8 secrets of the truly rich free pdf

8 secrets of the truly rich free pdf

We have met the enemy and he is us. If there is no wind, row. Secret 2 : Enlarge Your Psychological Wallet Unless you change your picture of yourself in your mind, it will be almost impossible to get rich.

Even if you have all the skills and connections in the world. There is a secret psychology to money. Harv Eker What you can feel, you can heal. Increase Your Money Comfort Zone If you want to get rich, the first thing you need to do is to enlarge your psychological wallet. If you really wanted to be any different, you would be in the process of changing right now.

Get comfortable with that. People do not attract that which they want, but that which they are. He will serve before kings; he will not serve before obscure men. God usually uses the sweat, the effort, the tears and the struggle you go through to form your character. Lazy hands make a man poor, but diligent hands bring wealth.

Be the Scriptwriter of Your Life You have the power to create the life you want. Let others lead small lives, but not you. It is the enormous skills and financial education you develop — how to recruit, how to motivate, how to train, how to sell, how to control costs… Skills you will need in your future businesses.

Remember this principle: Profits are always better than wages. Hold on to your full-time job, but start thinking like an entrepreneur. You need to set-up a business in such a way that, one day, it can run without you. Or at least with minimal supervision.

Your goal is that while you sleep, your business earns for you. Linear income is like a piece of bread. After that, you have to look for another bread. Your salary is linear income. Exponential income is like a seed. You have an infinite source of fruit if you keep on planting some of the seeds. Exponential income, also called passive income, means earning for a very long time from work you did only once at the very start.

Many businesses fail because the business owner spends too much time perfecting her product and very little time telling people about it. Chisel this on stone: Marketing is the lifeblood of all business. So market, market and market some more. If you want to succeed, you have to spend 80 percent of your time marketing and 20 percent of your time in developing your product. What does it mean? Whenever I undergo one of our projects - our work for the poor, our radio and TV programs, our internet TV show, our cell phone ministry — I always use the same principle.

I make the idea happen. And usually, I make it happen fast. Easy: Count the number of times each person has failed. I bet you, the successful person had failed 10 times more than the unsuccessful person. Michael Jordan is known as the greatest basketball player in the world.

Because he simply made the most attempts. And that is why I succeed. Instead of spending your energies condemning yourself, spend it on acting again and trying one more time.

Remember General Douglas McArthur? He applied at West Point, was rejected, applied again, was rejected a second time, and applied for the third time! In time, he became one of the greatest generals of World War II. After writing the book, no one wanted to publish it. The authors approached 33 publishers in New York and 90 publishers in California — and every single publisher rejected them.

But they never gave up. Finally, a small publisher accepted their book. It went on to sell 53 million copies. Hustle can mean something bad. Strengthen your relationships 2. Grow in emotional maturity 3. Use your core gift 4. Get physically healthy 5.

Gain wisdom 6. Build your money 7. Nourish your spiritual life. When you give, you act rich. Because every time I give something away, the entire universe around me scrambles to pay me back in some way.

When I give, I create a vacuum in my life — and the universe hates a vacuum. It will rush in and fill it to overflowing. So my harvest is determined by my giving. The more I give, the more I receive. That path will only lead to emptiness and despair. My spiritual life is strong. My family is intimate. My work is fantastic. And yes, my finances are growing year after year. If you notice, I put a Step 0 because this is a faith act.

How can a poor person give? But that is the challenge. When he becomes generous, he attracts more generosity upon his life. Here they are:. Step 5: Create a retirement fund by saving 20 percent of your monthly income in various growth funds. Step 6: Create passive income via businesses and investments equal to or more than your expenses. Friend, this book is only the start of your exciting journey towards material and spiritual abundance.

Read books on money. Attend seminars on money. Get mentors and financial coaches. The salt and pepper hair fit him nicely. Makes him look elegant. Greg also wears cool clothes that makes him look like a rich gentleman. But he knows he will retire at That is just two years away. Very scared. He looked down, shaking his head. I just spent my money. And there were many emergencies long the way. I know I should have saved more. And did some house repairs this year.

We also travelled as a family last summer, paid for by another loan. But nothing will be left. Absolutely nothing. Greg was staring at the perfect storm. A financial calamity that was coming in two years. Benedict would invest money from his odd jobs, his small business, and both of them would invest their Christmas cash gifts from ninangs and ninongs.

Your money shrinks over time, just like how water dries up under the heat of the sun. Let me explain: Inflation — or how the purchasing power of your money decreases — is at seven percent a year. The interest you earn in bank is less than one percent a year.

So each year, your money in the bank shrinks by six percent. In the stock market, if you follow my simple investment method NOT trading!

I can help you avoid growing poor by teaching you how to invest. Because you can grow older and richer at the same time. Thousands of people have already joined my TrulyRichClub and, following my guidance, have started investing in the stock market.

TrulyRichClub members who joined me years ago — and who invested in the stock market with my guidance — have enjoyed wonderful profits. Stop postponing! Change your financial life. Learn how to invest in the stock market today. Join my TrulyRichClub and change your financial future. Start now! To gain financial freedom for your future and join the TrulyRichClub, visit www. Learn more about Scribd Membership Home. Read free for days Sign In. Much more than documents.

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It made me wonder, if only I am financially abundant, I could be able to move freely. I could do greater things and reach higher grounds especially when it comes to serving God and my family. I had a strong desire for abundance but I lack commitment and consistency. I have learned that strong desire is not enough.

Action is a must. I must be responsible for my success. I have also learned the importance of enhancing financial IQ and riding the correct vehicle to wealth.

The book pretty much gives you very helpful information in a nutshell. One cool thing I also learned is to earn thru your core gifts. Which, made a lot of sense to me. Do things that you love and enjoy doing wherein you make use of your strengths and assets in order to keep the passion burning naturally. I definitely recommend this book. A must read.

Mar 11, Rosielyn Llarena added it. I can be rich in my own special way Oct 28, Joan Bantaya rated it it was amazing. This book gonna change my life forever! Such a great tool in opening my mind about how money moves. Bo wrote it with such humor while never losses God teaching in it. Learned so much. Apr 01, Chenley Cabaluna rated it really liked it.

Okay tapos na 'ko sa spirituality thingy, gusto ko naman na magpayaman. Sorry ang lakas ko maka-multiple personality disorder, kung ano-ano trip ko lol. Very helpful sa mga malakas magwaldas ng pera at walang pake sa future. Ayan, mag-impok na habang maaga. Kahit gaano kaliit okay lang tapos i-invest na. Maging patient. Chill lang sa pera, okay. Jul 18, Rochelle Medrano rated it it was amazing Shelves: self-help. Try Again. Report Close Quick Download Go to remote file.

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