52 things i love about you free template

52 things i love about you free template

I Googled an image of a card and a little clipart bear holding a heart which is an inside joke. For the back cover, I found an image of a heart that I liked, used the same puzzle effect, and included our anniversary date. Both the front cover and back cover are printed on cardstock. You can see here the font I used replaces some letters with hearts, which was another reason I chose to use it!

Ok, now the final component you need are pictures! I love this idea…. Very neat idea! What size font did you use for it to work out perfect? This is so cute!

My boyfriend is a card dealer so this a great little gift for him. Do you have to use Adobe Illustrator? Or can you use anything? This is Sooo Cute.. Thank you!! Thanks for the inspiration!

In the process of making this now! I am so excited to get it finished! I want to know all 52 reasons you love d him. Can you post those? How did you list them after 10?

What did you do with the Jacks, Queen, Kings and aces? Hey great idea but I was wondering what size you cut the card with the writing on it?

My grandma loves playing cards… I think I will do this for her for part of her Christmas. How would you suggest making this if I do not have adobe illustrator? I just made this for my boyfriend for our anniversary, thanks so much for the great idea! Hi Katrina, Yes I just flipped the card over to have the red design facing out, like a back cover. Are you able to provide the template you used for the notes?

Vanessa, This sounds like a beautiful idea, I hope it turns out the way you wanted. Hi Dominique, I just used mod podge to glue it down, but you could just use any glue, I just find it holds better. Was just wondering what font you used? Do you need the illustrator to do it? Thanks, Elizabeth. How did you get the white ink on the red paper for the back?

Or did you write that manually? Did you apply mod podge to the top of the card too? Or just under the paper? Could you maybe give a step by step on how you used the Adobe illustrator? Can you list the 52things? I came across your post on Pinterest. My partner loved the gift. This is really great! Thank you , what a wonderful idea.

Hi Nicole I have updated my post with a downloadable template. What size was the font? I know you published what the font was but I did not see a size? I used size 25 but it will vary depending on how long each line of text is. Hi Chloe The pattern behind the text is actually the playing cards I used. Beautiful idea, thank you very much!! Hi Sarah, yes go head, but please be sure to link back.

Hi Tameika, Thanks for the wonderful comment. How do you fit so many words on a single line? Hi Meili I just sent you an email with the file to download. Hi Ella It was in the pack of cards, one of the extra cards, instructions or whatever extras they put in, the pack I worked with was new, so if yours is older you may have thrown those out over time? Hi Allen It lines up with the design of the cards, so there is a outline of a box on the card and I measured it with a ruler and figured out how big my red paper should be.

I love your idea. Its not easy finding 52 reasons you know. Continue gluing down the squares on the face side of each card, one per card until they are all finished. You may have to place the cards under some heavy books to get them to dry flush against the card.

After they are finished, take your binder ring and slide on each card in order and close it. If you decide to use ribbon instead of binder rings, just thread the ribbon through the cards, double knot it, and tie into a bow. Both options get the job done and look cute, I just like the ribbon look the best!

With that, your deck of cards should be complete and you will have your finished product! Flatter your loved one by presenting them with this little modified deck of cards! Question 2 years ago. Can someone send me the template please? Like this: Like Loading Other needs? Are you developing a game? We also do complete custom decks e. The numbers are 28 point. Hope that helps! I found your idea on pinterest. I created this project as a gift for my husband as a birthday gift, and used cards we got in Vegas from our anniversary trip.

It was a BIG hit! I titled the front " a pack of whys". Thanks for the wonderful idea! I found this on Pintrest. I wanted to start working on the reasons now. I am going to make it for my boyfriend for our one year which is 3 months away.

But this way I have time to think about what I really want to say. It is a great idea and I hope he loves it when he gets it. Found this on pinterest. I am going to share it with my son for his girlfriend "reasons I like you" instead. I was thinking that he might be able to use those name stickers for meetings and use a rub on brown I've seen for scrap booking or even watered down acrylic to antique the stickers?

Then handwritten notes- I would rather someone do it by hand. I love how each person has their own handwriting and style. Thank you for sharing this!

I might even do it for hubby for our 25th this fall! Great ideas Anna — just remember that the surface of the cards are usually quite slick — so test a apare one out to make sure the ink dries and the labels stick before you do your whole pack. I found that using sandpaper to rough up the surface a little really helps with that!

Hi there! I was wondering if I could purchase the cosmo cricket template from you? I saw that you had put in the tutorial that it would soon be available for download and I didn't see where to get it… Am I missing it?? Thank you in advance! I absolutely love this idea and can't wait to make it for my husband's birthday.

Hi JC Rowe I am hoping to have the template available in the next 48 hours sorry to post publicly but I can't reply through blogger If you need it before then — please email me at lowri.

Thanx for this lovely idea! I surprised my husband yesterday, because we are married for thirty years…he likes it very much!! Mine turned out awesome! I wanted to see if I could age the cards myself, and I have to say they turned out great! I held them over a pot when it was boiling some potatoes and the steam crinkled them sort of, I then dipped them in lemon juice and put them in the oven on degrees until they turned brown and it was so cool!

They look just like these if not better! I then added my own labels but instead of buying the template I went to word and made some cells with red borders and put my reasons in them! They look so cool! Very proud! My boyfriend should love them!! Am in the process of making this for my hubby of 40 years, for Valentine's Day instead of the usual store bought card. LOVE this idea! Can't wait to see his reaction when he reads it. Twelve amazing women from history and twelve of th.

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I always say this, but I think homemade gifts are 52 things i love about you free template a wonderful way 52 things i love about you free template express your love for someone. This DIY is all over Pinterest a wimpy will rise full movie online free everyone has their own take on it. After looking at a bunch of examples, I knew how I was going personalize it for Daniel and myself. What I love about this project is that you can really get 52 things i love about you free template and personalize this gift. You can add so many touches that are unique to your relationship, and I definitely urge you to customize it to your needs. One way you can do that is in your choice of cards. There are a ton of different styles of cards on Amazon, and you can really have fun with your selection. Now, after you decide on your cards, you then need to figure out the other components. The most important being the 52 reasons you love your significant other! When I was looking at other examples I saw examples of both handwritten and printed. I really liked how clean and polished printed examples looked, so I decided to 52 things i love about you free template that. I noticed some people printed them alpha and omega free online games 52 things i love about you free template, which would be a really fast and easy way to do them! However, I wanted them to match up perfectly with the rectangle in the middle of 52 things i love about you free template card. Do to that, I created a template in Photoshop and printed them on cardstock. Then I created another image the size of my cardstock, copy and pasted the rectangle image a bunch of times, and that was my template. Since there are 52 of these little bad boys, I highly suggest using an exacto knife to quickly cut them out. A few more components you need are a front cover and a back cover. This is another great opportunity to personalize this DIY to your relationship! I made the front cover by measuring the card and creating an image in Photoshop. I Googled an image of a card and a little clipart bear holding a heart which is an inside joke. For the back cover, I found an image of a heart that I liked, used the same puzzle effect, and included our anniversary date. Both the front cover and back cover are printed on cardstock. 52 things i love about you free template 52 Reasons I love you1. You love me2. You think I'm beautiful3. You cherish our relationship4. You have an amazing smile5. You helped me come to know. Dec 21, - 52 Things I Love About You Card~: I've seen pictures of these "52 free downloadable templates for the 52 Things I love about You cards. Feb 18, - 52 things i love about you card deck template free - Google Search. Step 3: Getting Started! Once you have your 52 things figured out. Open up the template and write them onto each box by adding text. Fill out the. Downloadable template for 52 Things I love About You gift. This is the I've created a downloadable template that includes reasons to love a person. Just download Free Printable Valentine's Day Card. Valentine's day. After you have your reasons, you can go into Microsoft Word, and type them out on an Avery template (that's why I love love love Avery labels, it. 52 Reasons Why I Love You: Free Printable Q&A Journal for Couples Template Inside you will find a PDF template for a journal with 52 questions you can and “Last gift you gave to me”); point out little things that make you happy (“A song. I had come across the 52 Reasons Why I Love You DIY a while ago, and Do to that, I created a template in Photoshop and printed them on cardstock. I used a free font called Daddy's Girl, I really liked this font because it. Use this tutorial to turn a regular deck of cards into a keepsake gift for your special valentine. Link includes free printables for the inserts onto. Just add “52 Things” you love to the printable design. old deck of cards into a thoughtful Valentine's Day or anniversary gift with this free template from Ziploc®. Reply 3 years ago. You threw away most of your chlothes I hated. You care to know how I feel in every moment. You have beautiful strong hands that turn me on and make me feel safe. You bravely listen and accept my complaints. You care about my body, you love it and you accept it. Learn how your comment data is processed. Notify me of new posts by email. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. People love you and everyone enjoys your company, especially the kids. Tell your friends! LinseyM1 AlexandriaE4 Reply 3 years ago. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. 52 things i love about you free template