adventure games for girls free download

adventure games for girls free download

Anime and Manga Games. Single-player Games. Slacking Games. Mermaid Games. Mobizen 3. Remove Spyware. Go undercover as a security guard! Can you save the town from a maniacal specter in time? Will you be able to predict the assassin's next step? And solve the Murder Case in time? Join Peter Pan and Wendy on a magical journey through Neverland! Solve the obscure mystery that has plagued the town!

Something dark roams Logan's Castle What's lurking in the shadows? There's more to this resort than meets the eye. Stay alert Stay alive. Carrying many lives on your shoulders, you must balance on the tightrope between life and death. Power Rangers: Legacy Wars can be fun, when it works.

Life imitates art with deadly results in this thrilling whodunit. Track down a killer in a remote European castle! No one's as they appear Can you solve the mystery behind a local woman's death?

Who's really behind the kidnappings. Can you save a womans fiance before it's too late. Help Putt Putt find the missing baby animals in the zoo. Travel with Putt Putt through time to find important items!

Help king Robert investigate a series of kidnappings where the victims are children! Santa Claus has arrived! It's Christmas time and the Queen decided to celebrate!

A simple crime of passion or something more deeper and evil? A cab ride takes a dark turn when you get stuck in a cemetery. Can you help the spirits find peace? Stop the bitter Spirit of Cold from killing your ancestors! When entertainment turns to fear Save the cemetery's trapped souls! The tides of time are against you Family heirlooms can be dangerous Can you save your world from darkness in time? Art can take deadly forms Remedy Rush won't cure what ails ya, but it's still fun.

Every nook and cranny holds another piece of the mystery. Can you defeat the Four Horsemen and save the city? Use special balloons to spread happiness in a gloomy industrial city! Time can't heal all wounds These are no ordinary statues Explore a world beneath your own.

Help the rug folk on their adventurous rescue mission! Follow your missing students through an ancient labyrinth! What secrets are hidden in the legendary McCordan Library? Some knowledge is deadly. Journey to the mythical Nine Worlds to save the Earth!

Funny adventure game with a crazy detective team! Bury the secret to the golden touch once and for all! Solve the mysterious crimes and to expose the insidious criminals!

In Secret Investigations Heritage. Queen Elizabeth's in danger! Can you clear her name before it's too late? Searching for a warrior, a group of Vikings and the brave Finnja embark on an adventurous journey. What lurks in the shadows of Iron Gate Asylum? Enjoy a unique new tale of psychological terror! Darkness returns for the light You must find shelter, before the hungry wolves find you! Explore a New world built on sleeping giants. Protect Planet Xenon and defeat evil space aliens! Embark on an adventure in a post apocalyptic world and join the fight to bring back humanity.

When darkness sweeps across the realm Class is in session! Can anger every really die? Revenge is a powerful motive. But can you stop a vengeful spirit's revnge before it's too late? What awaits you in the Lost Kingdom? Help the adorable sprouts rebuild their civilization. Your family's past is more interesting than any story.

And it's not over yet. Mary's family is on their amazing summer adventure. I do like the game but it is quite annoying because there is no flat ground anywhere so you can't build anything properly and the dogs never stay tamed for long enough. Jun 7, By Elizabeth Camp. I like this game but it's so boring I like how it has dogs I love dogs but i dont like how you cant play with your friends or you have to build a house and you have to wach 2 videos for 1 block so that's why I am giving this game 3 stars but it is s good game so if you like these things you should play this game it is meant for girls and it is like minecraft it's just a little boring!

May 10, By Wilma Cameron. I love this game but I wish you guys can add online real players and many more things to this game. Travel to the past and escape with lost treasure! Explore the Time Library! By Niacin Berry. Good morning Great start to another very challenging game ERased review.. Not a Great start.. Seems a kind of Scam Selling Coins. Iam good with Olde Good Games Hidden in the gameplay this way or no playing.

Dishonest Wordplay.. Not Totally Free with ads. Shame on gameownersRipoffing AD Folks. Great puzzles Nov 25, By Tarrazan. I really like the puzzles. I like mathematically based games. Not just a bunch of random clicking with various objects.

Like the backwards clock thing. And the red and white dot game. I spent hours on that and finally had to skip it it just seemed impossible. I like thinking but when it takes more than an hour for a puzzle it gets frustrating. How do I know it was even legit? Another fun Haiku game! By Tuesday Patience. I really love these games I wish there were about more! The only criticism I can give this game is the lower quality artwork and that some of the puzzles are both a little harder to see and a few of the clues are really hard to connect not so much hard to solve This game is interesting and fast paced I recommend to all!

No WiFi Game Mar 14, By Widderune. This game plays like a escape game, but it has a plot with cutscenes hence, Adventure Escape. Many of the puzzles can be solved with ease, but the developers leave enough difficult puzzles for you to try and figure out the hard puzzles are usually at the end of a chapter. You can find and collect stars to use as currency for answers, but try not to use them unless it is necessary.

The best part of course is you do not need any WiFi to play this game. Haiku Games craft their apps rather well. No disappointments so far. Challenge On Mar 18, By Awesome first experience! But that is what makes this game fun it keeps your mind busy. But other than that if you love a challenge then challenge on this game is so worth your time!

By Alyx. Annoyed by preemptive early prompt to evaluate this game before I've played. Will write more if I finish. Intriguing, educational fun for children of all ages!

Join Alice and Hiro in their attempts to solve the mystery of the Time Library Solve devious puzzles, work through brain-bending riddles, and locate hidden objects to help you break free of the Time traps Time travel to the past and find long-lost treasures! But remember, time travel is always risky, so watch your step as the story continues Reviewed by Kaylin on July 6, Loving it Feb 16, By Ren.

Love the games! Mar 9, By Argrette. Can you make more games and have them have more chapters to each one? You can make more stories involving these characters and more stories with the characters from the other games as well. You can easily make more stories with just the Carnival characters and make more with the detective too.

Hope you make more games and soon! Great apps! By snatchandzoe. I have downloaded and played through many of the apps this developer has released and I am very happy to say that they are my favorite mystery games. They have a great story line, realistic characters, and challenging puzzles. Such as when you complete a chapter, finish a puzzle, or by just finding them. Jul 9, By Jessica Davis. Fun and enjoyable, like every game by this developer. I love them all!

The puzzles aren't so easy that it's boring and not so difficult that it's frustrating. A great leisure game. Fantastic work as always. Great game! Aug 24, By Catycaty The dialouge is funny, the puzzles are a challenge but not impossible.

I downloaded this one and the Haunted hunt one also so fun, but I kinda like this one better. I am only on chapter 3 but this is sooo awesome.

Only thing is, I would like these games to be longer. Or have sequels the haunted hunt one seriously needs a sequel The other games are very deathy themed. That is also something I would like to change. For All Ages May 10, By icaraven. This game is awesome. Interestingly puzzles, great graphics, chapter by chapter not a long drawn out process, and an entertains storyline. I love playing these games with my granddaughter because it developed and strengthens her strategy skills instead of leaning nothing with those mindless action games.

Great Job People!!! I have run into a few glitches though. In chapter 4 I could not figure out what to do even after the hint. I broke down and watched the walkthrough and there is a dog behind the curtain. These objects should be a little more visible. Similar to Adventure Escape: Time Library. Best Girl Escape Adventure Games is one of the best adventure games.

May 30, By Ashok Gupta. I suggest everyone to atleast try it out. I am still playing it, even though I started playing this a year ago. Who ever made this game, please make more games like this. Nov 7, By Shadma Shadma. Pet Puppy Love: Girls Craft. Create and craft! For Girls! Sea adventure - crazy beach party games. Build your own water slide park! Feel the uphill rush of racing in a theme park! Doodle Jump Arcade. Princess House Cleaning Hidden Objects. High Rated For Girls Games.

Timberman Arcade. Midnight Miner Are you ready for another mining adventure. Nimble Knight A brave knight tries to rescue the beautiful princess. GraviCat The cute little cat doesn't care about the gravity so…. Furry Brothers You have to shoot the rocks to move the ball and bring….

Top Naut Missiles are dropping on top of your head. Nervous Bot This robot is scared and nervous. Newton's Law Gravity control of the mall is broken. Hollywood Rush. Crazy Labs by TabTale. Run from the paparazzi and rise to fame in this all new Hollywood inspired game! Mermaid Secrets 35— Princess Ocean War.

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