adopt a whale for free and name it

adopt a whale for free and name it

Whistle's name is for the whistling sounds the whales often make. Those sounds can be heard over the hydrophones when the Southern Residents are in the area. Whistle has one living sibling Joy L , who is seven years older.

Proceeds from orca adoptions support ongoing education, research and public outreach on behalf of the Southern Resident Community of killer whales. Adopt one of the Southern Resident Community killer whales and the proceeds will support orca education and research.

To cover rising postage costs, shipping charges may apply. Prefer to mail in your form? Note Adoptions are processed and mailed within 3 business days of receipt. You will be notified when your adoption is about to expire. Whether you are adopting a whale for yourself or for someone else, the best matches are based on commonalities.

We've learned that the strongest bonds form between people and whales that are the same gender and in the same age range. For example, if you are adopting an orca for a child or grandchild or parent or grandparent start by finding whales that are the same gender and about the same age. Hy'Shqa 's name means "thank you", or "blessing". Joy is a great choice for celebrating a joyous occasion. Princess Angeline was featured in the "Free Willy" movies.

Yoda is popular with fans of the "Star Wars" movies. Thanks for asking! Proceeds from the Orca Adoptions directly benefit our education programs and research efforts. Our biggest effort is our Exhibit Hall which is open to the public nearly year-round. Through two floors of exhibits, visitors learn more about the Southern Resident Community of orcas , other marine mammals and the Salish Sea ecosystem.

We hope that by learning about this richly diverse yet fragile ecosystem, visitors will be inspired to become better stewards. Birth years are established by the Center for Whale Research based on the best science at the time. We periodically send out announcements, action items and updates about issues affecting the Southern Resident Orcas and The Whale Museum.

Please read our "Message From The Whale Museum" for current information about being open to the public. Thank you. No whales match your search. Try again or Reset. Search Reset Help. Adopt An Orca. A one-year individual adoption includes: A personalized adoption certificate with a 3" x 5" photo of your whale. A personal biography of your whale. A genealogy chart. A page informational booklet about the Southern Resident Orcas.

An annual subscription to our Cetus newsletter. Monthly orca updates delivered via email. A one-year Whale Museum individual membership. KORE is special to the Whales of Guerrero Research Project because we spotted it at the very beginning of a five-year field survey and again on the last day of that same study in KORE seems to be very faithful to our region and we hope to continue seeing it again every year!

We spotted Glen Curtis, with its beautiful white Category 1 fluke on February 23, in front of the Morros, a small group of islands in front of the Mexican fishing village where we work and live.

It was escorting a mother and calf, making it a likely male based on its behavior. Six months later, it was seen off the coast of San Francisco. It spent feeding in Monterey Bay and then was seen off the coast of Southern California, probably en route to the breeding grounds in Mexico. It was first identified in Banderas Bay, near Puerto Vallarta back in Loie was first seen in , and then again in , , and in its California feeding grounds.

When we saw Loie on January 7, , it was traveling with another unknown adult whale. They were traveling along in perfect synchronicity with each other, when Loie proceeded to breach! What were they doing down there? Only they know….

When we saw WGRP on February 4, it was in fast pursuit and extremely interested in the other whale it was chasing. At one point, another whale tried to join in, but then quickly left. This whale has a classic category 4 tail — just some white patterns on the ends and all black in the middle. Everyone wins because the funds go into whale conservation efforts at Cetacean Society International. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List.

Based on our Pilot Whale research, we have known some animals for many years and have found out a lot about them. Go-getter, protective, reserved - which trait appeals to you most? Bottlenose Dolphins often delight us during the trips with their acrobatic jumps. We are worried about the fact that the groups are getting smaller and smaller. Take over a sponsorship for these cheerful animals!

This tote bag is the perfect canvas bag for all occasions. Become a Flippin' Awesome Member. Make a Donation to WDC. Your donation supports all of our conservation efforts to create a world where every whale and dolphin is safe and free.

We are closer than ever to this dream becoming a reality, and you can help make it happen! Donate a Vehicle. It's as easy as filling out the online donation form or picking up a phone and speaking to a live operator. You get a tax deductible receipt and we get a donation to help our cause. Amazon Smile. You shop. Amazon gives. Through AmazonSmile, you can shop the same way you always do, just designate WDC as your charity of choice when you sign in and Amazon will donate a percentage of the sale to WDC.

Step 1: Adopt A Whale.

Do you love the ocean? Adopt a whale for free and name it a member of Whale and Dolphin Conservation today! Our membership is digital and instantly downloadable to be as eco-friendly as possible. Make a choice to make a difference, and join us today. When you adopt a humpback or orca you anc find out more about how adopting can help us create a world where every whale and aopt is safe and free, including the ones you adopt. Just having support is a wonderful start. Adopting will help give whales and dolphins a future by bringing about change through education, action and regulations that will protect them. Choose from a adopt a whale for free and name it selection of items. There is something for afterlife the game free online game. Some products are offered as a thank you when you make a minimum donation and other products are sold through our corporate partner retailers, who generously donate a portion of the sale to WDC. Choose from affordable jewelry, apparel fof accessories that are perfect for gift giving or for you to display support for a great cause. WDC reaches out to companies who support our mission and we welcome the opportunity to develop new partnerships that help us work towards achieving our vision. By supporting WDC through adopt a whale for free and name it corporate donation, your company can help us conduct research, run educational initiatives, and work with managers and industry leaders to ensure a safer future for all whales and dolphins. These sunglasses are the classic style of cool with metal rims, wood, and polarized lenses. Summer is the perfect time to treat yourself with these cool shades. Every purchase helps Dor protect whales and dolphins. Nothing could be cooler than asopt. adopt a whale for free and name it NAME A MARINE ANIMAL. Help us grow our list of adoptive animals by naming a whale, dolphin or false killer whale in our research catalogs of photo-identified. Adopt an Orca or adopt a Humpback Whale. Symbolic whale adoption supports our vision of a world where every whale and dolphin is safe and free. Click here. When you adopt a humpback or orca you will find out more about how adopting can help us create a world where every whale and dolphin is safe and free. Humpback whales roam the open seas, with regular migrations from feeding grounds at high latitudes to calving grounds in lower latitudes. Named for the. Your adoption comes with a free 1-year membership, which entitles you to free admission to The Whale Museum Exhibit Hall and a 10% discount on in-store. Adoption Whale Sightings in (Bandit, Colt, Mars, Nile and Salt). Meet each whale in the video clips at the bottom of this page. Click on a whale name to see​. Order the official Adoption Kit. Help other orca whales like the real Willy from the “​Free Willy” movie stay wild. It was the help from concerned people like you. a certificate with the name of the sponsor plus photos of the adopted animal with background information; a firmm -present; one free ticket for one person for one. Wildlife gift: adopt a blue whale. Found in all the world's oceans, blue whales are the largest animals ever known to Spend $ Get a Free Messenger Bag! Saturna is the fifth offspring of Sequim K When the whales returned in , Ballena's nephew, Crewser L , was not with them, not seen again and presumed to have died. However, there are times when Blackberry is off with other adult males his age. Whether you are adopting a whale for yourself or for someone else, the best matches are based on commonalities. A life-long relationship awaits! Search Reset Help. You can help! A soft-framed 5" x 7" photo taken from shore of members of your whale's pod. Orca are also intelligent, good communicators and extremely social; with some choosing to stay with their maternal pod for life. L is named Whistle. This is Eclipse's first offspring. You can also help us grow our family of adoption animals by naming a whale, dolphin or false killer whale listed in our research photo-ID catalogs. adopt a whale for free and name it