a half baked love story read online free

a half baked love story read online free

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They could bake a few treats. Muffins, Muffins, Muffins! Recipe Book Muffins, Muffins, Muffins! Bladdered again? I ignored her, as always. You smell like morphine.

I see. She ran to catch a hold of me as I laughed and ran forward. It had been so long that I had not had such brother-sisterribbing-moments with her. She pinched my ear and dragged me to mom who was serving dinner for me. My sister gave a wild-cat look but finally joined us in the cheerful moment. I wrapped my hand around her shoulder and cuddled her. Times had changed me, but what exactly changed me was the question people asked, and I never had an answer!

Mishka was trying the same thing I guess, her sudden new invitation even after meeting again after such a long time, smelled fishy to me. Anyhow, family was a forgotten territory but not now. I felt a bit transformed again, the wheel of time always played purposely with me. I was experiencing this time and again in my life. Well, life is enigmatic. But it goes on, and I realized it again. She raised her sunglasses and rested them on her head. Devika it was! I was unable to recognize at first!

Anyways, how have you been there? Meanwhile Deb managed to smile with broken ribs standing beside the beauties. Everything was set. It was now the time to heave a sigh of relief.

We claimed our coffee mugs at the large gathering hall in the farmhouse. An ideal New Year celebration was going to happen right here, in front of our eyes.

The setting was huge! Green dewy grass, dark foggy night, decorative lights added to the magnificence of the scene. The freezing wind chilled my body. Logs of wood were ready to be lit.

Food, drinks, music, everything altogether created an enthralling effect. Friends had started to gather. They greeted them warmly. Karan and Raman came a bit late, I hugged them. Loud music and party animals filled the place. Everyone shook their legs, ate their belly out and drank to the fullest. It was good to see old acquaintances gather at one place.

I drank a lot, indeed. Changing in every aspect is also bad. The music stopped for a minute. It was 12! We were in ! The music started again and it continued to become louder. I remember having dropped on the dance floor.

Deb carried me to the couch. What for? I was drunk! I kissed Deb on his head. I really do! We all hugged each other! A few couples who were having their private moments were disturbed by my noise. I gave them an embarrassed look and showed thumbs up!

It was getting colder. The drunken party animals had started to disperse. Couples sat in corners kissing and cuddling each other. Deb left me alone to get something to fill his empty stomach. I focused hard to balance my head and looked around me. One of the duos was perhaps having a quarrel. I eavesdropped. She sighed and continued. I am sorry. I love you. But this is just not possible. The guy was, in a moment, down in the dumps, his face turned pale and he fell on the ground.

You have to live, you have to love. The guy seemed deprived of life and I could visualize him as a crying statue. I had no control on my own body, but I stepped forward to help him. Tears trickled down my eyes. I patted his shoulder lightly and hugged him. He whimpered. He still was sitting dead, only tears giving sign of life in him. The moment took me into my past. Everything was fresh and clear, every memory that I had erased burdened my chest. I started breathing heavily.

Karan and Mishka came to help me. Deb arranged a couch for me near the bonfire. It was about AM. Almost everyone had left. We were too tired to move. Mishka finally gathered the courage to draw near and demand the reason of my perpetual moaning.

I was yelling like a madman. It was not only whisky this time. Something else had struck my chords! Everyone ignored her. As Karan tried to say something but I interrupted him. Everyone started insisting. They were extremely interested in knowing my story, even Karan had some eagerness on his face, though he knew things but still was unaware of the whole story.

Good friends always place your comfort as their first priority. I had no intentions of turning down their requests now or you can say the rolls down in my head provoked me to yell those moments of life.

It happened to me whenever I drank. I made up my mind to address the audience. I cleared my throat. Seeing me getting ready to be a story teller, everyone settled around the bonfire and looked eagerly at me.

For a moment I felt like an old grandma being awaited to narrate a story to her children. Something that totally changed me. I began… The fake smile is in place, the tears are well hidden, my eyes show nothing but my voice has a story to tell. The first glimpse of her which left me squandered. I was lost, she ruined me unknowingly.

It was then, when my heart went astray, She made me fall, she inspired me up, she helped me to live and went away… First glimpse! J uly 2, My secondary school boards were over. I had scored pretty average in them. Well, I had to change my school as my father wanted me to study in some good reputed school. I was dragged away from my friends. I felt like a primary school kid, unwillingly sent to school that day.

This was the first time I saw her. I reached school in time, as it was my first day in the institution. To be more depressed, I had taken science stream. Everything was making me anxious. I felt an urge to run away. I personally believe that they should have been courteous enough to help me feel comfortable in this new school. Friends hugged each other as they were meeting after a long summer break. But I had no one to even ask that how was I feeling, who the hell I was, no one bothered at all.

The setting made me paranoid. An announcement swiped a sudden wave of discipline in the classroom. Everyone started leaving with their diaries. He was Rahul, the first guy I came across. He was a dark and handsome jaatt boy, as tall as a Lakers basketball player. Come fast. We both left hurriedly. He got lost somewhere. I was in a hell, and I had no friends here. Surrounded with such crappy thoughts, I started finding where to stand. Finally I recognized a few faces from my class and stood behind them.

The prayer started and I was least interested in anything. The weather was overcast. It seemed that the clouds would start crying anytime to sympathize with me. A few drops were sensed by us on the bare skin. Meanwhile, our class prefect started doing her job. I could just hear her voice as she started checking from the last lad. She started dragging students out from the queue due to faults like long nails, dirty shoes, missing school belt and tie, or no diary! Her voice was as soothing as of a nightingale.

The moment she came to me, I turned my head upright looking straight at her, she was almost four inches shorter than me, so I looked down into her eyes.

A tremor rushed within my muscles which made me realize that they too existed in my body. Those twinkling eyes were trying to ask something but I had no answers at all. My mouth was left open for next ten seconds. I felt choked and was unable to breathe.

She was a rare beauty. She was not too fair, no long hair. A frame of thick-black spectacles covered her beautiful brown eyes.

She was as not beautiful as someone descended from heavens but indeed too beautiful to any human eye. She made a pony tail, looked worried, small nose, red lips, a mole signifying her beauty on her lower lip at the left.

Gorgeousness diffused in the air slowly. We both looked at each other. I could not move from my place, my body was almost paralyzed. My heart skipped beats for the first time on seeing a girl. Perhaps because I was standing so close to a girl after such a long time. Lastly I remember I was so close to my first crush in 6th standard. We both tried to kiss for the first time so disastrously that we ended up doing nothing in trepidation, may be because we were not clear about this procreation system of humans.

Those words still strike my chords. Coming back to my close encounter with a gorgeous girl and my madly beating heart! She looked at me from my shoes to my hairstyle, very keenly. Am I looking handsome? Will she be impressed? I realized she was probably checking for errors.

It was my tendency to get covered with sweat and my body froze whenever someone asked me something looking straight into my eyes. She did the same, perhaps more. She took everything away from me in her first sight. I looked somewhere else to get back to life. She held my hand to drag me out of the queue and to present me in front of our tough disciplinary in-charge.

As soon as she left my hand, the magic broke off, but the sensations remained resonant in me for the following minutes. We both looked at the vault of heaven together, randomly. It drizzled, and then the raindrops instantly gathered speed and volume. I was not yet out of the spell of Miss Perfect, and this captivating natural affair was just too much for me to tolerate.

There was a sudden explosion of magnificence around me. It started raining hard, the monsoon had arrived. I began. The very moment I saw you, you made my heart insane. She seemed to have frozen, no response, good for me. I breathed and continued. I love you …. I felt more dizzy with every passing moment. I waited for her to say something. But darkness replaced her beautiful face.

I just felt I was floating in the air. Connect with Anurag Garg on Facebook. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

I was left gaping at her, struggling to find my breath. She looked at me—from my hair to my shoes—keenly. Jul 17, Pamela Mukherjee rated it really liked it. I have finished the book when I went to my hometown. Firstly the front of the book is stunningly outlined. It really assembled the force for the reader. The story begins with Aarav's school life. The cheerful disposition and offending conduct was the highlight of an initial couple of sections of the book and also, those were completely exhausting to read as they were rehashed I have perused this mul I have finished the book when I went to my hometown.

The cheerful disposition and offending conduct was the highlight of an initial couple of sections of the book and also, those were completely exhausting to read as they were rehashed I have perused this multiple occasions before too. Presently, as expected, the hero, Aarav had a story to tell about his past affection, which really kicks out the fatigue of the novel. The second half has composed a path superior to the primary half.

It had a few components that could drive your grasp over the story fix and changes your perusing trip to a delightful read. The peak of Aarav's past story was genuinely unforeseen and tended to leave the reader with tears in their eyes yet the fortunate thing about the book was the end of it. It finished on a positive note. By and large, the book is having nothing to convey that could be called new yet at the same time, notwithstanding taking a shot at the attempted and tried the formula of a romantic tale, As a first time writer, Anurag Garg and Gunjan Narang had done equity with the plot and the perusers won't feel deceived subsequent to perusing the story.

A not too bad read. Dec 21, Bhabani dash rated it liked it. But due to his shyness he never talks to her. The girl also likes him but nobody takes the first step. She gets married.. A unfulfilled love story with good narration, makes it a good read. No, this time I know even before reading the book that it would be umm what's the word?

Yes, I judged this book by its cover. At this pace, these publishers will drive themselves into a hopeless future really soon and go bankrupt with this greedy approach once the people start realizing that Indian authors got nothing else to offer, except to smear a insipid story onto a pages book with a spectacular cover. I am usually calm and would not like to write anything negative about a book.

I see how hard it is to even write a book let alone a good book. But I see no accomplishment in writing some stale predictable story decorated with new words whose meaning can be conveyed with better and simpler words. The reason I picked this one is that it is cheap and expecting a story, any story other than what I can predict even if the writing is bad. I love stories and endings and characters and everything about a book.

No matter how much it sucks, it should possess at least one tiny bit of genuine idea of fiction. Otherwise there is no point of reading so many books searching for something new. It is almost like, if I read 3 books randomly which are written by Indian author, I could predict almost all stories of upcoming books too. Just read the blurb and add it to the read list. Mar 18, Dev J Sarkar rated it it was amazing.

I'll admit that I was pretty skeptic when I first started reading this book. I never liked reading loved stories, to be very honest, as they are all some what similar in one way or the other.

But this book certainly took me aback for I was not expecting to like it at all. Nothing new or interesting about that though!!! And believe me, it literally becomes hard to put it down then. The book pretty thin and is quite fast-paced with almost no dull moments at all. So the idea of whizzing through it in a seating or two is not unrealistic at all. The writing style of the author s is also very gripping.

I can go on and on all day with my praises for this book. But due to his shyness he never talks to her. The girl also likes him but nobody takes the first step. She gets married.. There was tension in the air. I reached my pocket for my knuckles. Heavens know I wanted to hit him hard for nothing.

I tapered my eyebrows at that plague. He growled and … aaaannnchhiiii! He sneezed. I managed not to laugh. He must have felt dizzy for a while, for longer maybe. I had no intentions of ceasing him of his end, but I had better things to do in the college.

I clicked my fingers and pointed a finger at him. He recovered the trauma and stepped back. From the corner of my eye I noticed him holding Radhika by her shoulder and. I wonder where do girls get their tear stocks from and altered shoulders every time. I walked untroubled and entered my classroom. The whole class giggled as Mr.

Talwar scowled. This particular professor had unidentified grudges against me. I tried to solve them in the beginning, but now I think answering back is so much more fun!

The college was much of a chaotic building these days. Every next student was either busy in organizing an event or in coordinating one for some rubbish credential. I was busy in hunting for some good-looking chicks rolling up from Delhi University to our campus for attending such a lackluster carnival. After a long hectic month of some ludicrous assessments, this was the time for putting some ice on our heads.

Everyone left to join their respective events and I and Karan left for occasion in anticipation. Karan Arora, my best buddy, a bulky guy with a harebrained persona, also the one who keeps falling prey to even the poorest of bullies without any reasons. Nobody knew anything better about me than him at this point of my life, he was a bestie indeed from high school days!

Some pretty hot chicks lingered about in the college premises. I was damn bored of the girls of our college. Headlines today: College carnival brings new stock for admiral! We sat on a bench which had the clear view of all possible happenings.

Girls walked by and we gave numbers out of ten corresponding to their figures. Most of them were a six! Give a full stare! And we did the same. Suddenly, I noticed a familiar face in the crowd, seven if you ask me. Oh fish! Small round world!

Mishka Narula and I studied together till tenth standard and changed our schools. She willingly did that due to her tiff with a guy and I changed it unwillingly. Parental care you know. They wanted me to study in some remarkable high school, which literally scratched my life out. We were not in contact for four long years, but we used to be great friends.

Some experiences lead us spaced out. I knew she was friends with Radhika, the bitch told me once that they both were high school friends. Literally, it is a small round world! For a moment I thought of saying hi to her. Then I noticed her approaching my topical foe- Deb. Is she dating that loser? I had a momentary eye contact with Radhika. Deb was standing right behind her like a bodyguard. Mishka suddenly raised her hand to call out for me. Radhika nudged her, abruptly pointing her little finger at me and whispered something.

I tell you. They are faster than Indian media when it comes to publicizing issues. Mishka, who seemed pleased to see me a fraction-of-a-second before, gave a disgusted expression. I must have been looking pretty handsome that day. I noticed many hot chicks eying me every now and then. Desperate singles you call them! I turned around to respond and found Mishka looking at me with some mixed emotions. Changed so much ehh? It was personal if you ask me!

She strode towards me and clutched me through my elbow. I walked through the crowd of party animals, a dozen memories of my secondary school years hovered my mind. A lovely lady dressed in a black off shoulder top and blue denim mini gave an apologetic smile as she spilled her hot chocolate on me.

Her full lips and the pink gloss on them drew my attention. Juicy ones…her lips. My gaze followed her sexy legs. I wondered how girls manage to flaunt such revealing clothes in.

I enjoyed the company of this asshole. He never tried to make a mess out of my life. I cleaned up the hot chocolate from my jacket. In the evening, war of DJs, perpetual party, girls, and much more awaited us. I grabbed a bottle of whisky from Karan and we were on for a grand party. Deafening music, alcohol, and hot chicks the trio makes life a heaven to live.

I suddenly felt something vibrating in my jeans. It was just my phone, must be. Unknown number, I disconnected. We partied hard that evening. I bothered to look at my phone at a.

Five missed calls from the same number. A lot of alcohol had poisoned our blood and the body heat was rising. When I regained my senses, my head was stuck to a hairy chest.

Why are you in your boxers? Bloody hell! Why am I only in my boxers? He slid his hand down to scratch his filthy ass, while Karan was forced to rest on the floor. I looked for my clothes, put them on and walked out. My phone again did silly. I sometimes really hate the vibration mode. It was the same number, who the hell is pestering me now? I was about to pick the call but now, the battery ditched me. I drove towards the hell-my home, home pest home!

The best thing about reaching home at 12 noon is that you only have to face mom. She speaks and I ignore, easy enough. But perhaps all dogs have their day, this was my day. She had gone for her kitty. My empty stomach made embarrassing noises. I broke into my house and conquered the kitchen. Gobbling up a sandwich, I put my phone on charging.

As I switched it on, it rang again. How straight forward! This is how she was. Different from other girls in the sense. Maybe it was something. But I thought I had become immune to being guilty for breaking up with bimbos. A text beeped on my phone. This is what I wanted to reply, but I preferred avoiding. The question boggled my mind. The doorbell rang. Has she now tracked my house? I stumbled twice before I grabbed the door knob and opened it enough to peep through.

To my relief, it was just my lovely mom. Suddenly, when she entered, she looked like a fierce version of Indian police officer ready to sputter interrogative statements on me about my absence from the house. I could visualize her dressed in khaki uniform tapping her stick and eyeing me with a raised eyebrow. A mother is an epitome of care, she forgets everything once her child cries with.

Well, this was just an assumption of my splendid mind. Umm… my mom- the modern mom, uses alternative ways to show love and care. We brought you up for witnessing this day? I cannot walk out of the home. My friends bitch about me because of you. Firstly you missed your IIT for that girl and now doing all this rubbish. My past was my real and only weakness. Society is what bothers. She hit me real hard.

And my job was done. I saw her heart melting. I wiped her tears and hugged her. I could handle any of them pretty easily. I stayed home all day despite the frequent ugly stares and cribbing from everyone in the house. I dragged myself and tried to spend time on Facebook, phone games, staring at the. My phone rang. Not Mishka! Well, maybe my prayers were wasted in compensating for the sins of my previous birth.

There was she- the recent pest of my life and there was no way out. For once I thought of flushing my phone but then I dropped the idea and picked up the call. How are you? She secretly had a crush on me. She was too garrulous, nosey and well… I accept she had a cute smile. She went abroad? I was better than her in academics, still, she gets the break to foreign universities. Luck, what the fuck! No excuses! Farmhouse, chilling winter, bonfire, drinks, music! And our first invitation goes to you.

Have some courtesy handsome. I really needed a break from pubs and bitches. Not at all a bad idea! That means Radhika is coming! Son of ACP? I got up from the couch, went straight to my room and banged the door. I slept to avoid random thoughts. Life goes on. Are you coming or not? The day was quite monotonous until I came across Deb.

We both snarled at each other as Deb dared to grab my collar. Radhika came running and caught my arm. It felt like a tickle. Radhika rushed for help. A whole lot of free show viewers gathered around.

Only one of them had the courage to intervene- Mishka. She made unsuccessful attempts to depart the two enemies.

The crowd scattered the moment our dean surpassed. Deb the coward ass hugged me to escape suspension. I gave him a sharp blow in the ribs as he tried to offer a bear hug. I wished I could kick him hard in the groin.

Suddenly Deb fell on the ground. Deb was lying on the ground, his mouth bleeding.

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