarm response from Air India. I had booked flight well in advance. I have paid full amount via credit card. Due to unfortunate event of strike, my flight was cancelled at last moment hence I had to get another flight at higher cost.

Since this was cancellation from Air India, I expect common sense of returning my money immediately. However it is pathetic that, I have to write mail to refund. The flight was cancelled on 11th may and I have to get my refund till today.

I am feeling very disappointed and angry by this slow response from ecommerce division. Why do they take so long to refund? Why do they require 1 month for refund for cancelled flight? Are Air India doing any favour by returning money? My credit cards are blocked now as I have booked twice. I cannot pay my credit card company for the amount booked for Air India and hence I am being fined by Credit card company due to delay.

Does Air India expect me to take some kind of loan to pay this huge amount. Again If I pay this amount to credit card company and Air India refund this amount back to credit card, I have to spend that much amount as credit card company will not give me my cash. Air India seems to be punishing me for keeping faith in National carrier. But no one is responding on these numbers. Economy passenger baggage allownace for international flight is very very less in air india..

The flight seemed to be so old and I didn't feel any security during the flight. The flight was not at all full with passengers. Many seats were vacant. I think so the people are mainly hesitating to travel in Air India due to these old flights. If flights are replaced with new ones, I'm sure that all the flights will be full.

I saw the advertisement of new flights in Air India with many facilities and luxuries. Old flights are used only for the people traveling from gulf countries? I'm so sorry to say these defects of our National Airline. Hope you wold take a good action in this case. I am trying to contact Air India frequent flyers from last two weeks. But no one is responding on these numbers provided by the Air India customer care 1. See Mobile Website Version. Please enable Javascript in your browser. You will not be able to use some features!

India Customer Care. Follow us on:. Updated on Saturday, 9 May - am. Toll free Number s :. All India Number s :. Refunds for Tickets purchased during Lockdown period in india, Read Self Declaration form for universal screening of passengers. P Booking office : Airport : ixd [dot] sm [at] airindia [dot] in Amritsar International Airport, Amritsar.

Road, Anand Kumar, Sr. Cargo Mgr. International - Exports Mr. Narayan, Sr. Station Manager Mobile No. Working Hours: Mon-Sat hrs to hrs.

Lunch Break hrs to hrs. Cochin International Airport, Nedumbassery, Cochin - Airport Manager: — cokadmin [at] airindia [dot] in smcokairindia [at] gmail [dot] com International Terminal Duty Manager: — Traffic: Off. Some of the passengers and baggage, including the bag M.

Singh had checked in, were transferred to Air India Flight In response to threats from Sikh activists, Air India had requested extra security, leading Canada to assign extra policemen in terminals in Toronto and Montreal, and all baggage was to be checked by X-ray or by hand. An Air India security officer had demonstrated that it made a loud scream when a lit match was held an inch away, and showed that it should be used around the edge of the bag being tested.

Between and , the sniffer was heard to beep at a soft-sided maroon suitcase with a zipper going all around; it beeped in a low volume near the zipper lock. But Air India was not informed since checkers were not instructed on how to react to only a short beep, so they allowed the bag to pass on its way. Later investigation would determine that the two containers that could have contained M.

Singh's bag were placed close to the sensitive electronic bay of the aircraft. At UTC 8: 15 p. Some of the parts had to be stored in the rear cargo compartment. The 5th pod engine was a serviceable spare engine that had been on lease to Air Canada after one of their Boeing s suffered an engine failure on the way to India.

That engine received a post lease inspection and was declared serviceable by Air Canada personnel. There, it became Flight Captain Hanse Singh Narendra 56 served as the captain, [71] with Captain Satwinder Singh Bhinder 41 as the first officer [72] and Dara Dumasia 57 as the flight engineer. Irish time , the crew of the Boeing "squawked " [74] a routine activation of its aviation transponder as requested by Shannon Airport Air Traffic Control ATC , then vanished from the radar screens.

No " mayday " call was received by Shannon ATC. ATC asked aircraft in the area to try to contact Air India, to no avail. PDT , L. Singh did not board the flight.

There were no x-ray inspections of luggage on this flight. Two Japanese baggage handlers were killed and four other people were injured. It appears the conspirators meant for both bombings to occur simultaneously, but they neglected to take into account that Japan does not observe daylight saving time , as does Canada. By UTC, the cargo ship Laurentian Forest discovered wreckage of the aircraft and many bodies floating in the water. India's civil aviation minister announced the possibility that the plane had been destroyed by a bomb, and the cause was probably some sort of explosion.

The bomb killed all 22 crew and passengers. Of those, bodies were recovered; were lost at sea. Eight bodies exhibited "flail pattern" injuries, indicating that they had exited the aircraft before it hit the water. This was a sign that the aircraft had broken up in mid-air. Twenty-six bodies showed signs of hypoxia lack of oxygen. Twenty-five, mostly victims who were seated near windows, showed signs of explosive decompression. Twenty-three had signs of "injuries from a vertical force".

Twenty-one passengers were found with little or no clothing. Two of the dead, one infant and one child, are reported to have died of asphyxia. There is no doubt about the asphyxial death of the infant. In the case of the other child Body No 93 there was some doubt because the findings could also be caused due to the child undergoing tumbling or spinning with the anchor point at the ankles.

Three other victims undoubtedly died of drowning. Two of these drowning victims, a pregnant woman in her second trimester and her unborn son, were described by Dr. John Hogan in testimony given at a coroner's inquest convened in Cork on 17 September There was water in the stomach and the uterine. The uterus contained a normal male fetus of approximately five months.

The fetus was not traumatized and in my opinion death was due to drowning. The boxes would be difficult to find and it was imperative that the search commence quickly. By 4 July, Gardline Locator detected signals on the sea bed. The next day, the FDR was also located and recovered. A casualty list was provided by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Two children not on board had both parents on board, resulting in them becoming orphaned. There were six sets of children of their entire families.

There were 32 people not on the aircraft who had the remaining members of their families on board. Most of the victims resided in southern Ontario and were Hindus. Some of the victims were Sikhs; [92] around 35 passengers were Sikhs from Greater Montreal. It stated that all of these passengers had taken flights on Air Canada, [76] : 31 [70] and no interlining passengers boarded Flight in Montreal.

There were 68 persons who cleared customs in Toronto and were scheduled to re-board Flight so they could travel to their final destination, Montreal. There was a practice of passengers who intended to fly to Toronto actually buying tickets to Montreal, because tickets to Montreal had a lower cost than tickets to Toronto. On the flights going to Canada, such passengers simply disembarked in Toronto and chose not to re-board the flight to Montreal. Three passengers scheduled to go onward to Montreal never re-boarded Flight , and so there were 65 passengers destined for Montreal who flew the Toronto-to-Montreal segment.

Within hours, Canada's Indian community was a focus of attention as victims and among hints that officials were investigating connections to the Sikh separatists who had threatened and committed acts of violence in retaliation against Hindus.

Based on recovery of wreckage and bodies from the surface, it was decided to retrieve wreckage and recorders from the bottom of the sea. That voice and flight recorders were cut out at the same time, and damage to parts recovered from the forward cargo bay consistent with a blast, established that it was probably a bomb near the forward cargo hold that brought the plane down suddenly.

The flight was also soon linked to the earlier bombing in Japan which had also originated from Vancouver; tickets for both flights had been purchased by the same person, and in both cases the planes were carrying bags without the passenger who checked them in.

One of the problems the investigators thought may have been the reason of the supposed crash was that the aircraft was carrying a spare engine. Therefore, there would have been more weight on one side. This reason was ruled out as the flight recorders relayed information of the rudder position which assists in the carrying of a 5th engine. Carrying a 5th engine helped airlines carry broken engines back to be maintained. No bomb parts were recovered from the ocean, but investigations of the blast at Tokyo established that the bomb had been placed in a Sanyo stereo tuner of a series that had been shipped to Vancouver in Canada.

The RCMP assigned no less than officers to check every store that could have sold Sanyo tuners, leading to the discovery of a recent sale to mechanic Inderjit Singh Reyat in his hometown of Duncan, British Columbia. Khola the "Khola Report". The report also concluded that a bomb originating in Canada brought down the Air India flight.

Based on observations, wiretaps, searches and arrests of persons believed to be participants, the bombing was determined to be the joint project of at least two Sikh terrorist groups with extensive membership in Canada, the United States, Britain and India. Their anger had been sparked by the June assault on the Golden Temple by the Government of India. The main suspects in the bombing were members of a Sikh separatist group called the Babbar Khalsa banned in Europe and the United States as a proscribed terrorist group and other related groups who were at the time agitating for a separate Sikh state called Khalistan in Punjab, India.

On 17 August , Reyat became a third suspect once the receipt for the tuner was found with his name. After he was told the CSIS had seen both of them, he changed his story that Parmar really wanted to build a device powerful enough so that he could take the device back to India to destroy a bridge. He explained that the gunpowder in the test was a failure, as the device fizzled. The search of Reyat's house produced a carton with an unusual green tape also found in the Narita blast and a can of Liquid Fire-brand starting fluid matching fragments found at the blast site, along with blasting caps and dynamite, including a pound of dynamite in a bag taken out its original tube casing, though none was consistent with blast residue.

Reyat insisted only the clock, relays and tuner had been purchased for other than "benign purposes". There was insufficient evidence to hold Parmar as charges were dropped days later. Bagri would later state before his later trial that he knew he was probably a suspect by October , but insisted he would have faced charges if there were any evidence he had anything to do with the bombing.

Authorities initially lacked evidence to link Reyat directly to either the Narita or Air India blasts and pursue a conspiracy to commit murder charge. Instead, Reyat pleaded guilty on 29 April to possession of an explosive substance and possession of an unregistered firearm. Reyat was soon hired at a Jaguar factory where he worked for nearly two years. RCMP Mounties working with prosecutor Jardine and RCMP and Japanese experts eventually determined the components of the bomb from fragments and matched them with items that Reyat possessed or had purchased.

Prosecutor Jardine visited Tokyo five times to meet with Japanese authorities, and Canada formally asked that evidence to be sent to Canada. Still lacking sufficient evidence for a murder charge, Jardine recommended two manslaughter charges and five explosives-related counts, resulting in a request to Britain to extradite Reyat, who was arrested on 5 February as he was driving to the Jaguar car plant.

After lengthy proceedings to extradite him from Britain, Reyat was flown to Vancouver on 13 December and his trial began 18 September On 10 May , he was convicted of two counts of manslaughter and four explosives charges relating to the Narita Airport bombing. He was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment. They were charged with counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of the people on board Air India Flight , conspiracy to commit murder, the attempted murder of passengers and crew on the Canadian Pacific flight at Japan's New Tokyo International Airport now Narita International Airport , and two counts of murder of the baggage handlers at New Tokyo International Airport.

He was sentenced to five years in prison. The trial of Malik and Bagri proceeded between April and December in Courtroom 20, [] more commonly known as "the Air India courtroom". I began by describing the horrific nature of these cruel acts of terrorism, acts which cry out for justice. Justice is not achieved, however, if persons are convicted on anything less than the requisite standard of proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

Despite what appear to have been the best and most earnest of efforts by the police and the Crown, the evidence has fallen markedly short of that standard. In a letter to the Attorney General of British Columbia , Malik demanded compensation from the Canadian government for wrongful prosecution in his arrest and trial.

In February , Reyat was charged with perjury with regard to his testimony in the trial. Reyat had pleaded guilty to constructing the bomb, but denied under oath that he knew anything about the conspiracy.

I find him to be an unmitigated liar under oath. Even the most sympathetic of listeners could only conclude, as do I, that his evidence was patently and pathetically fabricated in an attempt to minimise his involvement in his crime to an extreme degree, while refusing to reveal relevant information he clearly possesses. On 3 July , with perjury proceedings still pending, Reyat was denied parole by the National Parole Board , which concluded he was a continued risk to the public.

The decision meant Reyat had to serve his full five-year sentence, which ended 9 February Reyat's perjury trial began in March in Vancouver, but was abruptly dismissed on 8 March The jury was dismissed after "biased" remarks about Reyat by a woman juror.

A new jury was chosen. In September , according to the Lethbridge Herald newspaper, jurors were told Reyat had lied 19 times under oath. On 7 January , he was sentenced to nine years in prison. The country's top court did not disclose its reasons as per customary practice.

In March , the British Columbia Court of Appeal dismissed Reyat's appeal that the nine-year length of the sentence, the country's longest sentence for perjury, was unfit. The court ruled the gravity of the perjury in such a case was without comparison. He was released from a halfway house less than 13 months later on 14 February , with restrictions.

In his verdict, Justice Josephson cited "unacceptable negligence" by CSIS when hundreds of wiretaps of the suspects were destroyed.

These tapes continued to be erased even after the terrorists had become the primary suspects in the bombing. Because the original wiretap records were erased, they were inadmissible as evidence in court.

Tara Singh Hayer , the publisher of the Indo-Canadian Times and a member of the Order of British Columbia , [] provided an affidavit to the RCMP in claiming that he was present during a conversation in which Bagri admitted his involvement in the bombings. But because the plane was a half-hour to three-quarters of an hour late, it blew up over the ocean. On 18 November , Hayer was shot dead while getting out of his car in the garage of his home in Surrey. However, that report remains secret to this day.

The Canadian government continues to insist that there was no mole involved. On 1 May , the Crown-in-Council, on the advice of Prime Minister Stephen Harper , [] announced the launch of a full public inquiry into the bombing, headed by retired Supreme Court Justice John Major , to find "answers to several key questions about the worst mass murder in Canadian history.

It was to also provide a forum wherein families of the victims could testify on the impact of the bombing and would not repeat any criminal trials.

The inquiry's investigations were completed and released on 17 June After the release of the findings, Stephen Harper announced in the media, on the 25th anniversary of the disaster, that he would "acknowledge the catastrophic failures of intelligence, policing and air security that led to the bombing, and the prosecutorial lapses that followed" and deliver an apology on behalf of the sitting Cabinet of Canada.

Twenty years after the downing of Air India Flight , families gathered in Ahakista , Ireland to grieve. Governor General Adrienne Clarkson , on the advice of Prime Minister Paul Martin , declared the anniversary a national day of mourning. During the anniversary observances, Martin said that the bombing was a Canadian problem, not a foreign problem, saying,. In May , Angus Reid Strategies released the results of public opinion polling of whether Canadians viewed the Air India bombing as a Canadian or Indian tragedy and whom they blamed.

Forty-eight per cent of respondents considered the bombing as a Canadian event, while twenty-two per cent thought it was a mostly Indian affair. Thirty-four per cent of those asked felt both CSIS and airport security personnel deserved a great deal of the blame in addition to twenty-seven per cent who believed the RCMP were largely to blame.

Eighteen per cent mentioned Transport Canada. The date, 23 June , is not seared into the nation's soul. The events of that day snuffed out hundreds of innocent lives and altered the destinies of thousands more, but it neither shook the foundations of government, nor transformed its policies. It was not, in the main, even officially acknowledged as an act of terrorism. Memorials were erected in Canada and elsewhere to commemorate the victims. In , a monument was unveiled in Ahakista , West Cork , Ireland, on the first anniversary of the bombing.

The memorial features a sundial, the base of which consists of stones from all provinces and territories of Canada, as well as the countries of the other victims, and a wall, oriented toward Ireland and bearing the names of the dead.

A third Canadian memorial opened in Ottawa. CBC Television announced the start of filming for Flight , a documentary about the tragedy directed by Sturla Gunnarsson. The crash was featured in Season 5 of the Canadian made, internationally distributed documentary series Mayday , on the episode "Air India: Explosive Evidence". The Pada memorial awards at Laurentian University were established in honour of victim Vishnu Pada, the husband of Lata Pada , Indian-born Canadian choreographer and Bharatanatyam dancer.

It is awarded to computer engineering students. Sankurathri Foundation was established by Dr. SF implements educational programs through Sarada Vidyalayam, health care programs through Sri Kiran Institute of Ophthalmology and disaster relief programs through Spandana.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the Canadian documentary film, see Air India film. June aircraft bombing over the Atlantic Ocean near Ireland. Canada portal India portal Ireland portal Aviation portal s portal. The University of Toronto Law Journal. Counter-Terrorism: International Law and Practice.

Oxford University Press. Leadership and the Toronto 18". In Bruce Hoffman; Fernando Reinares eds. New York: Columbia University Press. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Archived from the original on 4 July Retrieved 24 June Retrieved 21 December The London Evening Standard. Archived from the original on 12 June Please do necessary action to refund the Rs. Airline authorities cannot simply wash their hand after denying the boarding pass. I was one of the passenger travelling from Singapore to Chennai on 24th Nov by Airindia Express.

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