again the magic lisa kleypas read online free

again the magic lisa kleypas read online free

Their voices carried clearly from the stone-flagged hall to the second-floor balcony where Aline happened to be passing. Alert to any mention of McKenna, she stopped and listened intently.

Faircloth suggested in a diffident tone that made Aline grin. She knew that behind Mrs. I shall recommend to the earl that McKenna be made a footboy. If he concurs, I will order a livery to be made. Regardless of the increase in pay and the privilege of sleeping in the house, McKenna was somewhat less than grateful for his new status.

He had enjoyed working with the horses and living in the relative privacy of the stables, and now he spent at least half his time in the manor wearing a conventional full dress livery of black plush breeches, a mustard-colored waistcoat, and a blue pigeon-tailed coat.

More aggravating yet was the time every Sunday when he was required to accompany the family to church, open the pew for them, dust the bench, and set out their prayer books. The sight of their friend clad in the detested livery was an irresistible opportunity for them to comment on the sight of his legs in white stockings.

McKenna maintained a suitably impassive facade, but he flashed them a glance promising vengeance, causing them to howl in delight. He became deeply sun-browned, and although the bronze hue of his skin clearly proclaimed him to be of the working classes, it enhanced the vivid blue-green of his eyes and made his teeth look even whiter than usual.

List Chapter Read free. Rainshadow Road Author: Lisa Kleypas. Marrying Winterborne Author: Lisa Kleypas. Unfortunately McKenna is a servant of the household and any romance between the two is strictly forbidden.

But young love cannot be stopped and McKenna and Aline continue to see each other secretly. One day they are found out and Aline must send McKenna away with a lie. Twelve years pass and McKenna comes back to Stony Cross a rich man, having made his fortune in America.

He hasn't forgotten Aline and vows revenge by seduction. What he doesn't know is that Aline still loves him. However, she has her own secrets that threaten to keep them apart. I loved this book so much!

If any two people belong together, it's Aline and McKenna. Even after twelve years apart, the chemistry between the two is undeniable.

And it's not just the physical stuff. I was surprised by how emotional I got while reading their story. My heart broke for Aline when she had to send McKenna away and again when she finally told him the truth about what happened all those years ago.

She was the most frustratingly stubborn woman at times, pushing McKenna away for all the wrong reasons. I loved McKenna, even though he comes back to Aline a cold, cruel man intent on revenge. I loved his strength and determination and the tenderness that he showed Aline. They are a great match and I gave a sigh of relief when they finally found their HEA. Livia and Gideon also have a sweet side story in this. I liked them both and enjoyed learning their back story. Again the Magic is an intense and passionate love story that made me believe in true love and soul mates.

It is a wonderful addition to the Wallflowers series and can be read as a standalone or in chronological order. The Wallflowers is truly one of my favorite romance series and I highly recommend it. Aline once fell in love with John McKenna, who she grew up with as a child, but when she became a woman everything changed, and after she had to force him to leave, her life changed forever However as much as she wants to she knows she can't risk telling him the truth no matter how much it makes her ache inside.

John, knew that there was no future for them but now he is forever changed from that young innocent stable boy who believed in love and hope for the future.

He has created his own future, but Aline has always haunted his thoughts and has come back to get his revenge, only things don't add up and his passion for Aline resurfaces only stronger than ever Again The Magic, is the fourth in the Bow Street Runners, I think I may have read this one once before, but I don't remember it but there were parts that seemed familiar.

I just fell in love with this book, it was everything I could have hoped for. Aline, is darling, even though I think she could have used more spine to fight for what she really wanted. For some reason John seemed so amusing to me, I really have no idea why, just that his character appealed to me in a certain way that made me smile. I just loved how the story progressed, the bed scenes were very heated but at the same time romantically sweet. I find the more I read this author the more I wish more authors were like her, I just love her stories and how they connect even though the series are different from each other.

I also loved how their was a side love story to Aline's and Westcliffs younger sister I found Again the Magic a very charming love story that just sang to the heart Aline is the daughter of an earl, McKenna is a lowely servant of no decent breeding. Time and again, she offered herself to him She even suggested they elope How is it that he still thinks she believes him to be beneath her? And how is that he still fell for that crap a second time?

But then It's mentioned more than once that he's had sex with other women in the years in between and we just aren't allowed to look past or forget this fact. It just started to aggravate me, especially considering what Aline has been through and how she had to suffer alone.

She went through a near-death experience and is permanently scarred from it, having to live with that for the rest of her life. Excuse me And then it just got worse because she's got no spine and kept falling for him. Literally right after he spouts the above nonsense to her, she's already falling for him again. And you know I would've been able to look past all this crap if he'd just remained celibate.

Instead, we're constantly reminded about how he's had other women. Good God, during their big confession moment at the end, there's still mention of him having other women in his arms! Fucking hell, if it's too much to ask to just keep a man celibate More than once?

Especially while the h and H are confessing their undying love for one another? And sandwiched between lines about how she's his heart and soul and he can't live without her? And then, just for good measure, it's mentioned once more at the end. In the past Gideon had seen McKenna with women in far more licentious circumstances than this. And a good chunk of this book felt like filler to me But seriously? I don't recall a Kleypas novel ever having as much as sex as this one did.

Even if you just consider the amount of scenes between a single couple, there were still waaaaay more compared to the usual that I've seen in Kleypas's novels. Sorry, but that shit wasn't hers to tell. Actually -- no, I'm not sorry. Fuck her for outing him -- especially when he's been a friend to her for years and hasn't told a soul any of her secrets and has only helped her every step of the way. And let's not forget that her secrets aren't even as bad burn scars as his, him being a gay man of the peerage and all.

I was just like And then she did. Fuck her. And let's not forget that the death penalty for buggery wasn't even abolished until the Offences against the Person Act of ! This book takes place in View all 8 comments. Lisa Kleypas where have you been all my life?! A few friends have recommended this series to me and I kept thinking One thing I've come to realise is that Lisa Kleypas is one hell of an author and secondly Her writing captures the emotions of her characters so vividly that you can't help but get swept up in the story.

Before I get sidetracked let me tell you about my thoughts on Again The Magic. Our main characters Aline Marsden and John McKenna also known as just McKenna grew up together, they were inseparable despite their different stations in life.

And when their connection grew into something deeper than just friendship they tried everything to make it work but when they're found out, Aline is forced to hurt McKenna in the worst possible way in order for him to lose all hope in them being together. Fast foward a decade and McKenna has become a successful entrepreneur, he never forgot about Aline and is determined to exact his revenge on her. She lives a life of regret and loneliness until McKenna comes back and she decides that although they can never be together she will allow herself just one night with the only man she's ever loved.

The wonderful thing about this book is that as the reader you're just begging the characters to sit down and just talk through their differences because obviously old misunderstandings would be put to rest and they could live happily ever after. But Lisa Kleypas takes the reader on a journey full of tension, sensuality and love that makes you hurt right along with the characters. Apart from McKenna and Aline's story there is a subplot with Aline's sister and McKenna's good friend and business associate it was absolutely charming.

This story was absolutely fantastic and if you aren't a Wallflower fan yet, I'd definitely recommend that you get on the bandwagon and start with this one! I'm off to finish Secrets of a Summer Night!

View all 5 comments. Shelves: mine , book-boyfriend , gr , books-i-love , feel-good-read , 5-stars. The dark reality was that he and Aline had never been separate—they could live on opposite sides of the earth, and they would still be caught together in a hellish tangle.

Not have her? He had never stopped having her…She had been a perpetual torment to him. She was going to suffer for that, as he had suffered for more than a decade.

View all 10 comments. Oct 18, Laura rated it it was amazing. This one has been reviewed by soo many of my friends, that this will be short, and not in anyway a summary. I thought the way McKenna came back to hurt Aline was soo well done. I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but I am a sucker for the betrayal and redemption plot And this one worked.

I agreed with Aline th This one has been reviewed by soo many of my friends, that this will be short, and not in anyway a summary. I agreed with Aline that McKenna would feel pity for her and out of duty or honor feel obligated to propose. I was glad that she kept her secret, well, a secret I think that this was so hard for me to put down that my kids had a movie morning today so I could finish the book!

In fact I had to take them to the park to make it up to them that I didn't play with them today. The second plot of Livia and Gideon was fabulous. I also loved when Aline told Livia that she wasn't willing to accept Gideon and his faults his binge drinking , so how dare her suggest that McKenna would take Aline with her flaws-I won't spoil what they are.

The way McKenna finally laid his heart out for Aline was just heartbreaking, and when he wept on Mrs. Faircloth's shoulder I wept with him. When Aline was finally honest and lay her flaws out was great, I loved when he accepted her flaws as she never had.

Most people have said this is not their favorite of Lisa Kleypas' books.. View all 32 comments. Dec 15, Ronyell rated it it was amazing Shelves: sexy-good-girl-heroine , adult-book , historical-romance , sexy-bad-boy-hero , british-hero-or-heroine , english-books , read-in , lisa-kleypas , my-blog-reviews.

Imagine having loved someone at a young age, but you both realize that it was a forbidden type of love and at the time, you thought that the only way to protect your lover is to drive them away from your life. Years ago Imagine having loved someone at a young age, but you both realize that it was a forbidden type of love and at the time, you thought that the only way to protect your lover is to drive them away from your life.

Years later, however, McKenna returns to London as a rich man, but now he has a vengeance on Aline for breaking his heart years ago. Wow… my heart is just beating wildly right now! Lisa Kleypas has done an excellent job at bringing life into each character as all the characters in this book intense to the tenth degree!

The characters I loved the most in this book were John McKenna and Aline Marsden as they were the most intense couple I have ever read in any romance novel since they have so many issues to work through!

John McKenna is truly one hot bad boy hero of this story as he is always being described as an extremely muscular man which I love and he had such an intense personality. At times, I get scared by McKenna because he had such a dark and intense personality and you do not really know what he is going to do to Aline to extract his vengeance, but once I realized about how he was hurting deeply when Aline said hurtful things to him, I actually felt sympathy for him.

Aline Marsden was a truly remarkable and innocent character as she truly cares about McKenna and what I really loved about her character was that she accepted McKenna for who he is and she did not care if McKenna was servant or not. Of course, there were times where I got a little irritated with Aline for not telling McKenna the truth, but I guess if someone cares for another person the way that Aline did for McKenna, then it would have been a bit difficult for anyone to feel rejection from the person they love.

There is also a lot of love making between Aline and McKenna that is so hot and steamy that romance fans will literally flipped over with anticipation at reading those scenes! There are many sex scenes in this book and some of the sex scenes are pretty graphic in some areas.

For anyone who does not like reading about graphic sex scenes, might want to skip over the sex scenes when they are reading this book. Review is also on: Rabbit Ears Book Blog Feb 25, Eastofoz rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Readers who like childhood friends who become lovers. Shelves: favourites , historical-regency.

This book was phe-no-men-al! McKenna is one wicked hero. His deep-seated hatred for Ali This book was phe-no-men-al! His deep-seated hatred for Aline as an adult just simmers throughout the story —you can feel that this guy is going to blow! Aline is a great heroine too. When the two of them get together though sparks not only fly they soar! He had known desire before, and although his experience was limited, he was not a virgin. But he had never encountered this agonizing blend of emotion and physical hunger before…a searing temptation that he could never surrender to.

Tearing his mouth from hers, McKenna buried his face in the shining midnight veil of her hair. I love you. Share Tweet. Again the Magic - Again the Magic: Page 1. Lady Aline Marsden was brought up for one reason: to make an advantageous marriage to a member of her own class. Instead, she willingly gave her innocence to John McKenna, a servant on her father's estate. Their passionate transgression was unforgivable - John was sent away, and Aline was left to live in the countryside Now McKenna has made his fortune, and he has returned - more boldly handsome and more mesmerizing than before.

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