adventure games for boys free download

adventure games for boys free download

Use the Left and Right Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to toggle through them. Once the game begins, each level is side-scrolling from left to right. To move faster than normal, hit Z while moving. To jump, hit X when moving. Return 7 vices to the Vault to save yourself and your daughter!

Help Copperbell defeat the demon that has settled in the nearby forest. Let's set off in the footsteps of Corto Maltese! Every family has its secrets Investgiate as the head of the Maybard family has been murdered! Music can be lethal Stardom can be dangerous Can you save your best friend before it's too late? Can you save Vienna from a masked Phantom's wrath?

That's no parlor trick! Can you defeat the mysterious Blade Master and save the town of New Auburn? Strange vines have taken over a popular National Park! When art mirrors life's darkest realities Cracks are covering the kingdom! A thief has stolen magic that is key to keeping the balance! Wishes can be deadly. As an arsonist is burning down the Mountain Kingdom's forests! They're attacking from the sky! Can you bring peace to the kingdoms in time?

Bluebird wants an heir Can you stop history from repeating itself? Paris is in danger! Sail to the Underworld! Can you save your true love from the God of Death or will you be condemmed? Can you give Romeo and Juliet the happy ending they desire?

Can you defeat an evil fairy queen to avenge your father? The enemy of your enemy is your friend, or are they? When the dead return for justice Death can't stop this feud Can you save the Metzengerstein line before it's too late? When the dead return for vengeance Enter the enchanted 'Netherworld' where your destiny was written in blood and which whispers of true. Defeat the evil spirit, to save people from the curse. Soar into a thrilling adventure! And Uncover a secret from the past to save your dying father!

A sudden murder overshadows the writing opportunity of a lifetime. Who killed the railroad tycoon? Travel to a Klondike Gold Rush town to solve a murder!

An imprisoned soul will never be free until you clear his name! Help Hector to save the lost tourists from the haunted Museum of Mysticism and Monstrosity,. Prove your detective skills, all intriguing cases need to be solved in the new awesome hidden object. Follow Mark T. Ross on an epic adventure in Paris!

Explore four storybooks to help save the Crystal Kingdom! Who or what stalks Coldfell Forest? Enter Drowsy Valley and Traverse the dream worlds to solve a frightening mystery! A heroic-parody tactical RPG combining dungeon crawler's gameplay and turn-based fights. A hardcore classic which will be a challenge for the brain!

Great deeds can have deadly consequences In Edge of Reality: Great Deeds. These tragedies are no accident Legends become reality when a nightmare pirate stalks Saltshore! The mystical city is under attack! What starts as a pet adoption turns into the trip of a lifetime. Embark on an adventurous journey to uncover a treasure!

Save your lost tribe in the final confrontation with Pandora. Can you heal the kingdom? They have returned Crystals are ripping Tar apart! History holds many secrets The Prince of Nightmares is calling Track down a missing detective and fight an evil curse! What secrets will you find in the shadows of Karkhala? The final chapter in the Enigmatis trilogy.

Stuck on this island, you have only one thing in your mind Find the thief aboard the Glutomax before it's too late! Even fairy godmothers have bad days Answer a late night call for help in Family Mysteries: Poisonous Promises. The truth can't hide forever There's something on the island It's been 40 years What secrets are hiding in the European countryside? Uncover the truth about your father's dark secrets! Flight For Fight is an adrenaline pumping action shooting game! Can you save the living from dangerous film phantoms in time?

Explore a snowed-in hotel for clues about a lost scientist. Bloody Stanley's back! The Police thought they had the real Killer, but new murders have them lost. When the Red Cat is upon your door, you're next! Can you Unmask the mysterious Red Cat! Follow a path of puzzling fun through a vibrant tropical setting in Rainforest Adventure, or search the sands of Egypt for a lost tomb in Amazing Adventures — The Lost Tomb.

The one thing that is certain is that these adventure games are sure to give you amazing challenges and lots of family-friendly fun. Do you love a good adventure? Travel to unique and exotic locations around the world, search for thousands of hidden objects, and solve challenging puzzle traps in Amazing Adventures — Around the world.

Always wanted to go to the land down under? Join the Big City Adventure family and a few Australian friends in Big City Adventure — Sydney Australia to search through the sights for thousands of masterfully hidden objects.

Does a safari sound like your type of adventure fun? Big Fish Games. PC Games. Shamanville: Earth Heart Adventure. Lost Island Action. You must go through different levels containing cold-blooded enemies and mind-boggling puzzles - which are solved using your trusted eagle friend.

This slick shadowy online action adventure game requires the high-speed sword skills of a Samurai, the foresight of a genius and a thirst for fun and intense excitement. Good luck Brave Warrior! In this fascinating journey, you travel the bleak landscapes, armed with several swords and an eagle in search of the king Vandheer Lorde. Your mission is to overthrow him and take his throne.

On the way, you have to solve grueling puzzles and take out the bad guys fast and without remorse. This intelligent action-packed game is both a physical and mental challenge, so be prepared! There are two modes to choose from: Story mode - where you score points by defeating countless enemies and Survival mode where you pass levels by defeating enemies and solving puzzles.

Both require the strength of a hero and the spirit of an eagle. Effective teamwork is essential in almost all work and home environments. So, let's practice some good teamwork management! FireBoy and WaterGirl 3: in the Forest Temple is a very engaging, maze escape-based, platform game where you must utilize efficient teamwork to guide two acrobatic characters to the Exit door in each ledge and obstacle-filled level.

Fire Boy and Water Girl are quite adept at leaping from platform-to-platform, but need each other's help to flip switches, open doors, lower drawbridges, and more. You play the role of the dynamic duo's clever guide, and must figure out the solution whereby both characters can reach their respective Exits unharmed.

This cool, interactive, problem-solving puzzle adventure game requires fast reactions skills, deft keyboard control, analytical thinking skills and smart strategy to suit the skill-sets of both characters. There's no benefit in racing to the Exit with one character alone, and leaving the other behind — Good team coordination is simply the only the order of the day here!

Let's see what Fire Boy and Water Girl can achieve under your management! Uphill Rush 4: Fast and furious, wet and wild, this intense water-slide adventure racing game will have you on the edge of your seat! Perform cool stunts and fancy flips while racing against both an opponent and the clock. Compete in either a race or time trial format on a huge water-slide track. Customize your player and earn virtual dollars to improve your racing vehicle.

You start off riding a tube — but earn enough virtual money and you could end up racing on a jetski, or even a dolphin! The Professor Layton franchise is a series of puzzle-adventure games. They all launched originally on the Nintendo 3DS but now have mobile ports. The games are a bit pricey, but are good overall. You explore various ruins and locations as Layton along with Luke. There are various puzzles to solve, a narrative to enjoy, and various relics to collect.

Plus, these are cheaper on Android than they are on Amazon. Monument Valley 1 and 2 are two of the most popular puzzle-adventure games available.

You move levels around because each level is the puzzle. Players are treated to optical illusions, a vague but fun story, and a consistent experience through two games. The only gripe we have is the length of the game. These games are a little short.

Play adventure games for boys free download of the best kids' gmaes adventure games on one site. From classic-style to the newest, from simple fun to the most challenging. Enjoy and have fun online with your friends and family! Attention all you adventure games for boys free download detectives out there! Are you ready show off your super sleuthing skills, and help solve the Crime of the Century? Leave nothing to chance, and meticulously comb through each scene to find the vital evidence needed to put these criminals where they belong — behind bars! Get out your magnifying glass as this hidden object activity is extremely tricky! Other vital clues might be hiding in plain sight, so your acute observation skills are also adventure games for boys free download important here. A good detective is tenacious, with a fine-tuned, sixth-sense for clue finding. The question is — have you got that special talent? Happy clue hunting! Play this Adventire. Fancy Pants Adventure 1 is a fun and fast-paced online platformer game with donwload graphics and a cool main adventure games for boys free download, Fancy Pants Bys - a special stickman with some super-slick pants! Your mission is to guide Fancy Pants Man through a dangerous side-scrolling game world. Avoid bad guys, collect Squiggles and vault over ravines as you try to survive until the end amount you can gift per year tax free each level. adventure games for boys free download Namariel Legends: Iron Lord – Collector's Edition Hidden Objects. Governor of Poker 3 Solitaire. Weird Park: Scary Tales Hidden Objects. Dark Strokes: Sins of the Fathers Hidden Objects. › free-download-games › genre › adventure. Download free Adventure games for PC! All Adventure games are % Gather all the children of Beetle Bug together and bring them back home! Download. Adventure games are point and click style games like Myst where you must find objects or solve puzzles to Can you save the children of the town in time? Free Adventure Games to Download and Play. + unlimited full version PC games, no time limits, not trials, legal and safe. Download and play free Adventure Games. 12 Labours of Hercules V: Kids of Hellas · 12 Labours of Hercules V: Kids of Hellas Collector's Edition · 12 Labours​. Free online adventure games for children, teens & Big Kids to play without download. Adventure action games for PC, Mac, iPad, fun educational puzzles. Clash Royale Assemble a heroic deck and fight players across the world! July 8. Death can't stop this feud Varenje Get yourself a little summer's day with a raspberry jam adventure! Explore a New world built on sleeping giants. Nevertales: The Abomination The Abomination threatens to erase all of existence! As you Return to Blake's Mountain to save an innocent family! Solve the riddles hidden within Lancaster Manor! The stakes have never been higher Online Games. Travel from room to room and solve unique puzzles at every turn! Toy Defense. adventure games for boys free download